Fabulous Giveaways and Some Confessions

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Oh Wednesday thank goodness for you that means the downward slope to the weekend is on.  I wanted to let y’all know in case you have had any sleepless nights about it…….I tried my dress on and it’s perfect and free of any poison ivy cross contamination. I know it was keeping you up at night like it was for me but rest assured it’s all good.  It’s actually gorgeous.  I cannot wait to show you the pictures.  I’m kinda sad I can’t do it now.  I’m so bad at keeping surprises or gifts I always want to share them with the other person!  
I wanted to share a few confessions before we launch into the fabulous giveaway that I have with some pretty awesome peeps not going to lie.  Let’s get into them
I confess.  I am obsessed with Britney Spears Instagram.  It is so uncomfortable and awkward.  I mean how did homegirl go from this?

To this?  I mean I love B. Spears.  Like love her.  Want to see her in Vegas but it’s like she has never seen a selfie before.  What is up with that awkward smile?  It’s literally like she is saying “cheeeeese” through clenched teeth.  I won’t even get into the outfit in front of pony?  donkey? and that awkward side arm in that red tube top.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she says “let’s upload it On the line”
Or this video with the awkward positioning and white socks.  I could literally watch this every single day.

I confess I was loving all y’alls suggestions, texts, emails for help on how to deal with the tiny micro ants.  I went and got this.

What I mean by when I say I went and got it……really I texted a picture of it to Mark and he went to Home Depot to get it.  Then he got attacked by two little old ladies who talked his ear off about how it works…..they can’t resist the dimples.  Rough life.

Anyways.  It was the most interesting science experiment ever.  It contains sucrose and borax apparently.  I opened it up and how those little suckers……like what do they do send a smoke signals or something?  Within minutes they were all surrounding it.  Then they apparently take the borax back to the Queen B (no more throne for her) and the next morning completely gone.  If anyone ever has that problem highly recommend!  Sorry for that groundbreaking share but it has saved me some serious aggravation and thought I’d pass along that non fashion home dweller gem……

I confess I burnt my pointer finger on my right hand with a curling iron and then the next night closed it in-between those stupid little bottom drawers of the fridge.  I hate those drawers.  I like to be able to have a full visual inventory of everything in the fridge without something hiding in the depths (that is why communal work fridges skeeve me out….never know what is lurking in the back corners).  My finger looks like I got into a fight with sparklers or something.  Honestly how can one person be so klutzy??? Thank goodness it’s not on my left hand.  I mean it’s right where it bends……so painful!

I confess I have an unhealthy obsession with the Captain Obvious commercials.  Why are they so funny to me?

Side note I always use TripAdvisor before I do anything.  Restaurant, hotel etc.  They have the best reviews and photos from real travelers.  If you’re ever going to book a hotel site unseen definitely check it out.

Lastly I confess I had two of my bridesmaids in my barre class last night and it made my day.  Totally called them out and made them feel all awkward.  I definitely think I need to get a class going right before.  I’m thinking the night before the wedding would be perfect.

Alright let’s get into the fun stuff now.  Want to make your valentine’s day fantastic? In addition to this month’s Big Picture InstaLink linkup–we’re doing a huge giveaway! I partnered with some pretty awesome blogger gals to cohost the linkup and bring you the best giveaway to date. Want to win a $120 KATE SPADE gift card and 2 hand-lettered prints by Maybe Meghan?  Those prints are so gorgeous I want them!

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What are some of your confessions?  Have you ever burnt your finger that badly with a curling iron before?  What do you use to research your hotels prior to booking?  Hope you are having a great week!  xoxoxo
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46 responses to “Fabulous Giveaways and Some Confessions”

  1. P!nky says:

    YAY! The dress! I know you look amazing. I wanted to share pictures too, with everyone once it was the final fitting but that would had ruined the surprise. We can’t wait to see you rocking it on the wedding day….eek! Wedding MONTH!!!

    I’m with you on Bspears, she just looks….weird.

    Sorry about your finger. I’ve done that before, ouch! Feel better soon! xoxo

  2. Kiki says:

    Can’t wait to see your dress!!!

  3. So happy everything worked out with the dress – only a couple more weeks and you get to have it on for a long time!!! Ummm…Britney Spears just has the weirdest smile ever, which makes me sad because I still love her!!! Glad you didn’t burn your left finger too since that’s the one that’s going to be photographed the most lol!!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  4. Jenn says:

    Wooohoo for the wedding dress (and no poison ivy remnants! lol) I hope your finger feels better–that looks super painful. If it makes you feel any better I slammed my hand in a car door the night of my rehearsal dinner. So, that was fun lol. At least you have some healing time!
    I’m all over TripAdvisor, too. We never book a hotel or vacation without looking at the reviews because they are usually spot on!
    Woohoo for Kate Spade! Love!
    Have a good day girl!

  5. Yay!!! So glad the wedding dress fits, I told you it would! I can’t wait to see you in it!! I’ve burnt my finger before but never quite that bad! You did a good job there, that looks super painful! And Britney… oh Britney. Love her but I just don’t know what happened there. She always looks super awkward in pictures now (that aren’t photoshopped) and her smile makes her look like she’s in pain…

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. Jillian says:

    OUCH your finger looks painful. hopefully that heals soon. and OMG poor brittany…xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  7. Julia says:

    Oh yay so glad no poison ivy contamination on the dress! Can’t wait to see it, I know you will look stunning! Haha, I hadn’t been following Britney on Insta but it looks like I need to! Bless her heart! OUCH your poor finger! You sound like me, I am SUCH a klutz so I’ve always got some wound or bruise or something going on! I think it’s because I try to rush through and do things too quick and/or I like to carry waaaay too many things at once. Adam just shakes his head at me. ;)

  8. Carly says:

    Haha, I love Britney Spears on Instagram. It’s so awkward that it’s great. The videos really make it. So glad to hear your dress is perfect!

  9. ok britt britt is too awkward. that poor girl. at least she’s not on the crazy train anymore. i’ll take awkward over that any day. and your klutz-ness is on par with mine! i hurt myself in the most random of ways all the time. it’s unreal. i need a bubble or something :)


  10. Yay about your dress!!! Can’t wait to see pictures too. Love Britney Spears and I would totally go see her in Vegas. Glad that you guys got rid of those ants, and that’s cute/funny about the old ladies. Those Capt Obvious commercials are so great, and sorry about your injury!! :-( I hope that it goes away soon. Clearly you need a fridge like Yolanda Foster on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Check it out. :-)

  11. Mree says:

    Sorry to hear about your finger!! Hope it feels better soon.

  12. Your poor finger!! WTF Brit Brit?! I still love her way too much, but homegirl just can’t keep up with the times. She is still floating around in her glory days of yore (aka 1998).

  13. Ouch, your finger! Get all that stuff out of the way now, before the wedding! Glad everything was fabulous with your dress, can’t wait to see it!

  14. Hooray for the great news about your dress! I bet you’re relieved. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds Britney’s IG account amusing … she looks amazing these days, but girl is a bit whacky. And, your poor finger! That hurts like hell when that happens. Hopefully it heals up quick!

  15. I don’t get B Spears? She used to be so hot and I mean HOT and now look at her? At least she hasn’t done any head shavings and umbrella attacking lately.
    Ally – Life as I know it

  16. The Britney talk cracked me up, I have noticed her awkward smiles on there haha! And YES I’m a huge TripAdvisor fan!

  17. You are going to be the most beautiful bride! I am loving all the Britney related talk today :) She feels very awkward in pictures, and sometimes even interviews to me too. But I’ve always heard her say that she is naturally shy. I guess she just really opens up on stage? I’ve heard a lot of performers are like that, even though it seems totally backwards to me. That throwback pic is awesome though! Not gonna lie I had it as the background on my computer back in the day. haha

  18. Aaaand I’m now following Britney on Instagram – thank you ;) Glad to hear you’re ant and poison ivy free!

  19. Her instagram is out of control. And those commercials are hilarious!

  20. Hurrah for no poison ivy. I love the train wreck of B’s instagram.

  21. thank you for the amazing giveaway! i guess i need to follow miss spears on instagram for a little laugh :)

  22. Well, you know how i feel about britney!! she is the best! in a weird way.

  23. Joey says:

    YOUCH!! Your poor finger! I swear when I injure an area I just keep injuring it over and over again.

  24. So glad everything worked out with your dress! You finger looks painful. Hope it heals quickly. Oh Brit Brit, poor thing can’t figure out the line! ;)

  25. Hahaha! Ooohh Britney. ;) She’s a mess.

    I cannot tell you how many times I’ve burnt my finger on a curling iron.

    On my wedding day I burnt my left arm on my curling wand. Like… laid my arm on top of it. I had a gross oozy burn on my wedding day. It was fabulous.

  26. hmm maybe i should be following famous people on IG…the only “famous” person i follow is The Fat Jewish but that’s only because he posts the most heinous things. by that, i mean hilarious.

  27. Meagan says:

    I love B Spears, that video is amazing. hehe and tripadvisor is the best. I love going on there to search all of the Caribbean resorts I’m not going to (wishing I could) – when I check out deals on all inclusives or even just flights/hotels I go to tripadvisor and look at the pictures and reviews. They’re really helpful! ;) or they would be…. I’ve only gone down south once. haha

  28. Brianne says:

    Aww your poor finger!

  29. I’m so glad to hear you wont be walking down the aisle covered in calamine. (; Ants are no fun. Or any bug for that matter.

    Sigh, my love hate relationship with Brit never ends. I keep telling myself she’s been through A LOT. You know, normal people dont shave their heads and attack other human beings with umbrellas. At least she’s past those days right? Her PR person def needs to help her with her selfie game. Know your angles Brit!

  30. Oh, your poor finger!!! Ouchie!! I touched a pan last week that I forgot had just come out of the 450 degree oven. Burns suck!

    Annnnnd now I am going to go follow Brittany on Instagram and become obsessed. No more time for commenting…hahaha

  31. Oh my goodness.. I don’t follow Britney on IG but I may have to start! That top right picture isn’t too bad though!

  32. K Cav’s face… I can’t even haha. She knows she’s actually better than Brit I think. Boo to your burned finger! Make Mark kiss it better asap ;)

  33. Jess says:

    Those Terro Ant things are amazing! You just reminded me I need more of them.

    Trip Advisor makes or breaks businesses too. Make sure you’re leaving reviews and mentioning peoples names in them, most likely they will get some form of reward for being mentioned. =)

  34. Yay giveaway! Oh, we can’t win our own giveaway? Dang… ;)

    I took a chunk out of my knuckle yesterday. I feel your finger pain, my friend.

  35. So glad your ants are gone! What a nightmare! And I don’t follow B.Spears’ insta, but I feel like I need to now….or maybe not.
    Yay giveaway!

  36. Kay R. says:

    Oh dear that burn! When my hair was straightened and I flat ironed it daily … that was one of the things that made me say NOPE cant do this anymore haha. Yay for ants being gone. Seriously the most annoying creatures.

  37. Oh thank heavens all went well with the dress! I’m glad that I just read that other post minutes ago rather than days ago because I would have still been thinking about it! Lol. Mihael currently has poison ivy.. so it’ a topic of discussion in our household on a daily basis! Yikes! Anyways.. also glad that you got rid of those damn ants! You betterget that finger looking back in tip top shape for the wedding! Ain’t no body got time for that! ;)

  38. Oh Brittney. I don’t think she ever really recovered after 2008. She still seems a little over-medicated and not quite stable.

  39. Oh Brittney. I don’t think she ever really recovered after 2008. She still seems a little over-medicated and not quite stable.

  40. Terro is truly amazing. I hope it works! And thanks for co-hosting such an awesome giveaway!

  41. awhite says:

    Curling iron burns are the WORST. Yikes, girl. Ouch!
    I’m so happy about your dress- it’s going to be amazing and you’re going to look amazing in it! :)
    Those little ants invade my kitchen + bathroom every spring. Those little sugar traps are life savers!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  42. Oh Britney, I agree, what have you done with yourself!! That scooter is a riot though.

  43. Kristen says:

    i didnt even know britney had an instagram but now i am obsessed. she looks so awkward and uncomfortable and what is with that video!
    your poor hand :( i always burn my ears or neck. ouch!
    and yes trip advisor is the shit! i dont know how i planned before it!

  44. I’m cracking up at the B. Spears IG – I don’t follow her, but think I should! Lol

  45. Can’t wait to see your dress! I know you look gorgeous in it! And oh my, what a train wreck Britney’s IG is! Great giveaway!

  46. I feel the same way about Britney’s smile!!!!! It’s so FORCED all of the time. Like, just don’t bother taking the picture! AWK-WARD.

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