Scenes From The Holidays + Cyber Monday Code Roundup

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I can’t believe how fast this time off went.  It seriously felt like yesterday when I was trying to pack a car up in monsoon rain on Tuesday night (if you have a garage attached to your house be very thankful) and now it is already the end of the weekend and back to the grind.  Luckily I have today off so I am doing some major catchup and starting to slowly pack up my place.  I showed the condo to a potential new tenant.  It.  Just.  Got.  Real.  It’s all good though I am definitely ready for the next chapter  in my life. Things are a changing round here.  Linking up with Biana and Meghan!
Side note how did y’all do during the Black Friday sales.  I don’t leave the comforts of my home.  I did that once and I think the word shank came out of my mouth in regards to dealing with others……so now I just online code it up and get all the deals.  I didn’t do as much damage as I thought.  However because of Marie I did majorly score at Bath and Body Works.  Hello buy 3 get 3 plus I had a 20% off coupon code FA143269.  I got 6 of the big candles and 6 hand soaps for like $65.  Major score.  I did also get these boots in black because I’m obsessed with the ones I have in grey and it was free shipping on Gilt.  I also did get a fitbit that will be returned after everyone told me that they are coming out with the heart rate monitor version very soon.
Scenes from the holidays.
We started selling Nest candles at our Barre studio…..there goes any hope of not spending money there.

My blanket scarf finally came (thanks Katie!!).  Luckily it only took 2 weeks to get it instead of the month it originally said and it finally cooled down enough to wear it.  I was really surprised by the quality and how soft it was.

Oh yes bring on the peppermint flavored everything.

Amazing prime rib dinner at my Aunt’s house to start the holiday off with.

Got new tires on my car.  I guess this is how your car would look if someone jacked your tires and rims.  For anyone out there who has run flat tires send me a quick email because the holy grail of RunFlats has finally hit the market and they are literally 1/2 the price and come with a 50k warranty which is unheard of.  These tires run like a dream!!!!  Wow…..the things I get excited about now!

Thanksgiving plate steak and turkey sounds good to me!

My Aunt parted ways with some of her vintage beauties including this gorgeous pair of YSL heels.  Definitely some glitter stuck in the bottom from her days at studio 54 I’m sure.

Here are my Cyber Monday Picks!

ASOS 30% off with code ILOVEMONDAYS

Bloomingdales 25% off select regularly priced items + additional 25% off sale markdowns

Express 50% off with free shipping

Baublebar 20% off site wide or chance at getting 20%, 25%, 30% or $100 off  your purchase with code CYBERMONDAY.  I got 30% off when I played!

Forever 21 20% off when you spend over $60 with the code CYBER 20

J. Crew 30% off most regular priced items plus 40% off sale and free shipping with code MONDAY

Piperlime  30% off site wide + 40% off markdowns with code CYBERSALE

Nordstroms 40% off select items

I am also part of an amazing giveaway with a fabulous group of ladies.  Here is the full giveaway check out all the details here!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and time off with family and friends!!  Check back tomorrow for a huge giveaway as I celebrate my first Blog Anniversary!  You totally don’t want to miss what I’m giving away!  Time is for real flying!!!!  xoxoxo
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55 responses to “Scenes From The Holidays + Cyber Monday Code Roundup”

  1. Kiki says:

    Seriously, tires are so expensive I am excited just reading about this great deal! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday, this time of the year is the best!

  2. P!nky says:

    I’m waiting on my blanket scarf, too. It can’t get here fast enough, I’m super excited, especially since I only paid $11 for it! You are rocking that look, lady.

    Sorry about your tires, that’s no fun. They are so darn expensive. side note: my neighbor and friend got car jacked last year and I was the one that had to tell him, no fun!

    Oh no, cyber monday. I think I have to to stay away, we dropped bank on black friday, but saved over $400, woopwoop! Have a great week, fabulous friend! xoxo

  3. I am incredibly jealous of your bath and body works loot. I’m pretty sure they don’t shop to australia. :(

  4. What a fun weekend and all that food looks delicious!!! You got some great stuff and when I told Gary about the Fitbit deal he’s like please don’t buy it…in the face that says I already got you one for Christmas LOL! I’m so excited to finish all the holiday shopping today – it will be done LOL!! Happy Monday girl!! xo

  5. Beyond jealous of your amazing YSL shoes. Talk about a score!! And I wanted a fitbit so bad but I want to wait until they have the one with the heart rate monitor too. Glad you had a great weekend and scored a ton of awesome things on Black Friday! You’re making me want to go shopping :) Happy Monday love!

    <3, Pamela

  6. Jenn says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Jenn says:

    You are dangerous with all of your deals–you always get me to buy stuff anyway, and now that it’s extra discounted, I’m in big trouble haha.
    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend (minus the whole car/tire thing…that sounds like the worst!!)–love that you got your blanket scarf much faster than you expected tho!!!

  8. Mmmm food! Like I haven’t had enough this weekend?! And the peppermint gelato pops? Where did you get those. Wait, don’t tell me I don’t need them! LOL!

    I love that blanket scarf! So cute! And the shoes! How fun!!! I didn’t know that fitbit was coming out with a heart rate monitor!?!?! I have the fitbit one and I quit using it because I really just wanted a heart rate monitor so that makes me super happy!

  9. I have to get new tires soon, too! We are waiting until next week though once we are settled in the new house. The joys of being an adult, right? Those YSL heels are a major score from your aunt – how cool is that!? Glad you had a good weekend, girl – Happy Monday!

  10. Ashley says:

    The Nest candles are my favorite for holiday time. I actually have that Asos cape pending in my cart right now! There are so many good deals today!

  11. i cannot get over those YSL heels. i mean those are lifetime shoes. loving the scarf too! well all of it who are we kidding. ps i have that holiday nest candle in front of my face at work and i love. too bad i can’t light it :) xo

  12. Darcy says:

    Don’t you just love your blanket scarf?! I was surprised at how big it is, but I know I will wear it soo much this year!

  13. Did your aunt give you those amazing shoes AND make all of that amazing food? Serious jealousy here! All Thanksgivings should come with an array of meats!!

  14. Jillian says:

    ok now i want steak!! :) i have that blanket scarf but i need to figure out how to wear it!! sooo big. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  15. Brianne says:

    That food looks to die for. I really love the blue & red lace dresses as well.

  16. I have never smelled those Nest candles, but they look adorable!! And that prime rib… omg that looks so delish! Glad you had a good turkey day :)

  17. Sounds like a good weekend and all that food looks so yummy! Love those shoes you scored from your aunt too! Happy cyber Monday shopping girl :)

  18. Stacy G says:

    The food looks delish and I’m loving the scarf! I did some serious damage shopping over this weekend and today. I got great deals though. Today I found big blush pink crystal stud earrings for my sister a fab crystal bracelet on J Crew Factory for my mom and a Kate Spade mug for myself… I couldn’t help myself it was 30% off! xo Oh and the Talenti bars look amazing! xo

  19. Ahh, I am trying to stay way from all the Cyber Monday deals because I spent way too much this weekend! Those Talenti bars look so good, and that blanket scarf is so pretty. :)

  20. Kristen says:

    those YSL heels are absolutely gorgeous.
    We went out for Black Friday, I didn’t want to but KC wanted a playstation and didn’t want to wait for online shipping, can’t blame him. It was really tame, we got there when it opened and most people arrived after us so we were in and out in 10 minutes, zero exaggeration. Then I went home and did some damage online haha. Not a whole lot though, and I am not buying anything today.

  21. Girl, I dropped nearly a grand on all new tires for my Audi a while back, and I was SO MAD but then after I got my car back I was like, “this is better than Christmas!” Car drove like a dream.

    Also, can I get the deets on your mani in the ice cream pic?! I bet it was a gel, so it’s something like “S987” instead of a fun name…

  22. ahh i have to stop shopping! too many good deals! need to try that peppermint ice cream! yum! and LOVE those heels!

  23. The food looks amazing, and the blanket scarf so comfy. I didn’t shop as much as I thought I would but the ASOS booties look really good right about now. Bring on everything peppermint!

  24. Julia says:

    Ooo all that food looks so good! Love your blanket scarf, it looks so cozy! I didn’t go shopping on Friday either, tooo crazy!

  25. Rebecca Jo says:

    So much to love here…

  26. That food all looks delicious as I’m eating my lunch haha. Those shoes from your aunt are killer too. My mom gave me a pair of vintage Givenchy brown boots. So fab. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of money in the last few weeks and I still haven’t done any holiday shopping. Sigh. Love all of your Cyber Monday picks though!! I’m glad that you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend and I hope that you are having a fab day so far! :-)

  27. Joey says:

    SO much good food lady!! Loving your blanket scarf! YAY for showing your condo! Steps in the right direction!!!

  28. Yummm all of that food. I can’t even get over the shoes your aunt passed on to you. Never give those beauties up!

  29. LOVE the scarf!! I can’t stop wearing mine! So glad you had a good Thanksgiving – I’m definitely adding a steak plate to our menu for next year, great idea!!

  30. Dude the Nordstrom Scarf in your Cyber Monday picks – Must buy – – NOW.

    And your blanket scarf looks SO comfy.

    Talenti Gelato Pops? Why haven’t I seen these yet?!?! And yes, we have moved from PUMPKIN everything to PEPPERMINT everything. MMMMMMMMMMM

  31. Those ice cream bars, yes please. I’m so obsessed with peppermint stuff this year! Love your scarf. PS- Guess what, I’m finally going to try Pure Barre and I’m so excited!

  32. Love those shoes from your aunt! I’m so overwhelmed with cyber monday shopping, I just keep filling up shopping carts on various sites. I need to pull the trigger and make some purchases haha

  33. I can’t believe your Aunt gave you those shoes! She must really love you!!! :) :P

  34. Meghan says:

    That food looks AMAZING. Seriously, drooling over here. Love that gray cowl neck from Forever 21 in your picks too. Also, can’t get over the YSL shoes! xo

  35. Kay R. says:

    Great holiday girl! And great deals too …Victoria secret has a great online pajama sale where you get free slippers! You should totes check that out (use SLIPPERS as the code at checkout)

  36. I love that you went with steak and turkey for Thanksgiving. Looks so yummy! Love the blanket scarf! I’ve been getting so much wear out of mine.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  37. Emily says:

    Love those shoes! They look great on you. You’re like the 3rd person I’ve seen with the blanket scarf. I haven’t hear about it before today. Love all your Cyber Monday picks from Nordstrom. That TB purse is so pretty!

  38. Yes bring on all the peppermint! Love those shoes, your aunt has great taste :)

  39. Ashley says:

    that kate spade watch is to die for! Also, you made me pretty hungry with this post :)

  40. Those Talenti bars are to die for!
    ~Elise @

  41. Um….how have I not seen those peppermint bars yet? delish!
    Love the shoes and scarf, and that prime rib look awesome!

  42. I have to go to the closest grocery store and find those Talenti ice creams immediately. I tried to find the Thanksgiving seasonal flavors two weeks ago and only walked away with lots of Mediterranean Mint because it was BOGO, but still. I didn’t get any online shopping done because I wound up Wifi-less Wednesday-mid Monday. Can you imagine the horror?

    Also, I can’t believe it’s almost your Blogiversary!!

    Southern Belle Secrets

  43. Nikki says:

    I didn’t do any Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping… I am so behind that it isn’t even funny! And I really need those gelato pops! Also, so glad you said that about the Fitbit! I have been dying for one, but now I am definitely waiting. Wonder when it will be available?


  44. Those HEELS! So cute!! And your Thanksgiving dinner looks amazing. We always have prime rib for Christmas – can’t wait!!

  45. Looks like you had a great weekend! Love those vintage heels. There are some great sales going on, loving that leather jacket from Nordstroms! What all did you buy?

  46. I’ve got to try those Tanenti pops! Those shoes are GORGEOUS and best part they were free!!

  47. So glad to hear you had an amazing Thanksgiving!! Oh I would be in trouble if where I worked started to sell candles too, but I have never heard of these so I need to go look them up! Oh and those shoes are gorg!!

    <3 Shannon

  48. Okay we have the SAME taste in candles because I currently have several Nest ones stocked up!! So glad you had a great thanksgiving :)

    Simplicity Relished

  49. -Heather- says:

    That scarf is so cute on you! Steak at thanksgiving could possible be the best thing ever. I will have to request this next year!

  50. Looks like you had a great holiday! All these sales are killing me and my wallet!! Love the round up, thanks!

  51. I like your use of the word ‘shank’ and I believe that it is super important when referring to black Friday shopping. I did pretty well at Bath and Body Works as well. I am in love with their candles. The scent fills my entire house! One time, I tried to buy hand soap from somewhere else and I hated it!

  52. Looks like an awesome weekend with some yummy food of course!! I died when I read how you don’t leave your home because last time the word shank came out of your mouth. That’s hilarious! :) I definitely took advantage of the deals at B&BW too!! :)

  53. Dang, I am so behind on my favorite blogs! Okay..where do I begin?

    Cyber Monday was good to the both of us it looks like! Is it bad that I’ve never heard of Nest candles?? Tell me more!

    LOVE those YSL heels from your grandma. Those are such a classic lucked out girl!

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