Confessions Plus $100 Nordstroms Giveaway & Lululemon Wunder Unders

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Is it really Wednesday already?  Time is really flying and I kind of want to hit pause because Summer is my favorite season and I’m not ready yet for fall boots and to see Pumpkin Spice lattes all over Instagram yet how about you?  I still want to soak up as many laid back Summer days, tan lines (self tanner lines) and flip flops as I can!  I’m linking up with Kathy and I’m really digging her new man.

Vodka and Soda

I confess as I was driving over to campus on Monday for the engagement pictures I looked at Mark and exclaimed “what day is it????”  To which he shot me the “you are crazy girl” look and replied “it’s Monday“.  I immediately shouted out “I totally forgot to pull together my weekend roundup post and I didn’t link up with Biana!!”
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I confess my first dress that I wore for my engagement pictures had an open back so it didn’t require a bra……all the planning and prep I put into making sure everything was perfect well wouldn’t you know when I went to change into my second dress (my sheath white crochet lace one) I dug through my bag and wouldn’t you know… three bras of varying color and sizes were all left in the hotel room
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It just shows we are all human right?  Nothing like a sheath dress to really suck everything in right?
I confess I have found my happy place and it is the Trader Joe’s in Gainesville.  First of all look at this parking lot.  I had to take a picture for proof it is like an Urban Legend that has been debunked.  A Trader Joe’s with ample parking??? Say whaaaaat???
Everything is Gator themed.  Mark was so excited “take a picture of that for your blog”.
Speaking of Mark I have him one step closer to writing his own post.  Seriously.  This is amazing.  He is the wittiest person I have ever met.  His one liners are epic.  How I roped him in?  Well he is pretty amped of the idea of writing his NOT Top Ten Trader Joe’s products.  He said it will be hard for him to narrow it down to just ten (don’t worry my Top Ten List is almost finished!)  I tried to ask him with OOTD stood for and I got that blank stare.  So let’s start with the baby steps right?
Finally.  I confess that I am a little bummed Drop Dead Diva is over.  I mean I am fully aware it is the most ridiculous show on tv (let’s see my track record I did watch Cougar Town….I just love that it was set in Florida).  Seriously though I’m not sure I loved how they ended it!  I know some of y’all watched it as well.  What were your thoughts of the singing montage at the end?  The whole ending seemed rushed to me?

Okay and finally the giveaway that you can’t miss!  I really wanted to start my first sponsorship month with a bang.  Also wanted to let you know I have just a few more spots for July and am starting to reserve for August if you are interested shoot me an email at

I’m super excited about this giveaway.  Pretty much if I could enter myself I would probably like everything that was on the list because once you have one pair of wunder unders……I swear you can’t go back.  They are just so soft and honestly feel like a second skin.  Plus with the $100 Nordstroms gift card you can get all those amazing maxi dresses I’ve been talking so much about.  Oh and **disclaimer** all entries will be checked.  I’ll love you even more if you play nicely so I don’t have to spend precious hours matching up entries.

$100 Nordstroms Giftcard Lululemon Wunder Unders
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What would you use the Nordstroms gift card for?  Where would you wear your Wunder Under’s to? Couch surfing is a perfectly acceptable answer as well.  Good luck!  xoxoxoxoxo
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64 responses to “Confessions Plus $100 Nordstroms Giveaway & Lululemon Wunder Unders”

  1. Krystal R. says:

    Im sad drop dead diva is over as well!!! And what did you do about the bra situation???? Also gosh I hope I win that giveaway although I dont ever win anything … worst luck over here! Do you know the damage I would do with that? Nordstroms is my happy place! haha

  2. I love that you took a photo of the TJ’s parking lot. I swear one of these days I gotta get to Gainsville to see what that place is all about. I was going to surprise Scott with a trip but one day I mentioned it in passing and he said he wasn’t sure about going to a game because his last one was so incredibly epic. Well, more money in my pocket, whatevs. OMG I want to win this giveaway sooo bad!!

  3. Girlfriend!! My hubby refuses to even consider shopping at TJs due to the parking! If I even bring up the idea, there are issues… the man hateeeees the parking, ha!

  4. I just had the same wardrobe incident. I embarrassingly had to wear no bra to my own college graduation all because I completely forgot my dress was backless, and it was wayyy to late to buy one of those weird stick on bras

  5. Chloe says:

    I just want to be able to go to a Trader Joe’s. In my neck of the woods people look at you like you’re speaking mandarin when it’s brought up. Like just tonight I was talking to my best friend’s boyfriend about grocery stores because he’s from Florida and I mentioned TJ’s. She looked at me all crazy like and asked what the hell it is.

  6. Mark sounds so much like my boyfriend! I’ve been trying so hard to get him to do his own post. I mean, heck, he already takes all my OOTD pictures for me anyway ;p

  7. Kiki says:

    Oh how I miss Trader Joe’s!

  8. I haven’t caught up on this season of Drop Dead Diva but when I read that it was over my jaw dropped- NOOOO! Love that show! Can’t wait to see your engagement photos (and much congratulations lovely-so exciting)! I’ve never been to a trader joe’s but I am pretty sure I would LOVE it!
    Unrelated: I realized yesterday you’ve been emailing me replies for at least a couple months- I didn’t know so I’m sorry I ignored you!!

  9. I love that you thought of me on the way to your engagement photos haha!! I definitely watched drop dead diva and love how it ended!! I mean everything works out and that makes me so happy!! I wish it was still going thought! I can’t believe Gainesville has a Trader Joe’s – imagine that parking lot during Summer B – it’s a Zoo….like the Publix on 34th and archer always was!! Yay for the giveaway!! xo

  10. Jenny says:

    Omg! I totally used to bring changes of clothes places and always seem to forget the proper change of undergarments…Sigh…

  11. Tracey says:

    A banana riding an alligator! What’s not to love?!

    Oh, and when I had my engagement photos I brought my old (loose and too big) strapless bra and not my new (well fitting one) and my bra was sliding off under my dress the entire time. Engagement photo bra malfunctions FTW!

  12. I miss Trader Joes so so so much! We have ZERO in Alabama. Stupid alcohol taxes keep them away. Lame.

    I so hope Mark writes a post!! That would be so awesome! “take a picture for your blog” at least he totally gets it!

  13. i wish TJs would come to canada! whenever we go to the states, we always hit up Publix, TJs and target.

    Vodka and Soda

  14. P!nky says:

    I love TJS!

    Oh man, you are right, we are all human. I bet your pictures are going to be amazing!

  15. Ashley says:

    TJ’s is the BEST. An empty parking lot there?! Never have I ever seen that…. I’m on the ‘team Mark’ writes a post bandwagon!

  16. ah trader joes finally opens here on friday! i cannot wait. about time. happy humpday! xo

  17. I seriously can’t wait for our Trader Joe’s to open! Yes to peonies and two buck chuck wine! That sucks about your bra… I always hate it when I plan on changing for something and then realize I’m changing into a white dress and I have black underwear on or something like that. Happens to me way too often… lol!

    <3, Pamela

  18. A post from Mark? How exciting! That really sucks about the brazier situation… I would have cried.

  19. We have a Trader Joe’s approximately no where near where I live which is painfully upsetting.

    Can I confess I’m jealous you don’t have to wear a bra? If I even think about not wearing one, my boobs just laugh and laugh at me.

  20. Such a fabulous giveaway! And I can’t wait to see your engagement pics! And looking forward to Mark’s post. I would love for my husband to do the same. He would have no idea what to say!

  21. Yay for getting the hubs to write a post!! :) That will be a good one I’m sure! So funny about asking him what OOTD stands for! It makes me giggle just remembering how Michael answered that question… hahahaha! I don’t mean to laugh at you, but I totally laughed at you when I read that you forgot your bra for the second shooooot! Damnit! I hope you made due! I can never ever go braless so I’m jealous! I confess… I have saggy bitties. Ha!

  22. Mree says:

    Love Trader’s Joe. Hate the parking lot tho. It’s always crazy, always!! A little jealous that you can go braless, I never could. Happy Hump Day.

    Best, Mree

  23. So happy to be in the giveaway with all you ladies :) That sucks about your bras haha, I would have panicked! I really really wish we had Trader Joe’s here, I always see all these posts and pics and I’m jealous. And yay for Mark’s upcoming post, I know it’s coming ;)

  24. Rebecca Jo says:

    I couldn’t believe it was the end of Drop Dead Diva… I tweeted about it because I thought it was too much of a ‘happily ever after’ ending & then saw that it was the series finale. I’m all bummed. I LOVE that show! But it would have been weird with the new Grayson.

  25. I didn’t know Gainesville got a TJs! That is a crazy amount of parking for a TJ! Love that everything is Gator themed :) I can’t wait to see your engagement photos on campus! Hope you guys had fun with it, bra-less and all! haha

  26. I’m still in the middle of the season for Drop Dead Diva but it’s ridiculous and I watch it anyway …lol ;)

  27. That is a huge parking lot for a TJ’s! I’m still so jealous of all you girls that have one close by – our nearest one is more than a half hour away, so I would really have to bug my husband to drive out there.

  28. Em says:

    Say whaaaatt?! I’m so glad you took photographic proof of this huge TJ’s parking lot because I wouldn’t have believed you hahaha. Definitely entering this great giveaway!!

  29. I totally feel you on summer going by way too fast. It’s kind of freaking me out that it’s already almost July! How does this happen?! And I’m glad you got that parking lot photo, because I can hardly believe it! I think the most frustrating thing about Trader Joe’s is that there’s never any parking! Can’t wait to see your engagement photos?! I’m sure they are all amazing!!

  30. Brianne says:

    I STILL haven’t been to a TJs. I love that he wanted you to take a picture for the blog.

  31. I couldn’ t get michael to write a post for me even if i paid him! I forget what day it is all the time!

  32. Kristen says:

    yay for a trader joes with ample parking! i cant wait for your top ten list, i’m gonna take it with me and buy everything haha. i wondered where you were on monday haha! missed you too much ;)

  33. Meagan says:

    I agree with Kathy, Canada should definitely get a TJ’s! I’ve never been but I’ve heard so many great things, haha.

  34. Bras are such assholes – when you’re wearing them or forgetting them.

    I’ve never seen a TJ’s with such ample parking. That is cause for intense celebration.

  35. I avoid Trader Joe’s because of their parking lot! It’s just too stressful. And yes, summer is going by way too fast. I can’t believe we’re almost at the halfway mark of 4th of July already.

  36. Why was TJ’s not there when we were?! Also, I need to do some major Drop Dead Diva catch up!

  37. My next question regarding the amaze parking lot at your TJ’s is: How is the space inside? Like wandering through tunnels packed with moms and screaming kids, or are the aisle wide enough to allow for two average-sized adults to pass each other without touching. Beyond jealous if your answer is yes ha. Love the giveaway!

  38. love when our dudes support our blogs! jarrod always has to ask me what random acronyms mean ha. it’s confusing!

  39. Hilarious! The TJ parking lot thing. Also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tyra gif! That seriously cracked my ass up! I’m sure all your engagement photos will be stunning, you’re always taking a good photo. I need to go back and re-read your post on how to take a good picture. XOX

    Fingers crossed!!! I would LOVE to get some wunder unders!

  40. OMG that bra situation is the WORST! So jealous that you have a Trader Joes. I would spend every day there if I could.

  41. I love Trader Joe’s, I wish there was one just a bit closer to me cause if it’s not like 5 or 10 min I don’t want to go! Cause I’m lazy and seriously the one by me has no parking hahaha… truth.

  42. Christina says:

    wow, i’ve never seen a tj’s parking lot so empty! omg i wrote happy instead of empty at first…yeah it’s definitely my happy place too.

  43. I just found your blog last Friday via your link up (I’m a new blogger and looking to link up with other awesome bloggers) and I have to say… You are HILARIOUS. Easily one of my new favorites! Can we all pllllllllease promise to never post another PSL/Starbucks pic on Instagram again, ever, for any reason? Thank you. Right there with ya on that one!

  44. I laughed WAY too hard at the picture of the banana riding the gator. I may have pictured it singing the “peanut butter jelly” song, while on the gator… I have problems.

  45. Erin LFF says:

    I’m dying for some shorts– I have none that fit right! NONE!!!

  46. Bummer about leaving your bras in the hotel room, that can be frustrating!
    I started watching Drop Dead Diva when I was pregnant and I LOVED that show. For some reason we cancelled Netflix (I think maybe it wasn’t working right or something) so I didn’t get to watch more than a couple seasons.. but now that you have reminded me and I have Netflix again I think that I might start binge watching it :D Yay!
    A Trader Joe’s with good parking?! Those exist!?!?

  47. I am a big Trader Joe’s fan too! I sucked in by all their sweets… Salt water taffy & sea salt caramels?! Yes please!

  48. alyssa says:

    Trader Joe’s is right up there with Target on my list of “Places That Are Almost As Awesome As Disneyland.” And that Tyra scene gets me EVERY TIME right in the feels. Damn Tiffany. Thanks so much for this giveaway too! Fingers are crossed :)

  49. ooohhhh myyyy goshhhhhhhhh (yes this requires so much exaggeration) i am SO GLAD YOU DIDN’T GIVE ANY SPOILERS AWAY. ive recently devoted my life to watching DDD on Netflix, i freaking LOVE That show, and Jane is so fun. i’m on season 5 and season 6 isn’t available yet, assuming its still on TV and its now OVER for real??? no! i will tell you that i’m kind of pissed Parker got Kim pregnant and now is getting back with Brandy and her son (well i’m calling her brandy. i dont remember her fake name in the show). and i will tell you i miss guardian angel fred, hated the luke guy, and now this new angel stupid boy from 90210 is just dumb. okay, end my rant :)

  50. brooke lyn says:

    the trader joes by my house has the worst parking. UGH

  51. MarlaJan says:

    Never saw Drop Dead Diva, but last night I watched the series finale of Dexter. Everyone was all up in arms about it, but I liked it. Sorry about the bra fiasco, but no doubt you looked gorgeous!

  52. I’ve never actually been to a Trader Joe’s before! The closest one is like half an hour away from us… booo! :(
    I’m excited for Mark to write his own post!!!

  53. I have friends that swear by Trader Joe’s. The drop so much money in there on wine! Hah. And I can’t wait for Mark’s post! :D

  54. Wait what? Drop Dead Diva is over? I may have multiple tasked watched it but I didn’t get the feeling it was over when I watched the latest episode. I’ll have to re watch the end now. Bummer.

  55. Great giveaway! The Under Wunders might insprie me to work out!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  56. An empty TJ’s parking lot??? I WOULD DIE AND NEVER LEAVE. That never happens out here in Cali.

  57. Jess says:

    Our Trader Joe’s is always a cart & people battleground. Bells going off everywhere, small children running rampant… I always forget the most essential things. Once, I went on a weeklong trip and forgot a hairbrush. Luckily, someone donated a (clean new) comb to me.

  58. LMAO the closest TJ’s to me (an hour) actually is part of a big plaza and has great parking too. I’m hoping sooner or later they will open one closer to me

  59. BrittanyB says:

    I miss Trader Joe’s! There is not one close to me anymore ughhh. I try to run at least 5 days a week and also do some yoga, defiantly need some new workout attire. I’m sure I could do some damage with that gift card ;)

  60. Trader Joe’s is my favorite. So curious about your top ten! :)

  61. :) we dont have a trader joes and probably won’t for a long time! :(

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