Merry Christmas Eve

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So I guess my efforts to put December on pause have not worked, sorry I really tried.  December is one of my favorite months and it flew by way too quick right?  I hope everyone has all their Christmas shopping done. Mark’s first statement while searching for a cab in New York…”so I’m out of a Christmas present right?” Hahaha yeah I think he has a pass this year!

Merry Christmas Eve from Florida!  At least we are down into the 60’s today so it feels a little more like Christmas.

I am down in Sarasota at my parents house with my sister and her 3 kiddos. They are such great kids. I give mom’s so much credit, they are a mile a minute all the time!  I haven’t had a second or let alone have a 5 minute shower without one of them banging on the door asking what I am up to. Mark and I are bringing the girls to the aquarium today which should be a blast.
If you haven’t had a chance to get all your shopping in…no worries everyone knows the best shopping is after Christmas!  Check back I’ll have all the after Christmas deals and steals.  Hope you were good and Mr. Steve (that’s the kids Elf on the Shelf name) gave you a good report card to Santa.  We aren’t that creative in our household…basically we like to perch him up high so he can “watch over the kids”.  Side note do any of your parents collect these somewhat creepy Carolers?  Is it just a New England tradition?  They come out of their storage every year for the holidays.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday with your families.  Where are you spending your holiday and with who?  Merry Christmas Eve!
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7 responses to “Merry Christmas Eve”

  1. ohh 60s sounds wonderful! hope you have a great christmas!

  2. I think you and I are long lost best friends lol!! Enjoy your Christmas with your family and FIANCE!!!! I’ll be spending X-mas with my sister, BIL and her three kiddies as well…husband in tow too!! :)

  3. Veniece says:

    Is it sad that I found out about “Mr. Steve” through my married co-workers? When did this creepy elf tradition start. I guess you have to have kids to keep up with these things. Merry Christmas, Amanda ;).

  4. I stumbled upon your blog today and was reading back through older posts when I saw this… FINALLY someone else whose family has the creepy carolers! It’s tradition that I get my mom one every year for Christmas, and there’s only one store in Gainesville (that I know of) that carries them. My boyfriend thinks they are the creepiest things ever, so I guess it must be a New England thing. (My family is originally from New Hampshire)

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