Friday Favorites-Seriously Where Did May Go?

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Happy Friday!!!  This week definitely flew by.  Who is down with me to get a petition going for four day work week always, like that should be the standard.  It made this week actually manageable right?  Really exciting things around the blog this week with the new design, sponsors and co-hosting linkups and all.  I don’t want to go all Taylor Swift around these parts but I do want to let you know how humbled I was by all of your sweet words and jumping at the chance to get on board this crazy train over here. Ready to get things rolling with this weeks favorites??

Favorite Song

Christina sent me this song and I am absolutely obsessed with it.  Sampling some Nancy Sinatra in the beginning and then when that beat drops at the 40 second mark…..I mean I wanted to get out of my chair at work and start sprinting.  Talk about a high energy song!  Have you heard this yet?  David Guetta – “Shot Me Down” Ft Skylar Grey.

Favorite Recipe

I didn’t have any poblano peppers on hand (I know can you believe it??) so I used an orange bell pepper, subbed in Mexican cheese and only half the amount of cilantro.  Full recipe here.  Please pin from the original source. 

Favorite Workout

You ready to burn the outer part of your thighs, up into that “muffin top” area and the back of your seat?  Do these five exercise. Remember tiny movements, try not to swing your legs.  Think about squeezing from the area you want to target and lift in tiny inch movements.  Oh this one burns so good.  Check the full workout here.  Please pin from the orginal source.

Favorite TV Moment

I just about died when I saw this the other day.  Check out Lebron’s face.

(via tumblr)

Don’t worry Lance Stephenson…..if didn’t work for me either when I tried it on Mark bahahahahaha

(via tumblr)

Alright alright I was just kidding and quickly moving along…….

Favorite Purchase

This Nordstroms sale….I’m telling you what.  This dress drapes beautifully.  I am obsessed with the neckline and great price point!  Can dress it up with gold jewelry and bold lip or make it casual with flap sandals.

Nordstroms Black Maxi Dress


How I felt with all the recent holiday sales

I couldn’t agree 100% more…..I don’t really need $50 wrapping paper

Or in my case…..I mean I was bad already so might as well keep it going and start fresh again tomorrow

Followed by…..I totally thought it was when I first looked at it

Pretty much what would happen if I joined any coed sports team.

(via tumblr)

Totally me the other night when I tried to wear heels out.  What happened to the days of dancing in 4 inch heels for hours?

(via tumblr)

How I feel seconds before midnight trying to refresh the computer for a certain bloggers epic midweek linkup

(via tumblr)

What I felt like when my sister showed Mark pictures of me from 6th grade which are pretty much unrecognizable (12 was a rough age for me)

(via tumblr)

Finally, totally me whenever I’m at anyones house especially someone who always has good snacks

(via tumblr)

Alright it’s your turn!!!  Linkup and tell me all about your favorites this week!  Make sure to stop by all the amazing people that have linked up and I would love you to pieces if you would stop by my fabulous sponsors!!  What are you up to this weekend?? Any fun plans?  I can’t wait to share all my Memorial Day sales pieces when they finally arrive!  Have a fabulous weekend!! xoxoxo



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55 responses to “Friday Favorites-Seriously Where Did May Go?”

  1. Krystal R. says:

    haha I watched that game and that Lebron gif is epic… He’s like dude you have got to do better than that lol. That song sounds like a spin class waiting to happen. Love the dress too!

  2. I seriously shopped like a maniac this last week and I think I have to blame/thank you for half of that ;) I seriously hate when I fall off my diet bandwagon, which by the way is like once a week. When will I learn!!

  3. Kiki says:

    We finally got some holiday sales here in Iceland and I finally was able to join in on all the shopping run. I have yet to find a long maxi dress though, all the ones you find are so adorable!

  4. hahahahahahah on the following 2 gifs: mid-week one and falling down one. i laughed so hard when i saw those!

    i totally shit the bed with the shopping…i’m SO SCARED to get my credit card statement because we went a little crazy. the funny thing is, as i put more stuff on the card i was like, man, i really should stop spending. oh well YOLO!!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Love that song. Lebron gif is hilarious, he is not impressed. Shopping was out of control last weekend. Kids fundraisers kills me since it is always crap I don’t want to buy or really expensive, what is up with that wine sounds better. Mmmm, pie. ;)

  6. Girl, that dress!! I’m in love!

  7. I love stuffed peppers – going to have to try that recipe!! That Lebron GIF is amazing!! Anytime someone comes around with their kids fundraiser I pretend that I already bought something from my nieces fundraiser…hey it works!! I’m so ashamed of the woman I’ve become – the kind that would rather wear flats than heels because it’s more comfortable…oye!!! Happy Friday doll!

  8. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHA…. all of the gifs are fucking hilarious!

    And I want that dress. Like yesterday.

  9. Kristen says:

    omg that song is the best for working out/running. love it.
    that recipe looks delish!
    omgosh that workout looks intense. i think i need to do it now… but first i need some plie tights.
    that black dress is so pretty, im looking for a black maxi but i want one with straps. i found one at old navy but its maternity, oops. didnt buy it, but i want it haha.
    lol yes to the shopaholic! i am so surprised at how well i have done this month.
    we buy so much shit for the kids fundraising stuff and they just pile up at home. they really should sell wine haha.
    haha that monday thing, i am so so guilty of that. im better than i used to be, but i still struggle with it lol.
    lol i just love the look on her face when he knocks the ball out of her hand.
    man i almost waited up for kathys + your link up but i was like, i dont need the pressure!
    omg yes. kc hasnt seen a lot of photos of me growing up, just the ones i allowed, and we are going home where there are framed photos of me and my awkwardness everywhere. uhoh.
    i watched that last gif so many times, i dont know why its so funny when the tall skinny one kinda leans back because the one excited about the food is jumping so crazy haha

  10. I always love a good gif!
    I just found your blog recently and love the workouts you post. I just had my second baby and it’s time to get back in shape!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Joey says:

    You always have the best songs!! I feel the same way when I look back on old photos of myself. THE AWKWARDNESS IS PAINFUL! Actually…who am I kidding? I’m still pretty damn awkward–whatever, I just own it now. Happy Friday lovie!!!

  12. MarlaJan says:

    Cracking up!
    That stuffed pepper recipe sounds amazeballs. One of the best things I ever made was a stuffed pepper recipe I got from SMD. She’s my Martha Jewart inspiration.
    Now that some of the steroid weight is coming off (!!!!) I’ve realized it ate alllllll the muscle I had. I need to tone up like crazy, and my muffin top needs to be one of the first things to go! As soon as I’m typing this, I’m getting down on the floor.
    Te first someecard is me.
    I kinda love LeBron
    I was Josie Grossie from the age of 9-15
    Happy weekend <3 <3

  13. LOL this had me cracking up!! Love the dress that you got, so pretty!!

  14. Stacy G says:

    Those peppers looks delicious!! Obsessed with that Maxi dress and your gifs are so funny. I can relate to the 6th grade awkwardness for sure haha! XO Happy Friday!

  15. Hahaha love this! As always. That dress is gorgeous, I love the neckline too! I completely agree about the kids selling wine thing. I can buy wrapping paper for much cheaper from Target and get a bottle of wine, two cute dresses and some shoes while I’m at it, what does your kid have? Happy Friday girl!

    <3, Pamela

  16. Omg I love that recovering shopaholic ecard because that is so me this week! Wayyy too many online purchase!! Oops! Have a great weekend girlfriend!

  17. lol that Mignight blog-stalking gif made me crap up, sometimes I look like that…not proud of it, but it´s the truth.
    and omgoodness! those stuffed peppers look delicious! I wish I was better at the kitchen, oh well, I´ll just have to convince my boyfriend to make them ;) hehe…the power of seduction with food.

  18. Amanda, your Friday posts always crack me up. I also went a bit crazy with the shopping this week. I will probably return half though. Does anyone else do that? Buy a ton of stuff and wind up having buyer’s remorse and returning most of it. Okay, well thanks for hosting! Have a fabulous weekend! PS I want to try that pepper recipe! Yum!

  19. I just added that song to my summer playlist – thanks for sharing! Also, I totally wish that chart was pie too!!! lol


  20. That Lebron clip just made my day! Literally made me giddy inside. Men being silly boys… So good!

  21. Ashley says:

    That recipe and that workout, yes and yes!

  22. JumpingJE says:

    Hahaha that gif is totally you, waiting for hump day – you’re always top 3! :) Happy weekend!

  23. Bahahaha you always crack me up! Seriously the GiF’s get better every time! I need that maxi stat… And I love slash hate doing those booty workouts butt hey get the job done! Have a fabulous weekend! Xoxo

  24. Mree says:

    You gifs crack me up!! love your new dress. I went to the Nordy’s sale last weekend and didn’t see anything I liked. That actually isn’t a bad thing at least not for my wallet. ha! Happy Friday!!

    Best, Mree

  25. Oh my gosh, love the funnies this week!! Diets only start on Mondays, everyone knows this. Also, I was Josie Grossie too, don’t feel bad. I think it was a combo of 90s frizzy hair that my parents had no idea how to control and the braces. I hate buying stuff from fundraisers but I did purchase some Annie’s Pretzels last Fall from a cute kid. That was a good purchase!

  26. P!nky says:

    I’m not josie grossie anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love all the funnies, I laughed at them all!!!!

  27. The Lebron gif still has me giggling.

    Fundraisers piss me off. My daughter had to do one for cheerleading last year and I just wrote a check. I’m not selling crap to people I don’t know. Or people I do know.

  28. that lebron gif. YES.

    but also that food gif cause yes, me too, i love going to houses with really good snacks.

  29. Your funnies killed me today! Exactly what I needed after a bad morning. Girl last week I fell asleep waiting for midnight and when I woke up at 1:30 I opened my laptop and franticly tried to link-up. This week I did not care at all, hell I didn’t even pre-write any of my posts this week haha

  30. Dying over that gif of Lebron! Love your Friday posts!

  31. Omg you are TOO funny! Everything, just everything!

  32. GREAT SONG! and you really are so funny … :) I’m literally that girl running into the kitchen at my friends house… hhehehe :)

  33. I love poblano peppers, that is a standard for me at every Mex restaurant I go to! Looks yummm. And that LeBron gif… bahahaha… I love guys that have that kind of goofy sense of humor and do shit like that. And always when I see a pie chart do I think of pie… duh. have a great one!!!

  34. Well, I need to start that workout immediately since my thighs and muffin top definitely need some work. I can’t believe bathing suit season is here already! Thank goodness I can just layout in the privacy of my own backyard where nobody can see me. As always, I love all your favorites and I hope you have a great weekend!

  35. Christina says:

    that pie graph made me want pie. damn it!! i’m still listening to that song. you’ll love the one i posted today too. i think i’m even more obsessed with that one!!

  36. I saw a picture of the ear blowing thing, but watching that gif is hilarious! Their facial expressions! Seriously?! That first funny is hilarious! And that looks like a delicious stuffed peppers recipe! I love poblano peppers but never buy them– now I have a reason!

  37. The Lebron clip is amazing. Mark should be more appreciative of your moves.

    And why don’t kids sell wine? They’d make so much more money for the PTA!

  38. would TOTALLY love to have short work weeks all the time!! :) great maxi dress find! have a great weekend. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  39. alyssa says:

    Thank you for that song! Added to the playlist. Those peppers look delish and that workout is perfect right now.
    Okay wait what is going on in that TV moment?? I don’t even… I mean I laughed but what? I’m not a basketball fan at all and don’t know anything about players personal lives, if that makes any difference? #outoftheloop
    Congrats again on all the big news this week, girl! Enjoy your weekend :)

  40. You got me on the fundraisers one but let’s not count girl scout cookies, right? I mean, they are the EXCEPTION to the rule- along with wine.

  41. Totally going to have to check out that workout!! You always post insane workouts.. ha ha.
    I’m with you on the fundraiser thing, except when it comes to Girl Scout Cookies. They put crack in those.
    Yes to all the food!

  42. Bahahahahah! The funnies are the greatest! The diet one is hilarious. Why is that we always say Monday!? I do it all the time! Road to the mall – pricess! :) Love that dress from Nordstoms! Definitely needing that workout! Those are my hardest target areas! WTH!

  43. Snacks at other people’s houses will never get old haha. I’ve been doing so many faves/photo posts lately that I need to same some stuff to link up again asap. Loving your new black dress. So perfect! Happy weekend, missy!

  44. brooke lyn says:

    have you seen all the Lance Stephenson memes since he blew on lebron?

  45. Em says:

    OMG I was CRYING I was laughing so hard yesterday when I saw that Lebron gif. And omg that recipe you posted looks amazing! I need to make that asap!! OH and since I’ve been slacking on the workouts…I should snag that workout too. ;)

  46. Totally just downloaded that song thanks to you! Have a great weekend lady!

  47. Who doesn’t have poblao peppers on hand? Get it together Amanda. (Read my sarcastic font)

    Enough with the cute dresses! I need a new closet to hold all the ones I want to buy. Oh, and the money to buy them with…

    I pretty much lost it with the pie funny. The first ecard is my life…

  48. AHH it looks SO good! Thanks so much again :)

    That work out hurts so good! At first when I did it at barre, I had my knee facing down and then once the instructor fixed it, I definitely felt it. And that Nordstrom dress is super cute! I feel like all I wear are yoga pants and maxi dresses!

  49. Kayla MKOY says:

    Bahaha I love this favorites posts…so hilarious. I absolutely died when I saw him blow in Lebron’s ear…. I can’t stand Lebron!

  50. Baahahahaha… $50 wrapping paper. But for REAL! That was always the dumbest fundraiser by FAR! They should start selling wine.

  51. We bought the kid’s entire candy boxes just so we could eat all the candy.

  52. Run DMT says:

    Funny stuff! Totally pinning those exercises and that dress is lovely! I wish I could wear maxi styles. I’m too short.

  53. Jess says:

    Those peppers look so good! Maybe I could veganize them for myself haha. That dress probably looks killer on. Bahaha the basketball gif is how I look doing every sport.

  54. we can see why that’s your favourite recipe for the month, those peppers look AMAZING!! we’re going to have to try them out.

  55. Brianne says:

    Definitely pinned the recipe! I also watched that Lebron gif probably a half dozen times lol.

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