Favorite Cold Weather Gear

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Florida has not got the memo.  It’s December, it should be cold.  When we went to Atlanta over the weekend, it was such a nice break in the balmy Florida “Winter”.  Holiday music was being played everywhere and it really got me into the spirit.  We have been going up to New Jersey/New York for the past few years to visit my sister and her kiddos for Christmas.  We always try to get into the city for a day or two and see everything all lit for the holidays.  It is such a great way to really feel the magic of it all.  This is a special time because it always reminds me of when we got engaged in NYC.  I can’t believe that was two years ago!  Actually shortly before I started this space of mine.

Cold Weather Gear

When you live in a pretty much year round warm environment, you have a few cold weather essentials.  I tend to buy a few high end pieces because I know they will last for multiple seasons.  Here are my top 5 essentials.

Keep Those Ears Warm

The minute it drops below 60, I am busting out my ear warmers of some sort.  When my ears are cold, I am not happy to be around.  I picked up this last season and it seriously keeps your ears nice and toasty while looking stylish all at the same time.  These earmuffs are at the top of my wish list (**cough cough** Mark….who isn’t a daily reader so please someone forward this to him)

Technology Gloves

Mark didn’t have a pair when we were up in Atlanta and he kept on trying to steal mine.  Nothing worse than biting off your glove while hovering in the cold trying to swipe through google maps to figure out where you are going.  Do yourself a favor and pick these up.  I have this super affordable pair but if you want a luxe pair then go with these.

Coat That Covers the Rear

Same thing when my ears aren’t covered goes for my backside.  A cold booty = a not happy Amanda.  I also like to double duty with a longer coat that has a hood.  That way when the wind is blowing sideways you can pull that hood up and give extra head protection. Check out this one that fits all the requirements from Andrew Marc, it is on sale and I love the blue color it comes in.  It looks just like a certain lux brand quilted coat at a fraction of the price.  I am totally in love with this mixed media beauty.  I have this Andrew Marc leather coat that I got last season in brown leather.  It is buttery soft and is the most perfect transition coat for those cooler nights.  I have been very impressed with the quality.  They ship with ShopRunner.  Did you know if you have American Express they give you a free ShopRunner membership?  I just figured that out the other day.  It is on the heels of Amazon.

Scarves All Day Every Day

If you don’t have a head warmer you can always layer this up around your neck and ears as well.  I’m always cold even inside of buildings, so I try to go with fashionable ones that still work with my outfit underneath.  I am really digging this faux fur snood here.  I have this Target blanket plaid scarf and it adds so much character to every outfit.  I also have this scarf and it is incredibly soft and goes with everything, plus major score price point.

A Great Pair of Boots

I have way too many pairs but right now my go to are the 5050 boots.  They live up to the hype.  Insanely comfortable and fit like a glove.  If you want a more budget friendly price tag goes with these (the up the back gold zipper details are fab and love them in grey).  Under $45 and dead ringer here.  These Tory Burch OTK boots are 30% off and still have tons of sizes available.

These are my top 5 cold weather essentials.  What are the pieces that you can’t live without when the temps start to drop?

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40 responses to “Favorite Cold Weather Gear”

  1. Shannon says:

    Obsessed with all of those boots! The fur headbands are too cute too! If only it would get cold enough here!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  2. I am on the search for a good winter hat, keeping those ears warm is definitely so important. Love those fur headbands!

  3. Lauren says:

    Love those scarves! Thanks for sharing x


  4. I don’t own anything to keep my ears warm or gloves but those headband ear warmers are too cute! And yes to jackets and boots!! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. Jenn says:

    Last year I got a coat that covers my rear and I can’t go back! When everyone else is chilly, Ive got only about 2 inches of knee exposed (when I’m wearing boots) and warm as ever!

  6. Nodding my head yes to all of these – except I need a hat that covers my head, those ear warmers are cute, but really don’t do much for me in terms of keeping me warm! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  7. Ashley says:

    5050 boots are so worth the investment! Tech friendly gloves are a must— who wants to keep taking their gloves off just to work your phone??

  8. Great picks here! I was at Anthropologie and saw some of those cute ear/headband wraps and fell in love! It’s just not cold enough here for that. It almost made me miss Minneapolis. But then I remembered that that city is too cold for anything that isn’t a full body suit-facemask, and I was like juuuuuuuust kidding. I can handle looking at winter pics from my patio while it’s 75 in December, for sure.

  9. Stacy says:

    The white gloves look sooo warm and those Ivanka trump boots are a really great price. They look expensive! xo

  10. I need those earmuffs. The wind here is so brutal in the winter and I need my ears covered!! I like the coats that cover your rear too. Mine actually goes down to my ankles haha. I love those boots, those scarves, and gloves too. I also wish that 60 degrees was considered cold here. But knock on wood we’ve been SO lucky here so far!! Thanks for sharing lady!! :-)

  11. Missy says:

    I need a pair of technology gloves stat! And I pinned that Andrew Marc coat for when I can start buying things for myself again. Scarves and boots are my go to for cold weather for sure. Also went to Pure Barre before work this morning, keeping up the #barreholidaychallenge

  12. Nadine says:

    You were up here for the one day when it was cold lol. It is back to the 60’s and 70’s around these parts with no break in the next week it seems. So gross. I am ready for cold!!! I love those gloves you got, and a great price too!!!

  13. Emelia says:

    I love the headbands because they don’t completely crush your hair and head and are perfect for my work week. We get a TON of snow in Erie and I am loving that we haven’t had ANY yet this year. I will want some for Christmas, but the break from it is nice. I love beanie’s too!

  14. Love all your picks!! those ear muffs are my fave!!

  15. Elena Ridley says:

    As a northerner I totally agree with your list! And a coat that covers the butt is definitely up there as one of the most essential!! Kinda jealous you get to enjoy so much warm weather, but it is fun to bundle up sometimes too!

  16. jillian says:

    as much as i DONT miss the cold and snow i kinda miss wearing my winter hats and scarves! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  17. The jackets look so comfortable and warm! I could do with a soft fuzzy scarf like the middle one. That’s so cute!

  18. Summer says:

    Loving all your selections ♥


  19. I absolutely adore “cold weather gear”!!! Wish we could use it more than a few weeks here in FL!

  20. Karly says:

    So many fabulous options here! Wisconsin definitely has gotten the cold weather memo, so I’ll wear enough of this stuff for the both of us. :) Head wraps are definitely my favorite – my sister got me a pink one with vintage-inspired detail on the front that I love wearing this time of year.

  21. I honestly don’t think I could ever live somewhere like Florida. I just love the cold, crisp air in the winter. And snow. :) A great pair of boots and coat are essential for sure.

  22. Apparently STL has missed the memo, too. Calling for 70 degrees this weekend! Definitely not the norm!

  23. A few great pairs of boots and ear muffs are essential for these chilly mornings! Love your selection of coats as well! Xo, Stephanie

  24. Blaire says:

    All of these are great essentials! I might have to get a pair of ear muffs this year like the cute ones you picked at the top. Great roundup.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  25. Emily says:

    My best friend asked for earmuffs for Christmas, and I have been at a loss when trying to research good earmuffs. You win! Again. Thanks for sharing those!

  26. Lindsay says:

    I want all of those coats! I hope you’re coming up again this year!!!

  27. Those Ugg earmuffs are amazing – I can attest to that!! I’ll take one of each of those scarves, please!

  28. Those ear muffs are so adorable! I actually added some to my list today, so hopefully my husband ordered them for me! Those technology gloves are a definite must if you live in the North!

  29. christina says:

    below 60 for ear warmers. god i love you…and am envious of you. thank god i know you grew up here too so you know how f-ing cold it is. i was applauding myself for not wearing gloves this morning when it was 39. if it was 60 i’d be in a bikini hahahaha. isn’t it nuts how we adjust?? trust me back in SC i was a BABY in the cold. xoox

  30. Owen Davis says:

    I desperately need gloves that are iPhone friendly. NC is still pretty warm but we usually get super cold in January/February. I mean I walked out of my house with a blanket scarf yesterday then my car said it was 66 outside… major fail. And boots… give me ALL the boots.

  31. Katie @ Champagne & Suitcases says:

    Those Burberry gloves!! I showed them to my husband recently and he looked at me like I have five heads, love them!

  32. This is perfect! We are going to Colorado for New Years and this Florida girl is not prepared for the cold! I definitely need to invest in some earmuffs and gloves. Thanks for the ideas!

  33. Those earmuffs are amazing – and so fashionable! I have a few pair of techno gloves, and they’re life-changing. Banana Republic has some gorgeous faux leather ones now, too, which are stunning :)

  34. Meg Taylor says:

    I really want to get a pair of technology gloves – they look like so much fun! I also love all of the fun winter headbands that are in style right now.

  35. Darcy says:

    Cute cool weather gear is a must!! Also, I am so excited because a pure barre is finally opening near my house and I bought a 5 week trial membership! I can’t wait to go for my first class in January once it opens!

  36. I’m not a fan of the cold which is why I moved to this beautiful state, with that being said my blood has definitely thinned out and anything below 70 is definitely cold to me now haha. How fun are these pieces!? Especially loving the embellished ones. So pretty <3

    Green Fashionista

  37. Amanda says:

    I love that there are technology friendly gloves now. No more using my nose to turn my phone on because I don’t want to take my hands out of my gloves! lololol

  38. Burberry Kids Tannar Bodysuit Infant White Kid Active Sets

    […] y/February. I mean I walked out of my house with a blanket scarf yesterday then […]

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