Then We Wonder Why Times Flies

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Why time flies


I just heated up my cup of coffee for the third time today.


When we were younger we used to always poke fun at my mother because when you would open our very 70’s looking microwave with that huge swinging door…….you know what we would find in there every single time?  You guessed it.  My mother’s black cup of coffee (that’s how she would drink it) the cup would always be one of the University’s from my older siblings, “Norwich Mom” or “UPenn Mom” etc.  Now that I’m older, I totally get it.  We as women, seriously what don’t we try to fit into our days right?  For example, here is how my last two hours just went.  After I got home from fitting in a workout.

I emptied the dishwasher while my coffee was dripping.  Quickly cleaned the one solo cup that is “soaking” in the sink because you know that whole theory of soaking thing from men correct?  Throw a load of laundry in and then jump in the shower.  Actually had enough time for a hair mask while I shaved my legs…..hmmm when was the last time I did this?  Then out of the shower, face mask while doing a quick mani/pedi because my nails have been chipped for a good two days.  Thank goodness for a quick drying topcoat right?  Okay, quick self tanner.  I mean you always feel a little better with some color to your skin right?  Without the sun damage, win win.  Okay, while that is drying, unload the laundry.  Hang and steam quickly.  Blow dry the hair and throw some mascara on. Phew, that’s done. You know what?

My coffee is still sitting on the counter.

Fire up the laptop, grade some papers.  Respond to a few blog emails.  Shoot I forgot to sign that contract from last week.  Look over my clinic patients for tomorrow.  Write a blog post.  Post to instagram, respond to comments on instagram.  Don’t forget to update your latest post on all your social media outlets.  Comment on your friends blogs.  Grade some more papers.  Straighten up the living room and then before you know it you’re cleaning the kitchen counters.  Realize that my coffee is still sitting next to me untouched and cold.

You know what is crazy?  4 hours have gone by that just involved maintaining my house, hygiene and jobs.  I don’t even have kids.  I can’t imagine adding that on top of all of it.  You moms out there are complete Superwomen.

So the moral to this long winded story is……and we wonder why time is flying.  How can we possibly fit more into our already over scheduled days?  I wanted to take the time to acknowledge you and everything you do.  You deserve a thank you.  A “hey you are really slaying it lately“.   Give yourself a break when you forget the one thing you walked into Target for because you know what? You do a lot in one day.  Don’t feel guilty about that glass of wine at night.  Or splurging on that bag you’ve been coveting.  We work so hard every single day.  You deserve it!

time is flying

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I encourage you today to give a compliment to a female in your life who is the Queen of multi tasking.  I mean I’m not a man basher by any means but you know they can’t coordinate that exact science of timing the laundry to end at the same time as your shower and your nails to be dry at the same time.  Not that they would be painting their nails……but you get what I mean.


It’s okay to step back and take some time for you.  If you want to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix for two hours and let the laundry sit in the dryer while you do it.  You do you.  Find those few moments in your day to not be racing to the next thing.  Time is flying, that is for sure but you can stop every now and again to enjoy this beautiful thing called life.

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46 responses to “Then We Wonder Why Times Flies”

  1. Rachael says:

    Beautiful, and well said! I needed to read this today! xo

  2. Haha the “soaking thing from men” had me cracking up! This is so true, we fit so much into our day, a break is well deserved to treat ourselves.

  3. You’re so right!! I tell my sister and mom every day that I’m amazed by them…and I’m lucky that Gary acknowledges all that I do, so that’s always nice to hear like you said! xo, biana –BlovedBoston

  4. Jenn says:

    I whole heartedly agree! I’m always in awe of how much we all do, and some more than other (cough cough…you, you rockstar haha). Good job at slaying it in blog land, and at pure barre, and at your job! And then at being a friend! You rock girl :)

  5. What is up with men and soaking the dishes! It’s like they have a secret man manual that we don’t know about telling them to do these things! As women I really think we try to do it all, sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. I drink my coffee in the car on the way to pre-school, that’s the only time I have!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  6. Jaelan says:

    LOVE this. I’ve been stepping back a little more. Sometimes I don’t get it all done and I’m finally ok with that. It’s not the end of the world.

  7. Ashley says:

    A great reminder! I’m all about building other women up — we have to stick together and encourage each other!

  8. Nichole says:

    I seriously wonder all the time how moms do it! I will say when we take our nephew on weekends, a lot of that stuff gets put on the side for me (quick little clean ups, nails, etc) so I prob won’t be a very polished mom, lol…but great post!

  9. Yes yes yes! I’ve been struggling with this lately – feels like there isn’t enough time in the day – and the baby isn’t even here yet. It’s making me anxious about how blogging is going to go afterwards. And I laughed out loud about the soaking comment, WHYYYYY do they do these things!

  10. Ugh I feel you on this! I always try to fit way too much into one day and when I’m already gone for 12 1/2 hours a day it makes it tough without cutting into my sleep. I try to just enjoy my weekends and not try to cram everything in but it’s tough! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  11. Caroline says:

    Great post! Honestly there are some days where I do more than other days haha. My routine is going to change next week though, and there is a tiny bit of an “eeekk” feeling about that. But it will be OK. I also agree with you about what you said about moms. Since I work at a store that was created for moms, I have a level of respect and admiration that I did not have before I started my job. They work so hard and I feel very happy to work in a place where I can tell them to relax and have fun. While their kids play with the toys and eat animal crackers. :-) Thanks for sharing and I also admire you and how much you do every day. Not just for you, but for others. You are also a superstar!! :-) Now go and drink your coffee!!! :-)

  12. Rebecca Jo says:

    I so relate to this post. I always say I am doing like 5 things at once – at all times… & the poor hubs can only do one thing & if he’s distracted, then he’s onto the next project, leaving the other half done… I think women all need some major credit for our amazing brains & how we keep it all straight.
    & splurging as a reward for all we do? I’m all about that!

  13. Chesson @ A Southern Twenty-Five says:

    Well said! I’ve definitely been known to ignore laundry for several hours in favor of a glass of wine & a little Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Nothing wrong with that! :)

  14. I’ll tell you how us moms do it: I don’t apply self tanner and I don’t paint my nails and I don’t dry my hair. Personal hygiene goes by the way side. Basically, anything that takes longer than 3 minutes for me is off the table! I hire out all cleaning, but I know most moms don’t have that luxury. It’s crazy and I miss the days when I was able to have time for a full face of makeup or to put waves in my hair everyday… But then my toddler learns a new skill or starts to say “I love you!” and I’m like, screw those showers! I didn’t like my hair styled anyway ;)

  15. Jessi says:

    “the soak”. They love to do that, don’t they? Mine leaves dishes on the counters or stovetops, so I play a dude card and let them soak until he gets frustrated and puts them in the dishwasher just-so. I’m fine with this because he’s the organized ‘engineer’ that can cram every last thing into the dishwasher so it’s okay if things take an extra day … or three. I don’t know how you do it all, but I’m certainly impressed and want you to know you’re a superwoman, too!

  16. Amanda says:

    Such a perfect post. It’s hard to stay on top of it all, and I sure don’t. Things escape me and fall through the cracks. Being a woman/mom is hard stuff and we all do deserve a pat on the back every once in a while, so thank you!

  17. Ashley says:

    This blog post reads like a page from my life, lady- SO true. We are constantly running, going, doing, cramming it all in to be as effective + efficient as possible!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  18. Tiffany says:

    I’m with Paige; personal hygiene goes by the wayside. I wanted a shower so bad last night but nope, going on day….3 or 4, I can’t even remember. But I’ve learned to let things go, which has taken me a while to accept.

  19. Karly says:

    Love, love, love everything about this post. Thank you. I needed to hear this today, and I’m going to pass it along to some other women in my life.

  20. Hahaha! I love this post – you know the biggest thing in my life I think I have embraced is my WORTH and for me this means I can slow down, I can nourish myself with daily bubble baths, good books, gorgeous creams and BE.

    It took me a long time to be able to put the doing down and just be without guilt.

    So yes, thank you for this reminder! Mmmmmm coffee!! : ))))))


  21. Nadine says:

    There is never enough time in our non working hours, right?!?! I have spent many a day reheating a forgotten coffee. I love how you remind us all to compliment someone for being awesome. We often times to forget to compliment people because we are too busy judging or saying negative things. You know know whose day you will make.

  22. Love this post! I find myself eating cold meals more and more lately thanks to a kiddo, but I wouldn’t trade that! Cheers to all of us superwomen! xoxo

  23. This post is one of many reasons why I love your blog!! When I’m at home with the kids, I keep my coffee in my VERY insulated travel mug now which serves two purposes – it doesn’t get spilled by a toddler, and it stays hot for hours ;) I totally agree with this post – us women are rockstars!! PS I laughed at the concept of “soaking” the dishes LOL

  24. Jaclyn says:

    Yes to this post! And I’ve had the same thought about how I don’t even have kids yet, the thought of adding that to the mix is kind of scary! Moms are superwomen for sure.

  25. Owen Davis says:

    Amen sister!!! Now I don’t feel so bad about how much money I spent shopping this past weekend ;) You are Superwomen, kids or no kids! P.s. What app do you use to add text to pics?

  26. I needed this today, it’s been a long one and crammed too. It always amazes me how you fit everything in as I have a hard time doing it and you do so much more! I need to do my nails, self tan and shave tonight now! I am forwarding this to my sister, she does it all with two kids! Thanks superwoman! Not only do you do all that you listed but you are always there to give advice and lend a helping hand!

  27. Kayla MKOY says:

    YAAAAS. I want to love love love this post on all forms of social media. :) encouraging other women is so important to me, too! I love that you wrote this.

  28. Charlotte says:

    This post is so completely spot on!!! My hubby is constantly baffled as to the eight million things I’m silently juggling, the perfectly timed meals, the flawlessly packed suitcases, the clean house and healthy meals, etc etc etc. (And we don’t even have kids yet either!!) Not to mention I am always amazed when I read your blog at all of the things you balance so gracefully. So THANK YOU for writing this and acknowledging all of the chilly cups of coffee in my life, and reminding me to sit down and actually enjoy one once in a while!! xoxoxo

  29. Shannon says:

    Omg yessssssssssssssssss girl!!! So well said! Seriously loved this and I am always drinking my coffee cold I swear! ;)

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  30. Soaking a solo cup…. ah, yes. A sure sign a man lives with you! hahaha So real talk posts are seriously my favorite. We all get so caught up with the ins and outs of life that we neglect things. Actually, I have grown to love my coffee room temperature, for all the reasons you stated above. We work our butts off at work, then come home only to do it more. I can’t tell you the last time I took a nap, and I sacrifice early bedtime even after my kiddo is down for the night to paint my nails and do a face mask. Oh, and watch Scandal. (; You are so right with everything you said here, and we really do speed up our own lives. The strongest women never complain. They “slay.” They get what needs to be done and then some. It’s nice to be recognized for that every once in awhile. (: Have an awesome day Amanda!

  31. Jacqui says:

    YES. I never used to drink coffee, and would always make fun of my boyfriend for heating his up 2-3 times before it was finished. Then I started drinking a cup every morning at work and found myself at the microwave again and again, putting off drinking the hot beverage in favor of doing A ZILLION OTHER THINGS. If this is what my life is like at 26 with no kids, holy crap moms are literally superhuman.

    Definitely needed to read this today :)

  32. Jenn Thai says:

    Such a great read, Amanda – this is exactly what I needed this morning! Wishing you a fab day! xx

    Jenn |

  33. Awww, so sweet! I love the quote “You really are slaying it lately!” You’ve got it going on girlfriend!
    xo, Traci

  34. Literally, I don’t think there is a single day that I haven’t done something non-productive. I’m well impressed that you chose shaved legs over coffee! I needed to reach this today actually. I’m drowning in work lately. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. x

  35. Yessss to all of this! I’ve decided to let go of trying to post every day, and have been enjoying time at home actually relaxing. Spending time with family and friends is so much more important than what’s going on with social media/the computer/our phones. Let that laundry sit an extra day and enjoy that cup of coffee!
    Green Fashionista

  36. You truly are the queen of multi-tasking!!!! I think to myself so many times “how would I do all of this if/when I have kids,” but as women we just DO. It’s science ;)

  37. AMEN SISTER!!!! This is so true! We beat ourselves up a lot for not being good enough at it, but really we are killing it!

  38. Love this post so incredibly much! It blows my mind how busy it always seems to be in my life between work, house work, blogging, traveling, and just doing things for fun. I will say though, my husband is pretty awesome and helps out with house work because he works from home part time while I commute every day.

  39. Gina says:

    Oh my!! Yes and yes and yes!! This is all exactly how I feel every night after work and workouts. And I always wonder that too… How will I ever do it with kids someday? Haha! Great post.

  40. kristen says:

    love this post girl. i am not a busy person and i am not a super multi tasker like some, but i definitely do the washing to line up with the shower or nails or this or that, so perhaps i am. thanks for the excuse to splurge on that bag ;) but seriously, you are really slaying it lately! all the time actually, cause you’re the bomb.

  41. Lindsay says:

    This is such an accurate picture of life in general and my endless quest for a hot cup of coffee! You have a ton on your plate, so if anyone could seamlessly add in children, I know it would be you!

  42. love this post!! i am in awe of moms and how they do it all! i’m a hot mess on a GOOD day, and the same way with my coffee, always heating it up bc i get distracted doing something else!!

  43. Jenn says:

    I needed this reminder so much today. It truly is exhausting trying to fit everything into life, and like you I don’t have kids either! I know that I will just need to become a better scheduler then. I’ve been trying lately to be calmer and focus on one thing at a time (I feel like that’s really “in” right now), but it’s so difficult to do that and still complete everything that needs to get done.

  44. Love this post so much. I caught myself just nodding my post the whole time while reading. And the coffee cup thing resonated with me too– my mom STILL does that :) Definitely going to be sharing this post!

  45. Sandi says:

    I loved reading about what you packed into your day. I got here via your How to Make Pinnable images, and am just having a tour around your site. So far I like what I see! BTW you’re on Page 1 for the Pinnable images post, well done!

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