Friday Favorites- The 6 Month Countdown

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Okay so as I was driving to work yesterday I had a mini panic attack because I realized that August is here and that means I have 6 months to my wedding and that means I actually have to get some things locked down.  I mean have the venue, caterer, bridesmaids asked, dress (oh yes I do!) and like yeah I mean the man all that jazz.  However here comes the random time consuming stuff like making a wedding website, save the dates etc etc.  I’m not going to lie my mother and Aunt Dona have been the biggest help I really haven’t stressed about anything yet but time is a ticking isn’t it!

Let’s get right into it!

Favorite Celebrity of the Moment

I mean so many celebrities are just beyond talented.  Like when you discover that not only can they act but they can sing, dance and  rap like Chris Pratt.  I always thought he was funny and nice on the eyes but listen to him kill it rapping Eminem “Forgot About Dre“.  He is also married to Ana Faris who always plays the same character but I loved her in Just Friends which I have pretty much seen a 100 times.  Warning….some lyrics are not work appropriate, just warning.  He starts getting into it at the 0:46 mark.

Favorite Recipe

This is like recipe perfection right?  California Chicken, Veggie, Avocado and Rice bowls.  Full recipe here.  Please make sure to pin from the original.

Favorite Pandora station

My sister introduced me to this one…. “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.  Add it.  You’re welcome.  Here were my first 9 songs that came on as I was writing this.

Yes pretty much was #dancepartyforone and #hairbrushsinging the whole night.

Favorite Purchase

Lululemon Breathe Easy Crop

I mean the back of these crops I can’t even.  They are amazing, fit like a glove and let’t talk about this hotness factor shall we?  I got them in black and blue….I couldn’t decide.

Favorites Funnies

Hello to drunk texting in College….shoot you should have been awarded a diploma after all that hard work on just one message!

Story of my life…. “babe where is the {fill in with soap/detergent/measuring cup/etc}
In my case….I don’t need anymore IRL friends….I have plenty of besties in blogland
Seriously though what are Piper and the girls up to right?
When Mark comes home and I’m watching the Bachelorette or Ladies of London while texting with B, Christina and Pamela
via tumblr
When my patients tell me ridiculous things such as something to the effect of “he can’t answer that because he was in jail at the time” in regards to the baby daddy (I wish I was lying and this didn’t happen….like yesterday).
via tumblr
Then I pretty much think to myself
via tumblr
When I’m wound up and stir crazy trying to get Mark’s attention when he is trying to concentrate and do work
via tumblr
Finally you thought you were having a bad day….
via tumblr
*side note* we totally use to have bats fly into our house from our attic growing up in the burbs outside of Boston.  I can still remember my brothers and dad putting on hockey gear and helmets with the laundry baskets trying to trap them.  Oh the memories…
Happy Friday!!
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Now it is your turn!  Link up and stop by all the fabulous favorites of the week!  Hope you have a great weekend!  xoxoxo

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52 responses to “Friday Favorites- The 6 Month Countdown”

  1. Krystal R. says:

    YAY only six months left you must be super excited! Love that ecard … I remember the days of clicking those numbers several times for a letter haha

  2. Joey says:

    I swear every time J walks in the door from work after I’ve been home ALL ALONE all day he wishes for ear plugs. I’m going a thousand miles a minute and I’m sure he’s thinking “woman! Let me in the door!” haha! I also had to watch that bad GIF like 7 times before I realized what happened. That means I need to go to bed. Happy Friday!

  3. Six months to go! I feel so excited for you!

  4. Jess says:

    I could listen to Chris Pratt all day. He is ridiculous with talent. I annoy my husband all the time when I get so hyped up like I just huffed a bunch of pop rocks.

  5. That first wedding photo is to die for….gorgeous. I am definitely going to get that pandora station, those are the best 80’s songs ever. She’s like the Wind…ahh Patrick…love it.

  6. Shelley says:

    oh my gosh, 6 months to go! soo exciting. is that pic of your reception venue?! if so, it’s gorgeous! good luck with the rest of your planning :)

  7. i LOVE chris pratt! he’s the male version of jennifer lawrence (so self-deprecating/down to earth etc).

    Vodka and Soda

  8. Yay for 6 months before your wedding! Your wedding is going to be absolutely gorgeous so you don’t need to freak out! :) And I had to laugh about the texting some ecard. I was literally JUST talking to one of my coworkers about how smart phones have made it way too easy to drunk text. I remember back in the day passing the letter I wanted too many times and getting bored with it before sending a text LOL! Ok, that bat .gif is crazy! What are the chances?!?! And oh how I miss Ladies of London already… :( Happy Friday love!

    <3, Pamela

  9. Ahhh 6 months, eeekkk!!! Ok, adding that Pandora station TODAY. Love those crop pants too, may have to add those to my list :)

  10. That recipe looks insanely good! Those new lulu pants – of course you couldn’t decide they are so cute!! That Pandora station reminds me of our Saturday night at Daisy’s lol!! That bat gif had me laughing way too hard – I even made Gary come over to look at it lol!! Yay for 6 months to go!! Have a wonderful weekend love! xo

  11. Em says:

    SIX MONTHS! I’m so excited for you!! I got some new workout wear myself too!! Loooove those cropped pants! And it seriously is true that if a man says that something isn’t there….it most likely is right in front of his face lol. TGIF!!!

  12. Happy 6 month countdown!!! That rice bowl looks SO good! Also I cracked up at that texting ecard. Your forget sometimes how NOT easy it was to text back in the day!

  13. Jillian says:

    hooooooray for six months!! im so excited for you. cute legging! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  14. I love Christ Pratt!!! I can’t wait to listen to that when I get home tonight. Also, the men not being able to find anything…I come across that all the time. *shakes head*

  15. Morgan S. says:

    I always love a good GIF…and hairbrush singing. :-) Those pants are amazing…would be breathable and perfect for hot yoga!
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  16. Chris Pratt rapping to Eminem is epic! Love him! I need to add that station, perfect old school jams. Love that Big Brother gif.

  17. A. Freaking. Men. to the “why can’t men find anything” ecard. I swear, my fiance knows THE LOOK i give him when he asks me where things are now and he will either say “No really I swear I already looked!” or he will turn around and walk away. It’s hilarious!

  18. Hooray for your Blogger Closet takeover! I’ll definitely be following along. :) I am adding that Pandora station to my list right now – amazing song choices! Don’t stress about wedding stuff – it all will come together. Let me know if you need any help, advice, a shoulder to cry on … Have a great weekend!

  19. Lol!! Your funnies rock!! Happy 6 months til your wedding!! It is going to fly by!!

  20. I can’t believe it’s only 6 months to your wedding!! The time will fly, but enjoy it!! I am adding that Pandora station now… Looks amazing!!

  21. 6 more months! How exciting! And as always, you’re the GIF queen.

  22. I already loved Chris Pratt (since I love Parks and Rec), but after Guardians last week, I lurve him (and Groot, haha)! Six months! Gahhh

  23. Kristen says:

    I still haven’t seen Guardians – hopefully this weekend – but i think Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are so cute together! omg that recipe, drooling. yum! ooh cute lululemon crops! i am loyal to my lorna jane crops though. omg we totally used the same ecard about texting today haha. omg that poor bat / bird :( bad doctor / nurse person. 6 months yay!

  24. Excited to read all of your wedding updates! That recipe looks amazing and perfect for when you need a light meal. I’m checking out that Pandora station today because, hello who doesn’t love 80’s music?! I think that you ladies need to start live tweeting because I’m sure the conversations about these shows are hilarious and probably right on track with what I’m thinking. Are you watching Bachelor in Paradise?

  25. Ashley says:

    YAY for the 6 month countdown!! 100% working to that pandora station today and making that recipe soon!

  26. Mree says:

    6 Months!! How exciting!! You will be a beautiful bride. Chris Pratt is so funny, I was so impressed that he knew all the lyrics. Great songs choices!! Those Gifs are too funny. Have a great weekend.

  27. Whooo Hoo for the 6 months count down!! My biggest piece of advice that I tell all brides is to hire a wedding planner. Even if it’s for just the day of coordination. Seriously, it is a must!! And if you don’t think you have it in the budget, I promise you do. It takes off soooooo much pressure from you, your groom, your mom, your bridesmaids, and EVERYONE! I can’t tell you how many “unorganized” weddings I’ve been too. Waited hours for dinner, had missing groomsmen, guests unsure where to go, etc. Hire a planner and you can breathe easy. We had pretty much EVERY last detail already planned before we hired my amazing planner. The day of went off without a hitch and she organized everything! Shoot she even brought me and my maids lunch while getting our hair and make up done. She had a schedule for EVERYTHING! It was so effortless on our part – which is what YOUR day should be all about. Everyone knew where to be and at what time to be there and she was able to tell them, not your mom or bridesmaid (which can put them in an awkward situation). If you ever want to talk weddings let me know. I’d love to share with you. You want to enjoy your day and your parents and maids deserve that too. It’s a celebration… let someone else handle the background stuff.

    I seriously died laughing on the Drunk Texting meme…. pressing those buttons.. it was work hehehe! Thanks for hosting the link up. I truly enjoy keeping up with you. Good luck on the months to come! You’ve got this! oxox, Amanda

  28. ooo girl I am so pumped for ANY wedding countdown! This time last year I had exactly one month to go! I am a certified wedding planner so you know who to ask if you need anything! haha Love the funny ecard about the “its not there” so my husband. Also, must save that recipe AND looove the part about enough IRL friends hahaha Have a great weekend!

  29. Ooh! Wedding countdown! I didn’t realize it was so close for you! Love the ‘don’t need any more friends’ pic. I’m pretty sure my hubs hears more about my blog friends than my IRL friends. haha. Have a fab weekend lady!

  30. Aimee Rose says:

    Yeah for your wedding coming together- can’t wait to see the details! I love the funny about the “just because he looked andsaid it’s not there dosen’t mean it isn’t”, how true is that! ALL THE TIME! Have a greet weekend, thanks for hosting the link up!

  31. Tracey says:

    6 months woop!!! Don’t worry it will all come together and the day will be perfect. I can’t wait to see your dress!

  32. Haha that gift with the bat!! LOL. And I’m definitely like that kid when Chris is working from home haha. That wedding picture is gorgeous. What you said made me think of when my mom would call me and ask if I did something that she asked me to do and I’d say no. Haha. I have two sisters and we all got married one year after another. No joke. My mom pretty much did it all though I just said no to certain things. We didn’t do save the dates or a wedding website. Keep in mind that this was pre-Pinterest!! I hope that you have a fab weekend and thanks for letting me linkup again! :-)

  33. those leggings – obsessed. good choice! also i wished i could have joined in on the text train for ladies of london bc it’s my fav show! next season :) xo

  34. Check out Minted for your Save the Dates, we got ours from there (super nice quality) and used a few promo codes. Loved them! Also that ecard about guys looking for things is SO true. I also love the one that says something like “Babe I know where everything is in the house”- Said no husband ever. LOL!

  35. I’m halfway through Season 2 of OITNB! I don’t know what I’m going to do when I finish it!! All my shows don’t start again till like Spring of 2015!? Yikes!

  36. Oh my gosh! Six months will fly by! I can’t wait to see your dress! I am dying to have another wedding! I want to do it all again! That should be a thing. Okay babe, have a fabulous weekend! Xo

  37. Adding that pandora station now!

    Six months! Tick tock friend!

  38. Erin LFF says:

    You always have THE best funnies for the week- I save like half of them every time, so I can have them when I need a laugh ;) That rice/veggie bowl looks phenomenal!!!

  39. Rebecca Jo says:

    Did he kill the bird?!?!?!!? I’d freak out!
    6 months will ZOOM right by! :)

  40. Happy 6 month countdown!! Time is going to fly by now! Definitely trying that recipe.. it looks delish. Have a great weekend!

  41. Omg… those pants are saweeeet!! Bats really freak me out. They fly around here at night all the time! I want that wedding venue… for something anyway:)

  42. Stacy G says:

    Hahaha this is a really good post. Thanks for the Pandora recommendation. I have some rooms to clean out today. lol The Man quote about finding things…the story of my life. Marc would be hopeless without me. The friend thing is hilarious too! I thought the customers in the bakery were crazy, but I’m sure you get some characters in the hospital. XO

  43. Holy linkup congrats – what a turnout! Yay for 6 months! And I just copied and pasted that ecard to my husband with the subject “Story of my friggin’ life”. Happy weekend :)

  44. Awww yeah! 6 month countdown! :) That Pandora station looks/sounds pretty bad ass :) Hilarious Funnies… the texting one is a good throw back! Those were the days! Oh wait, my MIL still has a phone like that and texts like that! Ridiculous shit about the “jail” example of people at work you deal with. I deal with stuff like that sometimes too. It’s like really, I wouldn’t even want anyone to know that!

  45. brooke lyn says:

    i watched that Chris Pratt thing like 7 times yesterday. #soimpressed

  46. Is that a picture of your venue? That’s gorgeous!

  47. I need to use Pandora more! I always just use Spotify since I have some of my playlists downloaded to my phone and its not using data. That station sounds PERFECT!!!!!

    Those pants! Maybe after a few barre classes I could pull them off ;)

    The funnies and gifs are HILARIOUS today!

  48. alyssa says:

    Oh girl those crops you are killing me! I need them. And that is one perfect Pandora station, I gotta agree. Have a great weekend!

  49. maybe it’s the “bride in me” – 3 days in… can i use that yet?! – but i cannot wait to hear more wedding updates as you get closer!! and dang. those rice bowls look amazing. your gifs make my day everytime too.

  50. Kate says:

    Those Lululemon pants look awesome!! On my wish list for sure! Happy Weekend!

  51. Kristy says:

    This was hilarious! :)

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