Friday Favorites- The Wifi Is Terrible

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Greeting from Boston. I had like 3/4’s of this post ready to roll and then crappy wifi happened.  So just to let you know I hung out with B and Christina and they are just as amazing if not more than you would imagine but the hotel wifi is terrible……not as much as the inflight Southwest wifi….but a close runner up.  So let’s get right into it.

Favorite Song
Not going to lie….I just love this song.  Some major car dancing
Favorite Recipe
Summer Veggie Slaw.  Full recipe here.  Please make sure to pin from the original!

Favorite Purchase(s)

I got this dress and I’m pretty much obsessed.

Looks so much better on than online right?  It is on major sale!

Oh and Baublebar is having 30% off the entire site.  So I may have ordered one of these knot necklaces for myself from this post and these stacking rings from my birthday wish list post.  If you have been eyeing anything there now is the time they sell out quick!

Favorites Funnies

This is a scary thought….

I mean let’s be honest…’s your initial thought as well

Y’all have this friend right?

100% Guilty

See look….heres the proof

Gifs aren’t working….so till next week!

Also have you entered yet to win you chance at a pair of Tieks ballet flats?  I think this color is going to be my next purchase!  This giveaway is brought to you by my lovely sponsors and if you want to get in on this train for August click here and get on it there are a few spots left!  xoxoxo

Okay now it is your turn link up and tell me your favorite!!!! Sorry y’all this is all I could get for you with like my dial up speed!  xoxoxoxo

p.s there are like 3 days left of my engagement contest if you could vote I would be so thankful!  Please click here to vote!

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52 responses to “Friday Favorites- The Wifi Is Terrible”

  1. -Heather- says:

    That dress is so adorable! and I always want to punch that “friend” in the face posting disgusting pictures on facebook. The least you could do is NOT tag me in it!

  2. So jealous of your Boston trip! I’m at home sick today :( I’m obsessed with that Wiggle song and I don’t even know why! And totally loving your dress! It looks way better on you than the model! Have an amazing trip!

    <3, Pamela

  3. hahah! minus the neon, your 80s hair is on point except there would have been a white lacy bow or scrunchy tying it up/back. we have a friend at work who cut/styles his hair a la 80s poufy styles and we all love it. we talk about the old school hair gels (hello, DEP gel) and hairspray (french formula etc) LOL!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. That dress looks HOTTTT on you!!! So good to see you last night – highlight of the week for me for sure!! I’ve thankfully never dealt with running into anyone that has my name – I guess that’s one perk to Biana lol. Have a wonderful day today!! xo

  5. I love the dress! Boo for bad wifi :( but yay for getting to meet them in person!!! Have a fabulous weekend!

  6. I never have to worry about running into anyone with my name. I choose to look at it as the fact that I basically won the awesome competition so no one else needs to bother.

    Hope you’re having fun in Boston!

  7. LOVE that dress, I’d be obsessed too! Yeah, I never run into people with my name haha, well adults anyway. I’m starting to see babies with my name now… Enjoy Boston!!

  8. Love that Wiggle song!! Posted that a few weeks ago and still loving it! Perfect booty shaker!! Hope you’re having a blasty blast in Btown!

  9. That dress looks awesome on you. My friends always know to get approval before social media posts can be done. The Neon is crazy. I think that was more 90’s right?

  10. I hate when I get somewhere that has wifi and it totally sucks. You should say you have spotty wifi, people! Because that’s what you have.

    LOLOL @ The 80s reality/not. So true. The neons were early like in 84 or 85 and it wasn’t often an entire neon outfit.

  11. Love that dress!!! I am totally jealous of your Boston shenanigans this weekend! How fun!

    That salad looks amazing. I love slaw type salads, they are easy to eat.

    Look at you looking all cute in your 80’s gear! Have a great weekend!

  12. Miss Kriss says:

    Hello! I’m linking up for the first time! I love that song too and your dress is too cute!!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  13. Love that dress!! And it’s so true about 80’s parties! I really don’t remember that much neon in the 80s…but, it’s fun to dress like that! :)

  14. I am DYING at that 80’s clothing post – it’s so true! The only person that actually dressed like that was Madonna. Too funny. Hope you’re having a fun trip in Boston!

  15. Those meme’s are the truth! I don’t like sharing my name… although it is fairly common so I should just get over that one! Also, everyone that dresses up from the 80’s usually looks as though they are wearing workout gear from the 80’s lol.

  16. Tracey says:

    That veggie slaw looks so good…also completely dying over the 80s clothing…I am so guilty of that too. Was an 80’s Cyndi Lauper every year in University and my outfit was pretty much the exact same as yours!

    Also I love love that dress, looks so good on you!!

  17. So jealous that the 3 of you had a date! I love that Wiggle song and am always tempted to play it during seat work in barre class. That slaw looks amazing and will probably be made this weekend! Enjoy your vacay!

  18. hahha OMG i totally dressed up for an 80s party and it was not pretty.
    have fun in boston!! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  19. That veggie slaw looks SO delish!! Think I may have to try that this weekend! Oh man I totally have that friend who posts good photos of her and not me, one of these days I’m totally getting her back for it. haha! Have a great weekend in Boston!!

  20. Mree says:

    Love that song!! Great song to listen to in the car while sitting in traffic. ha! Love love your new dress!! Fab! Have a wonderful weekend in Boston.

    Best, Mree

  21. That dress is really cool and it looks great on you! I’m sad that there aren’t any gifs, but I’ll let it slide this time.. Haha. Stinks about the wifi. Those pictures are funny though. That vegetable slaw looks great too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and your trip! :-) Oh and thanks for letting me participate in the link up!!

  22. that is one of my fave songs right now too :) You are looking too cute in that dress, rock it.

  23. Great dress/purchase, awesome 80’s pic (hahaha) and love the funnies! Have a great weekend love! xoxo

  24. hahahaha how college girls dress up like the 80s is SO accurate. that is hilarious. i love it. and i hate hotel wifi!!! also i love th wiggle song too… oops!

  25. Aimee Rose says:

    Love the ecards! That dress is great, what an awesome score! Have a good time in Boston!

  26. brooke lyn says:

    judging you (only a tiny bit) for loving wiggle ;)

  27. Becky M says:

    That veggie slaw looks amazing!! Happy weekend!

  28. Sara S says:

    That dress is perfect! That veggie slaw looks delish! Happy Friday!

  29. stunning dress & hahaha you are so right about girls thinking the 80s were straight neon only. that is so dang funny. happy friday!

  30. Wiggle with it.. Okay, I admit, it’s one of the only top 40 songs I like right now… but, I had to stop listening to it, when my 7 year old starting singing it… Funny as all get out.. but OH MAN, could you imagine the parent looks I would get?

    That dress is BEAUTIFUL. You look stunning.

    I have that friend! Oh man!! The one who posts pictures of us, and she’s always picture perfect, and I’m looking CRAY CRAY. Seriously, I don’t use that term, but, in those pictures.. It’s like SERIOUSLY?!

    And leg warmers are important, I mean, think of your leg muscles! They need to be kept cozy! ;)
    I rock arm warmers ALL the time!!!

  31. Love the funnies as usual. The dress looks amazing on you!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  32. love the dress on you! gorgeous! that summer slaw looks so yummy and refreshing – must give it a try!! hope you have a fabulous weekend, doll! xoxoxo

  33. Joey says:

    The 80s thing kills me! It’s like we’re all going to work out or something! Stupid wifi–I hate it. Sometimes our wifi at our house sucks AND I HAVE TO LIVE HERE! hahaha! Have fun with your friends!

  34. Em says:

    Bahaha I totally get down in my car ALL the time whenever I hear that wiggle song. LOVE that dress too! You got to love it when something looks iffy on the hanger and then you’re all “heeyyy there hotness!!!” when you put it on haha. Happy Friday!!! :D

  35. I’m kinda addicted to that song too. It’s great to workout to! That dress looks adorable on you! Waayy better than what it looks like online. Pinterest might be a conspiracy started by men … Hmmm, that’s almost legit. Haha! :-) Happy Friday!

  36. I love that song, and that dress and that summer slaw looks amazing!!! I usually feel some sort of weird kinship with other Amy’s lol.

  37. Rebecca Jo says:

    That song always gets me moving… & then I feel stupid singing “Wiggle wiggle wiggle”

  38. Brianne says:

    I’m so so guilty of the 80s thing too. In our defense…that’s how they dressed in 80s workout videos!

  39. Kristen says:

    that dress is FAHREAKING stunning. you look amazing. seriously.
    have fun in Boston! I hope you and B are partying it up and taking photos galore, hope you have opposite sides ;)

  40. Your E-cards are always my favorite on your Friday posts! Have a great weekend!

  41. Have that necklace and LOVE it! Have so much fun in Boston!!

  42. Wiggle is so catchy! It’s a great zumba song as well!! To be honest, I’ll probably have it stuck in my head for the rest of the day because of this post :)

    LOVE all of these funnies…EVERY SINGLE ONE. Whenever a friend puts up a nasty photo of me, they’re instantly on the shun list. Ain’t NOBODY going to do that to me! hahahahaha

  43. Mmmmm! That veggie slaw looks delicious! I’ve never heard that wiggle song… I’ll blame that on the fact that I live in bfe and only get two radio stations (which don’t include today’s top hits). ;) I adore that maxi!!!!!!

  44. Meghan says:

    Have the best time in Boston, girlfriend! That maxi is fantastic! And… your the some e-card about the “America’s Next Top Model,” I swear I have a friend who is always 100% put together and I’m always in leggings with three-day unwashed hair and no make-up. And of course she posts the picture. xo

  45. Hey Babe! A few things – 1. guess who is on your sidebar this month? That’s right – ME! Yay! 2. That dress is gorgeous! 3. Happy Friday and have so much fun in Boston!!!

  46. Oooo!! That veggie slaw looks amazing!! I wonder how the cut/grate the veggies so perfectly?!

  47. alyssa says:

    I’m gonna have to give that veggie slaw a whirl. Looks delish! And that dress, GIRL!!!!!

  48. um that dress is AMAZING! That slaw sounds delicious, I love new ways to eat veggies! So jealous you got to hang out with B!

  49. MarlaJan says:

    Yep, that dress is amazeballs. You look gorgeous! And I plan on making that veggie slaw this weekend. Hope you’re having a great time. Boston!!

  50. Love love love the dress and it’s looks so chic and $$$$

  51. Love the new dress! Hope you had a wonderful time in Boston — jealous of your blogger meet up! So fun!!!

  52. Krystal R. says:

    Love the dress!!! Hope you are having a blast even with the internet probs!

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