Boston Recap – When Bloggers Meetup!

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Okay so let’s get into this Boston recap!  If you remember from this post, I grew up right outside the city about 20 minutes east.  I don’t have my accent anymore but I do love hearing it when I go back.  We were celebrating Marks belated birthday and he wanted to go to the Sox/Yanks series.  We got in on Thursday and let me just tell you I discovered this after the fact but there is a now a subway/bus system that takes you to Logan and it is super convenient!  I don’t remember the “silver line” growing up but it takes you right into Logan.  I highly recommend it for anyone traveling to Boston.  That way you avoid the cab situation we had on Thursday.  No joke our cab driver was driving 30 mph.  So slow that minivans were passing us through the tunnel.  The minute we got to the backbay I told her (oh yes it was a woman) to stop so we could get out.  She then called me “a very rude person” and we walked the rest of the way.  So next time take my advice and use the silver line into the city.

We stayed at the Loews Hotel in the Back Bay.  Amazing location!  We walked or hopped on the T/subway for everything.  Got the hotel from a priceline deal.  The front desk girl sent us to Parish Cafe for lunch….it was just okay.  I think they had a racket going on because they sent our other friends who were meeting us there and another couple that we met from Florida as well who were dining outside.  The couple was so sweet and were telling us all about their honeymoon in Sandals which was great but ended up being like a cruise because you run into the same people everywhere……wouldn’t you know we ran into them everywhere.  Like even in Fenway but they were really cool so it was totally fine ;-)
Thursday night we met B and her husband and Christina at the rooftop bar at Rattlesnake for some drinks.  Really cool spot on Boylston street.  Both girls are just as gorgeous and sweet in real life as in blogging land.  So like when are we organizing a blogger vacation?  Florida?  Bahamas?  Where do you think?  The boys are so well trained.  They both asked us on multiple occasions if we needed pictures.  Why yes we do!
From there we went to Giacomo’s in the South End where they actually take reservations vs the North End where they don’t. Even though they took them it was still some time before we sat down but it was worth it……look at this monster.  Insider tip just like a lot of places in Boston.  Cash only.
Saturday we headed out to the Seaport area to the Harpoon Brewery.  Such a great area they are really building up!
After the very long wait we headed over to Legal Harbourside.  The most gorgeous 4 story building overlooking the water.  I could have sat there all day!
Then we headed over to James Hook and Co for the ultimate lobstah roll (cash only again).
I got to hang with this buddy.
Then we headed over to Fenway to watch the Sox/Yanks.  Terrible seats right?  ;-)
Saturday we woke up it was a little rainy.  I was suppose to head to a Barre class but……. let’s just say the 7 am didn’t happen.  I did a little bit of shopping.
Absolutely loving this new Alex and Ani stack.  It doesn’t have any charms.  It is just a stack of delicate gold bands.  Pretty much obsessed with this and my new delicate gold bracelet from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.
We eat some cupcakes….because that’s what we do.
Then headed to the game.  This round was in the EMC box with all you can eat and drink….which we took advantage of.
Somehow after the game we ended up at a little dive bar on Newbury and got to see B again!
Sunday was a quick day because our flight was early……originally.  After we sat on the runway for an extra two hours.  Home was very much welcomed.  There were so many more photos but I definitely photo bombed y’all enough for today!
Now go and vote so I can leave y’all alone.  How was your weekend?  Have you been to Boston before?  What was your favorite part?  xoxoxo
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57 responses to “Boston Recap – When Bloggers Meetup!”

  1. Christina says:

    YAYYYY love it!!! so glad you came! and yes i think we should all meet somewhere for a blogger vaca. DAMN that lobster roll. i need to get there. i had one on sunday too — you’ll see on the blog — and oh man now i want like 5 this week. xoxoxo

  2. Krystal R. says:

    Yay for bloggy meet-ups! Looks like a fab weekend. Glad you had fun! (ps I just updated my post to add your contest .. I dont have that many followers but I hope its gets you at least a couple votes :D)

  3. Amazing seats to the game! I have a friend who just moved to Boston and I’m hoping I can visit her sometime in the near future!

  4. Morgan S. says:

    I enjoy all 3 of your blogs and am glad you and Biana got to meet! I need to attend a blogger meetup in Charleston one of these days and finally meet some of y’all too! :-)
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  5. I am so ready for a blogger vacation – bahamas is calling our names!! I can’t even get over Saturday night – those boys are out of control hilarious!! I’m so glad you were able to get so much done and I may have to go back this weekend and get another lobster roll – they are just the best!! So happy to have seen you!!! You’re the best!! p.s. voting again… xo

  6. Joey says:

    I’m going on vacation with you next time, okay? You do things RIGHT! So much good food, drinks and friends! I’ve never been to Boston, but it’s definitely on my list. How fun that you got to meet Christina!! Those bracelets are amazing! My SIL introduced me to the wonder that is alex and annie–I think some of those might end up on my xmas list!

  7. sounds like a fun time! i love bloggy meet-ups; isn’t it so amazing how blogging can connect people?

    Vodka and Soda

  8. yay for the fun recap! love boston. and summer is just the best there. maybe because i’m allergic to cold :) great job taking many photos! xo

  9. looks like such a fun weekend! im glad you got to have a blogger date :) xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  10. So fun! Never been to Boston but it’s definitely on “my list”!

  11. What a great weekend! I seriously want to go to Boston, especially with all of your great pictures! How did you get such awesome seats to BOTH games!? So jealous! And I’m really hoping you brought me home a cupcake… ;)

    <3, Pamela

  12. It looks like you had such an amazing time, those seats at the game look amazing! I might actually enjoy baseball with all the food there. haha! Next time I visit Boston I’m going to have to check out some of these restaurants, everything looks delish!

  13. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! Glad you and Biana had fun meeting up, and those baseball seats? Those were killer! Happy Monday. :)

  14. Love Giacomo’s! The owner Rosie is a TRIP!

  15. Stacy G says:

    Looks like so much fun! Love all the photos. :) Going to go vote.

  16. I went to Boston in 2009 with girlfriends. None of us had been and we found a travel + hotel deal online to stay in Revere, which we “thought” was closer…ugh, yea. I want to go back and stay IN the city. We did a ton but since the T only ran until a certain time we had to be back by 9ish every night. And the guys at the hotel thought we wanted to party with them since we were “crazy Florida girls” (their words, ew)…so your photos just make me want to go back!

  17. awww such a fun idea for all of you to meet up. i’ve never been to boston, but this has me dying to go! that lobster roll — holy wow!

  18. Kristen says:

    i voted girly, i hope you win – my fingers are crossed for you!
    i cant believe the taxi lady said you were rude! that is so rude. i hate taxi drivers that drive slow, just trying to milk more money out of you.
    haha that is so cute that the boys knew to ask for pictures – my husband is not that well trained, though he does take multiples when I do ask! um, I want to come on this vacation when you guys go ok?!
    i love your black dress on Saturday! super cute. wow you guys got great seats to the game! fabulous.
    thanks for the tips about a lot of places in boston being cash only, i had no idea! feel free to photo bomb us some more, love photos! so glad you and B got to meet and have a ball :) xo

  19. So fun that you got to see Biana again! I’m available for a blogger vacation haha. So jealous of all that lobster too!! I went to school in Newport, RI but I’ve only been to Boston twice. The last time I went with Chris and I thought that we were going to get engaged. But we didn’t. Glad that you enjoyed yourself though, and I would love to go back some day. :-)

  20. MarlaJan says:

    A grande time was had! Steve and I loved Boston when we went up there, great food and even better BEER!!! I voted 2 times, and I hope you get enough for the win!
    Happy Monday <3

  21. What a great trip!! Boston really does have the best seafood! Yum!

  22. Aimee Rose says:

    Looks like you had a great trip! Boston is one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit, but still haven’t. How is it that shopping always wins!? ;)

  23. Loving the looks of the restaurant on the water. Looks like a perfect place to spend an afternoon. I’m all about a blogger vacay :) So jealous you guys got to meet up. Glad you had a good trip (aside from the airport situation, yuck)!

  24. Mree says:

    Looks like a fab weekend!! SO jealous that you went to the ball games!! What great seats!! Love your new bracelet, so need to check that out. The silver line is new and it really is a great way to get to the city from the airport. Thanks, big dig!! Although, I always drive to and from the airport because thankfully I have parking at my job in the city. I know I’m very lucky.
    Oh and the hotels totally have a kick pack with the Parish Cafe, they tell everyone to go there. It’s usually pretty good but lately it hasn’t been. Win some lose some.

  25. Blogger meet ups are so fun! So glad you had a good trip :) Love your new bracelets!

  26. Rebecca Jo says:

    Loved seeing your face over on other blogs :) Blog buddies meeting up is the best :)

  27. You got my vote!
    Your vacation looks awesome! What great seats you had, Im jealous! I always love visiting Boston soo much, its one of my favorites! Especially when you get to watch sports!

  28. I need that lobster roll in my life!!! Yum! Glad you guys had a great weekend! Now I want to plan another Boston trip!

  29. brooke lyn says:

    hooray for blogger meet ups and all the fun food!

  30. Ahh!! Please tell me you won the contest!! And girllll, that lobster roll looks insanely amazing – might be worth a trip to Boston specifically for that!

  31. Love, Iris says:

    Looks like such a fun meet up! I love blogger meet ups they are always so much fun! Lobster rolls…OMG So yummy!

  32. Amanda, a few things – one: I love that you wore a dress to the baseball game! Girl after my own heart! I do wear Yankee stuff sometimes but I have to girlify my outfit. When we went to see the Red Sox I wore Jimmy Choo glitter flats. I couldn’t help it. two: I am totes jealous of your blogger meet ups! Damn it all! I want in! Hehe! three: That is the biggest lobster I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  33. That looks like so much fun! My friend was in Boston all last week and got back Sat, I am soooo jealous of both of you :)

  34. Brianne says:

    The trip looks like so much fun…and that food! YUM!

  35. Ahhh! I just now seen this and it’s past noon so I can’t vote anymore! I hope you won dammit! Sounds like a great weekend in Boston! Those seats at the first game were so good! How awesome! :) I think there needs to be a reality show for bloggers! How fun would that be! :)

  36. I love seeing bloggers meeting up! It makes my heart smile! Especially when meet ups happen during traveling!!!

    I voted again! I hope you win this girl!

    All your food looks/sounds good. I love those bracelets, so pretty!!! Those sunglasses are super cute too!

    Have a great week!

  37. You packed in some major goodness into one weekend – impressive! Love that you girls got to hang out. I so need to go to Boston! Fingers crossed you guys make off with the contest grand prize!!

  38. Emily says:

    Looks like a super fun trip! I’ve been dying to try an authentic lobster roll from Boston and that lobster is massive! I also have a recent obsession with Alex and Ani and just bought my first piece. Just love their stuff!

  39. Boston is an amazing city and it looks like you had a blast! Love the Red Sox!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  40. alyssa says:

    Looks like an amazingly fun trip! I am beyond jealous of all that food, yum!

  41. I can’t believe you were in Boston and i was out of town and now i’ll be in Tampa and you’ll be out of town. Looks like you had an amazing time though! Giacomo’s in the South End is definitely the better choice!

  42. Meghan says:

    I am dying to get to Boston! What a fabulous trip! Jealous of y’alls blog date too! xo

  43. I love that new arm candy, girl! Hahahahah… so cute that the guys were asking if you wanted photos!!! :D

  44. How fun!! Dying for that lobster roll, yummmm!

  45. Elle Sees says:

    love seeing your meet up and weekend! and that lobster roll—SWOON

  46. Jess says:

    So jealous of those killer seats!! What a great view of the game, that’s something I will add to my to go do list!! Kinda craving a veggie dog & nachos now.

  47. Tracey says:

    Looks like you had an awesome time!

  48. Meagan says:

    So cool! I was in Boston on July 29! Just for the afternoon and a ball game at night… I had so much fun and would really love to go to Boston for a longer period of time. I went for a week when I was 15 but it was so long ago. Your trip looks amazing!!

  49. CUPCAKES!!!!! :) Looks like a REALLY great trip!! And you got to meet up with B… TWICE!! Love that bracelet from ND… at just $48!!!

  50. That looks like an awesome weekend! Very cool that y’all got to meet up. And are you kidding me with those seats??? I have never been to Boston but it’s on my list!

  51. Tyler and I were thinking about doing a weekend trip down to Boston or Chicago – this makes me really want to go the Boston route!

  52. Darcy says:

    How fun is this!! I have not attended a blogger event before but I am excited too. Hope the contest turned out well!!!

  53. Looks like a fabulous trip! Shopping, eating, friends, baseball. Love it!

  54. jyoti soni says:

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  55. Looks like you had a great time and getting to meetup with B twice is awesome. The seats in Fenway are so tiny but such a fun experience. Love that the guys knew pictures were a must!

  56. Jodi says:

    How did I not know you would be in Boston?!?!?! I was at the Red Sox game on Sat too and we could have met up! I love Parish Cafe and went recently when a friend was in town. It is a popular spot to grab sandwiches so not surprised the hotel sent you there. Harpoon is great and I also went to Legal Harborside when my friend was here as well as Harpoon so great minds think alike! Glad you had fun. HOw did you get those amazing seats? I was in the bleachers!!!

  57. All I want to do after reading this post is go to Boston! So fun you got to meet up with Biana– it looks like you had a great trip!

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