Top Ten Trader Joe’s Shopping List for October

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I have been meaning to get this list together for some time but every time I go to Trader Joe’s I forget to take pictures.  Let’s be honest that place is a little overwhelming, there are so many different products!  I have read lists about the top products and then I never know where to find them.  These are some of my tried and true favorites…… the ones I buy on repeat.  Don’t get me wrong there are a few products that have definitely gone back.  Do you know that about their return policy?  You can take anything back!  I’ve even brought my receipt and told them I didn’t like something and they just take it off.  Fabulous customer service.

Top Trader Joe's shopping list

Here is my Top Ten List for Trader Joe’s Products.  First let’s start with the staples.

Cold Brew Coffee

This is seriously the best cold brew concentrate I’ve found so far.  I mix about 1/4 cold brew over ice with 1/2 water and then 1/4 almond milk in a large Tervis tumbler.  The adding of the water is crucial otherwise it’s super strong.  I don’t even need to add sweetener it is that good.  They have been keeping this by the coffee and tea section right where they hand out samples in the back of the store.

Cluster Cereal

I have to limit my consumption with this cereal because I can pretty much eat the whole box in one sitting.  I mix it with my boring Go Lean and that helps with the longevity of the box.  I pretty much buy this every time I go.

Sparkling Pinot Grigio

I also buy this every time I go.  It has just the tiniest bit of sparkle to it.  It is a very light white that isn’t sweet and pairs really well with food.  Definitely one of my top 3 buys!

Pizza Veggie Burgers

True story I could never get Mark to get a veggie burger until these.  They are so good and are perfect over a salad, in a sandwich or when you are exhausted and it’s late they are great for dinner.  Mark eats these a lot when he gets back from softball late.  Find them in the freezer section next to all these frozen burgers.

Wild Blueberry Vanilla Chèvre Fresh Goat Cheese

Side note that is not my hand…..they were out when I went……just wanted to clarify.  This is straight up addicting.  It is a little sweet but a little goes a long way.  I usually put it over these crackers with that above sparkling pinot…..that is a perfect dinner in my mind!

Cookie Butter
I honestly try not to buy it because it’s so good you can eat it out of the jar with a butter knife….when all your spoons are dirty.  I mean look they were basically out when I went.  I also really like their almond butter and it’s the most affordable price around.  Even though I think they recently just brought it back after being recalled… may lay off that for a little while.

The Chicken and Tuna Salad

We get this a lot on the weekends for a quick lunch either over salad or on bread with avocado and sriracha drizzled over the top.  I also really like their canned tuna I get this one.  I usually mix the canned tuna with half salsa and a little mayo, lots of flavor and cuts back on the mayo calories.

Beef Ravioli
Really quick dinner to have on hand.  I usually have these with a salad and the package feeds the two of us.  It is all beef and no pork additives.  I haven’t bought the pumpkin ravioli yet…..still can’t figure out what to put on top of it yet.  Find these to the left of the tuna/chicken salad in the refrigerator section.
Whole What Pizza Dough
Another quick dinner.  Let it sit out for 30 minutes out of the fridge.  Press it out, add sauce, cheese and load it up with veggies. Such a healthier option than ordering pizza.  Also found right near the ravioli in the refrigerator section
Kale Chips
I really wish this bag was bigger and they weren’t so dang expensive.  I have tried making kale chips on my own but they still don’t compare to these!
Seasonable Mentions…..
Pumpkin Ice Cream
Yes it really is that good.
These Pita Crisps
Dark Chocolate Speculoos Cookie Butter Cups
This is why I love the store.  The last time I was there I was eyeing them at checkout and I simply stated to the checkout girl “I really want to try those but I don’t trust myself with the whole thing“.  She grabbed them and opened them and was like “let’s try them!”  Naturally they were amazing and as I walked out she took a large handful and threw them in my bag.  I mean what grocery store does that?  So naturally the next time I went back I bought them.
As far as the frozen meals…..I haven’t really fallen in love with very many of the frozen dinners.  A lot of the chicken dishes use dark meat and I’m not down with that.  The great news is you can take back those receipts and they will give you cash back for the things you didn’t like!  I also love getting their peppers and Brussels sprouts, so much cheaper than my local Publix.
What are some of your favorite Trader Joe’s buys and where do you find them in the store?  I also love getting their flowers. Super affordable and add such a cheery pop of color!  This is one of my current lists.  I’ll keep adding to it if y’all are interested in hearing more of my favorites!  I can also make an avoid list…..or a certain someone said he would have “no problem coming up with that one“…….Oh and for all my local Tampa peeps the best time to go when there is absolutely no parking issues is Wednesday at 5pm.  Don’t ask me why but seriously it is like a ghost time every time I head there around that time!  Have a fabulous day!!!  xoxoxo


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56 responses to “Top Ten Trader Joe’s Shopping List for October”

  1. Kiki says:

    Oh how I love and miss Trader Joes!

  2. oooo, can’t wait to try some of these. Huge fan of Trader Joes! Fabulous post, love. I’m merging collections on the blog today (Paper Crown + LC Lauren Conrad) I’d love to hear your thoughts when you get a sec. :) xx

  3. I’m such a fan of Trader Joe’s and never knew about their return policy until you and Christina mentioned it!! I love Pizza Veggie Burgers so good!! I’ve actually never tried half the stuff on your list!!! I do love their cheese shop selections and their whole wheat pizza dough is amazing!! They have these pita crackers that may as well be crack and in their dessert section – you have to try their apple crisps!! They are amazing!!

  4. I love TJ but there are some things on your list I haven’t tried yet – I definitely need to hunt down that cold brew coffee! Of course, the pumpkin ice cream is something that I haven’t been able to pass up…it’s insanely delicious!

  5. Ok, TJ’s in NJ is blowing it! They don’t sell any wine because you can only buy wine in liquor stores (hurts my heart!) and we don’t have half of those goodies including the blueberry goat cheese or those pita chips! I go once a week and try to be the super stalker who knows every item so I can hound them when something disappears. They have chocolate covered sunflower seeds that are cracktastic and the Spanish trio of cheeses is pretty fantastic too!

  6. I want my TJ’s to open right now!!! I want to try all of these things! I used to love getting my fruit and veggies from there. They had a gorgonzola gnocci in the freezer section that was AMAZING! I hope they still sell that!

  7. I have truly never been to a Trader Joe’s – it’s right up the road from my office – I just never have the time. **SIGHS**

    OH – Pumpkin Ravioli – Try a Sage Alfredo type sauce – with some toasted pine nuts.
    It’s okay – you can thank me later.

  8. This makes me depressed that I don’t live anywhere near a TJ’s. Lol, but honestly – this all looks delicious. Maybe I’ll have to stock up next time I go to my parent’s.

  9. Oh my goodness! Everything on this list! Will braved the South Tampa TJ’s for the first time yesterday, and I am in HEAVEN. Cookie butter, cat cookies, and something called pumpkin caramel sauce are in our pantry now. The countdown is on until we eat it all…

  10. why isn’t there a trader joes in orlando? or one that was close to us? we looked it up and it was in butt-fucking-nowhere :( that made us sad as we were looking to raid TJs while we were there.

  11. I’m about to cry that is how much I miss Trader Joe’s! We don’t have one ANYWHERE near us now and it’s sooo sad. One thing I can’t believe you forgot that you got me hooked on are the ice cream sandwiches!! I still dream about those babies!

  12. Rachel T. says:

    I love TJs! I’m going to have to look for that goat cheese next time I’m there which will probably be this weekend lol. I love their coconut oil, frozen brown and jasmine rice, frozen oatmeal, vegetable dumplings, chicken and vegetable broths.

  13. So I live in the 4th largest metro area in the dang U.S. and we JUST got a Trader Joes… That’s still 20 minutes away. Needless to say, it’s a mad house and not even fun to shop there, but when I lived in Minneapolis, that was the only place I would go!

    Anyway, I sucked it up and went one day and actually got the pizza veggie burgers – OMG, they are soooooooo good! Absolutely need to be on everyone’s shopping list.

  14. KatiePerk says:

    The reduced fat cilantro salad dressing is delicious. I like using the frozen risottos as a base for other dishes. I serve the mushroom risotto with pork tenderloin and roasted veggies like once a week in the fall…Also their Grapeseed Oil is a fabulous price. I always stock up on it. So much cheaper than the regular grocery store.

  15. I really really really want the Pumpkin Ice Cream. I might pop over there on Friday and get some. I love to keep the pizza dough on hand for when I don’t have time to make my own.

  16. Love me some Trader Joe’s! I’m a huge fan of the clusters cereal, and I just got it in pumpkin spice, it’s super yummy in some yogurt. Speaking of yogurt you can’t beat their price on organic yogurt. My favorite wine hails from TJ’s Bay Moon Sauvingnon Blanc for $5.99, and I love their veggie chips and soups, just to name a few things ;)

  17. Parking at Trader Joe’s is the worst! I don’t shop there much because of it, but you are making me want to make a trip for all these goodies! They always seem to have the most unique stuff there.

  18. Amanda, I love you!!! But you need to try Chameleon Cold brew! You can get it at the Whole Foodie and it’s HELLA better!!! It’s like the real deal so check it out! However you are 100% correct on the dark chocolate pb cups. I cannot be trusted with those so I bring the container to my Office so everyone is forced to also eat them. WAHAHAHa! I know so evil right.

  19. I need that goat cheese!! It would be perfect to pull out when we have guests over at the last minute! I didn’t like the nacho kale chips! And I love kale! I think it was the nacho flavor that grossed me out!

  20. I love seeing what other people shop for at TJ! Biana gave me a list a little while ago and now I have even more things to add to my list of things to try. I go maybe once every three months or so because the store is such a pain and always sooo crowded.

  21. Julia says:

    Thank you for this! Still waiting for the mass hysteria to die down a little at ours but I’m definitely saving this for when I go!

  22. Joey says:

    I haven’t spent any time in TJ since we moved from Charlotte (yeah, that’s sad) but we just don’t have one anywhere near us! I’m heading to Raleigh this weekend and will have to try the veggie burgers and the cluster cereal!!

  23. Ashley says:

    Why doesn’t my TJ’s have the salted caramel gelato?! That sounds amazing. Also need to pick up that cheese and iced coffee pronto. I always get the whole wheat pizza dough and love the chicago mix popcorn, almond butter (creamy, no salt, raw), and the very berry cherry frozen fruit.

  24. Brianne says:

    I really need to take my butt back to TJ’s. I love cookie butter & there’s a few things on there that I would really like to try.

  25. MarlaJan says:

    I detest going to TJ’s its also so freaking crowded, and the people there shopping are assholes. Plus it smells like granola and hipsters. But, I do have a few favorite items from there, #1 being the organic jasmine rice found in the freezer section.I buy 5 boxes at a time!

  26. I’m crying over here, all these awesome Trader Joe’s things and not one Trader Joe’s here. Girl, I am dying to try the cookie butters and the Dark Chocolate Speculoos Cookie Butter Cups!! How much would I have to pay you to ship me some :) HAHA

  27. you had me at the coffee concentrate. looks like i need to go TODAY. awesome.

  28. We have one within walking distance and its fabulous. I go there so much though that some of the people who work there know me now haha. My mom had those rosemary crisps and they were delicious. I haven’t tried your other picks though. Chris may like those pizza veggie burgers though! He loves the frozen chicken burgers. I have a laundry list of favorite items there, I’ll have to share them sometime. :-) I hope that you are having a great day so far too!

  29. I just went to TJ’s for the first time last week and I’m in love. Of course I’d heard about this amazeballs Cookie Butter so I had to get some. I’ve seriously had to lock it in my pantry so I don’t eat it all in one sitting! So freaking good!
    ~Elise @

  30. Mree says:

    I so need to get me some of that Cold Brew Concentrate! Thanks for posting about it.

  31. We don’t have a Trader Joe’s within any reasonable distance from our house so I don’t get to shop there. It makes me so sad because I love all the things I’ve bought when we could go to one. I really want to try the cookie butter!

  32. PIzza veggie burgers?!?!!? YES!
    I didn’t know they sold coffee like that!
    I’m actually on vacation next week & we’re taking the trip to our local Trader Joe’s – I know what to look for now!!!

  33. Kristen says:

    i love that TJs will let you take things back even after you’ve tried them lol. Definitely going to get that wine!

  34. I go to Trader Joe’s every week beacuse I “have a problem”. I love all the cheese and their sprouted wheat bread for only 4 carbs and their Almond Milk is my absolute favorite

  35. oh TJs. i can never get enough. but i STILL hate going bc of parking. so i have been slacking. hmm maybe you motivated me to go

  36. P!nky says:

    That goat cheese sounds yummy!

  37. I’ve got to get to TJs sooner than later! My coworker is always bringing in TJ finds and their pumpkin cream cheese on an everything bagel is pretty amazing ;)

  38. Lora says:

    I LOVE those raisin rosemary crisps. They are amazing! BIG hit for parties!

  39. I stay away from their frozen meals too, I just don’t like any of them. Cookie butter, frozen edamame, soft baked pretzel sticks and their cinnamon spice oatmeal is on my perma shopping list. I also love their Mint Chocolate chip ice cream AND the s’mores or ultimate ice cream sandwiches. God now I’m hungry!


  40. I wish we had a Trader Joes closer to us! This stuff looks delicious!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  41. Gotta put some of these on my list!

  42. Christina says:

    the sparkling pinot, veggie burgers, and rosemary crisps are my faves!! i’ve made homemade rosemary crisps JUST like them. so much cheaper and just as good!!

  43. alyssa says:

    Great post! I don’t go to TJ’s TOOO much because the closest one to me isn’t all that close or convenient… which is probably a good thing, because otherwise, buh bye all my monies. I have to add those veggie burgers for my next trip list though! I love veggie burgers. I love pizza. Huge win.

  44. Stephanie says:

    TJ’s isn’t my closest (or even top 3 closest) stores, so I rarely make it there. But when I do, I am never ever disappointed. That sparkling pinot sounds fab. I need to make more of an effort to get there!

  45. YES to those kale chips!!! I agree though, they are so dang expensive and you hardly get servings (unless you only eat like 10 chips in one sitting, which I don’t lol.) I wonder if we could try and recreate the recipe? A little bit of taco seasoning anddddd… hmmm now my wheels are turning ;)

  46. Love the blueberry vanilla chevre!! I really want to try that cold brew coffee now!

  47. Girl… where are the chocolate covered potato chips?!?! Those are deadly!

  48. Sparkling pinot grigio?! YES PLEASE! I’m going to have to look out for that next time :)

    My must buys every time I go are cookie butter, wine, and flowers. And yes I totally eat the cookie butter on it’s on right out of the jar.. don’t judge!

  49. JumpingJE says:

    YES to TJ’s recommendations! :) :)

  50. Um, those pizza veggie burgers look amazing. I wish we had Trader Joe’s around here so I could run out and get some ASAP!

  51. I need to try that bang bang shrimp recipe ASAP!!!! Yummo!!! And I always love to hear about your workout reco’s…. hope your toe gets better!!

  52. LOVEE TJ’s.
    Where have those pizza veggie burgers been all my life???? I know where I’ll be going grocery shopping this week :)

  53. Vicki says:

    The closest Trader Joe’s to me is an hour plus away. I guess the next time I go visit my Sister, I will have to stop! Everything looks so yummy!

  54. jillian says:

    not sure how i missed this post the first time… but now im hungry! i want to try the goat cheese, veggie burgers, and cookie spread (although i probably should avoid that since i KNOW i’d eat all of it). smart idea mixing boring cereal with something tastier to make it last — i do that with kix and reese’s pb cereal when i buy it.. which is unfortunately not very often since i eat it too fast. also good to know about their refund policy! i had no idea… xo jillian

  55. Blaire says:

    I am so obsessed with Trader Joe’s! Seriously there isn’t much in there that I don’t adore. That yogurt, spinach and Kale dip is my absolute favorite thing ever!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

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