What Do I Wear to Pure Barre Class

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I get asked on a daily basis when people find out that I teach Barre Classes what to expect when you take one.  I think people get really intimidated about new kinds of workout classes.  I know I do!  So I wanted to give everyone some tips or answers to their questions about what do I wear to Pure Barre class or any barre class.


What Do I Wear to Pure Barre Class

what do I wear to pure barre class


Barre classes are a total body workout that are really tailored to target all the hard to work areas thighs, hips, seat, abdominal area and arms.  It is low impact (no jumping around), you target the muscles to fatigue and then stretch them out to create long lean muscles.  There are women (and men) that take these classes who span across many age ranges.  A lot of women ask me “isn’t it a bunch of skinny Lululemon wearing 20 year olds in these classes?”  My answer is no!  There are women in their 20’s, 30s, 40, 50’s 60’s and beyond.  Women of all different body types and structures.  Everybody is friendly and open.  It is such a warm and welcoming environment.  You think I’m joking when I say it feels like a family or small community but once you get hooked you will totally get when I mean!  These are a few tips about what do I wear to pure barre class and what to expect if it’s your first time taking the class.


Arrive 15 Minutes at Least Before the Class Starts.
The majority of studios have their schedules online.  I would check the times or even stop by and grab a schedule.  Then arrive at least 15 minutes before so you can fill out paperwork and get acquainted with the studio.  You don’t want to feel rushed at your first class if you arrive a few minutes before class starts.

Take a Friend.
If you are nervous about going to class on your own convince one of your friends to come with you.  Or what is the best recommendation, if you have a friend who already takes classes, have them bring you to your first class. They can walk you through the setups and help you feel more comfortable.

Let the Instructor Know About Any Limitations.
If you have any pain or previous injuries let the instructor know.  That way we can keep an eye out to make sure you are staying in the form that is the safest for you.  There are always modifications if you need them.  Listen to your body if you need to come out of a position do it and then try to get back into it when you are ready.

You Don’t Have to be a Ballerina or Have Prior Dance Experience.

The Ballet bar is there just for balance don’t let it intimidate you.

what to wear and expect for a barre class


Listen to the Cues Throughout the Class.
Throughout class the instructor will set up every move and then listen for cues and additional feedback. Think about the muscle or area you are working and focus all your energy there.  Think about very small movements and range of motion.  Try not to swing or use momentum instead think about squeezing and pressing from that area.  Focus on your form

Expect Your Legs to Shake.
You work your legs and seat muscles till they fatigue so they make shake and that is normal!  Shaking muscles means you are changing muscles.  After each area that is worked you will stretch it creating long lean muscles.

What to Wear.
What to wear to a pure barre class.  Wear long pants or capris so you can keep your muscles warm.  You don’t have to wear sticky socks but they do help you not slip during plank work.  You can get them at the studio or online.  Also most studios carry amazing retail that you can check out when you are there.  Here are a few of my picks of what do I wear to pure barre class!

I know I totally feel like a broken record but the Plié Tight is my absolute favorite right now!  It has extra fabric at the bottom that you can pull over your feet.  I have been asked a few times after class where I got my pants so check out the link!  I would recommend ordering a size smaller…I know crazy but I am usually always a small in pants but would go with xsmall for the next pair.

Close Your Eyes and Focus on Yourself.
There may be some challenging moves, try to stay in but if you need to take a break listen to your body.  I sometimes close my eyes to try and stay in for that last 30 seconds of hard work.
Let the Music Drive You.
Most classes have specific music for each muscle group.  Try to let the music guide and motivate you throughout class.
Don’t Worry About What Others Think
Everyone tells me they are scared or intimated by the other people in the class.  Trust me everyone is there to work and take the class time to really focus on yourself.  Nobody is noticing if you can’t stay in a particular move or if your legs are shaking.  This class is all about you.
What the Heck is the Instructor Saying?
It may take you a few classes to get down the lingo.  You may here things like “heavy tailbone” “knit in your ribcage”.  These are cues to pull in your abs and keep a straight back, pulling your hips under to help protect your lower back.  You may also hear “tuck” which means to pull your hips forward while drawing your abs back in opposing motion.  Or things such as “inch movements” that helps to cue you to make small isometric tiny moments.
Make Sure to Prepare Prior to Class.
Try to stay well hydrated before class.  Feel free to bring water and a small towel with you.  Every studio is different but at the one I teach at your equipment consists of a tube, ball and light weights….and you…..and getting on your highest tippie toes in some instances :-)
what to wear to pure barre class
Any Questions?
If you have questions about technique or form don’t be afraid to ask the Instructors!  We love helping you so you are fully maximizing your work!  Also see if your studio has a technique class where they go over the form and answer more of your questions.
Other tips.
Make friends with the people sitting around you!  I have met so many amazing women just by talking to the people next to me before class starts.  If you like the class ask about new client specials or see if you they are running any Groupon or Living Socials in your area.  Also most studios have Facebook pages so “like” the studios to stay up to date with the latest news and specials.
Hope that helps!!!  Have you taken any Barre Classes before?  What advice would you give to others! If you take a class let me know.  If you have any questions please ask me!  Have a fabulous day!  xoxoxoxoxoxo
p.s. If you need any advice on how to motivate for early morning workouts check out this post.  Are there any other fitness questions or reviews you want me do for you!  Let me know I’m up for it!  :-)
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14 responses to “What Do I Wear to Pure Barre Class”

  1. Becky M says:

    I have been dying to take one of these! Thanks for all the great info!


  2. Love this! Just found out my yoga/pilates studio offers a barre class. Looking forward to trying it out. Not sure how similar it will be to the states, things like this always seem a little different, but its worth giving it a try.

  3. Pure Barre is my absolute favorite workout, I’m seriously an addict. I LOVED my studio in Cincinnati and now that I’ve moved the studio is a bit further away than I would like and it’s hard to make the class times but I’m trying! I highly recommend Pure Barre to anyone and everyone. It’s an incredibly intense workout but you don’t feel out of breath and wiped out like most other “intense” classes like bootcamp. Pure Barre is also the only method that I’ve found drastically changes your body in a short amount of time if you keep up with it. You can read my post about getting back into “barre shape” here…http://wp.me/p32SmO-8j

    Love that your a barre instructor :)



  4. we have a barre studio uptown that i’ve been meaning to try out. thanks for these tips!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. great tips!! i’ve been taking barre once a week for the past six months and it’s a GREAT workout! i’d also add over time it DOES get easier as you become stronger but somehow every class i take i get my butt kicked :) xo jillian – cornflake dreams ps where is that pink tank from?! love it.

  6. I went to PB training for the location in Southlake, but then we moved soon after – I miss it so much!

  7. “Expect your legs to shake” – HA so true!

    I actually with more barre classes had more ballet elements in them – most of the classes I have been to have been way more fitness and pilates orientated and definitely don’t seem to have much flexibility work in them.

    jess | Quaintrelle

  8. Darcy says:

    Ahhh I want to take one of these classes so badly! My gym doesnt offer them :(. I am keeping my lookout for a living social deal or something so I can try!!

  9. I definitely need to invest in some socks!! Especially since i’m going to be frequenting the new barre studio so much!! Also, those pants are pretty amazing!! :)

  10. Gina says:

    Hey Amanda! Fabulous blog here… I love your fitness philosophy:) I just nominated you for a blog award. Learn more details here; http://classyeverafter.blogspot.com/2014/01/blog-honors.html

    Can’t wait to see your post!
    XO, Gina

  11. Ashield says:

    I’ve seen Groupon and Living Social deals for these classes and have heard such great things about them. I think next time I see a deal i’m going to purchase it. This post has some really great tips, thank you!!


  12. I’ve never taken a barre class, now I’m interested. I love trying new ways to stay fit, but I hate trying to figure out the lingo. I finally (after months) figured out which pose they are calling out in my yoga class.

  13. I’m a dancer, and I actually have an opportunity to apply for a barre fitness instructor at the local country club (they’ll train you and everything!). I had been wanting to read more about what it is, and this really helped!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this with me! I really want to check out the place near my house.. I’m going to have to research and find out the name now!

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