I’m Not Weird….Just Different

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So I feel like I didn’t get my soul cleansing because I didn’t confess yesterday so let me start off with one quickly.  I confess I have about 30 draft posts that are just about ready to go but every time I sit down to finish one, something else sparks and I’m off to the races with a new idea.

This one post was inspired by my bestie funny gal Kristen who I am so sad she is leaving me for Australia to go on Holiday.  I mean shoot doesn’t that sound so fancy?? I want to holiday in the South of France instead of taking a long weekend to catch up on my backlog of sleeping hours.  Anyways in her post yesterday she corrected peeps by saying it’s not weird…..it’s just different and that got me to thinking…….

I have some new friends that stopped by yesterday from the Hump day linkup so I thought I would take this opportunity to share some things about me that are different not weird.  Great little way to introduce myself right?  Or for the regs (I tried to abbreviate or abbrev if you will….I don’t think I can pull it off?)  Here is some new insight for you.  Without further ado….

10 Ways That I’m Different Not Weird

#1 I always drive barefoot
It drives my mother absolutely nuts but I feel like I don’t have full control of my car unless I drive barefoot.  Plus I live in FL and I think I’ve clearly covered my complete rage with every single inhabitant that clogs the roadways down here.  I also feel like I’ve come a long way from my days of driving when I was 16. Side note.  Please do not think that by me stating I drive barefoot means I condone sticking your foot out that window.  Because I don’t.  At all.  Like ever.

#2 I go back to check if the door is locked nine times out of ten
You know what???  It’s never once been unlocked….but I’ll be damned if it’s the one time I forget to check and I come home and goodbye Macbook and jewelry.  Oh and now someone is hiding in my shower.

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#3 When I teach Barre in the early morning…..I run to my car in the parking garage

(via tumblr)

My motto better be paranoid than dead.

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Here are some other paranoid tendencies.

#4 I am the youngest of six kids
If you have a second read this post…..it will all make sense after that.

#5 When I commit myself to something, that Type A side of me takes over
I am currently obsessed with getting Marks law website into the first search engine page of google. I think it’s insane to pay someone to SEO optimize your site.  I mean I can watch youtube videos for hours, read up on blog posts about the subject and devote hours of time to something like that because I will figure it out.  If that means sending a mass email to my family members about google searching specific keywords and clicking on his site to send traffic there….#guilty.  Any suggestions?  I already set up a google webmasters account and submitted a site map so google can crawl the site.  Alright I’ll let that one slide….its kinda crazy…..moving along.

#6 When I watch a show…..I have to watch it till the very end
I wish this wasn’t the case…..I will watch it to the very bitter end.  Hello One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, and Cougar Town.  The one I finally had to give the boot to….Vampire Diaries I just couldn’t do it anymore Elena was just the worst.

#7 I really wish I could sing
I am telling you I am probably the worst singer you’ve ever heard but that doesn’t stop me from trying!  My solution just crank up that music till you don’t hear yourself anymore and now you are sounding fantastic!  Car singing is my jam along with car dancing….I have a long commute.  Sometimes I will make up full routines currently I’m working on one to that Fancy song.  It involves lots of hand motions to “the crowd” while my other hand is singing with the mic steering.

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#8 The Toe next to my big toe is like way longer….

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I call it a Genius toe….at least that is what I tell myself to feel better.  Mark has one as well.  If we have kids they should be like extra smart.  The last time I got a pedicure the girl called it a “Bossy Toe”. I just about fell out of my chair laughing.  Done. Boom. Coining that one.

#9 I am obsessed with music and think you should be too.
You know that scene in Mean Girls?

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That’s how I feel about songs.  I also get straight up possessive and angry when the radio starts overplaying “my song” because they are going to ruin it.  I also like to label songs to their fitness genres…”oh great climbing song”….”that one would be perfect for thigh work”.

#10 I talk more to my bloggers friends on a daily basis than my IRL friends
Yeah I had to check what it meant the first time to (in real life).  Pretty much how I feel like when I check my inbox and see all the lovely comments from y’all that I get to catch up on!

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I now refer to y’all in common day speech.  “Totally B was telling me about that setting primer I need to add it to my Sephora list”….”Kristen sent me the cutest Target dress selfie that other day“.  Mark likes to say “ohhh is that your blogger friends” (with air quotes).  I’m like “you’re darn right and we are meeting them when we head to Boston and Chicago this Summer so get ready” ;-)

Alright so what do you think?!  Am I different, weird or straight up crazy pants?  Do you do any of these things?  What are your “different” traits?  Also wanted to give a shout out to all the sweet comments and support from yesterday it was truly humbling!  I would absolutely love all of you if you had a second to check those sweet blogger gals making an appearance in perfectly symmetrical height and width buttons on my right side of the blog (not OCD weird just different ;-)  You won’t regret it they are all so funny and bring so much to the table!  Thanks so much!!

Don’t forget about the Friday Favorites tomorrow!  xoxoxo

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50 responses to “I’m Not Weird….Just Different”

  1. Krystal R. says:

    You’re not so different because I do so many of these! i drive barefoot all the time! I even forgot a shoe outside my car once. Totally drove off without it after a movie! If I use the iron on my clothes, I check about 500 times to make sure I unplugged it before I leave the house. And I tell people about new songs and i actually get angry when it becomes popular and everyone overplays it! haha

  2. Of course you aren’t weird. I love driving without my shoes, but i drive with them most of the time. Parking garages freak me out so I’m normally power walking through them if its dark out. Scott checks the door like 3 times after he locks it. I left it unlocked the other day when we went to the pool….trouble!!

  3. Becky M says:

    Number 1 through 3 are all SO TRUE!!! I always take my shoes off when I get in the car, and I run to and from my car in the garage at the hospital. Im not about to be kidnapped. (Adult napped I guess?) And I triple and quadruple check the door lock and that my straightner is turned off!! Can you say paranoid! Love it :)


  4. Those aren’t weird at all!! I can totally relate. My commute is long too so I am always rocking out to jams to make it go faster!!

  5. I totally can relate your no. 2. I always return to double check the doors, twisting the locks etc to make sure its locked.


  6. Well if you’re weird then so am I!! So #8 has a name for the toe – it’s called “Morton’s Toe” but I like Bossy toe way better- and I’ve heard that if it’s longer you’ll be wealthy…so take that to the bank lol!! When I lived in Florida I drove without shoes too…mostly because I was always in Flip Flops and it was against the law to drive in them…so I just took them off! As for #10 thank the blogging gods they brought us together!!

  7. MarlaJan says:

    I love weird, and I think we are all quite weird in our own weird ways. I’m not sure how I feel about the ALWAYS driving barefoot, but I have been known to do it if I get caught in the rain and my socks become soaked. Yuck, I HATE wet socks (is that weird?)

    LOL, Steve’s got a Genius Toe, too. It kind of freaked me out when I first saw his feet, but now I find it endearing. And honestly, my husband is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, so, it makes sense. You go with your Genius Toe!

    There are a few shows I had to give up on… I think it was season 3 of Grey’s where Meredith fell into the water and was under for like 20 minutes. And just a few hours she was in a hospital bed canoodling with McDreamy? I mean c’mon, where’s the brain damage?!?!?!

    I want to tell you all the weird things about me, and I’m drawing a blank. LOL, and believe me, I am WEIRD! 6 years of sats no higher than the low 80’s will do that to a gal! ;-)

  8. not weird at allll! i have long second toes too.. and im pretty sure someone told me that makes me smart. mmkay ill take it. I LOVE the name bossy toe hahahha! also does mark have his own law practice?! h is thinking about starting a private practice after his fellowship but im not sure he wants to do all the start up work. in the meantime (aka next year) i am going to make a website for him with his bio and stuff. have you added meta tags? im not 100% sure how to do it but i know it helps with web crawls and ranking.

  9. I get bent out of shape when they overplay my song on the radio as well. Pisses. Me. Off.

    My toes are just like yours!!!!!! You do know what that means right? It means you are the ruler of the family. Soooo… I guess you could say I wear the pants! HA!

  10. My husband always points out that I have blogger friends!! haha! I am so with you on the parking garage thing, creepy stuff happens there, I know it!

  11. these things are not weird, or different! i like reading about habits people have :) i can totally relate to the music and getting possessive of it when they start overplaying. this is how I felt about the song “Pompeii” by Bastille back in November. that shit blew up in Feb or March and I just said “I STARTED LISTENING TO THEM BEFORE ANYONE KNEW THEY EXISTED!” :D

  12. Ashley says:

    Hahaha I’m the same way with IRL friends vs blogger friends. It’s a whole nother world with blogging besties. I have to drive barefoot too!

  13. Hahaha ok o to start things off… we’re not letting Kristen go to AUS without us. I’ve decided it’s just not going to work ;) I drive barefoot too unless I have tennis shoes or flats on. Then it’s just too much work to take them off. I literally cannot drive in heels or wedges though. I not only check the door to make sure its locked, I also double check to make sure my straightening iron is off. I’m so OCD/paranoid about that. Literally I’ve left work to go home to make sure it’s off. <– I’m only partially crazy, I swear. If it’s dark out, I always run to my car. We won’t talk about what I do if it’s dark in my house. Oh and sadly, I still watch TVD. I liked Elena better when she turned off her humanity. Self-righteous bitch. At least Caroline has gotten interesting!

    <3, Pamela

  14. Genius toe! Haha…mine is longer too but I’ve always called it my freak toe. I am also the youngest of six. I don’t get into shows that often, but when I do, I have to watch it all the way to the end…preferably all at once in a glued-to-the-couch Netflix binge.

  15. i know people think it was crazy of me to go to miami to meet with “blogger friends” but they dont know shit!! the connections we have with our readers are real and they really are our friends.

    and i’m with you on the singing – i can’t sing for shit but when i crank that bitch up? i sound like goddamn mariah carey.

    Vodka and Soda

  16. omg YES! I am not the only one still watching Grey´s Anatomy, lol. Like I think to myself, I´ve gone this far, I might as well watch it till the end of its time (which is when??? it´s been 10 seasons already!)

    oh and I also posses songs too! lol, i´ll tell people about them and then like a few weeks later, they´ll tell me omg it´s my favorite song!! and i´ll be like pshhh whaaaat I MADE that song, if it wasn´t for me you wouldn´t have heard it! the end.

    btw, I have a keychain that says “i´m not weird, i´m gifted” and have had it for like 20 years, my life, true story.

  17. JumpingJE says:

    Yes, my blogging friends know wayyyyyy more about my day to day life than my IRL friends too – it’s scary. I don’t think I could ever drive without shoes, I feel the exact opposite but do what makes you comfortable :) Yay for “confessions” on Thursday!

  18. I’m different, yeah I’m different… know that song? that’s what this reminded me of! I love driving barefoot too! Especially in the summer.

  19. P!nky says:

    I check my door and my car a bazillion times too! Better safe than sorry right?!!

    Your barre crew is fancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. hahah you are totally not crazy pants! I run to my car too a girl can never be too careful! Especially when I lived in an apartment.

  21. Please add me to the Boston fun.

    Also, I don’t blame you for running to your car in the morning. Parking garages are creepy.

  22. hahah Love this post! I loved it when Kristen did it too – so fun!

  23. Kristen says:

    I feel so special right now.
    SHUT UP I drive barefoot too!!! well, i will drive in runners (tennis shoes, sneakers whatever) but everything else comes off.
    its illegal at home, lol!
    i seriously get out of bed every night to check the door, and then i make kc check. i also check like ten times before i leave in the morning, and i lock my car 5 times (and it beeps each time, oops).
    hahahaha that gif of johnny running. i run to my car in the morning or night as well.
    rape whistle!! lol. yes too many stories, i’d rather be paranoid than dead.
    that family photo. i die.
    i have no suggestions, but if you want me to google stuff to help, i will. lol.
    i watch shows till the end as well, even though greys should have ended so long ago. vampire diaries is just being ridiculous lately, i think i am done.
    bossy toe! did you know like 45% of the world has a second toe longer than the first toe? including me, what what.
    i hate listening to the radio for that reason. thats my song, get away from it radio!
    haha i barely talk to my irl friends anymore, and not in a mean way, but i know i will be more honest, get more honest opinions, and laugh way more with my internet friends. and i absolutely had to google irl the first time. not to mention all the other things i had to google regarding blogging. lol.
    haha i know, i talk about you and my other bloggy friends alll the time and KC is like, wait, who? and i’m like my friends. and he’s like, i know all your friends. no son, you dont. but you will one day!
    obviously i am just as weird / different, lol. when i was like 16 and working at mcdonalds, my manager called me weird but didnt know i was behind her. so she turned around and tried to apologise, and i said ‘i’d rather be weird than you’ and stalked off. what a bitch! lol. i stand by it.
    aw shucks girl you make me so blushy and happy. you’re too sweet!

  24. My second toe is longer, I am constantly on the edge in parking garages, and just last night I walked down two flights of steps to check a door I freaking know I locked before I went upstairs.

  25. #2 #8 and #10 ALL the way!!! hahaha

  26. Not weird or different at all girl, this was great! So yeah, I drive barefoot at all times if I have sandals/flats on. If it’s night time, I run to my car, but I play it off like I’m “jogging because I’m in shape and take any chance for a mini workout” but really I’m running from killers.

  27. Joey says:

    We are the same person. Except I’m the baby of 5 not 6–but I think that categorizes us the same either way. I could comment on every little thing–but I’ll just leave it as we’re the same, love you and lets be besties.

  28. Kayla MKOY says:

    I just love this haha! It’s awesome to embrace all our quirks! I am also obsessed with music, and check our front door EVERY night like 17 times…sometimes even re locking it haha

  29. The GIF in #3 KILLS me over in laughter. #5 is SO SO SO SWEET, actually. And you two will have GENUIS kids big toe or not.

  30. That GIF of the toes! LOL! I am the same way in parking garages of parking lots or anything. My husband thinks I’m ridiculous but I’m not taking any chances! I had a friend in highschool who could only drive barefoot, and I swear half the time it look her longer to get her shoes off, than it would take to get us wherever we were going ;) haha

  31. Love these! Whenever my husband is scrolling through my Instagram feed he’ll ask if any of these are my “real life” friends! Same goes for random people I talk about throughout the day…he’s slowly learning who’s who! ;-)

  32. Rebecca Jo says:

    They were just talking on 20/20 about OCD where people go back & check things repeatedly :)
    I try to do most things in life barefoot #countrygirl

  33. alyssa says:

    I LOVE this post format, and I might have to borrow it {with credit, duh} one of these days!
    1. I do too! Except when it’s winter, obviously. But if I have on flip flops or any shoes I can slip on/off, I will drive barefoot. It just feels better!
    2. One time I was halfway to work and drove home because I couldn’t remember if I locked the door or not. It was locked, but it could have been locked from the inside by whatever robber or murderer had already entered my apt, obviously, so I looked in every closet and behind the shower curtain before I left again. I’m sick, it’s okay.
    5. Type A’s unite!
    7. Me too, girl. It’s so bad. But that just means the music comes up louder in my car too ;)
    8. BOSSY TOE omg that’s too funny
    10. I’m getting to that point too, my officemate being the exception because we stare at each other 40 hours a week. I love my blog buddies, no matter what distance separates us, and those who don’t get it are just missing out on the amazing things blog friendships can be :)

  34. Aaaah YES the radio always ruins songs. Which leads me to ultimately whip out my faux leather CD binder that may or may not be a source of pride/embarrassment for me. So funny you drive barefooted but no hate! Your family picture is priceless. And it better be framed and hung in your new home when married.

  35. Lauren says:

    My husband asks me every day “So, how are the bloggers?” and goes through the list of the ones he “knows” via comments – even though he has met some in real life by this point. Their reaction to blogging is so funny!

  36. You’re not weird at all, I do the door checking thing too but mine are always mysteriously unlocked again… kids. And I sing in my car at the top of my lungs… horribly!!! When ever I talk about blog friends I just act like they are IRL friends cause it’s too hard to explain it to non-blogging folk. Cheers!

  37. ahh haha this has me laughing so hard because i can so relate. My fiance always says “wait are we talking blogger friends or real friends? I mean you do you it’s cool” womp womp

  38. brooke lyn says:

    i totally get paranoid when i am in parking lots and garage alone. especially at night. it’s kind of sad that we have to be panicky actually

  39. Well color me different! I talk to bloggers more than IRL friends, I check on the door and my straightener more times each morning before I leave than I am willing to admit in public (liiiiike 7) I am terrified in any parking lot at any time and carry my keys in my hand and my cell in my pocket or somewhere not my purse in case someone tried to rip it from me,

    I drive barefoot if I have ANY bit of a heel on my shoes. I must watch a show to the end because I am not a quitter. I am still watching VD…so that should say A LOT!!!!

  40. Bahaha I also refer to my blogger friends more than my IRL friends.

  41. Jen says:

    I get super possesive of songs too! I was just going to email you the other day about new pure barre songs that I’ve been missing since I haven’t been in a studio in MONTHS (so sad). PS I may have fixed our email issue??!?!


  42. Love this post! I double check the door too, especially when my husband is out of town!!

  43. Can we get together and do karaoke? Because I’m pretty sure we would go down as the worst ones ever since I can’t sing either. Oh, and I also make up dance routines in the car. My day is made knowing one of my blog friends does the same.

  44. My second “finger toe” (as my friends so lovely call it) is bordering on freakishly long – but I’m a tall girl so I have to have something to balance on right?!

    I am the same way with TV shows, I almost prefer waiting until a show is over to start watching so I can binge watch the entire series. Except – wait for it…The Vampire Diaries. How weird, I mean different, is that? I just couldn’t get past the third season of angst.

  45. *scrolls down for 10 years*
    I don’t stick my feet out of the window anymore, but, when we were kids my sister and I would put them out of the window and YELL: “Stinky feet for sale!” Dafuq??? hahaha
    I’m a straight up FREAK about checking to see if the door is locked! With our apartment, my car… errythang!
    I’m the same about shows… the only exception to that rule was How I Met Your Mother – b/c there wasn’t anyone hot in it. Yep, that’s how I do.
    I’ve tried to explain the concept of blog friends to Pete and he’s fucking clueless! hahahaha! You have to do it to understand it!!!

  46. My second toe is longer on one foot and the same length as my big toe on the other. I also have two different ears. Not like crazy different but different.

    Blogger friends > IRL friends. All day, every day.

    I booted Grey’s years ago. I couldn’t take it anymore.

  47. Rachel says:

    I’m the oldest of 7 kids, so I got the opposite end of the big family treatment. :P My baby sister is 7 right now. And when I leave the house and I’m alone, I check the door to make sure it’s locked way, way too many times. It’s ridiculous. When I leave the house and I’m with my husband, I never check the lock, because at least if it’s unlocked and all of our stuff is stolen, then it’s not my fault, since he was there. I know, that’s probably faulty reasoning…but I guess I’m more paranoid about getting blamed that our stuff is stolen than losing stuff. Who cares about stuff?

  48. Bahahahahahahahahhaha! I love these! And if it makes you feel better, I can relate to MANY of them! I loved Kristen’s post too about not being weird… just different! Well said :)

    I mean seriously, drive barefoot is almost a priority. Even sometimes in the winter if I am driving for a long time I would prefer to at least remove my boots. Which then calls for wet socks because lord knows there is snow all over the floor mat….

    I always check the door as well. Especially if I’m taking the dogs with me. I mean I’m pretty sure they would fight off anyone and nothing would ever get stolen from our house… but if I’m leaving and they’re going with me, I’m extra cautious. My next want is an alarm system!

    Your paranoid tendencies are hilarious! I’m just as bad. Like baaaaad! Especially when I’m home alone. And funny you mention that shower curtain thing cause that’s the first place I check if I feel like someone could be in my house. Lol.

    I could really comment on all of these… but I will move on :) I feel like I talk about my blog friends more than IRL friends sometimes too. Which is funny because I originally thought that friends and famiyl would be following along to keep up on our life since I moved away but that’s totally not the case! :)

  49. haha I talk about other bloggers all the time too and everyone is like who?! how do you know them?! They just don’t get me!

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