Friday Favorites – The Last of July

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Seriously where did July go?  I feel like I was just writing my birthday weekend recap in NYC and now it’s the end of the month.  This Summer is really flying by!  Before you know it, college football will be back.  This week was pretty hectic with work but it’s all worth it because I’m off today.  Hooray for a three day weekend!  Make sure to follow along on snapchat (@meetatthebarre).  Let’s get into the favorites from the week!

Black open back dress

Dress Susana Monaco find here ||| Shoes Topshop find here


I watched all four minutes of this video waiting for Rihanna’s got to be fly outfit reveal and nope….she wears the glittery trash bag jumpsuit the whole time.  Mark also asked me the other day who was singing the song and my response was “with how my they digitized her voice it could have been me for all that matters“.

Seriously how amazing does this recipe look?  Perfect Summertime food.

Some of my favorite at home workouts from Amber and the 21 day fix.  This booty workout is a burner.

I do a majority of these already but I learned a few new ones for must do’s whenever you travel.

Did you read my post about my feeling on niche blogging and how to incorporate Fashion posts into your blog in an authentic way?  If not check it here.

I finally picked up this polish, can’t wait to get you a full review.

I need this dress in my life.  My favorite workout top from the Nordstrom sale has been restocked.  Need shopping a shopping guide?  Find it here.





When you finally cross into being an adult by purchasing your first piece of furniture


Seeing the new Gilmore Girls Trailer for the first time


Getting home after leaving Target to realize that you didn’t even buy the item you went there in the first place for


When your packages from the Nordstrom sale arrive the same day as your latest Amazon haul


Every single time I get into the car and the new Justin Timberlake song is on



Alright now it’s your turn tell me your favorites from this week and what your plans are for the weekend!


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23 responses to “Friday Favorites – The Last of July”

  1. I feel the same way Amanda, where did this month go? Time is flying and I am NOT okay with it! I’m loving this roundup, I absolutely must check out that booty workout.

  2. Nichole says:

    Seriously SO excited for new Gilmore Girls! Happy Friday…

  3. I think you’ll like the new essie line – I’ve been only wearing one color so I need to get more! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  4. Owen Davis says:

    Haha yes to the Target funny! I always do that woopsies! Have a great long weekend girl!

  5. Ashley says:

    When I see my packages are out for delivery I get far too excited! So pumped for Gilmore girls!!

  6. Nadine says:

    I have been wanting to try the new Essie line but right now I am only doing five free polishes because you know…paranoid about everything over here!! That dress is so gorgeous!!! Enjoy your three day weekend, I am so jealous!

  7. That lulu dress would look incredible on you!

  8. Caroline says:

    That dress is gorgeous and it would look amazing on you!! So clearly you need it! Haha. Love that Target gif too. Have a fab weekend!!!

  9. Kristina says:

    Awww, no JT?! I like the song but they are starting to overplay it just a little.

  10. Jessi's Design says:

    Bring on that booty burner! Haha Have a great weekend girl!

  11. The summer has flown for sure. Awesome that you are off today, best kind of weekend is a three day one! I’m not to that point with the JT song but I feel it coming. I love that dress, I can totally see you in it! Have a great weekend!

  12. Gina says:

    You always make me laugh with your Friday funnies. I thought I was the only one who hated the new JT song… UGH! Happy weekend girl!

  13. Your GIFs always crack me up – the JoJo one is perfection!! I hope you have an awesome weekend! :)

  14. Darcy says:

    Haha yup you know you’re an adult when you’re excited about buying furniture!

  15. emelia says:

    I’m cracking uppppppppp at the Target funn that is SO me…every time!

  16. Katie says:

    So much YES on that last gif about the Justin Timberlake song. Ugh. It’s in a playlist at barre and it makes me irrationally cranky and makes the warm up feel that much longer !

  17. I am so excited to hear what you think of the Essie polish. I have been hearing really good things so far. I love Essie! That Lulu dress is so amaze. I am always worried about wearing all white, but that is adorable!

  18. Emily says:

    What rock have I been living under that I haven’t heard JT’s new song?! And now I’m guessing I don’t want to hear it…haha.

    I’ve been eyeing several Zella tops recently and wondering if they’d be any good. Looks like you just convinced me!

  19. Kara says:

    hahaha yes to all the GIFs especially the JT song, all arriving packages and target :) happy friday!

  20. Lindsay says:

    Every gif was so spot on! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Essie polish before I buy it ;) Hope you have a great weekend pretty lady!

  21. Tiffany says:

    That’s the problem with radio these days; they overplay every damn song until you’re just so sick of it. And yay for gifts at the front door. Those are the best days.

  22. kristen says:

    hahaha i thought i was the only one who disliked the new justin timberlake song… i change the station immediately. i didn’t hate it when it first came out, but it is seriously on every bloody day now.
    definitely checking out that travel link you shared!

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