Friday Favorites-Early March Edition

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Yeah for the weekend!  I am getting my hair did tomorrow and I’m very excited about this.  I have been going darker and darker each time and now I’m at the appropriate blonde color for a girl of my distinguished age.

Let’s dive right into those Friday Favorites

Favorite Song
I keep on hearing this song when I get out of work.  It has lead to lots of car dancing.  Fast Forward 55 seconds in for the song to drop.  Also watch the gif with the song…works pretty well ;-)  Oh Mike Posner…you have such a sweet voice.  You can wear gym shorts whenever you want.

(via tumblr)
Favorite Recipe
I have recently become obsessed with making overnight oats.  As you may have gathered I try to do all my prep work at night because I need as much sleep and snooze button hits as I can in the morning.  I prepare this the night before…throw it in my lunch traveller (that’s a good post read it) and eat it when I get to the office.  It seriously keeps me full until lunchtime.  It has lots of protein from the greek yogurt and tons of fiber from the oatmeal and Chia seeds. Where do I get the Chia seeds from?  Do you even have to guess?….yes you are correct Costco sells a huge pouch of it for like $14.  Check it the next time you are there.
My “recipe” for Overnight Oats
#1Pour some oatmeal in a to go plastic container because honestly who has fancy glass jars like this….we are eating this at the office….nobody to impress.  If you want me to be technical let’s say 1/2 a cup of oats.
#2What kind of Oats?…wow you are being very specific now.  Don’t buy the fancy stuff…like steel cut…buy the tub of quick Quaker Oats that your parents use to make you growing up.  It’s like $3 for that huge cylinder.  I bought the Publix brand because it was buy one get one (BOGO if you will).
#3 Take a spoon and cut down the middle and scoop out half the container of whatever Greek yogurt is on sale or you had a coupon for.
#4  Dump it on top of the oats.
#5Pour enough almond milk (I use Original) over the top so that you can mix it all together.  If you want to dirty and clean a measuring cup it’s around 2/3 of a cup.  I like to eyeball it…less cleanup.
#6Stir all the will start to figure out what ratio you like.  I like a little more milk less yogurt.
#7 With a clean spoon (made that mistake once….maybe twice).  Drop a tablespoon of Chia seeds in.
#8 Stir it around.
#9 Put on the lid and give that a shake.
#10Pop it in the fridge and in the morning enjoy
One more for good luck
In the morning drop in a spoonful of peanut butter or like I did the other day with Biscoff Spread.
Favorite Workout
Taking it back to the Barre for you.  I mean you could even do this on your lunch break at your office. Print this out and try it.  There are a lot of moves that are taking right from class.  If you have any questions on the technique please feel free to ask me!  Here is the original pin link.
Favorite Quote
I absolutely adore this quote.  It seems to fit perfectly for how I feel about this little niche of a space I have here.  Blogging has been such a creative outlet for me and getting to know so many amazing women around the country and world.  Okay I’ll stop gushing but I really mean it!
via Pinterest
Favorite Funnies
I thought this was so appropriate after my fashion post this week.  I absolutely have to agree.
I feel this way every time I read a serving size on a Trader Joe’s package.  “Serves 6″….I mean I think…well I know what it just served and the whole package was just me.
Do you do this at all?  I am constantly sending Pins to my girlfriends..and then we comment on them…texting is so 2013.
How I felt when Bravo was premiering my potential new favorite guilty pleasure Southern Charm.
(via tumblr)
then 15 minutes into it I heard one of the guys say something about not having a problem with cocaine he “just liked the way it smelled”
(via tumblr)
I immediately took it off my DVR list.  No thanks I’ll just stick with Party Down South from now on.
(via tumblr)
Bless his heart my dad was trying to ask me the other day what LTB stood for.  He said he googled it and came onto a website called “Urban Dictionary” but he was sure those responses couldn’t be right…..I kid you not….I then had to explain to him to never use that as a reliable source again.
(via tumblr)
How I felt when Mark came home and I didn’t eat any of the Ice Cream sandwiches while he was at softball and I was unsupervised with lots of Trader Joe’s temptations.
(via tumblr)
It’s Friday time to dance it out!
(via tumblr)
Hope y’all have a great weekend!  Check back on Monday I have some Wedding news to share!  xoxoxo
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41 responses to “Friday Favorites-Early March Edition”

  1. Joey says:

    J and I use the “why the face” ALL THE FREAKING TIME! probably one of my top 5 favorite funnies ever! I think you can rock whatever blonde you want!! But I am partial to the tone down version :) Kenneth’s excitement in the GIF is me every time someone walks in the door with sweets. I kid you not. And yeah…the cocaine thing? Really? It’d be removed from my DVR too!

  2. Stacy G says:

    Hey, I will definitely be trying your overnight oats! I love that quote. So important. Pinterest has greatly improved my life with all the amazing ideas. I’ll admit sometimes I spend too much time on it,(who doesnt?) ,but the benefits outweigh that issue. ha If only we all lived closer and could get together and do a wine / pinterest crafting night lol! Would be really fun

  3. Kenzie S says:

    I have that song stuck in my head, strange that the guy singing it looks a little bit like an ex boyfriend of mine ha ha.
    Those overnight oats sound really good! I’ll have to try them soon!
    I love Pinterest :D

  4. Ashley says:

    I was just thinking about sharing my overnight oats recipe soon on the blog! It’s my favorite quick and easy breakfast once the weather warms up!

  5. LOL I love your favorite funnies! I always say that maxi skirts are crotchless yoga pants and I will continue to wear them even after they are no longer in style! They are too comfy and way more acceptable to wear in public than yoga pants (I still rock those in public too though…). I can’t wait to see your hair! I have a love/hate relationship with getting my hair done. I love getting it done, usually hate the way it looks after because I’m not good with change LOL! Hope you have an amazing weekend girl!!

    <3, Pamela

  6. HAHA I love those Modern Family pics…best show ever :) I have yet to try overnight oats, but I love oatmeal so I don’t see why I wouldn’t love them!! Also love that song ;) Have a great weekend!

  7. I had a roommate that used to do the overnight oats and I think she ruined it for me forever!! She was weird!!! Can’t wait to see how the hair turns out!! P.S. Love your dad!! LTB – good one!! Happy weekend doll!

  8. My coworker eats overnight oats every morning at work and they look so good!! I have been wanting to try them!

  9. i LOVE overnight oats! i toss in fresh berries and i use almond milk. so yum!!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  10. Rachel says:

    I have the giant tub of oats but I’ve been so sick of regular oatmean that it’s gone untouched for so long…this might be a stupid question, but do you heat it up at all? Or is it cold recipe?? Also I seriously cannot get enough of that dress, it looks so great on you!

  11. Erin says:

    David and I make some overnight oats that have apples in them! Yum, yum, yum. Also, the next line from your modern family gif is something along the lines of “don’t kid yourself, you and I both know there were two layers of chocolates.” Hahaha, hope you weren’t tempted that much! On a side note, I really wish there was a way to do that little laughing smiley-face with tears emoticon on here. Random, I know.

  12. You are fantastic! I love this! I was reading your recipe for the overnight oats. I saw you said “pour some oatmeal.” So, I asked, “What kind of oats?” I was very impressed that that was your next step! Yes, yes I was being specific but I appreciate it. I’m going to try it for sure!

  13. Oooh those overnight oats sound amazing. Will definitely need to try next week.

    Thank you for sharing that barre workout! It just refreshed my memory of all of my favorite PB workouts that are doable at home.

    xx, Jen

  14. Such a fun post. Love all the funny quotes. An I need to get back into overnight oats. Love your recipe.

  15. hey baby doll!

    What are you doing to your hair tomorrow? You’re going darker? I love it blonde. On your main pic to the right, with the dark underneath and blonde on top – I love it. Also, I keep hearing about those overnight oats. And I LOVE the way you shared the way you do. You are my kind of girl. I may have to do that soon. I’m so over oatmeal though, I used to eat it all of the time, for years, and I just burned out.

    Have a great weekend love.

  16. Yesss bangles as Southern burger turners haha. Love the darker blonde, too. Southern Charm is completely disgusting and I am so embarrassed for my city, to say the least. Least-real “reality” show out there! Have a great weekend and can’t wait to find out the big news!

  17. I’ve never heard that song, but I like it! I also really like that quote! Have a great weekend. Have fun getting some wedding stuff done!

  18. Carly says:

    I think you can rock your hair both ways! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! And how true is that maxi dress/skirt pin??!

  19. hahah love that friday dance :)
    Your hair is a great shade of blonde.. v approp. not too bright!
    also good to know about that charleston show…skipping it!
    have a great weekend!
    xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  20. I LOVE overnight oats! So good and so easy!

  21. I really need to try overnight oats! Yay for wedding news to come :) Happy weekend!

  22. i actually don’t know what LTB is and I have no interest in urban dictionary-ing it haha…

  23. Tracey says:

    The Fresh Prince GIF just made my Friday!

  24. I wish i was better at meal prep. I try lol but at night im just as tired as I am in the morning (I hit the snooze usually 3 times) Gavin has recently gotten better at it so maybe that we force me to as well. Love the new hair color btw!! Im thinking of lightening mine up for the spring and summer! Hope you have a great weekend!

  25. JumpingJE says:

    Ha-ha. I can’t imagine mom and dad on Urban Dictionary. This makes me giggle.

  26. Jordan says:

    Haha I loveeeee Phil from Modern Family! He is too funny.

  27. I love the e-cards, all of them are spot on and funny.

    Food prep is key to my life and sleep.

  28. brooke lyn says:

    i just scheduled my hair appt too and i have been pinning and pinning ideas! have fun getting yours done.

  29. I loved 21 Jump Street and played the song along with the gif. Brilliant! Totally goes! And I love the quote. You’re totally preaching to my current mindset, so I love the little pep talk in a quote :)

  30. I love my overnight oats, especially when I have an empty peanut butter, nutella or biscoff jar to make them in. That’s my favorite cause it infuses the whole thing with that flavor! And I was bummed about that show too, that’s not reality. I’ll take Myrtle Manor all day long!!

  31. I know reality television is not “real” but party down south must be because you just can’t make that stuff up — much like the how country girls flip burgers one!

  32. I’m going to have to try the workout. Those funnies are too hilarious! Kudos for not eating the ice cream sandwiches while not being supervised. That is hard!

  33. I’ve never heard that song, but I really like it (I also for some reason always thought Mike Posner was black) that gif seriously does go along with the song perfectly.
    I didn’t even give Southern Charm a chance and now reading that, I’m glad I didn’t

  34. Bahahahahah… recommended serving size MY ASS!

  35. I’ve definitely making those oats for breakfast next week. Shopping this weekend- thanks!

  36. Ive been hearing about the overnight oats lately! Might have to try it! Thanks for sharing! Have a nice weekend!

  37. I think we are secret best friends. I LOVE PARTY DOWN SOUTH SO MUCH!

  38. Darcy says:

    I have never made overnight oats but I think I may need to try it!! I eat oatmeal almost every day for breakfast at work, would be nice to switch it up!!

  39. Cailee Joy says:

    Wow!! You have some great qoutes and videos!! Haha… ‘why the face?’ And i neeeeed to make overnight outs soon!! They sound AMAZING! healthy and yummy!

  40. Kiki says:

    I am a big fan of overnight oats!

  41. Angi Solle says:

    The entire reason I wear maxi skirts! Love those things in the summer! Great post!

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