Friday Favorites – Spring It Forward

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Happy Friday my loves.  I hope you had a wonderful week and have plans for a fabulous weekend.  I am currently on my way up to South Carolina for some Pure Barre training!  I am so excited but a tiny twinge bit sad that another weekend away from my new husband.  So crazy to say that.  I love saying it with the most obnoxious over drawn out pronunciation to Mark just so I can get that perfect eye roll response.  I plan on getting lots of thank you cards done with my very long layovers that I have.

Two favorites to share with you on the week!  This post about how to start a blog!  If you have had people ask you in the past please feel free to share.  Second favorite…..officially booking my first blogging vacation with Biana and Pamela.  Charleston here we come!  Are y’all ready for us???

Favorite Song
This song is super high energy.  Great gym/running/spin song.  It has slow bpms that build and just drop where you can full out sprint.  My running gals this is awesome for HITT workouts!  “Born to Get Wild” Steve Aoki ft Will I am (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike x Boosted Kids remix).

Favorite Recipe

I have a love affair with my veggie spiralizer.  I made this the other night and even got Mark to eat it (naturally he mixed in some rice) but still it was man approved food.  Cucumber noodles + Spicy Sesame Soy Dressing full recipe here.

Favorite Workout

I am all about the 10 minute at home workouts that don’t require a lot of equipment and get that sweat going!

Favorite Purchase
I got a lot of questions about my lace dress from my wedding wednesday post.  It is old but I found it here and here under $25!

Favorite Funnies

Basically Mon-Fri for me

I mean sometimes it even gets my heart rate up

Straight truth especially in Florida

My exact Weekend thoughts
I can’t even I’m laughing so hard even writing this……

When Mark asks me if I’m going to go ahead and actually wash my hair today?  Why……

**I mean dry shampoo cures all am I right???**

A gentle reminder from my Northern friends when I posted my Target bathing suit roundup.
Finally when Mark tries to ask what “on sale” really means about my newest purse purchase
Alright now it’s your turn!  Tell me your favorites from the week and make sure to stop by and give your host some love as well as check out all the fabulous peeps that have linked up!  Also don’t forget to enter to win a chance at a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac!  You still have a few days left!  xoxoxo
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64 responses to “Friday Favorites – Spring It Forward”

  1. I am obsessed with veggie noodles, we usually use a julienne peeler for ours, but I am adding a spiralizer to my kitchen needs list. We got my mom one for christmas and she loves it!
    Enjoy your weekend in Charleston. :)

  2. Kay R. says:

    Im laughing at the how to spot an expensive handbag meme haha! That workout looks great and so does the recipe!

  3. That workout = on point! Love that dress {what a steal!} and waste of makeup… seriously!

  4. Yayyy for our trip! :) I can’t wait! I need to start doing that workout now so I can burn off all the Pringles, Poptarts and York Peppermint Patties before our trip! I couldn’t agree more with the purse thing. I totally do that when it’s raining out haha! That sale gif… yup that was me last night as I was making a purchase from J.Crew with a 30% off code. Don’t worry about how much that is off… ;) Happy Friday girl! Hope barre training goes well!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. The expensive purse is hilarious! I may have been one of the gentle reminders because my driveway looks like the image from the dog sliding. Haha! Five feet snow drifts still going strong up here.

  6. How to spot an expensive handbag, too funny, but SOO true!! Have so much fun at the training this weekend and I will be trying that at home workout since I’ve been so lazy, womp womp!!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  7. Ohh pinning that noodle recipe!!! Yum!!!! And how fun that you all are going on a blogging vacay!

    I can’t stop laughing at the expensive purse meme! So true!! I am always shielding mine in my jackets. And that sale one? True! Have a great weekend love!

  8. LifeasKLK says:

    haha that dry shampoo comment is hilarious and is my daily conversation with V! He is fixated on talking about dry shampoo but I swear if he didn’t hear me spraying the can, he would not know because it is just that good ;)

  9. How fun that you gals are getting together and in Charleston no less. It will be so fun! And loving that dress from your rehearsal, you looked great! Seriously loving that image of how to spot an expensive bag….that is so true! Have a great weekend!

  10. JumpingJE says:

    That’s right, Spring forward this weekend! Have fun at training and someday soon you’ll get a weekend with new husband. In fact, you’ll get forever!!!

  11. I always love the memes and gifs you have, they are perfect haha. The handbag one is so true, I always hide mine like it’s a child, yes I’m one of those haha. That dress looks absolutely stunning on you as well.

  12. Elle Sees says:

    i am obsessed with my spiral veggies. whatever i can spiral, i will do it. it actually makes me wanna cook!!

  13. Joey says:

    OMG that handbag funny! SO TRUE! Your rehearsal dress was absolutely gorgeous!

  14. Stacy G says:

    Haha the handbag thing!! The gifs are to funny. Marc never gets the truth of what anything costs lol and lucky you. I have to wash my hair every single day or it looks horrible. xo Have a great weekend!

  15. Jenn says:

    Your memes are always so funny and so true. I love the dog slipping and sliding on the ice (feels like my daily life lately!)
    That cucumber noodle dish looks delicious!!
    Hope you have a good weekend in Charleston (saying husband feels so funny for a while, but also so awesome–love the eye roll haha)

  16. Ashley says:

    Bahahaha I can’t stop laughing at the washing hair gif. Dry shampoo doesn’t cure oil slicks?! Safe travels to SC lady! Heading to Spartanburg?

  17. Jillian says:

    south carolina as in CHARLESTON?!!? have fun chickadeeeee! love that gif with schmidt! he is hte best :) xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  18. That expensive purse meme is spot on.. hilarious! Have a great weekend in SC, can’t wait to hear all the new workouts you learned.

    And a bloggy vacay?! Awesomeness, you ladies will have a blast!

    Happy Friday :-D

  19. You totally turned me onto the spiralizer thing and I love you for it! I haven’t tried anything but zucchini yet, but I definitely will be! Going to try broccoli stems this week! Have you checked out You should if you haven’t! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! PS. Your enunciating of husband totally reminds me of the red headed newlywed in Bridesmaids! Lol!

  20. Emily says:

    I don’t think I would have thought twice about a spiralizer until reading everything you’ve made with it and now I think I NEEEEEED one. The super important need.

    Happy Friday!!

  21. Rebecca Jo says:

    I love slipping people/animals… of it… except when it happens to me.
    Yep… advice from Schmitt is always useful :)

  22. hahahah the purse! it’s 1000000% true. i never put my bags on the floor of a restaurant and when it’s raining and i’m carrying my laptop home, the laptop bag gets wet but the purse stays dry. i’ve even kicked my friend out of his seat because that was the seat for my purse. ain’t no way i’m putting my bag on the floor of restaurant where food and feet have been. not joking about this either!

  23. ah your charleston trip is going to be so great! i just need to visit that city asap. have a great weekend with pure barre! xoxo

  24. It’s so funny, because usually you blog about something I just did or was thinking about! From this post: Bedsheets! I just made our new KING sized bed solo, and holy effing cow. That’s a serious calorie burner! I think it took me a solid ten mins of wresting to get the duvet cover on the down duvet! I mean, I could barely do it. It was indeed my workout yesterday!

  25. P!nky says:

    WOOOHOO for your trip, that’s so exciting, y’all are going to have a blast!

    That recipe looks delicious, glad your HUSBAND liked it. I’d totally draw it out too, if I were in your shoes!!!! ;)!

    Your funnies had me rolling. I totally judge women when they use their purse over their head, haha, jk!

    Have a great weekend!

  26. I got a veggie spiralizer for my birthday, so I’m excited to jump on the bandwagon and try it out! You rehearsal dinner dress looks nearly identical to the one that I wore for mine (from Banana Republic Outlet), and all your funnies of course gave me a good laugh this morning. Have a great weekend, lady, and travel safe!

  27. Gah I’m happy I’m not the only one with issues with changing the sheets by myself! And I always tuck my purse under my coat and make a mad dash to my car when it’s raining!! Happy Friday, FINALLY!! -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  28. Julia says:

    Ohh blogger trip to Charleston, that sounds fabulous! We’re going to Charleston in April and I’m SO excited!! LOLing at the burning calories changing sheets on the bed, so true! And yes to the “Are you washing your hair today” one, seriously what is dry shampoo for?? Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  29. I wash my hair once a week so whatever haha. Yay for your blogger trip too!! Sorry that you and Mark will be apart again this weekend. Next weekend you guys should do something fun. :-) Those other gifs are hilarious, especially that dog. That’s what it’s like walking around here haha. Have a wonderful weekend!! :-)

  30. Darcy says:

    A blogging trip!? Ugh that sounds so fun!! You ladies will have so much fun!

  31. Carly says:

    Ahh that’s so awesome that y’all are coming to Charleston. Let me know if you need any recommendations!

  32. Mree says:

    A blogging trip sounds like so much fun!! You ladies are gonna have way to much fun!! I totally don’t wash my hair everyday, it really is the best thing. I would rather sleep late anyways. Spill it lady, what new purse did you get?? I hope you spend next weekend with your husband.

  33. Ooooh Charleston… how fun!!! Dry shampoo is the best thing ever. I even found dry conditioner with argan oil that is also the bomb. That purse meme… got to protect the investment! Have a great weekend!

  34. Tori G says:

    That “how to spot an expensive hand bag” pic couldn’t be more true lol. Happy Friday!

  35. I really want to get a spiralizer – they look awesome and that recipe looks amazing! A blogging trip in charleston sounds amazing!!! I lived there for six years so feel to email me if you want any recommendations!


  36. Bahaha I would never put my good bags on my head fo sho! They finally opened a PB up here (in Millburn!) I can’t wait to try it! Have a great trip and a great weekend gorgeous! xoxo

  37. hey SC! maybe we’ll run into each other! where are you going??? love the expensive purse…I’ve definitely done that a time or two!

  38. Traci Hart says:

    Have a great weekend! I love “Today was a total waste of makeup”. Too funny. Trip to Charleston sounds fun. I lived there one summer in college. Such a great city!

  39. I’ve always wanted to go to Charleston. Can’t wait to read about your trip! I laughed so hard at the “how to spot an expensive purse.” So true!

  40. I hope you have a great time in SC!! How fun!

  41. Christina says:

    excellent song as always. hahaha we posted the same greasy hair girl today! too funny. have fun in chs! so much to eat…happy weekend darling!

  42. Brianne says:

    A blogcation in Charleston sounds like a blast! I love it there!

  43. Teh Megan says:

    I wish I could get behind dry shampoo. I just can’t.

    I’m in Charleston! I’d say ignore the smell, but it’s impossible…..

  44. Kristen says:

    KC doesn’t understand that if I see something for 50% off (like those Aldo booties I spotted on Pamela) I HAVE to get it. He’s like, $50 on booties?! Yes dear but they were originally $100, you don’t understand. 50% off $20 is not that big of a deal, but 50% off $100? I can’t say no, ok.
    So jealous of your Charleston trip, you guys are gonna have the BEST time.
    That poor dog gif, made me laugh so hard!

  45. Love that you guys are going to Charleston together, so much fun!! Adding that recipe to my must make list – I can’t get enough of my veggetti, best purchase ever!

  46. Nikki P says:

    The blogger trip to Charleston sounds awesome!! Lol why is putting bedsheets on such a darn struggle?! And seriously why waste time washing your hair when dry shampoo is a thing?!?

  47. I need a veggie spiral slicer asap! That looks so tastey :)
    I almost spit out my drink when I read the funny about the bed sheets – so true! I hate doing it.
    And the handbag one…too true ;) xx

  48. hahahahahahhahahahahah
    that dog GIF has me in tears right now!

  49. rachel says:

    Oh I love {and miss!} Pure Barre!!! As soon as I pop this babe out, I’m getting back into it. :) Dying to try a veggie spiralizer. Must get one soon! And dying over the dry shampoo comment. Dry shampoo is my lifesaver! Happy Friday!

  50. Your funnies are always on point and make me LOL. I love your dress! It is so cute and flattering on you. I have never thought to make cucumber noodles… hmmm… I will have to try that! Have a great weekend!

  51. Have fun at your training! I am super jealous of your blogging vacation. Since my name is Pam can I also edge my way in there? Hehe jk. That purse picture made me crack up. I will put my Chanel inside my coat if a surprise storm breaks out. I would wet myself and my hair before my bag.

  52. Tracy J says:

    ohh cant wait to try those cucumber noodles, looks delish!

  53. I laughed loudly at the bathing suit round up. My commute this morning was slip sliding away on unplowed and unsalted roads. Come on, 40 degrees. SAD.

  54. Love all the funnies! Especially the last one…sad, but incredibly true depiction of our “sale” conversations. Your trip with Biana and Pamela is going to be so much fun! Looking forward to hearing all about it through your blogs! Hope you have a great weekend Amanda!

    Clothes & Quotes

  55. I love my veggie spiralizer! That dish looks awesome. I will definitely have to try it. Love the funnies. ;-)

  56. Ha! I love the “well today was a complete waste of makeup!”

    I feel like that every time I do my makeup!



    My Closet Life Blog

  57. Kayla MKOY says:

    These are my favorite posts of the week! I’ll need to check out that song that you like. I’m always on the lookout for high intensity songs where I can go into a full on sprint! ;)

  58. Cucumber noodles? Sold. Looks like I’ll be buying a spiralizer this weekend, since I didn’t get one for Christmas. Womp womp. Have fun in SC, youll be in for bit of a shock because it’s still cold there!

    Southern Belle Secrets

  59. as usual your funnies are cracking me up!!! I especially love the expensive handbag one…too great.

    and cucumber noodles? I might just be crazy enough to try it…now my husband? not so sure…..any tips to get him to try it?

  60. I purchased the cheapo version of the veggie spiralizer. It’s called a Veggetti, the as seen on TV one. Fingers crossed it lasts longer than most as seen on TV junk because I’m in LOVE! I’m just trying to perfection my cauliflower Alfredo game. (;

    Yes, yes, dog sliding on ice when I think of friends in the south talking about how warm it is. (;

    Have a lovely weekend Amanda!

  61. Hahah that is SICK with the dry shampoo gif. Can’t wait for your SC excursion! Yay!! My sprializer cookbook is en route so more recipes coming soon for everyone’s favorite gizmo. PS straight truth on the rain/expensive bag meme hahah. Love.

  62. LOL at the GIFs (of course) The cucumber noodle recipe sounds so delicious. So excited for you girls and your Charleston trip :)

  63. Meg Taylor says:

    Umm so I was having brunch with Jillian and Shelby and they told me about y’all’s Charleston trip?! Did I like not read blog posts on Friday? How did I miss this?? We will all definitely have to meet up!! :)

  64. Awesome GIFs this week as usual. And totally agree on the lace dress. You look gorg in those photos!

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