Confessions-I love Adam Duritz

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Yes y’all read that title correctly.  I seriously love that overweight dread haired man.

I don’t really know where it all started but probably somewhere hanging out with my cousin Dave down in the Cape over the Summer stealing our older sisters Counting Crows August and Everything After CD and listening to it on complete repeat until everybody wanted to kill us.  I just love his voice.

Let me get one thing straight.  I do love him…..but not like the kind of love like the guy two rows in front of us.  That came by himself.

Wore a tank top (not a good look I’m sorry).  Stood up and jammed the whole concert.  Knew every lyric (even to the stuff that’s not out yet?).  Closed his eyes and belted out every song.  Jumped around like he was a 14 year old girl at a Taylor Swift concert. Not that kind of love but you get my point.

I’m not a big concert person.  Something about spending so much money for a few hours of your life when I’d rather spend it on something that is more practical or lasts longer.  See the Counting Crows holds a special place in my heart because it also is something that Mark and I share.  There is a tad age generational gap between the two of us.  Sometimes we don’t see to eye to eye on music.  The slow jams R&B he was listening to in High School…..I wasn’t allowed to listen to in like 5th grade.

(via tumblr)

Our first ever really big trip together was in Chicago for our birthday weekends (yeah it’s coming up again!!)

(little Barre action whenever I can!)

At that time Groupon was doing some camp groupon deal where the end of the weekend was capped off with a Counting Crows concert at the Navy pier.  It was general admission, all you could eat and drink.  After some shady ticket meet ups we had finally secured two tickets.  One from a girl who straight up said in her text “please don’t worry I’m totally not a serial killer“.  I mean y’all know how paranoid I am……I totally appreciated it.

That show was amazing.  We could pretty much reach out and touch him.  He was a little drunk (not as much as some of his other shows).  He played for three hours straight.  He sat at the piano with his drink and pretty much played and sang every song that you know and love.  It was such a special night and experience that Mark and I still talk about.

We then saw him in Orlando at the House of Blues with a group of friends.  He was a tad more intoxicated at this one…..almost fell off the stage….it was a fun time but not my favorite time seeing him.  He also didn’t play Mr. Jones.  The ongoing joke of that night was our friend Kevin who stood there with his arms crossed refusing to leave yelling up at the stage “I’M NOT GOING UNTIL HE PLAYS MR. JONES”.

So when Mark emailed me a few months ago to let me know they were touring again this Summer and the opening night was in our town we knew we had to go.  This concert did not disappoint.  He did play a few of the new songs off the cd that is about to be released.  They sounded good but sometimes you just want to hear those classics.  I will say he played Mr. Jones and I think he hated every minute of it.  Probably how all artists feel about that one song that they are so known for.  I’m sure Eminem hates when people ask him about “my name is”.

I also had a very hard time picking an outfit.  I know I’m crazy but I wanted to look kinda edgy but comfortable (I know I have problems).  Finally decided on this (remember the top from this post?)

Tribal Tank///Black Skinnies///Peep Toe Heels Similar 

Anyways let me leave you with my favorite song from the concert Colorblind.  I mean his voice sounds amazing live.

This is my other favorite song (Orlando concert).  Untitled Love Song.

That felt good to get out there hahahaha.  Do you like the Counting Crows?  Is there a band or artist that you cannot miss whenever they come to town?  Heading over to read all y’alls confessions!  Linking up with Kathy today!  Oh and I’m also featured on my girl B’s blog today for her first of her series B~inspired!  Would love if you would stop by and you can get to know me a little more.  xoxo

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64 responses to “Confessions-I love Adam Duritz”

  1. Hehe I love this confession, especially with the intro about the overweight dreaded man. I love a good concert but it definitely cant be any concert if I have to be on my feet. Love the outfit you chose.

  2. I have never, ever, heard of him before but I will have to check out some of his music in the morning. When you said dreads I was totally expecting some reggae-type music :D

  3. Elle Sees says:

    he needs to let those dreds go already. lol i used to really love them, so anytime i hear their music it’s nostalgic for me. as for me, i’ll forever love the smashing pumpkins.

  4. Stacy G says:

    Your outfit is amazing! XO

  5. One of my all time favorite songs is “Mr.Jones” – I got to see him a few years back at the house of blues too and kept wondering if he was drunk the whole time – now I guess I know he was!!! Love your “edgy” outfit!!

  6. confession: i have no idea who that adam guy is. also, never heard of a counting crows song either. are we still friends?

    i’ve seen maroon 5 twice and finally got to see my all time favorite band (depeche mode) when the came to toronto; the last time they came i was in grade 7 and not allowed to go with my older cousins.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Krystal R. says:

    Love the outfit as usual, and gosh I would love to go to Chi town. Never been. Thats as much as I can say about this because I have no clue who Adam Duritz is .. although I just googled him lol

  8. Ahhhh Counting Crows!!!! Sha la la la la la ya….I can’t believe he didn’t play Mr Jones at one of his concerts. Like, say what?!

    I love that you guys have to go to all the concerts when you can! And I was laughing when you said that you were in 5th grade when Mark was in to certain music. I feel that way about Chris and I sometimes, only he is 3 years younger than me which doesn’t seem like a lot…but he doesn’t know my love for some of the songs that came out when I was in middle school!

  9. Oh, and also…you sound like me picking out an outfit. You have a certain “look” you are going for…haha!

  10. Tracey says:

    I’m a huge concert nut so I loved reading this post. I love your outfit but dang girl I have no idea how you stood in heels for an entire concert!!

  11. haha i love this post. also the counting crows are pretty great. haven’t seen live but i’m not a fangirl like you :) the music in the 90s was just so great. soooo great.

  12. Lauren says:

    I love Counting Crows. My husband and I have an age gap that’s weird if you think about it too much (he was in 9th grade when I was in 5th) so only a few of our “older” musical tastes are the same, and they are one. They’re coming here too but it’s during the week and an inconvenient venue so I doubt I’ll go but you are making me want to!

  13. Your barre action is killing me ;) And your hair looks FAB in that picture Amanda!!

  14. YES YES YES to all 90’s R&B!!!!

  15. P!nky says:

    Soooooooooooooooo, it wasn’t until you said Counting Crows that I had any idea who you were talking about. But, I’m glad you enjoy the concert[s] and your outfit was lovely!

  16. Counting Crows always reminds me of my one of my first dates with Theo. We were driving around looking at Christmas lights and he asked what I wanted to listen to. Not wanting to freak this guy out and suggest Christmas music, I decided to go the cool route and said how about Counting Crows? So anytime I hear them I always think of that date. Adam’s dated some hotties. Jen Aniston and her BFF Courtney Cox?! You have some stiff competition ;) Loved your Q&A on B’s blog!

  17. Brianne says:

    I LOVE concerts! I really wish way back when I had kept all of my ticket stubs & a list of all of the bands I had seen including opening acts. I have absolutely no idea who all I’ve seen anymore. I’m so glad that the ticket deal went down without anyone getting killed lol.

  18. Your outfit is perfect! It’s always disappointing when bands who are usually awesome let us down- especially at a smaller venue like House of Blues where you would think it would be even better!

  19. Brooks H says:

    I haven’t thought of Counting Crows in forever! Guess who’ll be playing on my Spotify today?

  20. I used to love them. What was that song Long December? I loved it!

  21. Christina says:

    love that song colorblind!! his hair…oh, his hair. your outfit is great!

  22. Mree says:

    Great outfit for the show!! I too don’t like spending money on concerts. ha! I’m just cheap. And I think it a little outrageous what they charge to go see them then add in all the TicketMaster fees…it’s out of control. Ok, end of my rant.

    I have seen OneRepublic and Kings of Leon a bunch of times. I really like both bands.

    Best, Mree

  23. can you just shrink 6 inches and give me your closet?? okay, thanks!

  24. Tori says:

    Seriously sounds like the best time!! I am not a concert person either–but when Kid Rock comes to town, I see him EVERYTIME and love EVERY MIN. of it hehe :) Plus, I am totally dying over your outfit–too cute!


  25. ohh i love it! see to me concerts are so worth it, anything that’s an experience lasts a lifetime!

  26. I confess my first reaction was “Who?” and then you explained it.. I can’t judge you babe, I’ve been known to have some interesting taste too as for concerts – I will never say no!

  27. Rebecca Jo says:

    I love Mr. Jones :) I need to jam out my morning with these other songs :)

  28. Ashley says:

    I love Counting Crows!!! But I agree, I’m not a big concert person either!

  29. I used to love concerts and spend so much of my extra funds to attend, but as I get older (ew), I’d rather spend my cash on something else. But I love a good show, still. Jason and I have a bit of an age difference too so we have that same issue with a lot of music too.

  30. Sounds like such a fun concert and I love the outfit you ended up picking out! I do enjoy a few Counting Crows songs, but admittedly don’t know much about them– I feel so much more knowledgable now though :)

  31. I don’t like the counting crows. I know, I said that out loud. But, I do have pictures of G with dreads :) hahaha none of my friends can believe it, but G lived in FL for 10 years and had dreads during that time. Me? I like looking at the pics, but don’t really want a middle aged white dude with dreads around all the time.

  32. I’m not a big Counting Crows fan, but how could he NOT play Mr. Jones at a concert? That just seems like a ripoff. I think your outfit was perfect for a concert – I’m a huge concert goer, and I always have to wear the perfect, appropriate outfit depending on who we see!

  33. Confession: I had no idea who Adam Duritz was until I read this post. Don’t hate me. Can we still be friends?

    I did enjoy this post though and your journey through the concerts. You definitely nailed the right outfit for the occasion!

  34. I’ve never been more envious before! They are probably one of my favorite bands ever and I’m thinking I love him just as much! Can I get a “Holiday in Spain” or a Cruel Intentions throwback? haha you look fab as usual! xoxo

  35. YES I love Counting Crows too! How fun :) You look gorgeous, and I love the Chicago pic!

  36. confession i had to read this post to figure out who adam duritz was! haha but i do like a lot of counting crows songs! :) xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  37. Kari says:

    I love Counting Crows, too! I used to listen to “August and Everything After” on repeat every day for a summer when I worked at the local pool. I saw him play live in Kansas City in a parking lot (I guess they literally paved over paradise to put up a parking lot so that he could play:) He was pretty drunk, so it wasn’t that great of a show. The band will always have a special place in my heart, though. And I totally hear you about different tastes in music. My husband will sometimes play 80s rock that I never listened to. It’s fun when you find common ground in music:)

  38. Eekk love your outfit! That top is perfection and don’t even get me started on those shoes! Totally jealous of your awesome concert experiences…minus Mr. Hands Up Tank Top… could have done without him LOL!

    <3, Pamela

  39. So weird, one of my friends saw them last night.

    I LOVE The Counting Crows. Especially Adam, tortured soul that he is. Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby and Have You Seen Me Lately, Goodnight Elisabeth, Long December, A Murder of One and of course Mrs. Jones are among my favorites.

  40. Don’t die but I am mostly just a country music gal with a little bit of pop mixed in…

  41. Lisa says:

    Hey Amanda!! Your outfits are always so beautiful!! And the counting crows are awesome, esp. the lead singer!! They’re super original and they sound great!!! Glad you got to snap some great photo’s too!! Happy you had an amazing time! :D XOXO


  42. Mr. Jones would be the only Counting Crows song that I DO know….probably because I was too young when they were popular back in the day, so as I grew up, I never got interested in them. But that’s awesome when you and your significant other share interest in the same music artists…my husband and i do NOT.

  43. How do all of these peeps not know who he is??? Or Counting Crows??? I feel like I’m in an alternate universe lol. Btw they are here in Atlanta on Sunday night and friends and I talking about getting cheap seats last minute. I am a concert whore… been to hundreds and some of my faves over and over again. I love me some live music… all kinds! But not classical, sorry… boring. No symphony for this girl!

  44. alyssa says:

    Aw this kinda reminds me of my relationship with Dave and DMB :) Love the outfit you chose & so glad you had a good time!

  45. Jen says:

    I saw Counting Crows with the Goo Goo Dolls once and it was amazing. Although I totally confess that I thought Colorblind was by Coldplay… WOW. Such an amazing song too…always reminds me of Cruel Intentions of course.

    There’s not really one artist that I have to see over and over but I absolutely love going to concerts. If I could convince anyone to go see Goo Goo Dolls with me again I would be thrilled. That or, Third Eye Blind. Another amazing 90s classic haha.

    xo, Jen

  46. Em says:

    Love the Counting Crows confessions!! I confess that every time the Goo Goo Dolls rolls on into Chicago I must see them. It’s nostalgia to the max and if anything from their album Dizzy Up The Girl is played I jam out so flippin’ hard haha. Probably like that guy in the tank top. Hahahaha. I wish going to concerts wasn’t so pricey! The most expensive tickets I’ve bought were definitely for Paul McCartney (no regrets) and then Justin Timberlake (because of course). I can die happy knowing I saw him live and singing “Sexy Back.” *drool.

  47. Shelby H. says:

    Your outfit pretty much kicked ass! Did you know Adam Duritz dated Jennifer Aniston pre-Brad? Whodathunk haha.

  48. Love your edgy outfit :)
    And my husband has always made it a tradition to go to Dave Mathews every year…but this year I’m coming along…does that count? HAHa..
    I would love to go to Beyonce and Jay Z but those ticket prices are REDIC.

  49. Love you edgy outfit!
    My husband always goes to Dave Mathews with his friends every year but this year I decided to come along…does that count for a tradition..hahah
    I would love to go see beyonce and Jay Z but those ticket prices are REDIC.

  50. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a big Counting Crows/Adam Duritz but I have a soft spot for early 90s music because those are my first memories of discovering music on my own. I’m still a huge Sheryl Crow fan, 20 years later!

  51. Oh I have to agree with the gif about loving 90s music! I love seeing Citizen Cope in concert, pretty much anything acoustic or country has my vote! But no one so much that I have to see them everytime they are in town. Ben Harper is someone I must see one day though!

  52. I love Counting Crows and they are on my concert bucket list for sure! Colorblind holds a special place in my heart for a few reasons and to hear it live would make me so happy! So glad you enjoyed the concert!

  53. Your too funny! I have a love for a drunk dread head too, but it’s Clarence Greenwood from Citizen Cope… I see them every time they come to Orlando and they never disappoint! Obsessed! I love your outfit! Dying over that top!!

    <3 Shannon

  54. Do you remember Jason Castro from American Idol? I had a crush on him for YEARS b/c of his dreads… I swear to you, he cut them off and lost all his cuteness. DREADS ARE HOT!

  55. Looove the tribal top! And yay for your upcoming Chicago trip!!!

  56. brooke lyn says:

    ahh man i heart counting crows too :)

  57. Ahh you totally pulled off the outfit! Love those shoes especially!!

  58. Ahhh we made a “Life Playlist” and there are probably 10 counting crows songs on it. I LOVE them!

  59. Vicki says:

    Oh my gosh!!! Colorblind is my ABSOLUTE favorite song by them. I’m so jealous you heard it live! And I love your outfit too!!

  60. Kayla MKOY says:

    How fun is this?! I love the house of blues…and all your outfits in this post are TOO CUTE!! :)

  61. Jenny says:

    90s R&B music is the shizznit…”So we’ve come to the end of the road…” I would still love to see Boyz II Men in concert. haha!

  62. MarlaJan says:

    How did I freaking miss this post?!?!?! My friend and I recorded the ‘Round Here’ video on the VCR and used to watch it over and over and over, and we would sit on the curb and belt it out. His voice, the lyrics… Dude boned Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Emmy Rossum, so he has to be doing something right! I remember being at Sam Goody an hour before it opened to be first in line to get Recovering The Satellites the day it came out. Might I add, I was the ONLY person in line, LOL LOL. Their music has always spoken to me, and A&EA has gotten me through some dark places. I’ve seen him in concert 4 or 5 times, amazeballs. Oh, I feel so connected to you now! <3 Also, your sense of style… love.

  63. Kristen says:

    haha i love this post, and i love that barre pose in chicago. too cute.
    i am not a huge counting crows fan, but i do love me some mr jones and accidentally in love <3
    i was obsessed with this band as a teenager (wont bore you with their name) and finally they came to Aus and I was over 18 and could go and it was horrendous. the guy was so drunk and high and he flicked a cigarette into the crowd, i was so depressed for weeks. i saw them again several years later when i was less emotionally involved, but damn concerts just dont do it for me anymore. at home they are so god damn expensive, and i’ve pretty much seen most people i want to see (courtesy of the CMA fest, talk about many birds one stone). anywho, i’m rambling.

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