Friday Favorites – Football Season is Here!!

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Happy Friday y’all.  Honestly this week went by so fast that it felt like there wasn’t enough hours in the day to get it all done.  This three day weekend is much needed relief for this ofter scheduled one over here I can tell you that!  What are your plans this weekend?  I’ve got some BIG plans over here and it involves making our first moving in together purchase.  I never knew I would get so excited about front loader washer and dryers but I have been researching and scouring the internet for all the Labor day sales.  I can’t wait to get those bad boys! Washers with steam technology?  Say what?  What has become of me I tell yah?  Let’s get right into it!

Meet At The Barre

Favorite Song

More chill song for you this week.  I dig this one kind of sounds like a throwback 80’s vibe.  Andrew Ripp “Falling for the Beat”.


Favorite Recipe

Who is ready for football season to start????!?!?!  This salsa recipe is my go to.  Seriously every time I bring this to a potluck/party/tailgate situation it is gone in the first 30 minutes.  The Pioneer Woman…..I mean does she ever have a bad recipe? Side note why is jar salsa so dang expensive???  Please make sure to pin from the original.

Favorite Workout

I really dig printable workouts, especially when they are one page.  I print them out and put them on the floor of my living for my at home workouts.  Please make sure to pin from the original here.

Favorite Purchase

I am in love with all these delicate thin bracelets.  I just added this one!  It doesn’t break the bank and adds a nice amount of bling.  Absolutely in love with these earrings as well.

Nadri Boxed Bar Station Bracelet

Favorite Funnies

100% truth

There is always that fine line between brilliance and……stop talking
Pretty much
Like when people get rewarded for showing up to work on time……I mean isn’t that expected??
When I see something absolutely ridiculous and hope Mark saw it as well
via tumblr
When I’m in the middle of a workout class and I’m thinking about how I haven’t shopped for groceries in weeks….
via tumblr
When Mark asks where the entire row of cookie dough Oreos went
via tumblr
Finally……Darwinism is for real y’all
via tumblr
Okay now it’s your turn!  Tell me all your favorites and make sure to stop by everyone who linked up!  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  Do you have front loader washers?  Are they as exciting as I’ve dreamed them up in my head?  ;-)  xoxoxoxo
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56 responses to “Friday Favorites – Football Season is Here!!”

  1. I absolutely love that bracelet–so dainty and pretty. Also, front load washers are life-changing! Just make sure that the door open correctly in relation to the dryer door for easy switching of laundry.

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget

  2. Yay, for football season!!! And let me tell you, when John and I order pizza, we eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner… We are bad at grocery shopping!!

  3. Go Gators!!! We have a wedding this weekend that starts at 6….hoping to get to watch the first half at the hotel before the wedding ;) Happy weekend!!

  4. Jess says:

    I am such a huge fan of chips and dip!!! I could go for some salsa & tortilla chips right now.

  5. -Heather- says:

    The Pioneer woman has never let me down, So I will be trying that recipe out! And home is where I feel ugly, and I love it!

  6. Kristen says:

    yay for football season and new washers! have fun shopping! love that workout, and.. what roll of cookie dough?! lol ;)

  7. Mmmm Salsa. Yes to home being where you can look like crap and not be judged. Wine brilliance is real! ;)

  8. Definitely need to try that salsa recipe ASAP! And that bracelet is so pretty!! And I feel you on the washer thing… I want a front load one so bad. It’s a lifesaver for short people ;) Happy Friday love!

    <3, Pamela

  9. P!nky says:

    That salsa looks delicious and I’m totally ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!

    Love that bracelet, and of course the funnies! Have a fabulous weekend!

  10. woo hoo on making the first condo purchase together!! So exciting!!! Thanks for that workout – I’m home today and trying it out after my run!! Love the dainty bracelet too – so cute!! Hope you have a great weekend and totally agree with that first e-card – home is where I can look a hot mess and I don’t even care LOL!! xo

  11. That GIF of the pitcher catching the ball is AMAZING!!! Also, the funnies. I used the one about feeling ugly last week and it is the truth! I

    I need more salsa in my life. And I have eleventy billion garden tomatoes in need of use so thanks for sharing that recipe!

  12. Front end washers are definitely as exciting as you’re dreaming about. We had to purchase a new washer and dryer about a year ago and I was so excited to get on that would wash and dry my clothes in 40 minutes! Be warned though, you have to clean the washers pretty regularly or they stink. Every couple of weeks, we run a cycle of just vinegar and it takes care of it! By the way, that last little video was the laugh I needed to start my Friday :)

  13. Oh no. We have 2 sets of front loaders and I absolutely hate them both. The washers get nasty no matter what you do to prevent it. I will never buy them again. Never. Hope you have better luck…or you may want to reconsider.

  14. Ashley says:

    Homemade salsa is so easy to make and taste so good!

  15. Front loading washer/dryer is certainly something to get excited about!!! (When did we get old?) I will have to try that salsa recipe!!! I love that bracelet! Little delicate bracelets and necklaces never go out of style!

    I love when karma…or gravity…puts an idiot in his/her place!

    Have a great weekend!

  16. That salsa looks delicious. Yay for football season being back.

  17. how stinkin cute is that necklace?! good luck with all things moving related, chica! xoxo and have a great labor day weekend! xo

  18. Home is where I can look and feel ugly is the best thing I’ve seen this week. hahaha So true, sometimes I even impress myself with how awful I roll around looking.

    Have a great long weekend!

  19. hahahahahah that last gif. why are men so dumb and do dumb shit??

    Vodka and Soda

  20. Mree says:

    Love that bracelet. So simple yet so pretty. That last gif is so funny. What was he thinking? Oh yea, he probably wasn’t. Have a fab weekend!!

  21. Julia says:

    Ohh that salsa looks amazing!! YAY for football, the most wonderful time of the year! ;)

    Love your funnies, as usual! have a wonderful weekend and enjoy washer and dryer shopping! :)

  22. Oh salsa and chips is my jam! I usually can a bunch of salsa with fresh veggies from mygarden, but living in my parents basement I have no garden this year. Hope you have a fab weekend!! Your funnies rock!

  23. That baseball GIF was amazing! Literally just as surprised as the batter. LOL.

  24. Oh my gosh that guy in the last one is so stupid but I still laughed. Love the baseball players too. Anyway… I’ll have to check out the Pioneer Woman since I’m always looking for new recipes. That bracelet is pretty, and I’ll have to pin that workout. :-) Good luck with your big purchase this weekend and I hope that you also enjoy your weekend! :-)

  25. Jillian says:

    good luck shopping for your washer and dryer!! we got my parents front loader washer/dryer as a housewarming gift for our condo and while i was SUPER thankful for the amazing gift i would NEVER buy one in the future. the washer had a funk smell and apparently thats a common thing for front loaders (my mom upgraded her own laundry room to include a traditional top loader bc she didnt like the front loader). SO i’d recommend you dont buy one —even tho they do look cool. there are things you can do to keep it clean but nobody has time for that! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  26. Stacy G says:

    I have to make the salsa!! My husband would love it. Thanks for the recipe. :) XO

  27. I just laughed so hard at the Darwinism funny… Does that make me a bad person? Meh.

  28. Tracey says:

    OMG the “Home is” quote…dying, it’s so so true.

  29. Aimee Rose says:

    Isn’t it funny what we get excited about buying as we get older, I remember one time when I got all excited for getting a steam mop as a gift, my siblings thought I was crazy. Love the funny about getting praised for doing what everyone else calls work, I live that one daily! Have a great weekend, and enjoy your new washer and dryer!

  30. Emily says:

    I hope front loading washers are as exciting as dreamed up to be! Because I don’t know what else I would dream about and get excited about if they’re not??

  31. Christina says:

    hahah home totally is where i can look like a hot mess!! that’s perfect. girl i gotta include you on my krave jerky football recipes roundup!!! let me know if you’re interested in another blogger outreach next month. :)

  32. Printable workouts are amazing! I think I might steal this one!

    OH – moments of brilliance – yes – it is the exact midpoint between bottle 1 and bottle 2.

    Is it sad that I watched the baseball gif – over and over and over again – just like WHOA!

  33. Brianne says:

    I’m diggin that song. Haha I watched the baseball gif multiple times & that dude going down the stairs…this is why warning labels should be taken off of things.

  34. Omg… your funnies are awesome:) I love the pitcher catching that ball. And Darwinism… yes. I am so excited for football season, that’s about all I have planned this weekend!!! Have a great one Amanda!

  35. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one excited about washer + dryers! I cannot WAIT to use the new ones at our house tomorrow! Which are front loading, too ;) Haha you know you’re an adult when….. Have a good weekend!

  36. You should look at the workout I posted! Holy cow, it’ll get you! I’m on Week 2, Day 2 and I’m sooo sore! And that gif of the baseball catch?! Holy cow I watched it like 10 times! (Mostly to try to read their lips, but apparently I suck at that and still don’t know what they’re saying! haha!) Happy Friday, Amanda! Hope you have a great weekend!

  37. Rebecca Jo says:

    I’ve never even enjoyed those 12 seconds of laundry being done… it never happens in my home.

  38. Ah yes, funny the things we get excited about now huh! That salsa looks so good, you can’t go wrong with a Pioneer Women recipe! We were in her town last weekend, I was in full on “PW stalker mode” but I didn’t see her, just her ranch haha.

  39. Erin LFF says:

    The answer is NO- the Pioneer Woman does not have any bad recipes ;) I LOVE her fresh salsa!!!

  40. Such a sweet and dainty little bracelet – I love it! Salsa from the jar is so not good compared to fresh. Must try this recipe! It’s like canned pineapple; once you have fresh, you never go back hah. Enjoy the long weekend !

  41. LOVING that song!! Seriously, when I need new music, I’m just going to ask you since you’re always sharing the best of the best. I didn’t think I was going to like this song at first, but I am diggin’ it.

    And thank you for the salsa recipe, just in time for me to make it this weekend! I’m a chips and salsa kinda girl, so you made my heart happy with this recipe.

    That first funny? 100% TRUTH. No doubt about it…but how sad, right? hahaha

  42. That salsa recipe looks delish! I am going to have to try that one! Have a great LDW, girl! xo

  43. Cheers to football officially kicking off!! Salsa recipe? Check! Grrreat funnies- love the home logic one best! haha Have a great weekend girl!! xoxo

  44. YAYAYA for football season!!!!! that’s what my Friday Favs is dedicated to (:

  45. I love that bracelet! It’s so dainty and perfect! I miiight have to buy it.. Have a great weekend!!

  46. Happy Friday! Loving that delicate bracelet – I find I’m either loving total minimal and dainty jewelry or full on huge and chunky.. no in between – haha! And absolutely must print out that wine quote and hang it on my fridge :) Have a great long weekend!

  47. brooke lyn says:

    i have totally been digging popsugar’s workouts lately, plus they have great layout with their photos and what not

  48. Lol those gif’s and ecards had me cracking up. I love Pioneer Woman, she can do no wrong – I’ll have to try that salsa recipe!

  49. Ooooh I need that bracelet in my life- so dainty! Have a great weekend!

  50. Ummmm I need one of those bracelets stat. And, that statement about laundry couldn’t be more accurate. I mean it’s the never-ending task! As always, thanks for hosting the linkup and have a great holiday weekend!

  51. You know what’s also expensive, tortilla scoops!! Theo and I eat a lot of salsa and always complain when we have to buy a new bag of scoops for $5!! Love those funnies!! The laundry one is me all the way and the wine one. Once I start to slur my words it’s all downhill!! Enjoy your weekend!

  52. Joey says:

    OMG! That moment of brilliance! It’s always so fleeting, too! Oh, man. I fall into the “stop talking” bubble way too quickly haha! YAY for front loading washer/dryer!!

  53. Krystal R. says:

    hahaha that gif is epic! I love doing laundry is this weird??

  54. Haha! Isn’t it funny how we grow up and get excited about buying home shit?! I was the same way when I bought my washer and dryer! :) I love that funny about being home and being ugly. Ain’t that the truth! :) Pioneer Woman Salsa! Hell to the yes! :)

  55. hahaha!! The moment of brilliance between bottle of wine #1 and bottle #2. I have been craving pizza for about 3 wks and I think I’m going to have to get some this weekend!

    I’m also going to try some at home workouts again, this one looks like a good one.

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