Wedding Wednesday – Pre Ceremony Pictures

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I know I must sound like a broken record but I am so beyond pleased with my photographer and how the wedding pictures turned out.  It is pretty stressful prior thinking about how this is one day that you will never be able to get back and if you choose the wrong person how disappointing that could be.  I made the decision towards the end to have Dustin bring another photographer and I am so glad I did.  Between the two of them they were able to get all those money shots from both angles. Also Tiffani was able to get a lot of interactions with the guests so we have a lot of amazing pictures of everyone who attended. This past weekend was spent combing over all the pictures.  I mean look at this gorgeous presentation!
professional wedding pictures

Also to all the brides to be out there make sure you know the expectations from your photographers.  I literally had Dustin and Tiffani pretty much all day.  They arrived at 11am and left right when we did after 10.  They didn’t charge by the hour or make us feel rushed.  They devoted the whole day to us.  I have heard about photographers making people “stage” things like the bouquet toss or other big moments just so they can “fit it all in” during the 4-5 hours you contract with them (that was not the case with ours).  So make sure to ask those questions.
A little warning picture overload ;-)  All of these can be pinned directly to pinterest if you hover in the left corner the “pin” will appear.   I just ask that you give credit to Sunglow photography and Meet @ the Barre if you do.  Thanks!!!  
First let’s start with how gorgeous the venue was.
powel crosley estate
wedding shoes
My mother hand beaded my wedding belt above wasn’t it insanely gorgeous???  I had such a great time getting ready with all my bridesmaids!  Jesse (who did my hair/makeup and who is a dear friend) was the most calming individual…..make sure you have that one person who can do that for you.
This picture of Mark……I can’t even.
powel crosley estate weddings
So many good ones I couldn’t choose a favorite!
powel crosley estate weddings
powel crosley estate weddings
The last advice I will give to the engaged is to do a first look.  I was really against it in the beginning.  I wanted the grand entrance with Mark seeing me the first time walking down the stairs aisle.  However we got so many amazing pictures prior that I know we wouldn’t have been able to afterwards.  It is just your time together.  After the ceremony everyone is so excited to see you that you just won’t have the time.  Also you may run out of sunlight.  We were fighting against the sunlight after the ceremony to make sure we got everything in.  So just my honest opinion.  I am so happy we did a first look.  I promise it wasn’t cheesy which was my other possible concern.
first look Powel Crosley Estate
I am obsessed with these.  It just reminds me of total Gatsby.
Powel Crosley Estate Wedding
The back of the Estate before the ceremony started.
powel crosley estate weddings
My favorite one we got together before.
powel crosley estate ship room
There are so many pictures I want to share with y’all.  I couldn’t be happier.  I am thinking of submitting them to one of the big Wedding sites.  Any suggestions?  Which ones do you love following?  Thanks for hanging in there for the heavy picture post!  xoxoxoxo
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62 responses to “Wedding Wednesday – Pre Ceremony Pictures”

  1. Char-lit says:

    These are soooo gorgeous!! Best wishes to you and Mark! ♥ ♥ ♥

    I totally agree with you on the first look. My hubby and I didn’t do one because we thought it would be cheesy, but I majorly regretted it later! Not only were we pressed for time and sunlight on the after-photos, but not seeing each other all day and night until walking down the aisle just added stress. We spent the first half of the ceremony trying to have a conversation with our eyes and catch up after all that chaos and time apart! I don’t remember a word the officiant said for the first 10 minutes, hehe. :)

    Oh, AND, I read that the whole meaning behind not seeing each other until the ceremony comes from arranged marriage times, and the point was so that neither party could back out if they didn’t like the other’s look! So I don’t know why we felt the need to honor THAT tradition! lol

  2. AHHHH so many amazing pictures! And you know how I feel about the video. You guys are such a gorgeous couple and your photographer really did an amazing job. I love the first look idea (of course I didn’t do it and regret it now!), Mark’s face is so priceless in those pictures! The best! Oh and I can’t believe your mom hand beaded your belt. Talk about amazing!!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Every time I see them I swoon even more!! Your photographers did an amazing job and the way they presented the finished product is even more amazing!!! Love them girl! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  4. P!nky says:

    I LOVE pre wedding pictures. Often they are my favorite because the excitement of the wedding day is allll around. You looked gorgeous, lady! So happy your first look pictures turned out so well, that’s so important. That belt is incredible, your mom is soooo talented!

  5. Stacy G says:

    Omg I love these. The one of you in the chair is gorgeous. I love that one of Mark and the one of you two at the bottom too. YES they need to be submitted to a wedding magazine right now. lol You just have soo many good ones. The one of your dress hanging up is really beautiful too. xoxo

  6. Such a gorgeous location! And your dressssss #hearteyes

  7. LifeasKLK says:

    These are so gorgeous which is no surprise! That venue is so perfect for the vintage wedding! I can’t wait to see more!

  8. Jenn says:

    Your pictures continue to stun me with how beautiful they are. You’re also lucky to have had the photographers all day long for all of the important moments :) I love your first look pictures, too! Wow! You guys will have that hardest problem: figuring out which ones are your favorites! :)

  9. Your wedding could be in a magazine!! What a gorgeous day and venue! Wow just stunning!
    Ally – Life as I know it

  10. I totally agree about the first look! I had to pretty much beg my husband to do it but even he was glad we did in the end! It would definitely be one thing I will recommend to people over and over. Oh yeah, and of course your photos are gorgeous and all that for the one millionth time :) Soooo jealous of your naturally beautiful backdrop & location!

  11. That place is breathtaking! Looks like you had a beautiful day. Wish you a blessed marriage dear!


  12. Julia says:

    These are seriously stunning, you should definitely submit them to a wedding website! That is amazing that your mom beaded that belt, so gorgeous! And I LOVE your venue!

  13. i can’t even with these photos. your photographer is amazing! and the package they all came in – perfection too. you guys made his job easy though bc you’re so dang cute! xo

  14. First look, FTW!!! Those are some of our favorite pics too. Yours are beautiful :)

  15. Beautiful photos, girl! You really hit the jackpot with your photographer. These totally could be on Style Me Pretty.

  16. Nikki P says:

    Omg girl these are amazing, I’m obsessed with the pictures of you guys on the grass with your veil…so Gatsby inspired!! I’ve been against first looks, but the pictures you get from it are just amazing so I may just go with the herd and do a first look :)! Also you looked ah-mazinggg in your dress!

  17. Absolutely beautiful. I also cannot believe that your mom made that your bridal belt, that is incredible. Those shoes are also very dreamy. :-) Thanks again for sharing more photos and looking forward to seeing more!!

  18. I’m still obsessed with your first look pics!!! They did such an ANAZING job!!!

  19. Lyndsay says:

    Oh my goodness, these photos. You look absolutely stunning! Your photographers really did just a lovely job, everything just looks perfect. And these tips are definitely worth keeping in mind should the day ever come.

  20. Mree says:

    These pictures are absolutely Ah-MAZING. I have seen many many many bridal pictures but I don’t think I have ever seen ones as beautiful as yours. I truly mean that. Your photographer totally knows how to capture the moment with the proper lighting (so key). Picture perfect!!

  21. Stunning is the best word to describe these!!! Love love love! And totally agree about the first look – my husband fought me on that one but we’re both so glad we did it!

  22. Kayla MKOY says:

    Holy. Crap. Girlfriend!!!!!! These are unreal. So insanely gorgeous!!! I’m so happy you love the outcome. There’s nothing better than having a photographer that you’re comfortable with, who does a great job!!! I’m OBSESSED with the first look photos. In particular the bottom left one where you look so excited looking at him.

    Just stunning!!!

  23. Love these. I spent like a million on my wedding photos and I’m SO glad I did because looking back at those as one of my FAVORITE things to do!

  24. What amazing pictures!!!!! So lucky!

  25. You look so beautiful! I love your shoes! I have the same ones that I bought for my wedding and I still wear them. They were a great splurge because you can definitely use them again.

  26. Amanda these are sheer perfection!! Love seeing them all!! xo

  27. Wow, Amanda! The venue was gorgeous. My favorites are of the pictures of you getting ready and your dress hanging off the building outside. My husband and I did a first look too and it is one of my favorite memories and pictures!

    I love looking at these. I bet you are having a blast going through them all!


  28. Meg Taylor says:

    WOW what an amazing venue!! I especially love that photo of your dress hanging outside. You were a beautiful bride, and “getting ready” photos are definitely some of my favorites :)

  29. Rebecca Jo says:

    Yep – I totally looked at all your pics from your photographers site… so beautiful.
    I still love the first look pic so much!

  30. soooooo beautiful! I love the one of Mark standing in front of the windows, it is so classic. All of the photos are amazing and you look gorgeous!

  31. Gorgeous, all of them!

    Your mom is quite talented at beading.

  32. Wow. Just wow. Your pictures are amazing! You are absolutely gorgeous and so was your venue. I spy some YSL gloss – I wore mine for my wedding day too. :) I second the first look – we did that too and I’m so glad we did!

  33. Brittany says:

    Gorgeous! That venue is to die for!!

    We did a first look as well and I loved it! It was so nice to not have to worry about getting pictures done between the ceremony and reception. And its still a special moment regardless.

  34. These photos are amazing! So gorgeous. From the venue to all of your special moments – each picture is perfection!

  35. Girl, these are absolutely stunning! Your photographer(s) really did an amazing job! It doesn’t hurt that you’re gorgeous!!

  36. I love the one of you looking out the window. That belongs in a bridal magazine for sure!

  37. Ann Robie says:

    Breathtaking pictures – they are so beautiful!

    Ann |

  38. Kristen says:

    the pictures are totally gorgeous, of course! your photographer did an amazing job.
    totally agree about having someone who can calm things down – my best friend was my hair stylist, and she is very… well, bossy haha. she’s takes control while also being all calm and collected. you definitely need that!

  39. Kate says:

    Ahhh!! So many insanely gorgeous pictures!! Can’t wait to see more xo

  40. I’ve never even considered a first look, but now you’ve really got me thinking! You’re so right about the light, and I feel like they’d capture a totally different energy because there is still the anticipation of the ceremony! Plus I feel like I’d be way less likely to drown in waterworks during the actual ceremony haha. All of your photos belong in a coffee table book, they’d make GREAT advertising for the venue. I mean seriously, how much more perfect could they get?!

  41. Ashley says:

    You pictures are stunning! I am so glad you said to have a first look! We are going to have one at the Church where my mom’s ashes are!

  42. Absolutely gorgeous pictures…everything from the dress to the venue and of course you! And I could not agree with you more on the First Look! I am so glad we did one as well, we were able to get so many more pictures done and I loved that we had that special time together privately instead of in front of 150 people!

    And those Jimmy Choos… LOVE <3

  43. stunning. your venue was gorgeous!!

  44. Y’all could have been somewhere like Palm Springs it just looks so exotic. So many gorgeous details… and I’ll take those shoes when you tire of them ;)

  45. These are all so perfect! You guys look like you’re straight out of a magazine!

  46. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! The venue is just beautiful in itself! And those shoes! Such perfect shoes with your dress! I love that your mom hand beaded, so special! Your photographer did an amazing job.

  47. Kiki says:

    Gorgeous on repeat! Such an amazing job your photographer did!

  48. I could stare at wedding pictures all day! Yours are just gorgeous! Everything looks absolutely perfect!

  49. These are AMAZING! I love the attention to detail!
    I’ve been debating over the “first look” option a lot this past week. I was totally against it but I talked to Pete’s cousin the other day and she got me thinking it might not be such a bad idea. I’m like you… I want that grand moment – it’s what I’ve always pictured. I get the logic behind the first look though. Gahhh… I’m torn!

  50. Love love all of these! You looked gorgeous and the venue is stunning. I’m all for doing a first look as well- if there’s one thing I don’t want to be, it’s rushed. Your photog did an amazing job for sure :)

  51. Aw I absolutely adore all of the photos! You looked absolutely gorgeous and I loveee your shoes. And your advice about the first look photo’s will definitely be something I keep in mind for my future wedding (hopefully in a year or so!). Thanks for sharing :)

  52. these are absolutely stunning! I do wish that I had requested a second photographer because I agree 100% with you on that! We also did a first look and don’t regret it one bit! such a special time for you guys!

  53. OMG, gorgeous!! Congratulations!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  54. Vicki says:

    I cannot believe how amazingly beautiful your pictures are!! You looked so gorgeous!

  55. Kay R. says:

    Your pictures are some of the most stunning pics Ive seen. My sister is a photographer as her side business in Australia and Im totally sending these to her. You guys did extremely well in picking a photographer!

  56. These photos are so perfect. You seriously look absolutely stunning on your wedding day — everything is perfect!!!

  57. Gorgeous pictures, don’t you wish we could relive our wedding day again and again?! Xo, Stephanie

  58. I absolutely love all of your pictures! Don’t be sorry for repeating how awesome your photographer was or for posting so many pics! I love seeing them! You were such a stunning bride!

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