Friday Favorites – First in November

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Happy Friday.  Did this week fly by for anyone else?  I feel like it was just Tuesday and then fast forward to today.  Work has been pretty crazy as of late which makes my days slightly chaotic but at least they don’t drag by.  Everyone has met their deductible so they are getting into those specialties before the end of the year, clearly.  I can’t complain.  I love what I do even though patient charting feels never ending.  I am catching up on emails and stopping by everyones blog so bear with me while I catch up!  I am looking forward to this weekend home.  I am cherishing these weekends before the craziness of the holidays starts.  Let’s get right into these favorites!229a24b45ab371c5bc8155599a739ebe

Favorite Song

Slowing it down for you on this one.  I love chill songs like this.  Nice and calming for your drive home.  Lay It All On Me.  Rudimental ft Ed Sheeran.


Favorite Recipe

Now only if FL would cooperate with cooler temps.  Black Bean & Quinoa Chili original pin here.Black Bean & Quinoa Chili

Favorite Workout

This is a great print out and do anywhere work out.  Original pin here.ab workout

Favorite Purchase

Did you know that Nordstrom started their Fall clearance today?  My favorite Toms Desert Wedge booties are part of it.  Or these gorgeous black over the knee boots I’ve had my eye on.  Or these Tory Burch riding boots on major sale.  The coveted Rag & Bone booties are 40% off, snag them before the sizes sell out.  These AG leggings are part of it!  I have had my eye on this Tory Burch bucket bag.  How fab would this Joie top be for the holidays?  This navy one is on major sale as well.

Favorite Funnies

When I get an Uber driver that takes forever to find me, then blames it on me and then asks for 5 stars when he drops me off.

as if
When I’m trying to get out of work on time and the chart keeps on kicking me out when I’m trying to finish the last patient chart.

When I see someone from work at Trader Joe’s when I’m running in for one thing after teaching barre class

Meeting a friend at a new restaurant that is in a questionable “trendy” area of town.


Me, today.  At 5pm.


Alright it’s your turn!  Stop by and tell me your favorites from the week and what you are up to this weekend.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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49 responses to “Friday Favorites – First in November”

  1. That baby gif, hahaha, that is totally me when I run into someone, which feels like all the time in Iceland. I am with you, I love these calm weekends at home before the crazy busy holidays start.

  2. Saving that super cute “That’s Freaky” gif! Something tells me it won’t be long before some kind of circumstances pops up where it will come in handy!

  3. The week kind of flew by, but at the same time lasted forever with the time change. I hate the time change…I wake up at 4am now, makes the day way to long lol. That baby gif made me LOL…so true for me, when I see people out! Happy Friday!

  4. The week sure did fly by! I’m off today and I’m sure that’ll fly by too haha. Love that workout! Pinning it! Oh and that funny of the girl leaving without the candy!! Haha

  5. Oh the baby one – I can’t even stand how cute that is!!! I have never had an uber driver ask for 5 stars…that right there would make me give them one and then say they asked for 5 stars lol!! Hope you have a relaxing weekend girl!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  6. charity says:

    Love the chili you posted and I desperately need to start paying more attention to these abs of mine! Great favorites as always…TGIF!

  7. Jenn says:

    The baby gif is maybe my favorite! Love it and can totally relate!
    The desert Toms wedges need to come to my house to live. I have the herringbone ones now and love them, but that light tan color is perfection. Damn you of informing me of this sale lol. Can I blame you when these arrive at my house and my husband asks what it is? “A gift from my friend Amanda, of course!” haha
    Hope you have a good weekend girl!

  8. Lindsay says:

    I meant to comment yesterday, I’m so excited to try that stick foundation! I would order it online today but I don’t know what color I need so I gotta make a sephora run…loving the description you gave though! So happy it’s soup season and that song is my jam right now!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  9. i thought it was wednesday today!!! wtf, that means work is just around the corner for me wahhhhh!

    also, toms wedges are the best! i have 2 and are my most comfy shoes.

  10. Nadine says:

    Hahahahahahaah that last gif. YES!!!!!!!! Also the one at TJ’s with the baby turning around is perfect! I am going to ignore everything you said about the Nordstrom sale. I cant do my usual Christmas shopping this year of one for you two for me. LOL. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend!!!

  11. Owen Davis says:

    “Friday let me hug you” my thoughts EXACTLY. That Ed Sheeran song is amazingggg. I’ve been so flipping busy… I have been missing blogland big time. Hoping for things to slowwww down so I can get back into my groove!! Xoxox

  12. This week flew by at times and at other times felt like time was standing still! I will have to check out those AG leggings–they looked great on you! I just worry they are too low cut. That workout looks killer–just what I need to kickstart my workout routine! I will have to try that black bean quinoa chili such a great combo and so healthy!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small

  13. This week really did fly by! I’m loving that song and that workout! Have a great weekend! :)

    -Chelsea |

  14. Rebecca Jo says:

    Pinning that chili recipe – I have had the hardest time finding a good one I can make right. Maybe this is the winner!

  15. Jessica says:

    Yay for Friday! I had no idea about the Nordstrom sale… off to do some damage. :)

  16. Amanda says:

    I want a big bowl of that chili in my belly RIGHT NOW! I am making that ASAP! Pete would love it, too.

  17. Hahaha, that baby’s face! I’ve definitely pulled that move before. Like quick, hide in the next aisle or behind the produce, stat! And that chili looks really good – as does anything with slices of avocado ;)

  18. Kelly K says:

    Those gifs made me laugh so hard! That black bean chili sounds AMAZING! I was looking for a recipe to throw in the crock pot this weekend so I may give it a try!

  19. Time in general is flying by, and I am so not ready for the holiday season. I want to savor it, and I have a feeling it’ll whip by too. And yessss to the Nordstrom sale, my happy place <3

    Happy Friday!

    Green Fashionista

  20. Heather says:

    Oooh, those wedge booties, thanks for letting us know!! Loving your funnies, especially the Uber one. Pfft! Have a great weekend!!

  21. Liz Jo says:

    My favorite is easily the baby trader joes one. HAHA my life.

    I’m checking out that Ed Sheeran song, is this a new or old one? I just heard is Kiss Me and it’s not even a new song, oops!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  22. I will admit that when I woke up this morning I didn’t know what day it was at first. Anyways… that workout is awesome. I also have to go to Nordstrom today to pick up some clothes that Chris had tailored. Guess I’ll have to check out that sale too!! :-) Love my AG leggings too. Lastly, those gifs.. Oh my gosh. LOL. I hope that you have a fab weekend girl!! :-)

  23. Lindsay says:

    That song is my new favorite… and I want everything in the Nords sale, but it’s selling out so fast!

  24. Nikki says:

    Loving that Ed Sheeran song, he seriously can do no wrong! Ugh Uber drivers are always lost out here, last week we had to direct the driver when she had 2 GPS units…don’t expect a great tip lady! Ugh charting sucksssss, it’s always when you want to leave that I have doctors calling me saying they can’t do this or that so I have to just do it for them.

  25. Heather H says:

    I love that Ed Sheeran song! I am totally into chill-out music right now. That chili recipe looks delicious too! I just made and froze a bunch last week but nothing wrong with trying a new one!! :)
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend, Amanda!!

  26. Kaitlin says:

    HAHA!!! Ok, your funnies are always the best. Laughing out loud about the toddling baby / seeing people from work at the store – I do that too!! I had to do that at Costco the other day. Have a great weekend!

  27. Summer says:

    That chili recipe looks so yummy ♥♥

  28. Kara says:

    LMAO at the trader joes gif!!!

  29. Darcy says:

    I totally thought this week flew by!! Maybe it’s beacuase we all got Tuesday off for the World Series parade but gosh I can’t believe it’s already Friday! (not that i’m complaining.. TGIF!!)

  30. Meg Taylor says:

    Yuppp I know what I’ll be doing on my lunch break – Nordstrom sale! That little Dorothy funny also cracked me up.

  31. marie says:

    Time is totally flying by. That Trader Joe’s gif is hilarious.

  32. That chili looks delicious! Definitely trying that one with all the rain we’ve had in SC this week!

  33. I read that one day earlier this week was the hottest November day on record, and they’ve been recording since 1890! So sad, Florida! I am so ready for Fall weather. I’ve been making Fall foods anyway, though.

  34. Missy says:

    Ooh I love a Nordstrom clearance! I have a fantastically busy weekend, looking forward to a low key one next weekend and using my 20%off sephora coupon! Have a great weekend!

  35. Emily says:

    Mmmm, that chili! Looks so good. Freddie’s been talking about making chili lately, and I need to get him to try this one. Probably just a tad healthier than what he would want to make ;)

    Sometimes I see workouts and am like, “amazing! I have to do this!” And then I realize that most of the moves are in my back pocket from Pilates and maybe I should work on teaching myself every now and then ;)

  36. Love it! The baby turning around really fast is hilarious although i’m sure you look awesome after barre and do not need to run!
    I really like the AG Jeans. Chili looks yummy but this weather is so gross. You should have seen me after my run this morning. 80 degrees and really muggy.
    Have a great weekend!
    xoxo, Traci

  37. Kayla MKOY says:

    Oh my word. Your “funnies” literally always make me laugh out loud. HA! The baby!!!! So cute! Hope you have a fun weekend! I love when the work days go quickly and don’t drag.

  38. Jess says:

    Trendy neighborhoods, I have to venture in sometimes. My husband and I get in, eat food, and get out! lol…they have the best restaurants sometimes.

  39. Kristina @ Medicine and Manicures says:

    Oh my gosh that goat…. I can’t!! I feel you with the charting girl, I’m doing all of it here at the urgent care and it can be pretty time consuming.. hang in there!

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

  40. Kristen says:

    bahahahaha the little ‘no thanks’ girl is hilarious.
    girl, no lie, i went to kroger last night and saw someone i knew (you have no idea how random that is, it almost never happens, pros of being an expat) and i seriously turned around and walked out hahahaha.
    i bought a swimsuit from nordstrom yesterday, i just checked to make sure it wasn’t included in the sale, i would have been peeved!
    have been piiiiiissed. have a good weekend doll!

  41. Meg says:

    I totally get crazy work, although for whatever reason that made this week way too long. I envy you haha. I am going to have to try that chili. I love chili and it’s getting chilly here in Minnesota (see what I did there? ;) ) I also can totally relate to your charting gif. My charting software has been a huge pain this week and I just want to be done. Great post!

  42. I love that Ed Sheeran song too! I could listen to him all day everyday! And we’re still pretty sweltering here in Texas too, and I feel like it’s majorly cutting into my chili and soup time! Hopefully it cools off soon!

  43. The jeans look so comfortable and I love the Trader Joe’s funny… So true!

  44. That chili looks amazing. I made my dad’s famous chili last night and it’s so good. I still can’t believe you guys have such hot weather!
    And I love the Toms booties. They are so comfortable!

  45. Haha that last funny is exactly how I felt at the end of the day today!

  46. Rachael says:

    Using Uber in China when they don’t speak English is always a hilarious experience ;) haha

  47. That workout looks KILLER. I’m going to do that this week!

  48. A part of me is really sad that all the fall stuff is making it’s way to clearance right now. Like, uh really? It means winter is sooo close and I loathe winter. haha. Oh well, at least all the good deals are out! Oh that baby and your post Barre Trader Joe’s scenario. haha

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