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The laundry list of things we want to do with the house is about a mile long.  I don’t think I told you guys this story yet but we had two inspections and my brother who is a contractor walk through and nobody found any signs of termite damage.  We moved all our stuff in (painstakingly might I add).  Then two weeks of us living in the house, Mark was oh so pleasantly surprised when he turned on our master bedroom closet light to swarming drywood termites.  So basically that is our number one priority after we moved everything in to now have to bag all our perishables and have all that added work…….when we could have tented an empty house.  That is how life just happens sometimes right?  Then after talking to lots of people in the community, it’s apparently a very common occurrence in Tampa that you have to have your house tented every 10 years.  So basically my advice to any local peeps before you move in is just to tent it. Now that I’m pregnant and even before when we were trying I was pretty crazy about Zika. Even though it hasn’t been documented on this side of the Coast yet I’m still neurotic.  We live walkable to the water so our backyard is swarming with mosquitos.  I couldn’t even go out back and talk to Mark when he was grilling without the risk of getting eaten alive.  I started looking into companies and stumbled upon Mosquito Authority.  I immediately liked how they were backed by Bayer and were safe for children and animals.  I want to be able to enjoy our outdoor living space because we are definitely paying for the premium of city living by having a sizable backyard.


It was a very easy process to set up and we had our first spray that week.  I met with Vince who gave me a quick rundown on the lifecycle of mosquitos (man he was knowledgeable!!) and he got to taking a quick survey of the property to see if there were any noticeable immediate mosquito sanctuaries such as standing water etc.  He then loaded up his equipment and sprayed our land and a little bit of our encroaching neighbors as well.  It was a quick process and I did some live Instagram stories while it was happening.  I got SO MANY inquiries from all of you.  Apparently, this is something that is of major interest to you all as well.  I will HONESTLY say, I have immediately noticed a huge reduction in the amount of mosquitos.  We did have some heavy rains in between that spray and I noticed a few more creep back up.  They guarantee the work and came out the next day for a complimentary touch-up spray.  I have not seen one mosquito since and even Mark was really impressed as well.


This may not look like anything too exciting at first glance but after we had our first treatment, we were able to sit outside and have dinner al fresco without having one mosquito come and bite us.  Isn’t that crazy to think about?  I love the idea of this service even if you were having an event coming up like say a backyard birthday party or think about if you were having an outdoor event/wedding?  I would absolutely use this service prior to so my guests would be comfortable.



The company comes and sprays every 21 days which is the life cycle of the mosquito.  You can be home or not, they just need access to get around to the back of your house.  They will give you an initial assessment if there are any areas that need to be worked on such as standing water, buckets, brush that could be harboring those little suckers etc.  Then they come and spray your property, you can choose to be home or not as long as there is access to your backyard.  Once they are done you will get an email letting you know your property has been serviced.  It is safe once the product dries to be outside with your children or pets afterwards.


Then get outside and enjoy your space!  I will let you know that it has been raining a lot here lately so you may need a spot treatment in between which is free by the way.  The peace of mind I have now to be outside and enjoy my living space is worth every single penny.  I can’t wait to start getting some outdoor furniture, hang up our string lights and be outside once it cools down.  Mark has plans already of installing a tv out back to be able to watch the Gator games.  Finally making some true steps into being home owners and I love that we can finally start to enjoy our outdoor space!  For my local Tampa and surrounding area peeps, you can call 813-302-7734 or email Loretta@dominguez-agency.com.  You can get half off your first spray with the code AMANDA.  When you call to set up just let them know the code.  The company is also national if you are interested into having this where you live.  Make sure to check out your local distributor here.




Thank you to the Mosquito Authority for allowing me to enjoy my outdoor space without worry now!  I received a complimentary spray in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own and thank you for supporting the brands that work with Meet at the Barre!


3 responses to “Enjoying the Outdoors With Mosquito Authority”

  1. Biana says:

    I’m glad that you guys were able to get that taken care of! I still can’t believe that it happened right after you moved in, but there could not have been a better time since everything was still packed too LOL! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. Lindsay says:

    Greyson is allergic to mosquitos, which we discovered on his first Florida vacation as a baby and gets huge rashes and fevers from them. We are having our yard sprayed but it’s not been that great. I just looked and they have an office here that I am going to call!!

  3. Kay says:

    Gosh I hate mosquitos. Honestly the worst. My parents have their property sprayed a lot as well. PS that backyard is perfection and me thinks a pool will look great there ;)

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