Things I’m Digging Lately Including Trader Joe’s Updates – All Under $10

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Just like the we are into Tuesday.  Guess what I forgot to share with you yesterday?  My bachelorette party is this weekend!  I cannot wait to get away for a few days with some of my most beloved gals and just relax and be spoiled.  I seriously have some of the sweetest bridesmaids.  So I thought for this things I’ve been digging lately post I would keep it all within an affordable budget since everyone seems to be scratching their heads a little bit with that holiday shopping.  Also since half of my life is still in stackable plastic tubs I have rediscovered some products that were some sleeper gems.
Trader Joe’s Coconut Butter
I mean it smells like coconut frosting but its not that sickeningly sweet smell that lingers all day and makes your stomach turn.  It is thick but absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy.  When you put it on I swear it feels cooling.  Out of my arsenal of body lotions this one has rose to the top.  Best part it was like five or six bucks I can’t remember.  Write yourself a note the next time you go and pick it up.  I forgot like 10 times because who honestly travels down that aisle.  It’s like frozen section, grab some chips and then head to the wine/heavenly aisle.  The bath products usually gets skipped.
If you don’t live near one apparently you can get it through Amazon here it is cheaper in stores…..I would tell you to phone a friend for a favor and we’ll send it ;-)
While you’re at Trader Joe’s
Pick up some of the organic jasmine frozen rice.  It passed the strictest of all rice critics.  Mark.  You heat it up for 3 minutes and it is two hearty servings.  I’m sure it is supposed to like serve four but for two it was perfect.  Sorry for the generic picture the box in our over stuffed combined freezer didn’t make the cut.
Also if you are lucky enough to snag this do it.  Amazing.

This Eye makeup remover
I mean it’s not the Lancome holy grail but that is the upper echelon price tag and I always spill that screw top bottle……let’s be honest.  I also love the Sephora brand remover but I got this Rimmel London one in that influenster box.  I almost threw it in a holiday gift set but I really liked the squeeze top.  It makes it Amanda idiot spill proof basically.  It takes off my waterproof eyeliner, isn’t greasy and non irritating.  It actually reminded me of this Bioderma which is three times the price.  You can pick it up at your local drug stores for under $5.  Also please divert your eyes from our mismatched towels….someone can’t part with his just yet.
This Eyeliner
It’s not the urban decay 24/7 liner (perversion is my favorite black color) but it’s pretty darn close.  The Rimmel london Scandaleyes in black glides on very easily and is super dark. If you don’t have a primer on your eyelids or you immediately blink it did transfer up to my lid.  The next time I put it on with a primer and it wore really well for New Year’s.  For under $5 I threw it in my every day makeup travel case.  Win win.
This Cream for Smooth Arms
Do you have that problem at all especially when it gets cold out you get those little bumps on the back of your arms?  Like right in that tricep area?  This KP duty cream has glycolic acid and green tea extract.  It doesn’t cure them but it does really soften them up nicely.  I keep the small bottle on my nightstand aka my small pharmacy.
Two Splurges
ysl lipstain
Y’all know my love for the YSL lip stains.  I have added to my daytime collection.  Beige Anarchist color 106 is the most perfect swipe on for work and it will last till lunch.  Not glittery it just gives your lip that subtle hint of color.  It is on the left.  Naughty Mauve color 107 is a tad darker and is a great going to dinner but not trying to overdue it color.  Highly recommend adding these to your arsenal.  No lie they last forever.
Those are a few things on my radar right now!  What are some of your affordable everyday go to products? Hope you are having a fabulous day!  xoxoxo
Also don’t forget about the amazing Nordstroms $225 giveaway

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56 responses to “Things I’m Digging Lately Including Trader Joe’s Updates – All Under $10”

  1. Kiki says:

    I was in heaven back at Trader Joe’s, although I was quite overwhelmed with all the options my first visit there!

  2. Ok, I definitely need to make a trip back to Trader Joe’s for that coconut butter and that black truffle oil. And that eyeliner looks like it might be worth checking out too! As always, love your YSL colors!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. That trader joes truffle oil is on my next shopping trip list!! Ahh can’t believe your bachelorette party is this weekend!! Can’t wait to see what you ladies get into!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  4. I seriously spill my eye makeup remover at least once a week. It’s why I buy like, CVS brand. I can’t keep it in the damn bottle!

  5. Looks like it’s time for me to swing by TJ’s on my lunch break! That coconut butter looks amazing, and I’m sure the truffle oil will be a new staple in my kitchen :)

    Have an AMAZING time celebrating with your girls this weekend, can’t wait for your recap!

  6. ohh i need to try that KP duty lotion! i get red bumps on my arms when its really hot outside…so bizarre! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  7. i buy my coconut oil (that i slather on my face) at the health food store…for $8.95, i can slather on this organic coconut oil for deep hydration or cook with it!! more bang for my buck :D

  8. Looks like I need to make the trip the TJ’s this weekend. It’s definitely out of the way but worth it. I always like to pick up some flowers there when I go too as they are inexpensive but still so fresh!

  9. Jenn says:

    I might need to stop reading your blog…..I’m going to be broke before I know it if I continue. Oh well, I’ll sacrifice since I just can’t stay away! :)
    Thanks for all of these awesome recommendations!! As usual :)

  10. Umm black truffle olive oil? I have got to start going to the TJs by me way more often.

  11. Mree says:

    I so need to go to Trader Joe’s right now and get me some Truffle Oil! Only $4.99!! You don’t even want to know what I spent on the bottle I got at a fancy food store. Ugh..Oh those YSL Lip stains are the best! I so need to try those colors!!

  12. I’m hungry yet now I want to put on makeup! love it all!

  13. I will look for that truffle oil the next time I’m at Trader Joe’s. I haven’t been there in two weeks, they’re probably wondering where I’ve been haha. The frozen brown rice is really good too. Almost like porridge. Those lip glosses are gorgeous, some day I’ll have to try them. That’s awesome that your bachelorette is this weekend!! You must be really excited. :-)

  14. Truffle oil and body butter are what I really need more of in my life right now:) Thanks… need to get my butt over to TJ’s and get me some!

  15. These are all great product recommendations! I’ve been a huge fan of the Rimmel eyeliners for a while now. I’m visiting my parents this weekend, so a stop at Trader Joes may have to happen.

  16. ah i love when you post TJs finds. bc it’s easy to miss stuff as you peruse that store. also i want those lip stains. love lip stains. good post! and happy bachelorette this weekend!! xo

  17. Oooh Naughty mauve is gorgeous. I may have to swatch that. (;

  18. I love that Trader Joe’s body butter, it smells so good – I use it all the time! I spotted that black truffle oil last time, now I’m definitely going to have to add it to my arsenal.

  19. Yay for Bachelorette party!!!! I can’t believe your wedding is so close – Odd question, did you even find Name Card holders? Because, I know this chick (it’s totally me), who has over 150 wine cork Name Card Holders that she is looking to GIVE AWAY… just let me know ;)

    Beige Anarchist – Love the name – Love the shade.

    I need a new eye makeup remover – I hate when it looks like I got it all off, but when I wake in the morning I still have racoon eyes!

  20. Stacy G says:

    That coconut butter looks amazing! I want it. I’d love to try that truffle olive oil too! That eyeliner looks great, but I’d
    have to look into other colors. I cannot wear black. It is way too harsh on me. Have the best time at your bachelorette! xo

  21. Rebecca Jo says:

    I need to take the 50 minute drive to Trader Joes…
    I just got that eye make up remover & really like it too!

  22. Joey says:

    I’ve wanted to try the scandal eyes mascara for a while now and might have to pick it up the next time I’m out!

  23. P!nky says:

    Love me some body butter and black truffle oil is my jam….delish!

  24. Darcy says:

    I seriously hate that there is no Trader Joe’s near me! The closest one is 45 minutes away, and I just can’t bring myself to drive that far for groceries!

  25. I need to go hunt down that truffle oil. I’ve been wanting to buy some that doesn’t break the bank!
    Ally – Life as I know it

  26. Lyndsay says:

    I had no idea Trader Joe’s had a bath aisle. Either the one I got to is horrible or I get too distracted by the wall of cheese. I am definitely going to have to do some exploring on my next trip. And black truffle oil for 4.99 sounds wrong but you know, that is why that place is so amazing.

  27. You had me at Trader Joes! My hubby has been all about the cocoa butter lately! I have to get him that!

  28. I’m going to try the KP duty.

    Great pics!

  29. Carly says:

    I need to find that truffle oil! I love TJ’s for cheap, great finds. Have an awesome bachelorette party!

  30. I went into TJ for the first time in forever and it didn’t have booze! I was pissed! Then, I realized in Kansas stores don’t have booze and I should have gone to Missouri. Womp, womp. TJ has the best low cal peach champagne and that’s all I was going for.

  31. Those YSL colors are so pretty!! I am totally going to have to try that eye make up remover too. I have the sephora one but I am not in love anymore and this one looks cheaper.

    TJ’s opens here the second half of this year. I can’t freaking wait!!! Truffle olive oil?! Sounds like some fun recipes!

  32. Oh how I miss my Trader Joe’s!! I could go for some of the jasmine rice with their orange chicken… yes please! Love the new YSL stains, I’ve yet to try them but that needs to change soon!

  33. What the!? The truffle (infused?) oil is $4.99. Damn TJs being so far away from me. Time to make the drive thanks to you hah. I’ve heard awesome things about the coconut butter and the YSL splurges were totally worth it ;)

  34. hold on- TJ’s has coconut butter?? i’m in! also I’ve been looking for decent eye makeup remover for a decent price- THANK YOU!

  35. I can’t wait to hear all about your bachelorette party! That body butter sounds heavenly for sure, I’ll add it to my “Trader Joes, one day” list :) I haven’t tried my Rimmel liner yet, can’t wait to.

  36. I’m so jealous of this list because I don’t have a TJ near me! The closest is about an hour away, though I’m thinking a new years resolution should be to finally plan a big shopping trip there – haha. And you may have just convinced me to splurge on one of those YSL – I’m in love with that nude color! xoxo, – M @ The Sequin Notebook

  37. Kristen says:

    hmmmm i think i need to go to trader joes soon!! that eye makeup remover looks awesome as well.

  38. i have that KP problem on the backs of my arms too, and that lotion does help more than any other i’ve found! glad to hear i’m not alone.

  39. Isn’t Trader Joe’s the best? They always have the most amazing stuff. I also love their Tea Tree shampoo!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  40. I definitely need to try that KP lotion – I get KP on my legs too and it makes shaving a nightmare! I wish we had Trader Joe’s around here, it was the best when I was in NY they some really unique products!

  41. Christina says:

    I love the TJs coconut butter! Check out the Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara. It’s awesome!

  42. I only make it to Trader Joe’s like once every six months but I loove recommendations from there! I’ve also wondered about a few of these beauty products so thanks for the good reviews! I’m really hoping to get my hands on one of the YSL lip stains this year :)

  43. I love body butter but one that smells like coconut? I am in lust. Need to see if I can find it around here.

  44. Great picks- that body butter looks pretty luxurious for Trader Joes!! Love that place. And I’ve never heard of that creme before, but it’s kind of funny that a chicken is on the front since keratosis pilaris is called “chicken skin” lol. I will have to note that to recommend to patients!! xo

  45. Have fun on your bach party!! Where are you girls going? Nice finds at Trader Joes, I need to check it out. Love your splurge ; )

  46. Kay R. says:

    yay for your bachy party being this weekend!!

  47. Going to keep my eyes peeled for the coconut oil and rice – I’ve heard a lot of great things about that rice!

  48. Emily says:

    Trader Joe’s is fairly new in our area but I’m obsessed with their products and that truffle cheese you recommended a few months ago. Amazing!

  49. I love that rimmel eyeliner too! Can’t beat it for the price!

  50. I would give my left arm to have a Trader Joe’s near me. And I’m gonna have to check out that eye liner. I have such a hard time spending any kind of money on liners so less than $5 sounds great!

  51. Trader Joes is so much fun, I always find something new there. I have yet to try the black truffle olive oil, that’s next on my list!

    pumps and push-ups

  52. TJ’s has body butter?! I never knew this. As much as I love Trader Joe’s, I’m so lazy. I’m in Countryway area which is maybe 20 minutes away but since the South Tampa locale is so busy all the time…I never go. #firstworldprobz?

  53. Jenny says:

    I definitely may need to try that coconut butter. I love the way it makes my skin feel but hate the way it makes me smell all day. And I love Rimmel makeup!! And those two lip stain colors are perfection in my book. I like nude and mauve glosses. Thanks for these product reviews!

  54. Woah, how the heck did I miss this the other day when I was there??? Lame. Definitely going to track this item down. I can’t stand the taste of coconut, but lotion? YES PLEASE.

    Have you tried their brown rice? It’s our favorite. I mean, you can’t beat a 3-minute cook time…lessss be honest.

    I used to be a snob when it came to Rimmel products, but then I tried their lipsticks and powders, and I was hooked.

  55. You always find/share the greatest things from TJ’s! And I’ve always been jealous! Until I seen that a town near me (when I say near I mean 75 miles away… lol) is building one! So at least some day there is hope that I will be able to go find all this awesome stuff! :)

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