How Tyra Banks Almost Ruined My Wedding

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Sorry for sounding so dramatic with the title but at this exact time last week this is pretty much how I felt.  See the problem leading up to the week of the wedding everything had gone pretty seamless.  I had gotten my venue, photographer, videographer, caterer, DJ etc etc with no difficulties.  Everything was going as according to plan as I was packing and trying to lay out every outfit down to the shoes and necklace that would go accordingly to it…….

First I got a text from my DJ to call him.

No worries I thought to myself he was trying to hammer down those last few minute details.

Then he called me.  I immediately didn’t like the tone of his voice.  He started off by saying how excited he was for the wedding and didn’t want to call me on Valentine’s Day to tell me what he going to tell me…….. Apparently Tyra Banks was in town and this was a huge opportunity for his career and he was going to split time between the wedding and her gig…..on and on.  At this point I was pretty much seeing red so I don’t remember all the details.  I said something to the effect of we had a contract with him but he assured me that his right hand man would do a great job.

Tell me if I was excited to tell Mark what had gone down.

At this point Mark was so upset he was telling me it wouldn’t matter that we could get someone setting up their iPhone and playing off a playlist for all he cared.  I was so horrified.  This was the person who was setting the tone for the entire wedding.  All of my requirements during the wedding planning was good food, drinks and a DJ to keep the partying going.  I was crushed and livid all at the same time.  Like why even bother signing a contract am I right????

At the end of the day the right hand man did a fabulous job.

At this time 3 days before my wedding I was not interested in hearing about how Tyra Banks was more important than my wedding.  Listen I know she can get all crazy

However you haven’t seen me get all crazy 3 days before I’m walking down the aisle.

Naturally Mark was over joyed with the breech of contract also.

So with a lot of reassurance that somebody would show up to play our songs we did end up having a beautiful wedding that nobody would know was almost ruined by Tyra Banks.  My only advice to all soon to be brides out there is read the finest little detail print of all your contracts because when it is 3 days before your wedding and you have no options left…….you are literally at the mercy of all your vendors.  Which all of my other vendors were AMAZING!!!!  I have a running list of everybody that I can recommend to all my local peeps.  Please feel free to email me for any recommendations!

Now for more pretty pictures!  (These are ones that people have sent me from their phones or I’ve stalked off Facebook).

Powel Crosley Estate Wedding Pictures
Powel Crosley Estate Wedding Pictures
We had our first dance under the Chandelier no problem to “At Last” and nobody knew the difference.  Well except you and the entire blog world now ;-)  Did you have any last minute changes like that?  Can you believe Tyra stole my DJ????  xoxoxoxo
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73 responses to “How Tyra Banks Almost Ruined My Wedding”

  1. So he did end up splitting the time between your wedding and Tyra’s gig?
    I probably would have blown the roof of the house if I got a call like that just before my wedding. You handled that well, and looked gorgeous. I’ve been so busy this week I haven’t had a chance to read all of the wedding posts, but I am going to do that. Right. Now. :)

  2. JumpingJE says:

    Haha, I’d love to see Tyra’s blog rant if you would have forced your guy to stay and have the right hand man make the lady smize.

  3. Ok, let’s be real. We all know Tyra is a bit more than crazy but who does she think she is?!? Woman should know that no matter how cray she is, you do not mess with a girl right before her wedding! Dang! I’m so impressed you didn’t murder him because I make no guarantees I wouldn’t have! I’m really glad everything turned out perfect for you because having your wedding ruined by Tyra banks is not ok. George Clooney, maybe. Tyra, just no.

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Jenn says:

    Wow, I know you’d said you were having some DJ drama but I had NO idea it was this. I would have been freaking out, too! The DJ can totally make or break a reception, so I’m glad that the right hand man was up to the job–not fun stressing about it in the days leading up to everything tho!
    All of the little changes are only things that you notice–and it looks like it made for some absolutely beautiful pictures!

  5. holy cow I would have been pissssssed! You handled it much better than I would have! Gorgeous pics! xoxo

  6. thats really unprofessional of the DJ to double book even if it’s for a celeb! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  7. Tracy says:

    Oh my gosh I would have been livid! It’s the principle of it – you guys signed a contract, sorry Tyra. So glad it all worked out in the end. Beautiful pictures so far!

  8. Latsyrc728 says:

    I would have been so pissed. I hope you at least got a deep discount. I am glad that it all worked out, but no one needs extra stress before their wedding. Not cool, Tyra.

  9. I love the dramatic title! While I’m sure it was not funny in the moment, it’s good that you can look back and laugh at it now.

  10. Helene says:

    oh man!! I would be beyond livid! thank goodness everything worked out! and these pictures, i love the sunlight and you just look so happy!

  11. Christina says:

    I would’ve asked for Tyra’s number so I could call her and tell her she was about to “ruin” my wedding. Or maybe just invite her for funsies.

  12. I would have been so nervous and a hot mess over this! I’m so happy for you that the other DJ did great but who is the main DJ to stress you out like that THAT close to your big day!

  13. haha I’m so sorry to laugh, but what are the freaking chances of that ever happening again? Thankfully your wedding was still flawless, but can you imagine. At least you’ll have a good story to tell your future kiddos. (;

  14. Lyndsay says:

    That is so insanely unprofessional! I’m happy it all worked out in the end.

  15. That is nuts!!! I think you should tweet Tyra and she should make it up to you!! I’m so happy that everything went well even if he wasn’t the one that was there!! You are such a gorgeous bride girl – eeek love watching you come down those steps – like a princess!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  16. That is just insane to me! I mean, no offense to your DJ, but isn’t Tyra Banks like yesterday’s news at this point? Plus, it was extremely unprofessional given your contract with him. I’m glad everything worked out, though – good thing for Tyra Banks otherwise she’d have a whole community of bloggers after her. :)

  17. P!nky says:

    EEEK! That is something NO ONE wants to deal with. I’m glad that even though it really upset you and stressed you out, Mark was there trying to figure out a solution. And super glad that everything ended up working out, despite silly Tyra!

    You look amazing, friend!

  18. So rude of Tyra to do that. I’m happy that it worked out for you guys though. Again, I love these pictures. Especially the one of you walking down the stairs!! Yay to seeing your face!! Haha. “At Last” was our first dance song too. :-)

  19. Banana Town!! I would have sent someone to kick his ass while I cried like a baby!! Kudos to Mark for handling it like a champ. So glad that it all worked out.

  20. I guess the upside is that everything else turned out fantastic. Sucks that you had to have that panic 3 days before your wedding, but I’m glad to hear all ended well!

  21. GOOD. BYE. I would have been LIVID. That’s not stress anyone needs 3 days before… I’m glad it worked out, but what a chump! I’ll play your wedding unless something better comes along for me…. Ugh.

  22. Darcy says:

    GORGEOUS!! I was so intrigued by this post after seeing it on Twitter haha! I can’t believe he did that to you, so scary that vendors can pull something like that!!

  23. Julia says:

    Ok, just NO! This kind of thing just makes me so mad because we’ve worked in the wedding industry and as a vendor you DO NOT just bail on your bride because something “better” comes along! I mean, really?? SO unprofessional. I don’t care if the Queen of England is coming to town, you have a contract with the bride and groom and you better be there unless you’re deathly ill or something. Haha, sorry, pushed a button there! But so glad it all worked out anyway and of course you were gorgeous! :)

  24. Nikki P says:

    Oh my god this is awful!! My best friend who is getting married in July had signed a contract with a makeup artist and everything was set, until said makeup artist got a better paying gig and ditched her. My friend was horrified and still can’t find anyone to do her makeup, but at least she still has a few months. I would be absolutely livid if my DJ did that to me. I hate when you can’t count on vendors when you sign contracts, it makes for really bad business.

    But alas, your wedding was gorgeous and at least in the end everything worked out. Screw Tyra Banks tho, sheesh she isn’t even relevant anymore!

  25. Mree says:

    First, let me say that you looked absolutely GORGEOUS!! Love how you had your hair done. Beautiful wedding. Second, I would have been beyond angry with that DJ. Also, I have met Tyra Banks (she shops at the store) and she is not a nice person at all. AT ALL. I was a fan of hers until I saw first hand how she treated people. Never watched her again and I will nto watch anything that she is in or on. I’m glad it all worked out for you. Love the song “At Last.” Perfect wedding song.

  26. Carly says:

    That’s crazy. I would have gone wild. I’m glad it worked out, but it really makes you wonder what a contract is even worth.

  27. Rebecca Jo says:

    I so hope this gets back to Tyra Banks & she sends you a wedding present now :)

  28. I can’t get over how gorgeous you were! The venue looks PERFECT! I’m sure all brides run into glitches like that on the wedding day, but glad it all worked out well for you!

  29. Congratulations! You look beautiful and it looks like you had an amazing day aside from Tyra Banks getting in the way. I had something similar happen right before my wedding. We were having a private hair team come to our house the morning of to get everyone ready. A week before they pulled out for something else. I frantically was able to find a salon that went above and beyond for us and everything turned out great but the unnecessary stress was so not needed. Glad it all worked out for you and you enjoyed your day! Winks and Eyerolls

  30. Kristen says:

    oh my goodness Tyra, wtf. So glad it worked out. We had a lot of DJ related issues too. We had a playlist with an ipod and all we needed was someone to do the announcing and play certain songs at certain times, and people kept flaking on us. I was so stressed. It all worked out in the end, but jeepers creepers people.

  31. Good for his career, my butt! Now the entire blogging world knows this guy will drop you faster than a hot potato for Tyra. Love her, but RUDE! I hope you got some money back or something! On a plus side, sounds like everything still turned out great and you made one stunning bride!

  32. I was freaking out when you told me this story, and I freaked out reading this post. Totally not ok! I would have had a heart attack!

    At my wedding, I didn’t try on the dress after the last alteration because we pushed it to the very last minute (thanks to a growing preggo bump) and it had to be shipped to our location. So I pick up the dress from the lady who pressed it the day before the wedding and just prayed they got it right… The day of the wedding, it fit perfectly. Things always work out :)

  33. WTF Tyra?!?! I do not blame you one bit for seeing red! I got totally anxiety just reading this! Tyra? I’m pretty sure that’s not the career-maker. I’m glad everything ended up going well and keep the pics coming!!

  34. Oh Tyra! It’s not like she couldn’t have flown her own personal DJ in for something!

  35. Nichole C says:

    The last wedding I coordinated, my couple refused to pay for a DJ so they had a friend w/ an iPod and some AV system they bought on Ebay…I was freaked b/c I agree that a good DJ sets the tone and keeps the flow going, but it ended up working out. I hope to never have to deal with that again, but it was all good in the end. Keep those wedding pics coming!!

  36. That is so crazy! So glad everything worked out. I had my hairstylist pull out a few days before the wedding, and I had to pay an arm and a leg to get someone else to come last minute! The worst part was the person who pulled out was a family friend.

  37. Sorry you had to deal with such a stressful situation but I’m glad it all worked out in the end! It would take more than Tyra to ruin your big day!

  38. What a terrible thing to do to a bride! Boo to Tyra for almost ruining your day, and boo to the DJ for being so unprofessional. I’m glad it all worked out in the end though. All of your pictures are gorgeous!!

  39. Ahhh how awful! I would have been seeing red too! Too bad we didn’t live in the area, Chris would have dj’d your wedding and he wouldn’t have ditched you for Tyra! :)

    Those pictures! Just stunning!!!!

  40. I cannot IMAGINE what I would say had I heard something like that!! It would prob start out “I don’t care who the f— is here!!!” And I might even say I don’t given f about their career. LOL. You were much more graceful and you look gorgeous!

  41. Booo Tyra!! Thank G the right hand man did a good job! I would have been livid. I don’t like changes when I already have everything set. Everything looked gorgeous and perfect!!

  42. First, I have to say, this would only, ONLY happen to you. I’m sure DJs have bailed on many a bride, but not frmTyra. I can’t even imagine the panic that crated, but I’m so glad it worked out!! For the record, everything still looks amazing and I hope you’re loving your newlywed bliss!

    Southern Belle Secrets

  43. Jen says:

    Oh my gosh I can’t even believe this! I would lose my mind. Especially Tyra Banks…if it would have been someone just a littleee bit more relevant at the moment I would have more sympathy. But, glad that it worked out!!!

    Can’t wait to see more pics!

    xo, Jen

  44. WHAT?! He just called and was like, “no biggie I’m just sending in a stand in. You know my brother-in-laws cousins friend”? And Tyra isn’t even an A-lister now. Just saying.

  45. Emily says:

    I would be livid too! Screw Tyra! Sounds like everything turned out okay in the end thankfully! And sunset for your pictures is gorgeous!!

  46. Ahh oh my gosh, how crazy is that?! What the heck, I can only imagine! Glad it all went well ;) The top tier of my wedding cake fell off and went splat on the floor as the cake was being delivered to the reception, the only mishap in my wedding adventure haha

  47. Tyra is a stone cold B. Is he going to give you some cash back?

    We had a few last minute things, but it’s really true – when something isn’t how it was supposed to be, the only person who knows is you. Everyone else is just having a good time.

    Love the photos! Some great snaps from the crowd.

  48. I CANNOT BELIEVE HE DID THAT. I’m so sorry!

  49. Oh the nerve!!! Glad it all worked out but that is kind of unprofessional if you ask me! Now for the real question… will you recommend him?

  50. That bitch! Hah wow but really. I wonder if the DJ told her who/what he was bailing on? Glad you had the wedding of your dreams regardless though. The lighting is so stunning, too!

  51. MarlaJan says:

    Friggen Tyra!!! How unprofessional on his part, and I hope you can write a bunch of reviews for websites like The Knot or whatever soon-to-be-brides use these days. But in the end, glad it worked out and the only ones who knew were you and Mark! A few things went awry the week of my wedding…. my seamstress works out of her home, and the day before my final fitting her house caught on fire. With my dress inside. Enter heart attack stage right. No one was hurt and my dress was fine.

  52. I can’t even believe this story! Such BS! It’s these stories though you’ll have to tell and laugh about, right? My parents have a list of things that went wrong on their wedding day which we all laugh about now. At least it was still a beautiful day, and you were a gorgeous bride!

  53. Brianne says:

    How dare she! Seriously though, I would’ve lost it. I’m glad that the back up guy did a great job. I cannot get over that chandelier. It’s gorgeous.

  54. Glad it ended up working out in the end. Those little things tend to not be noticeable to others.

  55. Jenn says:

    To be fair, it wasn’t really Tyra, it was the guy who broke your contract.

  56. Jodi says:

    Congrats!!!! GORGEOUS venue! Can’t wait to see more pics!

  57. I would have completely flipped a lid! That just seems very unprofessional since y’all had a contract first. I hope Tyra reads this and feels guilty for almost ruining the biggest day of your lift :)

  58. Stacy G says:

    I am glad it worked out, but at least you have a good story to tell! Btw you should definitely tweet Tyra! lol xo

  59. girl that is crazy! i’m sure you’re making it sound mildly more mellow than it actually was but i’d probably be mean which i can be when someone messes with my grand plans. especially a wedding sheesh i can’t imagine! but glad it all went off without a hitch! who even cares about tyra anymore lol – that’s the real question!

  60. Monica L says:

    Im so behind in the blog world but congrats!! You looked absolutely beautiful!!!

  61. Exquisite photos! I almost like candid wedding photos even more that the professional photographer’s. You have a good story to tell in future years to come. Tyra…pfffffft…whatevs.

  62. I cannot even believe this story – that is terrible! Btw, how have I missed all of these wedding posts?? Time to catch up!

  63. GIRL! As a wedding planner myself, I would have literally threatened to bring him to court (hahaha) you handled that SO well and I am overjoyed to hear that everything was still perfect!!!

  64. 1) fuck tyra 2) you looked radiant 3) congrats :)

  65. Funny thing – Tyra also ruined something on my schedule, the Thursday before your wedding. It was in no way near as important as a wedding day, but still… apparently she shows up in the Tampa Bay area and everyone loses their sh*. She may or may not have been attempting to rap.

  66. Ok that’s hilarious. I’m so glad it turned out well but that darn Tyra Banks!!!!

  67. You had me laughing for sure. I’m glad you can laugh about it now. And those Tyra gigs are hilarious!

  68. Love love love love those photos. And BYE GIRL to Tyra and that DJ! How annoying!

  69. Kay R. says:

    I would have been all lawyer pissed with him!! In then end it turned out great though so Im happy for you! Your pics are gorgeous and Im loving the one of you walking down the stairs!

  70. Dude. I would straight up SHIT MY PANTS. Thank you for giving me nightmares that will last for the next year and a half! lol

  71. That is insane! What are the chances. Glad that the right hand man did an awesome job though!

  72. Brooke says:

    Hahaha that’s crazy!! It’s a funny story that you guys have now that it all worked out, but that’s so unprofessional of the DJ. I can’t actually believe he had the balls to do that 3 days before your wedding. Your wedding looks absolutely gorgeous though and I’m so glad it all worked out.

  73. HOly crap! That is pretty bouge of your DJ to pull that kind of stunt! I mean seriously, how is Tyra Banks going to make any difference in his career??! It’s not like she’s a music artist and she’s going to take him on tour and shit. Lol. I’m glad everything worked out though!

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