Weekending – True Blogger Style

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I am not ready for Monday can we just start off with that?  All I can say is I have to do a lot of classes this week after this weekend!  Linking up with Biana and Meghan!
The Beer fest on the downtown Tampa waterfront was a success!  Give me everything in this picture! It was my hippie child’s dream.

Immediately following this picture I nailed some random bystander in the head and knocked the drink out of their hand.  Of course I did.  
The beer trucks weren’t doing it for us so we quickly jetted out for some Eddy and Sam’s pizza.  The Sicilian and eggplant were amazing!
Worth every single calorie/bite.
Played with some gorgeous makeup
The back of this shirt is everything.  Check out that mascara in its full glory.
No weekend in the books would be complete without a burger at the bar from Bern’s.  This week will be all about the salads and water.  I  mean is there anything better than ranch dressing and french fries?
I also had the absolute pleasure of working with a close friend who has a beautiful eye for photography this weekend to showcase all the fabulous Spring and Summer clothes on the radar.  I cannot wait to share them with you!  Make sure to check back this week I have some fun news to share with you on Wedding Wednesday and to see what trends I’m digging tomorrow!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend!!  xoxoxo

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55 responses to “Weekending – True Blogger Style”

  1. That Beer Fest looks so fun!! And girl, I totally would have accidently hit someone with a beach ball too, haha – too funny!!

  2. Yay for a fun weekend of beer fest, fashion blogger stuff and pretty makeup! I just really wish the weekend wasn’t over yet. That burger seriously looks amazing. And can’t wait to see all of your gorgeous pics full size instead of on my phone! Happy Monday love!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. P!nky says:

    Looks and sounds like such an amazing weekend. The weather looks gorgeous and I love your maxi dress. Can I just say you made me laugh so hard when you said you hit a girl with the ball? Sorry, girl, that is just toooo funny!

    All of your food looks pretty yummy, especially the pizza! Looking forward to your beautiful pictures!

    Happy Monday, lovely!

  4. The absolute perfect weekend and no there isn’t anything better than french fries with ranch!!! I’ve been hearing great stuff about the YSL mascara…the price is a little scary though lol! Hope you have a great Monday and can’t wait to hear about the good news!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  5. Jenn says:

    Looks like it was a perfect weekend, even with nailing the random girl with your ball lol. Thats totally something that would happen to me (either that, or I’d be the girl you nailed with it lol).
    Your food pics look super yum and I love the back of that shirt!! Can’t wait to see more! Happy Monday (and thanks for the outfit advice/opinion this weekend too–you’re the best! :)

  6. Such a fun weekend and I’m loving your black maxi dress! And the burger + fries. Sometimes I just wish good weekends would never end!

  7. KatiePerk says:

    Hooray for fun weekends!

  8. your pics are always sunny and warm; while it’s MINUS 20 over here #rage.

    and that food….. i miss pizza!

  9. That shirt is absolutely fabulous!!! I was about to comment where it came from, but you are awesome and covered that. I haven’t purchased anything from F21 like ever though…their stuff just doesn’t fit me right. I wonder if I can find a dupe of it somewhere else!? It looks like you had a fun weekend! That pizza looks amazing!!!!! And at least someone had a decent burger this weekend, mine was a pathetic attempt at a burger haha. Have a great week!!

  10. loving the post! and you know how i feel about all the boho/hippie clothing up in that photo :) sounds like an amazing weekend even if it means salads all week. that’s exactly what i have to do too! happy monday love xoxo


  11. Holy Amazing on that mascara!! I love YSL cosmetics!!

  12. Julia says:

    Love the back on that shirt, I am all about the pretty back details on shirts lately! The festival looks like fun, that pizza looks incredible! LOL I am the same, need to pretty much eat nothing but lettuce and water after my weekend of eating every carb in sight! :D

  13. Erin LFF says:

    LOL- I hope you bought the innocent bystander a new drink ;) That pizza looks AND sounds delicious- I have a girls night planned tomorrow night at a swanky pizza place and now I’m extra excited hehe!

  14. I adore the back of that shirt!

    Love the picture with the bright Chanel palette too. It makes me think of warm things, which is good, because it’s still effing cold here.

  15. You’re a girl after my own heart with all that hippie-ness happening in the first photo. Um, eggplant pizza?! That sounds like what dreams are made of. Glad you had a great weekend!

  16. I’m ready to start eating my computer between that burger and the pizza! Girl, how do you eat like that and stay so skinny? Can you just send me your metabolism please and thank you?!

  17. That pizza looks delicious. Love that top and that makeup too!! I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. :-) I’m glad that you had a nice weekend and I hope that you have a great day today!! :-)

  18. Oh, you also dip your french fries in ranch?! Hello, soul sister. It’s why I only eat french fries about three times a year – when I go, I go ALL OUT.

  19. Darcy says:

    How gorgeous is that Chanel makeup!? SOOO pretty!

  20. Carly says:

    All that food is making me hungry! I love your flower child pose.

  21. Brianne says:

    Haha I’m having all the salads & water this week too! That pizza looks so good though!

  22. Sarah says:

    Ranch and fries are my favorite guilty pleasure. The best, best treat.

  23. You are killing me with your yummy looking food!! Love the back of that shirt too. Glad you had a good weekend girl!!

  24. Rebecca Jo says:

    I can’t wait to see the pics :)
    Oh mercy – I’d have to have an alarm of warning if I were to hit any sort of ball :)

  25. Great weekend! I can’t believe we were both at the Beer Fling and missed each other! It was perfect weather for sure.

  26. Kayla MKOY says:

    All this food is making me drool! Yum! Cracks me up you hit somebody in the head hahah, that sounds like something I would do! ;)

  27. Beer and delish foods? Yes! Sign me up. I love that you hit a guy with the beach ball. That is definitely something I would do as well.

  28. so much fun! I missed Brewfest here in KC, so I’m glad you got to go to yours and have a blast!

  29. Drools beer fest – drools pizza!

    Looks like so much fun!!!

  30. Wow, looks like an awesome weekend filled with lots of food and other fun libations! Can’t wait til its nice enough here in Illinois for a maxi dress and some wandering outside! Happy Monday!

  31. Ranch dressing and french fries are everything.

  32. JumpingJE says:

    You rock again for sending me that photo! :) Also I love how you got a 2 for 1 photo with the shirt and mascara! You’re too clever!!

  33. Susannah says:

    Sounds like an absolutely fabulous weekend!!!! <3

  34. Tori says:

    Omgsh looks like such a killer weekend–and you truly are blogger style in the first picture and I love it all :) You are so darn cute!!

  35. Looks like a great weekend! Love the pics of you stuffing your face with pizza. Lol. No shame. ;)

  36. Ooh eggplant pizza even has me drooling (the fries and Ranch do by default ha). What a fun weekend. Fail to the beach ball incident, but at least it made for a good story ;)

  37. Nikki P says:

    The pizza and burger look delicious! Seriously, ranch is great on and with everything!!!

  38. What a great weekend!! There is nothing better than ranch dressing and fries… perfect combination. All the food you had looks amazing and well worth the calories. Life is about enjoying your food right?! Love your maxi dress… you looked awesome! Have a great week, Amanda!

  39. Looks like such a fun weekend! Love your hair in that photo!

  40. okay and now I’m STARVING.

  41. Fun weekend lady! And I would totally have nailed someone as well. Story of my life.

  42. The beer fest looked like it was a total success, like you said. You looked so cute in your maxi! Annnd I’m probably going to copy your hairstyle!!

    So happy You had a great weekend!

    Jill @capriandcoblog.com

  43. Jen says:

    I saw your picture of Beer Fest this weekend on instagram and was instantly jealous of of course, your weather! I loveee festivals and hopefully we’ll get to enjoy some soon. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the makeup you tried. You know I’m a sucker for anything YSL!

    xo, Jen

  44. Myra says:

    You are so cute! I totally want all the hippie things right now! I’m all for the boho-chic style!

  45. Ashley says:

    So many yummy eats this past weekend! Your hair looks so cute in that headband!

  46. I love the whole gypsy boho hippie vibe! Gimme that burger and fries… you made a good cheat choice!

  47. Yes, the back of your shirt is superb…but, can I talk about that headband? LOVE that headband!

  48. All that food & drink has me drooling! Sounds like quite the weekend!

  49. Jillian says:

    cute dress!! i love my black maxi dress, it’s so versatile. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  50. Stacy G says:

    French fries and ranch, yes please and I’ll take a side of that pizza. I love your headband!! It is so cute on you. Anytime I try to wear a band in that style I look like an idiot lol. Maybe I am just not used to it or being a little harsh ,because it’s me. Love that dress and that mascara looks soooo good. xo

  51. Kristen says:

    hahaha still laughing that you nailed some random and knocked the drink out of his hand. hilarious. so jealous you have things like this you can go to, why is kentucky so boring!

  52. please tell me it was the woman in the white hat! is that awful?? I wish we had fun things like this to do in SC!

  53. LOVE the dress…and your hair! tutorial?

  54. I love all the pics! Looks like an awesome weekend! And I hope you don’t mind …totally snagging the word and term “Weekending” …LOVE IT!

  55. Kay R. says:

    That looks like such a great time and knocking his drink out his with the ball … too funny! The food in your posts always make me hungry!

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