Weekending & Taco Soup Recipe

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Welcome back to Monday.  From Friday late afternoon till Sunday night I cleaned, organized and parted ways with over half of my condo.  I can honestly say not one drawer or corner of my placed was left untouched.  It was seriously the most cathartic feeling.  4 years in one place really adds up!  My mother as always sprinkled her Martha Stewart fairy dust and with an whole SUV loaded down with all my former 20 something teeny tiny going out dresses and entire Vera Bradley duffle set she was on her way back home.

So naturally I don’t have many pictures that didn’t involve me with a messy bun, workout clothes and various glasses of vino in hand.  We did take a quick break to head over to the spot for my bridal shower to pick out a fabulous menu that naturally involves cupcakes and “dusted color sugar to match my wedding colors“…….sounds good sign me up for that.

I did make it out midweek for some sushi and drinks with Kelly.  Watched the fairytale ending to Derek Jeter’s last home in Yankee Stadium.  Pretty much obsessed with this Barre shirt, “What the Tuck“.  Snapped this quick one after my 6am class.

Cleaning out the closet and away it went.  Look at all those newly found hangers.  I went through my costume box.  I still couldn’t part with this dress.  I mean it’s vintage and fits like a glove.  Throw on  some ears and I can be a Cheetah or something?

Halloween decorations out and finally printed out some pictures to put in my frames.  What a concept right?

I will leave you with this.  My absolute favorite recipe for football season.  Full link here Taco Soup.  Seriously every person I’ve shared this recipe with rave about it.  Disclaimer I clearly did not invent this.  It was shared with me but I added a few tweaks.  I served mine over rice for Mark with sour cream and cheese delicious!

Linking up with Biana and Meghan for their Weekending linkup!  Did you have a good weekend?  Do you love cleaning out your closets?  Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!  xoxo

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46 responses to “Weekending & Taco Soup Recipe”

  1. So you’re going to come up to Pennsylvania and do my closets next, right? I’ve taken over all but one closet in our house – my poor husband!

  2. Cleaning out everything means you’re that much closer to moving in with Mark – woo hoo!! Are those pink halloween decorations because I need that!!! That dress fits you like a glove – you can’t get rid of it- just wouldn’t be right!! Hope you have a great Monday love!!

  3. Maggie says:

    Cleaning out your closet is the worst but also the best! It feels so good afterwards haha and I really really want that dip!! It looks so delish!


  4. I need to clean out my closet so bad but every time I do it turns into a 3-day event where I have to try EVERYTHING on even if I know I’m not going to wear it ever again then I have to debate for way too long as to whether I’m going to part ways with something. So kudos to you for tackling that! And that dress looks AMAZING on you, you have to keep it! And that taco soup… yes please! Yum! Happy Monday!

    <3, Pamela

  5. ugh i need to clean out my closet too– doesnt help that i have about 1/4 the closet space in our rental!! it makes me nervous to get rid of too much. that soup sounds so good! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  6. Brianne says:

    Go you! I need to go through my closet again. There’s certain things that I’m holding onto & I’m just like…why…

  7. Aimee Rose says:

    Going through and purging stuff feels SO great! I need to do it more often, way to get rid of half!! Yay for getting Halloween decorations up!

  8. Kristen says:

    mmmmm that taco soup is so good! i really need to clean out my closet again, i seem to never make enough room when i do! and yes you should buy some ears and rock that dress for halloween. DO IT.

  9. Joey says:

    What a weekend!!! And taco soup is seriously one of my favorite fall staples for sure!

  10. That dress is cute! Plus it won’t take it up a lot of room when you move. I don’t mind cleaning out my closet, but I don’t like to clean in general. Taco soup sounds good, those decorations are so cute. I’m glad that you had a nice weekend and I hope that you’re having a good day so far! :-)

  11. Mree says:

    Glad to hear cleaning went well. Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we collect over the years. I have been trying to do a big cleaning twice a year so that when the time comes to move I’m not overwhelmed. Great Halloween decorations!! Happy Monday!

  12. You’ve lived in a place for 4 years?! Oh man. My longest is 18 month! Maybe that’s how I’m so good at purging all my stuff… Now that we’re in the final stages of buying a home, I’ll have free reign to become a hoarder!.

    Glad you tackled that project with wine! It’s the only way to do it :)

  13. I love taco soup, I think everyone has a recipe that was passed down to them by a friend, then they’ve made it their own. So good.

    Great job on the purge!

  14. Ashley says:

    Mmmm I love taco soup! Isn’t doing a deep cleaning the best sometimes? I love getting rid of clutter and clothes I say I’ll wear, but never actually do.

  15. i hate cleaning out my closet but since i reorganized it, i’ve been working hard to keep it tidy, organized and clean. what # clothing goes in, the same # comes out.

    Vodka and Soda

  16. P!nky says:

    It’s always nice to do a purge, everything just feels cleaner, right?!!? So glad you kept the dress, it’s perfection!

    That soup sounds delicious! I’m ready for a cool fall day now!

  17. Becky M says:

    I just did the same with my closet! New found hangers is the best!! I wish I could find the skirt hangers like that though. The soup looks so good – saving that for later!!


  18. Need to do my closets and my dresser – ughk.
    Taco soup looks super yummy!

    And I laugh because I got my fall decor out too!

  19. That soup just made my stomach rumble! I just got rid of most of my F21 college dress collection and it was pretty sad!

  20. I love taco soup!! I have a go-to recipe and my family doesn’t enjoy it (they’d rather it real tacos) so MORE FOR ME!!!

    I need to purge again. And how great was Jeter’s last at bat at Yankee Stadium? I’m not even a Yankee fan and I got a little teary.

  21. That soup looks AMAZING! And I hear you on trying to part ways with my college going out outfits… I’ve been able to let go of some stuff, but most of it is still hanging on.

    And I’m still super emotional about Jeter’s last home game on Thursday, and his last game ever yesterday. Amazing guy and amazing career!

  22. It always feels so good to clean like that! Gosh, I’ve been craving taco soup for a while now. I make that same one + some velveeta cheese!

  23. Oh my gosh. I need to do a clean out like that! I used to move apartments every year and now I’ve been in the same house for 3 years and it really needs a good purge. I’m impressed with how much stuff you got through! I definitely had to downsize closets when I moved in with the hubs too. No fun! Have a great week girl!

  24. I love cleaning out my closets since it mean more room for more things! You made a huge dent. Awesome! The Witch hat decoration is so cute!

  25. Kiki says:

    I love your Halloween decorations. Moms really do have some magical touch!

  26. Tracey says:

    I will be making this soup! Thanks for the recipe!

  27. Way to have a super productive weekend, chica!!! I cannot wait to see those cupcakes! Besos.

  28. cleaning is the best. but can be sad too. memoriessss like the corners of my mind. :)


  29. I did a really big purge in May right before I moved, but I got to the point where I got tired of going through everything so I did just shove some stuff in boxes and moved it. I need to pick up where I left off and continue getting rid of stuff. Ironically enough I did spend Friday night unpacking/arranging stuff in my room…. From my move….in May. Clearly it wasn’t a priority.

  30. Emily says:

    Cute halloween decorations! I need to pull mine out too. Really cute dress…definitely don’t part with that one!

  31. Rebecca Jo says:

    You can’t throw out that dress… it looks like its made for your body.

  32. Miche says:

    Ahh I love Halloween decorations, is it time to bust them out?!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  33. Meagan says:

    I adore your Halloween decorations, especially that bowl!! :) Sounds like a super productive weekend! Purging is a must every now and then (also, way easier said than done, so bravo!!)

  34. Hooray for closet cleaning! It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do.

  35. MarlaJan says:

    Im digging the purple glitter BOO sign, very cute! Look at you being super productive. I love purging once or twice or year, it’s extremely cathartic!

  36. There is no better feeling than cleaning out your closets!! I did it once before moving and then again afterwards and still found stuff to get rid of! Just think of all that room for new clothes now :) Happy Monday!

  37. Haha all those hangers on the floor looks like my place when I purge stuff! I love how nice and clean my closet is when I do it! Then I have the urge to replace it all with things I will actually wear. Oops! Love your fall decor! And taco soup mmmm one of my favorites!

  38. Love those decorations! Isn’t it amazing how good it feels to get rid of stuff in your closet?

  39. I’m loving those glitzy Halloween decorations – there’s nothing wrong with a little extra sparkle!

  40. You win for most productive weekend. Wow!

  41. That dress looks AWESOME on you, girl! Do NOT get rid of it!
    I need to make that soup… I remember it from before! Perfect soup weather around here lately!!!

  42. Meghan says:

    That soup sounds amazing! And I love that dress. Don’t get rid of it! It fits like it was made just for you! xo

  43. Stacy G says:

    That dress is amazing! Keep it! I need to make that soup! XO

  44. emi says:

    thanks for the great soup recipe! yay!

    xo welltraveledwife.com

  45. Kay R. says:

    I hope I remember to make taco soup when I get home. It looks amazing!

  46. OH my goodness! taco soup!!! I want! is it spicy!? Cleaning out a closet calls for some drinks! I always have such a hard time parting with any of my clothes! :)

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