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Happy Friday dolls!  I feel like I was just writing a Friday post yesterday, the weeks with my little man are flying by.  He is getting so big, I swear every night he grows another inch and puts on more weight.  He is changing so much and I love watching all his development. I’ve had some girlfriends come to visit and boy what a charmer he is.  He definitely loves flirting already!  He is sleeping pretty well but he still has such a limited attention span with his crib.  I start all his naps in there and about 30-45 minutes later he’s wide awake staring at me and then will fall asleep no problem in his swing.  I think he likes cozy spaces.  This weekend in Tampa is Gasparilla.  The big citywide Pirate festival, I outlined it here in this post.  I will not be partaking but Mark has his brother in town to help him celebrate.  Patrick and I will be hunkered down avoiding flu season and finishing The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.  I am in love with that show!  Give me all your other binge watch series to watch.  I’m also secretly loving hate to admit that I’m beyond pumped Siesta Key is back on.  Oh it’s so bad but I can’t say no.  Let’s get into some favorites from the week.


Gigi New York zip pouch find here



I talked about this insanely soft and comfy pullover last week.  Well it arrived and it’s fabulous.   I will tell you to size up if you want it a little more oversized.  I got a small and it fits fine with a thin shirt underneath but if you are layering up North, I recommend sizing up.  Also, this coupon code GWS633 works for 10% off.



These loafers are so fantastic and under $23.  Ordered in both colors.  Target is basically killing it, check out these storage bins.  Wouldn’t they be so pretty in an office?  Also add to your cart this scarf in blush.  Aren’t the tiered ruffles so cute?!




I am obsessed with this ruffled sweater and need these espadrilles for the Spring.  How pretty is this eyelet top?




I just picked up this playmat for Patrick.  I am already trying to use his wakeful time to start working on his develomental milestones and this mat is tailored for that.




This is a super informative post about how to use Lightroom presets and also how to sync them to your IPhone.  I don’t love the blog format of it but if you can get past the small font, the information is gold.



This looks like a great recipe that would make the best lunch leftovers.



17 ideas that you can use when you need Instagram content.  I definitely need this right now.




It’s your turn, link up and tell me your favorites from the week and what your plans are for the weekend!



8 responses to “Friday Favorites”

  1. Rachel says:

    I saw those Target loafers in my store last week and couldn’t stop thinking about them so I went back to grab this this week and EVERY PAIR WAS GONE. I think it’s safe to say those will be the hot of the season! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Caroline says:

    Boo to those Target loafers not being available in my size! Haha. LOVE that cold shoulder sweatshirt too. Enjoy your time with your little cutie and have a great weekend! :-)

  3. Lindsay says:

    That eyelet top is SO cute! The only Instagram content you need is loads of baby pictures!

  4. Nadine says:

    Those loafers are so cute, I will have to check them out! Just pinned that recipe. I have been cooking up a bunch of new stuff lately so I will have to add it to the list. I am terrified to go anywhere with all the nasty flu germs floating around. No thanks! I hope you guys have a great weekend!

  5. i can’t believe those loafers are from target. so cute!

  6. Ugh that type on that lightroom post is killing me! I am ordering those bins, I have some that are not what I want under my storage bench and those are perfect! OMG, love Mrs. Maisel too, such a cute show. We just finished that and I need a new one too. Stay well, the flu is no joke this year! Have a snuggly weekend with your little man!

  7. Sara says:

    I definitely haven’t pulled the trigger on adding lightroom to my phone. I really just like editing on my computer. Of course, there was a time when I would only do it on my “big” computer and now I do everything on my laptop… so there’s that. lol

  8. Owen Davis says:

    Hope y’all had a great weekend and so many snuggles! and rest!

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