Friday Favorites – How Is July Almost Over?

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Happy Friday.  Seriously how is July almost over?  When August hits I will be at a 6 month countdown till the big day say whaaaat?? What are your plans this weekend?  I am going to more training for Barre which is exciting!  Going to come back with even more fun ways to make those legs burn.  Let’s get right into it!

Favorite Song

You know I how feel about those strong beat running and spin songs that have the power sprints in the middle.  3LAU “How You Love Me”.  Plus the chick kinda scares me at the end.

Favorite Recipe

I made this with shrimp instead of tofu and it was a man approved salad.  Delicious Thai Chopped Peanut Salad with Crispy Tofu full recipe here.  Please make sure to pin from the original!

Favorite Workout

I love lower body workouts especially booty ones like this burner.

Favorite BuzzFeed Article

Is it sad I pretty much knew every single one of these?

I feel yah Michel…..every day of my life
(via tumblr)

Favorite Funnies

I feel like saying this multiple times a day

I mean is butter a carb?

Straight truth or in my case how I play against my niece and nephew all the time.  They have to learn there are winners and losers right?

How I feel inside when I say the exact same thing at the exact same time as Mark…..especially if it was witty or I just nailed that inside joke perfectly

(via tumblr)

My first reaction when I’m trying to be really good and someone at work offers up birthday cake….with cream cheese frosting.

(via tumblr)


How I feel when I wash my hair after a few days of dry shampooing it and then I feel like proclaiming this to the world…..or to Mark

(via tumblr)

We finally finished OITNB so when does the next season come out??  Now it’s your turn to tell me all your favorites!  Make sure to check out everyone who links up and my sponsor Mree who has amazing style and fashion sense!  Oh and check back on Monday I hosting a giveaway with some fabulous ladies that I promise you don’t want to miss it!  xoxoxo

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63 responses to “Friday Favorites – How Is July Almost Over?”

  1. I cannot resist cream cheese frosting, it is the best!! I can’t believe July is almost over, where is my life going?! Happy Friday girlie

  2. -Heather- says:

    haha that UNO card is funny! I always feel like it is a personal attack against me when that happens… this may be the reason I have not played that game in a really long time. Where has July gone? August is going to be so hot and muggy here, ugh! Have a good weekend!

  3. The Draw Four comes out with a vengeance. In my family we play to win! ;) The Michel one was how I was feeling on Wednesday. Happy Friday!

  4. P!nky says:

    OH em goodness, I love Gilmore girls! And yes, Michel is the best!!

    Happy Friday, Friend!

  5. Hahaha that draw 4 thing had me cracking up! I love playing games with people and seeing how they play against their significant other. Sorry people but I play to win! ;) And now I want cake for breakfast… or wine…. hahaha! Happy Friday girl!

    <3, Pamela

  6. I love the duck/swan bird GIF lol – its so funny! I remember Gilmore Girls like it was yesterday – why don’t they have shows like that anymore?? I haven’t played UNO in years – may bust it out this weekend with the kiddos!! Have so much fun in training this weekend!! Can’t wait for Thursday!

  7. The Gilmore Girls list is fantastic – Jess was always my favorite so I’m happy to see he’s #1! I was also a Christopher fan (a glutton for punishment, I know) but I can’t say I’m surprised that he’s not highly ranked, haha. Happy Friday!

  8. Kristen says:

    oh i cannot resist any cake, even when its not very good cake! no fair at all. i love gilmore girls so i am absolutely going to read that right now. that salad looks delish!! have a good weekend love xo

  9. Stacy G says:

    Love your gifs! The dog with the cake is the best lol. I work in a bakery, so I am always around it! I am also making strawberry cupcakes with the kids today though..I promise I’ll get things together and link up next friday. I’ve been a mess this summer. The kids and I have a full day of baking and walks and a playground trip today. Oh and some room organizing.. Kid’s room are so tough to organize! Have the best weekend! XO

  10. The dog & the cake! Hilarious! Ok, I’m all about a good butt workout, I’m pinning that for sure :) Happy Friday girl!

  11. Kristen says:

    um wtf jess beat luke? oh hell no. luke was the best.

  12. DIED laughing at the dog slamming the cake. my office is all the time bring in brownies or something i’m like noooooo!

  13. bahhah that dog… yep. i do the same thing :) have a great weekend! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  14. Tracey says:

    I am horrible at resisting cake. Each month our work celebrates birthdays and they send an email around that there is cake in the lunchroom for anyone celebrating a birthday that month and there is always so much leftover. I have to avoid going in there at all costs or I will leave with a piece of cake in hand. Willpower = none.

  15. Thank goodness there are still Gilmore Girls fans that exist out there – I LOVED that article! I always was team Luke and team Jess. Also, that dog knocking down the plate of cake is the story of my life. Too funny! Have a great weekend, lady. xo

  16. Ashley says:

    The uno image has me cracking up! Wine – yes yes yes

  17. I need that dog to come smack all the bad stuff out of my hands! Hilarious!

    Uno really does tell you a lot about a person. I remember in college we were playing a round one night, and everyone ganged up on me and saved all the draw four and draw two cards and kept reversing so that I got them all. I got pissed and locked myself in my room. LOL. Obviously alcohol was involved….

  18. LOLOL @ the dog birthday cake smack. I need someone like that in my life.

  19. You had me LOL’ing at each one of these – so funny! By the way, totally LOVED Gilmore Girls!

  20. How do you always find the perfect gifs?! So funny!

  21. hehe that dog gif made me crack up! oh and thanks for the workout sheet! i´m compiling all the workouts i find to eventually space them out during the week.

  22. Lauren says:

    I loved that Gilmore Girls article but definitely disagreed with some of the rankings. Jess should not have been number one – team Logan for life!

  23. Love me some GG! I just watched a couple episodes this week. And omg the birds! Cracking me up. Have a great weekend girl.

  24. Funny, I have the same priorities when it comes to carbs hah. My good girl friend has a black lab and I definitely sent her that same gif yesterday so she knows Matilda will not be wanting cake on her birthday. Love the new header! Have a great weekend!

  25. I seriously look forward to your gifs every week haha. Those birds and that dog!! LOL. That workout looks awesome too, I’m definitely going to try it. I hope that you have a fabulous weekend! :-)

  26. Girl, July was blur! Can you believe summer is almost over? Doesn’t seem possible! Cory and I started OITNB last Friday and almost finished with season 2. What are we gonna do till the new ones come out??? And what’s the point of duck lips? Why do people think that is attractive???

  27. haha love that dog gif! I wish I could say that was me too but I will gladly break my diet rules for sweets. And honestly I can’t even stand facebook anymore because of all the weird selfies! Eek! Have a great weekend friend!

  28. Morgan S. says:

    I totally agree with the UNO thing…recently started playing with my 8yo and 3yo…lol…

    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  29. Whenever Theo and I say the same thing or finish each other sentences I’m like aawww we’re becoming one person! And yes yes yes to the Facebook feed duck face! It isn’t attractive girls plus think how dumb you look taking 100+ pictures of yourself making a duck face! Have a great weekend! Life as I know it

  30. I agree, how the F is July already over?! On the good side, YAY for 6 month countdown!!! Whoop whoop! I’m not going to lie, that lower body workout looks quite impossible. Well besides the lunge lift! I like that idea! But seriously, I don’t think my hips/legs could move like the rest of those! I’ll just blame that one on my hip surgery… :) I died at the mona lisa selfie! hahaha! That damn duck face is a shame!

  31. That workout looks so good! But, I’m pretty sure I’d keep losing my balance and falling. Still, I should try it!

    And I LOVE GILMORE GIRLS … Seriously. It’s an addiction that years later, I still can’t kick! :) Now, I think I love you!

    Someone brought in fresh strawberry shortcake today… UGH.. want to just knock it on to the floor.. so NO ONE can enjoy it. hehehe

  32. Mree says:

    Thanks for the sweet words, you are too kind, Lady!! Those gifs are too funny. Can’t believe that July is almost over. That means cold and snow before I know it. ha! Have a fab weekend!!

    Best, Mree

  33. Erin LFF says:

    Your Friday funnies are always the best! :) That ecard may say Uno, but in our family– Monopoly turns into a full on war!! lol

  34. That workout looks fun! And that Mona Lisa pic – haha! That’s why I don’t have Facebook, because it’s nothing but young girls with duck-face selfies everywhere. ;-) That dog pawing his cake – OMG! I died laughing!! Happy Friday, Amanda!

  35. Joey says:

    I hate your favorites posts because I always love EVERYTHING about them and then feel like an idiot because I want to “comment” on every aspect! Also–you always have THE BEST running songs! Every time you post one, I add it to my running playlist! I can’t believe it’ll be 6 mo til the big day SO SOON! :-D How exciting!!

  36. Rebecca Jo says:

    I HATE when people at work try to force cake. I’ve taken it before, wrapped it up in paper towel & trashed it.

  37. Em says:

    OMG 6 months!!!! That time will fly by so fast too! And omg I ALWAYS save my carbs for wine. Because…obviously. :D TGIF!!!

  38. I’m not gonna lie. I’m so glad that summer is flying by, because I loveeee fall and winter. The weather is gorgeous and I just love all the holidays.

    Whenever I need some new music, I’m just going to ask you because you share some of the best songs! This one is so catchy…I love the beat too.

    Have a great weekend girl! I saw on Instagram that you finally got your hands on Sephora’s summer stash! What do you think???

  39. Kayla MKOY says:

    You know your “funnies” are the highlight of my week lol freaking love them!! And I’m not a tofu eater but that salad looks good!!!

  40. Ahhhh! Six months will go so quick! I dont know what the heck the deal even is with this Summer. In New York it was very mild for most of the first half. Now it is hotter but there are still these sporadic days where it is cool out (like yesterday – it felt like Fall). I am NOT a fan. The Winter was so brutal that I was really looking forward to BURNING this Summer and so far I haven’t gotten that, “I’m so hot I could die” feeling that I love. Totally ridic. Thanks for posting that recipe! You always have the best ones! Last thing – that shampoo funny – OMG! Made me lol! Have a great weekend! xo

  41. Crystal says:

    I totally had to yell at Buzzfeed about that Gilmore list because my friend Nick was on that show but not on the list!! (Logan’s friend Robert.)

  42. alyssa says:

    Ugh, cream cheese frosting is my everything. Your funnies were SO GOOD this week, like, dying at my desk funny. Happy Friday!! :)

  43. that uno thing though. so true.

  44. I don’t think the next season of OITNB comes out until 2015?! I’m still in Season 1, so I’m trying to take it nice and slow! No binge watching here! (But I cant make any promises for this weekend! lol)

  45. Oh my god. The someecard about directions on the shampoo bottle is absolute gold. I’d like to send that to about 50% of my Facebook newsfeed right now!

  46. That looks like a good workout! Perfect timing for me since I just got back into a workout routine. Thanks for sharing!

  47. Jen says:

    Happy Friday chica! I’ve been the worst blog friend this week and have been seriously swamped. I’ve bee missing your posts big time though!!

    LOVE that booty workout. Reminds me of my pure barre days when I would experience pain back there that you never even realized was possible!!

    xoxoxo, Jen

  48. Oh I just love gilmore girls! Why is Richard so low on the list? Man I just loved his character!

  49. Gilmore Girls and Buzzfeed never fail to disappoint! So happy Jess was #1 too- I completely agree! Happy Friday!

  50. Ok, that dog/cake gif… I can’t stop watching! So funny! Happy Friday!

  51. Tami says:

    So, so freakin funny with the gifs today. I’m quiet-laughing in my office and making a weird snort/hissing noise. Thanks.

  52. t.howell says:

    This post was amazing. I love it! haha

  53. I’ve probably watched all of Gilmore Girls at least 3 or 4 times, that is commitment! Is it on Netflix?!

  54. Brianne says:

    Hahaha the UNO is so true!

  55. Krystal R. says:

    haha I love that doggie gif. Thats my reaction to all unhealthy food these days!!

  56. MarlaJan says:

    Oh my gosh, the Uno someecard. LOVE!!!

  57. Caitlin says:

    Ahhh Michel! I love Gilmore Girls, glad to have found someone else that does too!

  58. Darcy says:

    It seriously blows my mind that July is ending soon!! How is that possible!? Also I loved the Buzzfeed article, made me want to go start watching from Season 1. Team Jess all the way… nobody likes that cheater Dean, haha!

  59. The uno ecard and mona lisa got me. Loved laughing like that on a MONDAY! :)

  60. When DOES the next OITNB come out? Is it approved?

    That shrimp salad looks delish!

  61. Shot Blog says:

    Tervis Sequin Strawberry Tumbler

    […] n the lunchroom for anyone celebrating a birthday that month and there is always […]

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