Yard of Ale Gastropub – Not Your Average Bar Food

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Happy Thursday!  The weekend is rapidly approaching!  I wanted to introduce you all to a local spot that I had the pleasure of attending their blogger event.  So two things I first want to touch on.

First. I live walkable distance to the Yard of Ale in South Tampa and it’s well…..if you know anything about Howard Ave it’s pretty much always a party.  Yard of Ale has expanded their reach into a St. Pete location and this one I’m going to tell you about in Clearwater.  The vibe of this location is completely different than the one in Tampa.  It’s relaxed, inviting and a place you would want to go to sit down grab a drink, eat some really good food and catch the game.

Second.  I don’t know about you but when I hear Clearwater I immediately go “yup that’s too far away” because my mind immediately thinks of driving out the the beach.  The location is at the old Venue spot in the Feathersound area right off of 275. From my house it took my 15 minutes, totally easy.

I really want to say how impressed I was with the food, atmosphere and demeanor of the staff.  Everybody was extremely welcoming, friendly and passionate about their craft.  The head bar manager is a former employee of a certain speakeasy restaurant known for their handcrafted cocktails.

So right off the bat.  Plenty of parking.  When you walk up there is a great outdoor space with plenty of seating, a large wrap around bar, palm trees and mister fans for those hot days.

The inside has been completely revamped with tons of seating, flat screens on every wall and just about any beer on tap or in a bottle you can think of.
What I was really impressed with was the food.  It was delicious and pretty affordable.  The guys at the table were excited over the lunch menu options.
Without further ado onto the glory pictures.   Here is the first course.

Second Course

Finally, homemade ice cream with beer pairings (surprisingly it was very good).  You know how I am about my ice cream….it was amazing.

We actually enjoyed it so much we went back on Saturday to sit outside and try the lunch.  It didn’t disappoint.

I am really excited to try their once a month Beer dinner pairing and tastings.

They have a ton of space and are starting to venture into small weddings, bridal parties and exclusive beer and wine tastings.
I was really impressed and would definitely recommend you stoping by the Gastropub.  The food, drinks and atmosphere was a nice breath of fresh air from the congested partying streets of Tampa. If you were debating trying it out well here you have no excuse now.  Amazon local is running a deal

What do you think?  Have you had a chance to stop by yet?  Did you even know that Yard of Ale had taken over Venue?  This was also a fabulous excuse to get to play around my my new lens.  Still getting use to which end blurs, which one is sharper but I’m starting to get the hang of it.  I love the pictures they take I think they are beautiful!
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35 responses to “Yard of Ale Gastropub – Not Your Average Bar Food”

  1. The place looks great and being able to sit out side in good weather is always a bonus. Food looks really good!

  2. The food looks delicious!!! I love being able to sit outside and enjoy a nice meal!! By the way you can totally tell a difference in the photos – they look fantastic!

  3. Krystal R. says:

    Looks like a great place! I actually have a close cousin in Tampa! Didnt even realize that’s where you were!

  4. Ok now I really wish I lived closer to you because that place sounds amazing! I go to WOB all the time but they don’t have food and I’m not as big of a fan of the vibe. We just got a place called The Yard House that I haven’t tried yet but it’s on I-Drive so I’m sure it’s super touristy and I know it’s a chain. Yard of Ale sounds and looks amazing, jealous!

    <3, Pamela

  5. Jen says:

    This place looks amazing! I’m going to ignore the fact that you live 15 minutes from Clearwater ughhh! So jealous!

    Great pictures lady!

  6. P!nky says:

    That food looks divine, I’m now hungry!

  7. Kristen says:

    um, i am drooling! this all looks amazing and im jealous.

  8. Fun event! I wish Charleston did blogger events! Did this restaurant just contact you and invite a bunch of random bloggers?

  9. Dustin’s cousin lives in Tampa, I’ll have to remember this! That burger looks so good :)

  10. alyssa says:

    Outdoor seating is basically a requirement for me from Easter through nearly Halloween. Love it! That place looks so good, another reason I should start planning a trip to Florida asap! :)

  11. Joey says:

    This sounds absolutely right up my alley! How fun that you got to go and test it out! I also just realized how freaking close we would have lived to each other if everything had panned out 3 years ago. J and I were all set to move to Tampa (apartment, jobs, etc) and the week we were supposed to move everything changed and we ended up in Charlotte within the week! How could would that have been though to live just down the street from each other!

  12. Your photos look great! This looks like a really cool place – always fun when you can discover something new in town!

  13. Gorgeous food pics, Miss! Everything looks so good and you cannot beat that $35 beer pairing dinner. The drive may be a TAD further for me, or I’d be all over this place.

  14. Oh, shouldn’t have read that. I’m hungry!

  15. Brianne says:

    OMG that looks so good! I can’t wait for lunch now…even though it won’t be nearly that delicious!

  16. Way to make us all HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at only 10am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. so fun! i need to head out to clearwater. as an orlando girl i’m always like “oh it’s soooo far” – but it’s really worth it :) i’ll be back for the linkup tomorrow! xo


  18. this looks like tons of fun!! i always think places are too far when in reality they aren’t haha!

  19. Rebecca Jo says:

    Look at all those taps…. a drinker’s paradise :)

  20. The Clearwater spot is right next to my old office…wish I still worked there (not really but I’d be happy with YOA). I hate how always crowded the soho one is, but really like the St Pete spot! Great review :)

  21. This looks fabulous!!! I wish there as something like this around us!

  22. Any meal that starts with a crab cake sign me up for. I love the whole GastroPub concept. My favorite local restaurant here is exactly that! Great Pics!!!

  23. wow looks like such a nice place! i wish we had more places like that where ilive! although i havent ventured out of my zip code exactly to go looking for said-places :) i really should try to!

  24. That looks like a cool place :)

  25. WOW- my husband would love this! I wish it was close or one like it bc it would even be a good gift! haha Especially the ice cream part! Love how the food was on slate it looked like too!

  26. yummmm all the food looks so good! now im hungry again! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  27. brooke lyn says:

    gastro pubs are my favorite pubs

  28. This all looks delicious – my stomach is officially growling! Good thing it’s almost dinner time!

  29. Dang that place looks like my kind of joint! Will definitely have to hit that up next time we’re in Tampa!

    <3 Shannon

  30. Beer and Ice cream? MMMM my fav’s. I’ll have to check that place out next time Im around!

  31. ahh the Florida life! :) That food all looks delicious– as does that pistachio (I’m guessing) ice cream!

  32. That fooooooood!! My ramen noodles and I are jealous. So very jealous.

  33. Sounds like a really great place to go to! The food looks delicious!

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