Friday Favorites-Who’s Ready For This Weekend???

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Happy Friday!!! Listen I am so excited for this weekend how about you?  I can’t wait to sleep with no alarms, get some workouts in and get ahead instead of feeling like I’m playing catch up.  What are your plans?  I think we are heading to the beach for a day or two I can’t wait to soak up some vitamin D and relax.

Let’s get right into it!  I also wanted to say please make sure to take the time to visit all the blogs that link up.  I have stumbled upon some amazing blogs through this link up and I encourage you to take a look around to everyone who links up!

Favorite Song
This is a different range then my workout or high energy songs but I just love the vibe of this song plus it’s really great for car singing….when you are by yourself of course.  Also really did not think the song was sung by this guy but good to know.  Sam Smith “Stay with Me”.

Favorite Recipe
I have been loving the avocados that I have been getting from Trader Joe’s and this recipe was as good as it looks.  Full recipe here.  Please make sure to pin from the original please.

Favorite Workout
Bikini season is here and you know what that means?  Time to get those booties in shape.  Who better to help us get our rears in gear but the Tone It Up girls.  Full workout here.  Please make sure to pin from the original, please.

Favorite Pin
I was tagged in this on Facebook and then everyone sent it throughout the week to me.  I think it’s absolutely hilarious.  I especially love the what our boyfriends think we do….check those heels!

Favorite Shopping
Bring on the Memorial Day Sales!  Check back I will be highlighting all my favorite sales that are happening this weekend!  Nordstroms is definitely where I will be heading first!

Favorite Funnies

I mean I don’t even know why I eat it….I really just want one thing

Pretty much…..

As long as it’s friends cheese & crackers can come along
Or in my case when I smile and laugh to myself when I read y’alls comments and email banter back and forth throughout the day
Or ice cream sandwiches
I tell everyone to stay off it
I’m sorry this cracked me up
How I feel about networking events
(via tumblr)
When the people from the Corporate office came to talk to us about fully transitioning to computer charting in the middle of a crazy busy day
(via tumblr)
Then they try to continue on with how it will be such an easy seamless transition from paper charting and dictation to this “integrated user friendly system”
(via tumblr)
Pretty much how I feel after the end of a work day
(via tumblr)
My definition of cooking when I’m exhausted and only need to feed myself for dinner
(via tumblr)
Finally, how I feel about this three day weekend!
(via tumblr)
Alright it’s your turn!!! Share your favorites and make sure to stop by everyone’s spot that links up!!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!! xoxoxo
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55 responses to “Friday Favorites-Who’s Ready For This Weekend???”

  1. Oh my gosh so funny that you mention laughing to yourself as you read e-mails… the other day I was responding to some while Pete was in the room and he goes: “What are you smiling about?” Bahahahahahahaaa! I feel like such an idiot when I notice I’m doing it and this time I totally got called out on it!

  2. Krystal R. says:

    haha Im excited for the weekend too! I love everything about these. The recipe looks yummo, the workout I need to try and lord have mercy those funnies have me laughing my ass off. BTW just say no to trail mix.

  3. AAHHHH We have the same song!!! Great minds! I’m not gonna lie, when I saw this guy I was like “he does not sing this song” ha! love his voice. Omg Scott always gets a kick out of me thinking I’m so funny. He’s like, “I love how you always crack yourself up”. Well we can’t all be funny! boom! Happy friday!!

  4. Jess says:

    Mmmm avocados. That workout is awesome, I need some booty moves. Bahahaha I always pick out the M&M’s and an occasional raisin from trail mix.

  5. Kiki says:

    Trail mix with obstacles so true! Ahh I may need to do some online shopping to take advantage of all those sales back at home! Have a great weekend.

  6. I love “M&M’s with obstacles” !!!

  7. Who puts raisins in trail mix?! Blasphemy! Awww love the clueless reference. Here is to many shopping trips this weekend!

  8. hahahahaha that trail mix pic! i eat trail mix but instead of m&ms there are these little yogurt blobs that i pick out and then i get annoyed that i have to sift through almonds, cashews and dried cranberries just to get to them. GIVE ME ALL THE YOGURT BLOBS!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. Girl I can not wait to sleep in! That trail mix and Christina A magnets crack me up!! Yay for all of the Memorial Day sales, I see some Friday online shopping in my future for sure ;) Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I still don’t know what Cher is actually making that night…cookies? Trail mix really is an obstacle course to get to the M&M’s!! I am hoping to have a major shopping haul this weekend!! Have a great weekend!

  11. Stacy G says:

    The gifs are so funny! I’ve been loving avocados lately also! Have a great holiday! XO

  12. haha oh my gosh that last gif! So funny! I’m definitely planning a little Memorial Weekend shopping, I always love the Nordstrom sale! Have a great weekend!

  13. Love the saves by the bell gif!! That’s awesome!! Happy Friday doll!

  14. I heart avocados. I used to have avocado Thursday where I would eat some at every meal. I should bring that back.

    Those gifs and ecards are too much! Love me some Saved By the Bell! And now I kind of want those magnets.

  15. Happy Friday!!! Hahaha loving the Britney gif. Yup, that’s me 100%! And the dishwasher thing is hilarious! Enjoy your weekend girl!!

    <3, Pamela

  16. Those Christina Aguilera magnets are the most hilarious thing ever! I love the barre description too! I saw that going around and was thinking that is totally how people think of it until they actually go to a class! I keep telling my husband he needs to try it just to see how hard it is HA! Hope you have a great weekend girlie! xo

  17. LOLOL @ the Christina Aguilera magnets.

    I avoid WebMD because no matter what’s wrong with you it makes you think your death is imminent, even if you have a hangnail. See a doctor people!

  18. Becky M says:

    Yay for new workouts! And that dishwasher thing cracked me up!!

  19. Kristen says:

    jealous of you going to the beach!
    never heard of that song, i like it! i love finding new songs on your blog haha.
    that recipe literally looks amazing and i am kind of drooling.
    that workout… i need to do it. tonight.
    so excited for memorial day sales!! i have been so good…. time to be un-good.
    lol my fave thing is reading blogs or emails and i’m giggling to myself and everyone is like, why is work so funny? haha. oops.
    hahaha i need those magents! how funny!
    that ‘alcohol so i will go as well’ is pretty much how i feel about everything. i have to go to a wedding tomorrow that i dont want to, and i was just like finally… well, there will be alcohol and food, right? ok fine i’ll go.
    haha me feeding myself is normally a bowl of cereal.
    that last gif, rolling. hilarious!
    cant wait to hear how your thing last night went! xoxox have a fabulous weekend girl.

  20. I just about died when I saw that Xtina magnet. OMG!!!!! Maybe I need to use those? Yes!!!

    Also, the trail mix…..yes!!!

    Killing it with the funnies. I am so excited for this 3 day weekend. I dont have much planned, but want to get a lot done around the house! And lets be honest, binge watch TV!

    I am totally jelly of your beach trip!!! I hope you have a fabulous time!

  21. JumpingJE says:

    Happy weekend pretty lady! Go crazy (in a good way) on those weekend sales!!

  22. Emily says:

    Well, time to go put some X-tina magnets on my dishwasher…! ;)

  23. kelsnsher says:

    Haha I laughed so hard at so many of these! My favorites were the x-tina dishwasher magnets and the eating your weight in oreos ones…sigh I think we’ve all had one of those moments lol

  24. Those X-tina magnets are on another level of hilarity. Also, the trail mix one? It’s so true. Glad I’m not the only one! Have a great weekend, lady!

  25. Chloe says:

    Hahaha the magnets were funny. You take the cookie dough out of the oven before the fire alarm goes off right? I mean, mine wouldn’t even make it to the oven. Just cookie dough out of the package is good for me.

  26. alyssa says:

    Ugh, Sam Smith’s voice is like a warm blanket, I love him so much. This is a great song :)
    That barre instructor pin is great too! I really need to get myself to a class ASAP.
    Also those xtina magnets, OH MY GOD! hahaha that is hilarious. And yes to that Saved By the Bell gif! Have a great long weekend! xo

  27. Cheers to the freaking weekend!! :) Please please please soak up some vitamin D for me! It’s sooo cold here! Not even 40 degrees this morning! WTH!

    I wish I liked avocados because that recipe looks yummo! Love that booty workout! I’ve been really focusing on my saggy ass! Hahaha! That barre pin is just too funny! The boyfriend one and the clients view is just priceless!

    Christina Aguilera magnets are hysterical!!!! :) Along with all your other funnies as well! :)

    Have a great weekend! I hope you enjoy the down time and hopefully sleeping in too! ;)

  28. Mree says:

    Those magnets are hilarious!! HA! I’m not so excited for the weekend since I have to work both Sunday & Monday. It’s not that bad since the weather isn’t suppose to be great. So much for the kick off to Summer. I totally webMD everything. Last time I went to the dr, I said so do I have cancer? And he goes No you don’t have cancer, why do you think that? He goes STAY OFF WEB MD!! My doctor totally thinks I’m crazy. Enjoy your weekend and soak up some Vitamin D for me.

    Best, Mree

  29. Those magnets NEED to happen in my house!! Hilarious. My daughter would end up stealing them and probably take “dirty” out if the house to use later as embarrassment. Surely she’d whip that out at the bank or school. :-/
    I totally saw that “what they think I do” fitness thing and thought of you this week!!!
    Hope you have the best long weekend! The beach sounds amazing. Take me too!! :-)

  30. brooke lyn says:

    i can’t stop listening to sam smith. he is so good and his cute little cross earrings haha

  31. Stephanie says:

    lol the Britney one, yes. And omg YES to trail mix! Why must they ruin good M&Ms?!

  32. Tami says:

    Killing me with the mario lopez SBTB gif. tralalalalaaaa weekend!!!!

  33. Thank you for the link up!!! And I love your funnies!!!!!!

  34. those ecards doe. but for real the judging one is the best.

  35. I almost forgot it’s Memorial day, that might make my weekend trip over the border even better – bring on the sales!! Haha my roommate at uni did a study on people who self diagnose online and that was pretty much the conclusion.

  36. Hello and thank you for feeding into my avocado addiction with that recipe, must try!!! Love that Pure Barre Meme… esp. what my boyfriend thinks I do hahahaha. I love that you give us these little workout things to do also. On days when I don’t have time for a full on workout I need this! And not the log of cookie dough:)

  37. Hey Amanda, my fellow Trader Joe’s groupie! Hehe! That recipe looks amazing! I am doing much of the same this weekend. We haven’t committed to any solid plans. We are just going to relax and do whatever we feel like doing (a total rarity) for the weekend and I CANT WAIT! I hope you enjoy your time at the beach! xo

  38. How perfect is that Clueless gif! And I’m with you on the trail mix– more m&m’s please! I love finding blogs through this linkup even when I don’t linkup! They’re always such fun posts! Happy weekend :)

  39. Em says:

    OMG heck yeah bring on the Memorial Day sales! I already did some damage in order to expand my summer wardrobe. WINNING. And that Saved by the Bell gif is EXACTLY how I feel about the long weekend!!! :)

  40. THAT SHRIMP AVO DISH LOOKS AMAZING!!! But it’s kinda tiny…I will need 3!!! It also looks healthy because I am just making poor poor food choices and not going to barre!!! Bad lbg!! Thanks for some smiley Friday action.

  41. Sam Smith is my JAM right now. That guy is so talented and his songs are so catchy. And can I get that avocado shrimp deliciousness on my desk right now?? That looks so freaking good.
    Totally took advantage of the Nordstrom sale…I feel a little guilty, but that will quickly subside when all of my goodies are on my doorstep!

    Have a good weekend girl!

  42. Brianne says:

    That recipe looks sooo good!

  43. Haha too funny, last night while searching for gifs to go with my post I was laughing to myself and Alex came in and was like what’s going on in here?! hope you have a great holiday weekend and do lots of shopping for me!!

  44. Oh my gosh! My mouth is watering over that shrimp! Love the song by Sam Smith. I’ll have to look him up for more songs because that one was awesome! Integrating to a new system is always supposed to be “seamless” but it never is! We’ve been going through it for over a year in our office! Happy Friday and enjoy your long weekend!

  45. Rebecca says:

    You just seem to find some awesome recipes girly!

  46. Joey says:

    Uhm. Cookies are a totes legit dinner. We made dinner last night for our anniversary–ate the very bare minimum to still claim ourselves as adults and then binged on cake and cookies and ice cream. I mean. Why not? :) Happy weekend!

  47. Bahahahaha! That Save By The Bell gif! Best episode ever! And I am totally going to feel like that 5:00 today!! Cracking up at that Xtina magnet! Haha that recipe looks so yummy!! Have an awesome weekend!!

    <3 Shannon

  48. drooooling over the avocado!! have a great weekend! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  49. TJ’s avocados are the bestest ever. Laughing at emails after posts is even better though hah. And the Christina magnets are a close third for sure. Enjoy the LONG LONG weekend, lady!

  50. I will be checking out that workout video for sure!! That m&m funny is awesome!! So true :p happy Friday!

  51. Ooh, now you have me wondering if they are going to do a Season 2 of the Tone it Up Girls show on Bravo (or was it E? IDK…) That was such a fun guilty pleasure show and so inadvertently motivating for workouts. And drinking…hm. That shrimp avocado thing looks so delicious, but the recipe looks kind of hard though…how was it to make?
    Gina — On the Daily Express

  52. Love the Sam smith song and found some great new boss today on the link up! You’re such a successful hostess! :) happy 3 day weekend!

  53. Holy crap. Saving that avocado thing because it looks SO good! And all of these Memorial Day sales are dangerous for my wallet.. I’m convinced I need everything! Hope you’re having an amazing weekend :)

  54. Ah!!!!!! The Christina magnets are tooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!! And the trail mix is what I have always thought/said!!

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