It’s Time For Some Confessions Don’t You Think

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It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten some confessions off my chest and it just felt about that time to getting around to it.  Y’all know how much I like to spill all my embarrassing confessions to you.

First things.  I confess since the weather dropped here we now are the habitants of those teeny tiny little microscopic ants in the kitchen.  I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them.  You know how I like to be well educated and versed so I have done my research.  I know more about ant colonies and behaviors then I ever wanted to know.  We got those raid ant baits and those little jerks go around it, over it and the other day I watched one go underneath it.  RAGE

I tried the holistic approach.  Apple cider vinegar then peppermint oil and then just got frustrated and lined the pathways with raid. I’m pretty sure Mark thinks I’m even more crazy than usual.  Every morning I race out to see if my latest science experiment worked and those little annoyances are still there.

I drew the last straw when I saw one floating in my Nespresso water filter.  Mark mentioned about how one was near the stove and I muttered out “well the Queen when she starts noticing her troops dwindling she splits them up“…….oh the eye roll I got after that one.  Alright tell me how do you get rid of those tiny sugar ants?  The next step is borax.  Where do I even find that???

What is it with me and FL critters as of late?

I confess when I lost an hour of my life to my new LED makeup light I found a blonde hair in the middle of my forehead.  Like kinda a long one.  Why has nobody told me I had a blonde like unicorn horn hair in the middle of my forehead???  Never again now I have the power of microscopic analysis and a LED strength light source.

I confess that I am getting a little peeved after I have had the emblem on the front of my car ripped off twice in the past month. What the heck???  Is there some underground gangster necklace gang who is wearing car emblems around their neck?

Looks so sad right???  Oh also please divert your eyes from the left front bumper.  Somebody also hit me as well.

I confess all the turbo tax and H &R block commercials are giving me so much anxiety.  Like didn’t I just pay my taxes a month ago????

I confess my sister shares logs into my amazon account since I get a cheaper price for prime with my edu email (from teaching at the college).  I get so excited when I get a notification about a delivery…..then I realize it’s for a Doc Mcstuffins stethoscope……then I get sad.

I confess the ads on the top of my gmail inbox are infuriating.  When did those start and how do I make them stop?

I confess I shut my hair in my car door more times then I care to admit.

I confess.  I always have a protein bar (or three) in my purse at all times.  When I eat the last one or didn’t replenish my stash I immediately get panicky…..I just like having that reassurance of when I’m so hungry I could eat my own hand that I have a bar always on standby.

I confess I just finished reading Gone Girl and haven’t listened to one Serial podcast.  I am a bad blogger.  I need to get on these current events.
I confess I am on the less than a month countdown to the wedding and I couldn’t be happier!  I am so excited to marry Mark on February 20th.  I’m literally crossing off the days till it all goes down.
Alright now you know even if you didn’t want to my latest confessions.  Hope you have a fab day!  xoxoxoxo

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49 responses to “It’s Time For Some Confessions Don’t You Think”

  1. Kiki says:

    Yay for the final countdown! And seriously, my hair gets stuck in everything it seems!

  2. Jenn says:

    This post had me rolling! I’m so so sorry about the ants, but good job on your newly learned info. At least you know that if all else fails, you can become an ant expert ;) That totally stinks that people keep taking your car emblem! What the heck is wrong with people???
    Don’t start Serial unless you have a solid day to day and a half to commit to listening to it because you will be addicted.
    And finally, WOOOHOOOOOOO for less than a month! It will be here before you know it, girl! Can’t wait!!!

  3. grrrr….blogger just ate my comment!!!! So what I was saying was…where are you parking that people are stealing your emblem? Also, I have to carry snacks with me when I’m out with Gary because he gets seriously hangry if he doesn’t eat lol!!! Countdown is on!!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. P!nky says:

    Who steals car emblems? I thought that was just in the movies! A neighbor of mine had his tires stolen last year, who does that?!!?!

    You could totally rock mcstuffins, I know it!

    Wow, less than a month, so so so so so exciting!

  5. Try Tero to get rid of the ants. I think that’s how it’s spelt. I had a similar problem a few years ago and that’s the only thing that would get rid of them. And who steals car emblems!?!? WTF? People are crazy. I always have cheese its in my purse (don’t judge) lol! I get so hungry though!!

  6. Ugh ants are the worst!! I haven’t listened to Serial either… oops.

  7. Jillian says:

    hahah im dreaaaading doing taxes. ugh. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  8. Joey says:

    OMG the car emblem necklace! Sorry someone keeps ripping it off! That would piss me off! I was walking to the coffee shop yesterday and saw my old car parked outside one of the buildings. All of my stickers (not that I had many, just like my old oil change stickers, a police sticker and a butterfly sticker (that’d been on it since I was like…16)) were still on it and it made my stomach lurch!! I felt like someone stole my freaking car! But no, I did sell it to them. It’s there’s. But I wanted to just hop in and drive off in it! The ants thing is INFURIATING! We had them last year and they’re such a pain to get rid of!

  9. Haha I feel the same way when I find a random hair growing out a bad spot on my face or neck… I wonder how the heck no one told me about it and have all probably just been staring at it like Austin Powers and the mole :-P

  10. do you live in a house or building? if house, check around the outside close to the house…in those cases, ants usually have nests. get rid of the nest, you get rid of the ants – period.

  11. I roll my hair up in the window of my car. It isn’t yet long enough to shut in the car door but probably just as painful once realized.

  12. I get the random blonde hair in the middle of my forehead too!! I’ve never had blonde hair though. Glad I’m not the only unicorn! :)

  13. Wow, that was so many confessions! Hate to hear that about the ants – that sucks. Yay for the wedding ;)

  14. Soooooooooo what’s a serial podcast?!

  15. I keep protein bars in my bag, too! I mean, my purse is large enough to fit my child and small dog, so I *should* have snacks in case we get hungry on the road, right? Better than nasty fast food, which I won’t eat for anything.

    At least your hair was blonde! I started getting longer dark hairs ON MY CHIN. Time for a laser treatment!

    I drove a Mercedes for a few years and the front emblem got ripped off three times. I feel your rage when you go out to the parking lot and think, “Something doesn’t look right with my car… Oh no you didn’t!” Then mutter (or scream) every cuss word in the book. I feel you.

  16. Omg – in college at the mall that I worked at, the emblem off my old car got stolen, too! That is the dumbest thing. I am dying over your unicorn hair, and I definitely haven’t jumped on the Serial bandwagon either. I’m not sure I have enough patience to sit and listen to it.

  17. Mree says:

    I always have a snack in my bag. I like to prepared for anything. I carry my whole life in my purse. I cannot believe someone steals the emblem from your car. That is so wrong. My hair is always getting stuck in the car door. I blame the static!! haha

  18. I tried listening to the Serial podcast before bed earlier this week and it kind of creeped me out so I don’t think I’ll be doing that again! I’m waiting until I have a long car ride now.

  19. I don’t even know where to begin here. LOL. 1. Unicorn hair!! Lady no one said anything because you’re blonde and and no one could see it including you. Don’t worry about it, you’re still beautiful. 2. Sorry that some idiot stole your hood ornament (thats what they always called them on Long Island haha). 3. I have shut my hair in the car door. Hurts. 4. Tiny ants? Eeeww. Love these posts so thanks for sharing, and I hope that you are having a good day so far. :-)

  20. Darcy says:

    I am sooo not looking forward to taxes! I am making myself tackle it in February so that I don’t have to worry about it closer to the wedding, but gosh it feels like just yesterday I did all that work!

  21. this is a great post! you’re too cute :) and those bugs – what is with that in your life lately! i may or may not steal this blog post idea. just a heads up :) xo

  22. Love this! I can’t believe you’ve gotten the emblem stolen off your car twice in the last month! But the bigger deal is your getting married in less than a month, how exciting!

  23. Carly says:

    Woo hoo, final countdown! Ha, I always have snacks in my purse too. You never know when the hunger will hit.

  24. Alisha says:

    You crack me up. The ants would drive me crazy too… I would be doing the same thing you did. The LED light would freak me out… at least we have blonde hair, right?

  25. brooke lyn says:

    people steal emblems? that is a real thing? so weird.

  26. Zelle B. says:

    Love your blogger current events. I confess that I never actually read Gone Girl (only watched the movie, which I rarely do), and I haven’t listed to the podcast. Oops. And really? People steal your car emblem? That is crazy. Though not surprising. Good luck with the ants!
    xo Southern Style

  27. Okay that is ridiculous that someone is ripping off your car emblem! What in the world?! Ants are the worst but what’s worked for me is to clean the area with bleach and then spray it with safe any killer spray. I think you can make it I’ll try to find what we used!

  28. Brianne says:

    I still haven’t read Gone Girl…it’s on my list but I still haven’t done it. I’m the same way about food. Like I just noticed I didn’t pack my Special K bar & even though I ate breakfast, have fruit, a cheese stick, yogurt, salad, & a hard boiled egg I’m over here all…BUT WHAT IF I’M STILL HUNGRY!!?

  29. I seriously didn’t even know what Serial was until a few days ago so you’re not alone! As for taxes, wait to do them til after the wedding so you can file jointly! We both always owed but last year when we filed together we actually got money back!!

  30. These people ripping emblems off cars- like why?

    Sorry about your ants girl. The. worst.

  31. Oh girl, the ants. My BFF had this same issue a few years back. She just bleached EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. Like, she kept the spray out and sprayed her cabinets, counters, everything like every hour. Good luck getting rid of those suckers. They are tough little guys.
    And why do people feel the need to rip emblems off cars?! I just don’t get it. Jerks.

  32. Who steals car emblems! Rude! I used a spray when i had ants a few years ago and it worked really well. You have to spray the perimeter of your place though and then along the baseboards where you see them. I’ll send a picture when I get home.

  33. Tami says:

    That is so fucked up about your car emblem! What is with people? About the ants, yes–try Borax. It’s the only thing that worked at our old house. I lined it all the way around the outside edge of the house and the seam where the kitchen counter meets the wall… seriously feels like you’re doing witchcraft or something but within a few days the ants were gone. Good luck!

  34. Kristen says:

    that is so weird about your car badge thing!
    i haven’t listened to serial at all, zero desire to.
    ugh the ants – sorry you are dealing with it, i use bleach normally to kill all the things and it normally works haha. good luck!

  35. Who steals a car emblem!?! You might as well be living here for that to happen! (except they just take the whole car) I love the blonde unicorn hair, I was seriously about to pee myself reading that ;)

  36. I do the borax/sugar water on cotton balls thing for the ants. DIE AHOLE ANTS. DIE!

  37. Hah you had a lot to get off your chest this week – love all the confessions. We were straight-up OVER TAKEN by ants due to a ton of rain back in the summer. For some reason they love to accost your house when they can’t be in their own. The little tin baits with like gooey stuff in side worked wonders, but I only put those out after I literally vacuumed up every damn one I could see, then filled the cannister with bleach to kill them. We also had to add some spackling stuff to the baseboards because they were sneaking in from every which way! Good luck! Go get em! ;)

  38. Julia says:

    OMG those ants! We have had those in our kitchen too! And we tried both the “natural” stuff and ant poison, nothing seemed to help until Adam figured out they were coming in through through a tiny crack on the outside of the house and filled it. They are SO ridiculously hard to get rid of. You had me LOLing at the car emblem necklace gang! Your poor car!

  39. Ants make me rage so bad!!! We have a lady bug problem several times of the year too and I have NO clue how to get rid of those bitches! The ants usually last a week and go away after the raid traps for me and incessant cleaning.

    I haven’t read Gone Girl or listened to Serial either. I have so many to read books it is out of control. Will I ever catch up??? I dont think I want to see myself in a LED light. Ever. I probably look so old or something. Ugh! And what in the actual efffffff with stealing your emblem?!?!?!

  40. Kind of along those same lines – I am thinking about taking a class at State JUST so I can teach there because I miss teaching in the campus recreation department so bad. That is SO pathetic…

  41. Heather C says:

    Girl, I’ve had my hair stuck all over my car, including wrapped up in the seat belt thing and that hurt sooo bad! That pic with the gang wearing the BMW emblems is hilarious. We haven’t had the tiny aunts this year “yet”. I remember when we first had them several years ago we used whole clove pieces scattered everywhere, but not this last time. Good luck!

  42. omg bahaha the hair in your forehead thing! i found a long blonde hair on my shoulder once and tried to brush it off and then realized it was attached and was like HOLY CRAP! HOW DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS?! hahaha

  43. I just found out this week that you can SHARE your amazon prime shipping….in case you didn’t know:) i shared mine with my sister too and she can use her own login and all, but gets my benefits. it only shares the shipping benefit, not all the other stuff. its in the prime section of your account all the way at the bottom (family member something or other)

  44. Kay R. says:

    they ripped your emblem off twice??? What in the world lol haha Also ants… hate them!

  45. Teh Megan says:

    You can find borax in the laundry aisle, near the OxyClean. I use it instead of OxyClean because I’m cheeeaap and because its awesome as carpet powder since most carpet powders are WAY too strong for me.

    There’s a setting in Gmail where you can turn off the ads. Under General > Importance signals for ads: click the link about ads and it will open a new tab/page where you can opt-out of ads.

    YAY wedding, BOO ants and bitches who steal shit.

  46. I was just thinking this morning how I felt like I had some confessions I could get off my mind…. Lol

    Ants… ew…. We haven’t had any in a long time. I made up some homemade ant killer and I never have had the problem since. It had like sugar and borax (laundry aisle) and something else in it so that basicially they would go to the “sweet” food and really it was poison and then they would take it down to their home and kill all their families. Sounds like a horror film don’t it? Haha!

    That’s crazy that someone keeps stealing your emblem on your car! How rude!

    I’m with you, always have a protein bar or belly boost bar in my purse. Sometimes when I’m leaving the house for a whole day of running the roads, I take my lunch box full of snacks. #preggoproblems

  47. How do you even steal a car emblem???

  48. Ashield says:

    LOL at your shut your hair in the door confession….and I do the same thing with bars. My favorite are kind bars, SO yummy and healthy. I swear you’d love them! XO

  49. Those sugar ants are such a pain! We got them at our old house and it was such a hassle to get rid of them. We ended up using some ant-killer spray around both the inside and outside of the house. I also tracked where they were coming from and drowned that area in it. That is so frustrating about your car emblem being stolen! Ugh. Also, been there done that with the hair in the car door. That was one of the many reasons that led to me hacking my hair off.

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