Complete Target Bathing Suits Guide

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I’m excited to get right into today’s post!  I found some great finds that I can’t wait to share with you.  I did some major research in the family dressing room this past weekend (shhhh don’t tell anyone it was just me and like 35 bathing suit tops…..sans family).  Let’s dive right into all the things I’ve been digging lately!  Here is your complete Target bathing suits guide.

Target Bathing Suits

Target Bathing Suits

I got a lot of questions about my wedding manicure color.  I am obsessed with this color.  It is the most perfect mauve/pink color.  Lucky lucky lavender.  It goes on with a rich pigment that you can actually get away with one coat.


OPI lucky lucky lavender

 My next new spring color love that will be on heavy rotation is this Bossy Boots from Butter.  It is an opaque light green.
Butter Bossy Boots
Thanks to Marie I have a new favorite topcoat.  It is super cheap ($5 at Target) and totally gives a gel like finish.  I will tell you it doesn’t dry as quickly as Out the Door or the butter topcoat but once it does fully dry your manicure will look like you just got a gel mani done.  It smoothed over all those little imperfections and the staying power is a full week for me and that is with all my hand washing.  Plus it doesn’t have all those outlawed chemicals in California like some of our other previously mentioned ones.  Such a fabulous find!  It was the last one left at my Target.  The word is out.  Also to answer your next question… you don’t need a light to cure it.  It is a gel like finish with not actually being a gel overlay.
 Revlon colorstay gel envy
Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy
It has like a two headed into one brush.  It takes up a lot of surface area and swipes on really easily.

Next.  Onto some Target finds!  Here is your complete Target bathing suits guide.


You know how much I love my long layering tees (they restocked a few more colors grab them).  Apparently y’all do as well from all the email feedback I got and for as quickly as they sell out the minute they go back online.  They also come in a V neck style with tons of colors.


Let’s welcome my new obsession to the table.  This time it comes in short sleeves just ready for the warmer weather (soon hopefully for you!).  The material is soft and drapes perfectly.  I bought the black and mauve/brown color so far.  I wore the black ones over skinnies with a blazer and long necklace to work yesterday and it was comfortable yet put together.  Grab them before they sell out!  They run really big side note.  I got an Xsmall when I usually always run as a small and it still has some room.

Target V neck shirt
V-Neck MicroModal Tee with Pocket
I tucked the brown one into this southwestern skirt and will be sporting this when it really starts to warm up.  Let’s talk about this skirt.  Long enough to get away with it at work with flats but yet can dress it up with heels for dinner out.  All the seams line up on the side so it doesn’t give it away that it was under $20.  (Sorry my hair was in front of the shirt….I love to go shopping with workout tanks with built in bras apparently…..I was trying to spare you what was going on underneath).
Target Tribal Skirt
Totally spied these beauties.  Would look so cute with skirts and shorts for the warmer months.  Not online check in stores.


Onto the Target bathing suits!  Okay Target I don’t know how they get away with it but they have majorly copied some very current and high end designs out right now.  For example check out this L Space dupe.  Also loving it in this darker blue sheen color.

Target red bikini L'Space Chloe wrap top
                                           Target                                                                             L Space
Target bikini topTriangl top
                                                    Target                                                                               Triangl
 Mara Hoffman bathing suitTarget Mara Hoffman dupe
                                                             Target                                                            Mara Hoffman

Actually all these tops are Mara Hoffman dupes


I know everyone is working with different situations up top but these were the most universally flattering and best made/expensive cut.  The leopard one…..if you are working with the small B department……cough cough.  Get ready to see some major lift and excitement.  That is all I have to say about that situation.  Promptly was bought.

The most unflattering.  Honestly if you look good in those flounce strapless ones I bow down to you.  I just think you have to have to longest torso ever to pull them off right.  The strapless ones look like they would fit right but way too much padding and no support.  I wanted the ruffle one to work but the cup size was just teeny tiny with no support.

My favorite purchase to this day was this one I highlighted a little while ago.  This black multi striped back.  Grab it!  It comes in so many pretty colors.  I wore it here on my honeymoon to Greece.
Target black strap bathing suiti
There is my Target roundup for you!  If you have a question about one you have your eye on shoot me a message I probably tried it on.  Right now they are having buy one get one half off.  Definitely stock the closet time!  love getting their tops and matching with some of my expensive bottoms that are basic colors.  That way you keep it fresh with a new top but have those tried and trusted bottoms that just fit oh so good ;-)  Also finally!!!  Ring the alarm.  Free shipping when you spend over $25.  Do you think they have been listening to my rants long enough?


Do you supplement with some Target pieces or do you splurge on bathing suits when it warms up?  Spill let me know your thoughts!  xoxoxoxo

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66 responses to “Complete Target Bathing Suits Guide”

  1. Girl! Red card, free shipping all the time!!!!!!! Love it!

  2. So many amazing Target finds! I need that topcoat ASAP! I’ve been looking for a new one. And all of those gorgeous bikinis make me want to go shopping! I have one of those tees and I love it! Oh and love those super cute shoes too!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Stacy G says:

    Target suits never fail to impress me. I have the midi top in the tiny leopard pattern. I wear it with a good fitting black bottom that I have, bc the one that matches is a bit too skimpy for me lol. The one you got is gorgeous, pretty sure I need it. xo

  4. I actually need to get a few more bathing suits for Puerto Rico and haven’t had the chance to run to Target yet so yay for all the ones that offer support! I love your nail polish for your wedding day – it was so pretty!!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  5. Jenn says:

    I need some bathing suits for the Dominican this month so I will be going and scoping out these picks soon! Thanks for all of the great recommendations as usual girl!!

  6. i’ve never bought a bathing suit from target but i love the ones you picked out! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  7. I tried that Revlon polish too and really liked it. It’s crazy how much those suits look like Mara Hoffman! With a much better price!
    Ally – Life as I know it

  8. well, seeing that target canada fell flat on its face, no target finds for me. besides, our inventory sucked huge balls so i need to wait till we go back to the states to find the target love again. you did find some amazing swim suits!!!

  9. so many great suits this season! i can’t wait to lose a little more weight so i can go try them on. yay for summer! and i love your OPI mani color. so cute!

  10. P!nky says:

    I’m a huge fan of your Target posts, lady! Love the V neck layered tees, thanks so much the recommendation! I saw the suits in Target last month and almost barfed. I’m sooooo not ready for bikinis!!!!

  11. Ashley says:

    I love target bathing suits! I have yet to go into a target lately because I know I will buy so many – I am waiting closer to bathing suit weather so I don’t buy a bunch now and then more when it is actually time to wear them!

  12. Pretty OPI polish. I will have to look for that one. Kinda looks like Essie Splash of Grenadine. I like your Target bathing suits better than the more expensive ones. Those long t-shirts look fab, and love those chunky heeled sandals. :-)

  13. Julia says:

    Target really does have the cutest swimsuits in an affordable price range! I LOVE the one I got from them last year! Loving these new ones too, especially the red criss cross top! Love those short sleeve tops too, pretty much want one in every color!

  14. Carly says:

    I really like those cross-over swim tops. I’m not sure if they’d work with my bust (and I’m curious about the tan line), but I think they’re really cute. Ha, I went shopping the other day in workout clothes and it was a challenge to figure out if a shirt didn’t fit correctly because it just was unflattering or if it was because I had on a bulky sports bra.

  15. Tori G says:

    Just when I think I can’t love Target anymore you come along with a post like this =) Love the bathing suits!!

  16. Christina says:

    i bought 5 target bikinis over the weekend, including the triangl copycat. at buy one get one 50% off WHY NOT!? haha

  17. MarlaJan says:

    Alright Target, steppin it up! I dig it! I want to buy ALL THE BATHING SUITS, but I have to wait until my 2nd reconstruction breast surgery as I have no real idea how big these puppies will be! That strappy back black one looks fab on you!

  18. I love the simple wedding bang with the solitaire! I cant wait until the big wedding gift reveal. As always your target game is on point! I am clearing out all my old t-shirts based on your recommendation and I am loving these new ones!

  19. Love everything about this post! That skirt will be perfect for when the weather warms up, and the bathing suits! I don’t think I need a need one, but I surely can justify a couple new ones for our vacation in the fall, right?!

  20. Okay this post just makes me want to RUN to Target! Not good. Those shoes with have to make their way to my closet and I love the back on that bathing suit. I’ve been eyeing it for two weeks now and I’m thinking it will have to make it’s way home with me seeing that they are buy one get on 50 right now! Thanks for sharing :)

  21. This post has me super intrigued with that Revlon Gel Top coat. After reading on my bottle of Seche Vite thanks to your public service announcement, that it causes birth defects (wtf?) that stuff went in the garbage. A few days ago I snagged the Sally Hansen miracle gel polish and top coat after seeing it on a fellow bloggers nails. It claims it will last 14 days, we will see. The color applied very smoothly, no bubbles, and I loved how fast it dried! I’m very interested to see if the Miracle Gel top coat works over regular polish. It’s definitely worth a try and only $7 a bottle!

  22. I love great Target finds. I was sniffing around there this week. Not all of the spring clothes are out yet near me.

  23. I really like that skirt you tried! And yes to Target! They have so stepped up their game over the last year and they are definitely a go to of mine for bathing suits.

  24. Emily says:

    The bikini section at target is a dangerous, dangerous place for me to step foot into. lol Love the black multi-striped back on you!

  25. Rebecca Jo says:

    Love the strappy bathing suit!!
    Yep… writing down the name of that top coat so I don’t forget!!!

  26. Ok, I know we’re on the same page with style, and we have a similar figure… Do you find the Target suits to always fit funny?! I never fit in the tops! It’s like the cups are the wrong size or the wrong shape or just something is way off and doesn’t look good on me. They’ve really upped their bikini game though, so it’s a shame I seem to be the odd one out who can’t fit in any of it!

  27. Mree says:

    That top coat is so fantastic!!! I love love those layering tshirts! I need to make a visit to Target. That store is so dangerous for me. they have everything!!

  28. Meg Taylor says:

    I love that multi strap one!! There are SO many Target styles this year – I just went with strapless solid tops and bottoms to mix and match :)

  29. Julie says:

    I LOVE Target bathing suits! I grab a new one every year. lol! I can’t help it! I love all of their designs

  30. I love that L space bikini top and the multistring one that you go!! I’ve been eyeing it for awhile but haven’t taken the plunge.

  31. JumpingJE says:

    You are my TARGET DEALER!

  32. Kristen says:

    ok definitely need to check out that top coat, i wish i could get it online so i dont have to go to the store, oh well ;) i love the look of that leopard bikini, wish it came in different colours because i dont want a leopard one :)

  33. I like the light green color. I just can’t get behind bathing suit shopping right now. I’m still cold! Haha! Love the first one with the wrap.

  34. I need that OPI for spring!!
    I also need a trip to Target asap after reading this post!
    Bring on spring summer and all the bathing suits asap!

  35. I’m actually about to go into Target now so I am glad I just read your post haha! Totally getting that top coat! I was in there the other day and there are soooooo many bathinsuits that I want! Love the Mara Hoffman lookalikes!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  36. I love both of those nail colors and that sounds like a great top coat choice! I usually have to stick with a quick dry or I ruin my nails instantly! Loving all of those bikini tops! I’m definitely going to be on the hunt for the L Space dupe the next time I’m in Target.

  37. Margaret says:

    I love that last one- the black strappy one. So cute!! I gave up shopping for Lent…so I’m completely avoiding Target. It’s a dangerous place to go!!

  38. Love both the nail polish colours! Oh spring, I am so ready for you!

  39. Target is killin’ it with the bathing suits this year! Which is fantastic because I feel totally underwhelmed by VS this year (which I typically love and buy several of!). Loving your wedding nails too, thanks so much for the rec such a gorgeous color :)

  40. Brooke says:

    I love the black multi striped back one that you got. So beautiful! I usually try to grab a new top to pair with my black bottoms whenever I go on holiday. It’s such a shame what happened with Target in Canada. It was still a work in progress up here, but I hoped they were just having growing pains and would eventually find success. I’m in love with the lucky lucky lavender polish. I think that might have to be my summer colour!

  41. I want them ALL! My favorite thing about buying swimsuits at Target is that you can get like 5 of them for the price of one higher end suit!

  42. For years I have tried to love Targt swimwear- the patterns are cute, colors are perfect, etc but they just never fit me very well which leads to broken hearted Meghan buying something else unnecessary out of grief. I’m determined to give it another go though and I’m super excited about the perfect tees in short sleeves!

    Southern Belle Secrets

  43. Talk about thorough haha you nailed the bathing suit review! I love mixing and matching tops and bottoms so I must get myself together and get to Target for a few of these pretties! Thank you for doing the hard part ;)

  44. I haven’t bought a new bathing suit in almost 2 years. I think I bought 1 top at Target last year to supplement and ended up returning it. I love all of these finds!

  45. Ohhh how I wish I could get away with target swim suits!

    Also–I LOVE your wedding mani. I’ll have to pick up that color.

  46. Tracy says:

    I was just eyeing the bathing suit section at Target recently! Sadly for me, bathing suits are one of those things I have to spend the money on for a good fit, but I’m super tempted to give one or two of these a try. Love the strappy back on the one you got!

  47. Loving all your swimsuit picks! You wont find me sporting a two piece this year though…sigh.

    I need to get that top coat ASAP! Maybe it will inspire me to paint my nails again. So lazy! And I love both of those colors!

  48. Jess says:

    All these bathing suits make me wish for warmer weather.

  49. emi says:

    this really is the ultimate guide! love it. i need to go to target more often! we live a little further from one in the city, but it’s always worth it :)


  50. I love me some Target! You found some really cute items. I especially like that skirt!

    Megan >>

  51. Meghan says:

    I just picked up two Mara dupes at Target today! And I am seriously obsessed with your wedding mani! xo

  52. I get tired of the look of bathing suits so quickly so I always stock up at Target. That black one with the back straps is to die for! Thanks for sharing!!

  53. Love those suits and that back is hot!! I actually like the flounce ones but if I know one thing, it’s that I need a tan before I try on suits. Being pasty + bad lighting = badness haha

  54. love the back of that black bathing suit!!

  55. Ashley says:

    Such a helpful post! I want those Target layering tees and I love the bikini!

  56. Tami says:

    This is the most helpful blog post I have ever read. The end.

  57. Kay R. says:

    I absolutely love your nail colour and Im going to get it! The black bathing suit is everythingggggg…

  58. Ooh thanks for all the swimsuit reviews! I have an incredibly long torso so I usually rock the strapless suits but that’s not always easy with a toddler. I actually considering going the one piece route for a bit (gasp)…it would help me fit in perfectly in conservative Utah. ;-)

  59. I was just on their site the other day looking for bathing suits. I’m in the market for a new suit for our trip to America and not sure if I should buy one down here or when I get back home. Definitely waiting until we’re back to florida.. just can’t beat Target prices.

  60. Gotta love Target, great round up! I’m nervous about bathing suit season this year with being pregnant, we’ll see what it brings!

  61. You just gave me one too many reasons to hand my entire paycheck over to target! Great finds, those t shirts look great!

  62. I bought 2 from Target as well, they’re both flounce, and I am an A cup, but they both have some lift in them so they’re not bad! I got nothing going on up top lol! They’re suits are definitely on point this year!

  63. Your nail color is on point! Love both of them! Also, I am a HUGE fan of the revlon top gel coat as well. It rocks! Target always has great finds and that skirt is too cute.

  64. Kimmi says:

    I need all those polishes!! The swim suits…I just…no cannot deal with those yet….my mind and body are not ready :(

  65. Oooh I don’t even want to think about bathing suits this year! Lol. So I lived vicariously through my little sister and she got some new suits from Target this week while they were BOGO 50% off. :) Love that pink nail polish! :) Pink is my favorite nail polish color. Oh who am I kidding, it’s my favorite color in everything :)

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