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Back to reality.  I will say that I definitely filled up my “day off” yesterday by grading papers all day and teaching 3 barre classes. Seriously do I know how to just relax?  Back at you with a Things I’ve Been Digging Lately update.  These would make some lovely Christmas presents… yourself…..just saying.

It’s no secret around here that my first move when I get home is to immediately change into stretch pants.  I have sat in patient rooms all day……therefore my clothes go immediately into the hamper.  Side note do you call it a hamper?  Anyways….I think Mark is getting a little sick of my black F21 stretch pants and accompanying black tank with a built in bra because let’s be honest a bra is also the second thing that gets axed when no longer in public.  So I have “upgraded” if you will my stretch pants to these little bad boys. They are the perfect length (aka can come down over your heels….it helps to elongate the leg in my opinion).  The band on the top is just wide enough to hold everything in.  Also the patterned on them are a little fancied up so  you could perhaps duck out to Trader Joe’s and feel appropriate to be out with our functioning humans. I think they would also look fabulous tucked in with these black boots (on sale!) and this oversized sweater.  If I had to dream up an outfit to go with it.  Get on Lofts mailing list.  They had a flash sale the other night and these bad boys were on sale + 60% off I think it made them like 12 bucks or something crazy pants like that.  Reference:  I got a size small and they fit perfectly, true to size.  Also love the Houndstooth ones.

Spacedye Leggings (sold out now boooo check stores!) Very similar pair slightly thicker

Also picked up this grey gauzy cardigan which is perfect for work and now 50% off!  Also eyeing this amazing striped one and this perfect drape front one.

The most perfect lipstick that doesn’t look like a lipstick.  I don’t really love wearing lipstick per se at work because I feel like that is dolling it up too much for the little people and their parents.  However sometimes I need a little color to not look like the 4 hours of sleep that I in reality actually got.  Therefore this is the best natural little flush color to your lips.  Cannot recommend it more for that perfect natural daytime color.  Also picked up the Microperfecting primer in green, does a great job with decreasing the natural red tinge to my cheeks.  Then makeup application is flawless on top once you let it set in.

N9 Copper Pink (not really pink I swear).

I really love the concept of bkr bottles.  I like drinking out of the glass instead of plastic.  I’m not like totally on the chemicals in plastic are going to kill us kinda wavelength even though it’s probably the truth.  I mean I use the microwave on a daily basis that is probably going to do me in before using my tervis tumblr.  However I love these bottles especially this one.  Oh and also by the fact I can carry it hooked inside my finger while I’m balancing my 20 other things.  It’s all about portability.  I mean how stinkin cute is that pattern?  The only rage issue I have with them is the wideness factor.  It doesn’t fit in any of my cupholders #firstworldproblems.  Which usually forces me to put it in between my legs and pray that the cap is secure.

bkr glass water bottle
Oh happy day when my new favorite scent became available in rollerball form.  Have you had a chance to check it out yet?  It is seriously heaven and giving my go to Guerlain L’Instant a run for it’s money.
Si Rollerball
I know convertible dresses are all the rage but the one I have drives me nuts.  I can’t remember where I got it….most likely a Groupon thing or something.  I really love the concept of them. This Rachel Pally one would be the best of both worlds. Convertible dress plus in her amazing drape fabric.  I haven’t found one dress that doesn’t fit incredibly in this long maxi style.

Rachel Pally Meryl Reversible Dress

I have been wearing my suede pumps on repeat.  Totally obsessed with this grey pair.  Also come in black as well!

French Connection Elvia Pump

One total lust piece that I wish would be under the tree but know it won’t happen but definitely on my swoon list.  One of my students had this on and I felt like the total out of touch old person asking her who made the cuff.  She couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before but now I’m obsessed especially in the rose gold.

Miansai Rose Gold Screw Cuff Bracelet

Public Service Announcement.  Target can you please bring these shirts back in stock.  No lie I bought one and I am obsessed. They have the most perfect drape, fit and shape.  Plus they are soft and totally wash well.  These seriously look like one of those designer $80 “casual tees” but was like $10.  When they come back in stock I am no doubt buying them in every single color.

Women’s Perfect Fit Longsleeve Crew Tee

Second PSA can we please petition to get people to stop putting raisins in carrot cake cupcakes???  I probably should stop eating them….let’s start with that.  No worries about that dress fitting on Saturday or anything……

Just in case you are more of a visual learner.  All the sweet digs lined up for you.

Hope you are having a great start to your week!  What products have you been digging lately?  xoxoxoxo

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50 responses to “Things I’m Digging Lately – Total Presents Worthy”

  1. Jenn says:

    Loving all of these but especially those leggings and the oversized sweater, and that dress! Beautiful! Thanks for getting me in trouble with my credit card again lol jk

  2. There are so many goodies in this post!! I still haven’t tried the Si perfume, I smelled it once and really liked it though!! Those leggings are amazing and I’m obsessed with those French Connection heels…especially the color!! I have that MakeUp forever lip color and it’s just a universally flattering shade – so pretty!! xo

  3. Jillian says:

    ohh i love so many things on this post! the leggings, bracelet and tee are so cute! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  4. P!nky says:

    I’m allllll about changing into sweats when I get home and those stretch pants look awesome. I’ve been thinking about getting a roller ball scent, recently, to keep in my purse.

  5. Those leggings are too cute- they have them online but only in an XS. And I call it hamper… what else would you call it?!?

  6. Elle Sees says:

    i LOVE that si perfume! i’ve sampled it–just need the real thing!

  7. HAHAHAHA, your water bottle comments…killing me. I have always thought the exact same thing about using the microwave. Long live my Tervis!

  8. that is one gorgeous cuff! also, 100% yes to leggings and oversized sweaters…my wardrobe for the past few months!

  9. Absolutely great picks! I’m a big fan of MUFE lipsticks, so I need to look into that color. Also, Target does need to bring those shirts back just so I can get one – those look perfect!

  10. Ashley says:

    You know my love for Lou & Grey. Their layering tank I own in a few colors and am obsessed. If you notice Target gets those shirts back in stock please let me know!!

  11. love your picks, especially that black dress! ALSO i took a barre class last night for the first time and thought of you!! I loved it!! such a hard workout!

  12. Those pumps and those leggings can make their way into my closet anytime. Wonderful picks

  13. Love all of these. And I totally get you on drinking out of glass bottles. Most of my water bottles are glass. Too bad I’m constantly dropping them and they shatter everywhere :(

  14. I love Loft leggings, they are my favorite – in fact I just picked up another pair this weekend, and they did have the space dyed pair in store. I second you sister, comfy clothes and loose the bra, things that just need to happen! Great finds!

  15. Christina says:

    the wrap dresses are so pretty (on people) but honestly i think i’d strangle myself with one

  16. Joey says:

    Ugh you always pick the best stuff that makes me worry about the safety of my wallet!

  17. Loving that water bottle, too cute!

  18. The Loft flash sales are always so dangerous!

  19. 3 barre classes? You GO GIRL! I too change into the stretchiest most comfortable clothes as soon as I get home, and those leggings look perfect for that :-D

  20. Julia says:

    Love the leggings, the suede heels, and that shirt from Target is perfection! I am always on the lookout for long tees like that to go over skinnies! Fabulous picks as always! :)

  21. Rebecca Jo says:

    Didn’t know that kind of water bottle existed… I now need it! NEED!

  22. I love Maxi Dresses- I am 5’4″ – and they are ALWAYS too long on me. **SIGHS**

    And Leggings and oversized sweaters… my favorite thing!

  23. Haha, when I come home it’s usually a pair of yoga pants, and a tee. Jason changes into clothes, just not work clothes….I say, “psssh”. Also, I want that rose gold bracelet!

  24. Fab picks! I love those pumps even though I don’t actually like d’orsay pumps because I feel like I’m going to fall out of them when I walk. Anyways… that maxi dress is pretty, and I love longer t-shirts. I like to wear them with leggings and have my butt covered. I also prefer nuts in carrot cake instead of raisins. Don’t worry about your dress fitting either. You are in great shape!! :-)

  25. That tee from target is something I have been hunting for for weeks! They need to get that back in stock asap!

  26. that maxi dress and those pumps!! yes please!

  27. I’ll take it all! Love the suede pumps and those leggings, so sad they’re sold out already. I use the Smashbox green primer and swear by it – it eliminates so much redness but now I want to give the MUFE version a try!

  28. I live in stretch pants te second I get home. I totally call it a hamper too! Is that a northern thing? Love the pumps.

  29. Alright I’m totally with you on the leggings, bracelet, reversible dress and that lipstick color!!

  30. Rachel says:

    Those pants look super comfy! I’m always on the hunt for comfortable clothes to wear around the house…and during errands…and sometimes to work. :)

  31. I am straight-up craving gray suede heels and those are definitely amazing!

  32. I NEED that bracelet! I have the same issue with the BKR. Love, love, love the cuteness (I purchase solely on cuteness not utility) but dang it the cupholders! I also want to buy everything in Loft all of the time. I do from time to time and it is verrrrry sad for my wallet!

  33. Um yes my scrubs go straight to the hamper when I get home!! And then stretchy pants of course!! Loving all of these picks! That lip stick shade is so pretty!

    <3 Shannon

  34. Kristen says:

    I want those loft pants (ok ok i’m signing up for their email list) and yes i call it a hamper, actually i call it a basket, or maybe both i don’t know. i want that top from target, hope they bring it back in stock!
    i dont wear lipstick to work either, i work in construction basically, so i’m not pretty-ing up for a bunch of old dudes. aint nobody got time for that.

  35. I am totally digging all of this now too! Thanks a lot… ;)

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  36. I really like that water bottle!

  37. I’m all for stretchy pants! Literally the first thing I do when I get home. Great picks Amanda!

  38. Ah! I’m SO loving that dress and those pumps.

  39. Did the little gator fan say houndstooth? You know I had to say something about this….;)

    I love the way Si smells! I have tried a sample and it was great. And the bottle!!!! I love that design. I think I need!

  40. Becky M says:

    Yes I call it a hamper too :) and so with you on the work clothes – our scrubs don’t even leave the laundry room! Love those heels too!

  41. I’ll definitely have to check out that perfume. I’ve never had a roll on one. And I totally agree with you on the target shirt! I hate when things I love go out of stock or are discontinued!
    And yes, it’s a hamper. :)

  42. rainesmom says:

    Love those grey French Connection pumps!!! So good…
    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

  43. Bahahaha! I am with you, bra is immediately off (can’t do just a tank with a built in bra with these tig-ol-bittys so I go straight to the sports bras – next best thing right?!) and yoga pants/leggings/sweat pants of some sort is next in line! Allll about comfort! I absolutely love that convertible dress and those suede pumps! :)

  44. hands down my fav things here are that lipstick and that black dress. oh my word gorg!!

  45. Love changing when I get home too– it’s such a good way to shift gears! And I love that lipstick :)

  46. I’ll take one of everything! :-) I am all about rollerball perfumes all of sudden and feel the need to have ALL the scents!

  47. How about not putting raisins in ANYTHING?! They are the herpes of the food kingdom.

  48. Kay R. says:

    love love love those leggings! Good finds!

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