Your Favorite Jewelry Piece and Why

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I knew from an early age what I wanted to do and what career I wanted to go into.  My older sister blazed the way for me as a Nurse Practitioner and I saw her life and impact she made and knew that is exactly what I wanted to do.  She attended the University of Pennsylvania for Graduate school so when she got into the program my parents bought her a set of pearls.  They said since it was an Ivy League school she needed her “Penn Pearls“.
So when that time came around for me and I was choosing where to apply to graduate school the top of my list was University of Pennsylvania as they were the number one program for what I was going into.  I applied and waited.
My parents came up to Gainesville to visit me for the weekend and they had an envelope and a present.  I opened the present first.  It was my own set of “Penn Pearls” and then I ripped open my acceptance letter.  I can still remember that day like it was yesterday.
When I was contacted by Laguna Pearl and was asked to participate in a collaboration I jumped at the chance to add to my collection.  They offer a range of Black Tahitian, White South Sea, and Golden South Sea pearls, in addition to a wide selection of all natural Japanese Akoya and Freshwater pearls. Their pearls are always cultured and the pearl colors are never dyed. They have been in business for over 20 years and offer you their products at a wholesale price.  They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee and free shipping.  Cannot beat that.
They send specialists all over the world to hand pick the finest the pearl farms have to offer. Since they import thousands of pearls every month, they can purchase the pearls at a fraction of the cost offered to retailers and then pass those savings directly on to you! Additionally, being an online store, they don’t have the same overhead costs of retail stores and that means more savings for you. They really have amazing quality for great prices.
This is the gorgeous pearl necklace that I choose.  I was very impressed with the quality and weight of the necklace.
I personally think a little black dress with pearls is the classiest combo ever what do you think?
My Aunt always passes down wisdom.  Do you know quickly how to tell if a pearl necklace is real?  This is awesome if you are ever antiquing and someone is claiming it is real.  Rub the peal on the front part of your tooth.  If it is gritty then you know it’s real.  If it is smooth then it isn’t.  Thanks Aunt Dona for that one!
Do you have a special piece of jewelry that is close to your heart and why?
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18 responses to “Your Favorite Jewelry Piece and Why”

  1. What an awesome tradition for an AWESOME accomplishment!! Love that you went to Penn and shared that with your sister!! These are gorgeous too!!

  2. What a cool tradition! Pearls are definitely classic and are a beautiful accessory to any outfit!

  3. look at you pretty lady! lovely necklace! a timeless piece for sure :)

  4. Kay R. says:

    Love the tradition! Those pearls look beautiful on you!

  5. Wow, this piece is so stunning– pearls are such a classic piece!

  6. What a beautiful story and amazing memory! Pearls are such a classic. My favorite piece of jewelry is one of my mom’s rings she always wore. My grandmother took it off of her when she passed away so I could have it. I’m too afraid to wear it in case something would ever happen to it, but I love seeing it sit in my jewelry box.

  7. P!nky says:

    I LOVE PEARLS! They are hands down my favorite piece of jewelry! You look amazing in that necklace, lady!

  8. What a cool thing for you and your sister to share!! And I’ve heard about the tooth thing too… and it’s so true because I have both :)

  9. Christina says:

    So pretty! I also really love your lip color in those pics. Love pearls — so classic, simple, and gorgeous.

  10. What a fun post! I love the story of your Penn Pearls. I’ve always loved pearls – I even wore them on my wedding day. I’ll have to try your aunt’s trick!

  11. Beautiful pearls!! The story of your Penn Pearls is great too. :-) My mom gave me and my sisters pearls when we turned 16. She told us that my grandmother gave her pearls when she turned 16 so it was a tradition. Love the look of pearls too. :-)

  12. Pearls and a black dress – Super classy, totally Hepburn.

    And that is what my grandmother taught me about pearls TOO! :)

  13. There’s really nothing better than pearls. Simple, timeless, and oh so elegant. I actually have a pearl that my parents got me when I was 5. They purchased it alone, and told me I could have it when I was responsible enough. When I graduated high school, my mom gave me a tiny box. Inside was my pearl, only she had it mounted to the trunk of an elephant (my favorite animal). I treasure that necklace like no other. (:

  14. Julie says:

    That is a beautiful pearl necklace. As soon as I think pearls, I think of a little black dress too. I blame Audrey Hepburn! lol

  15. A pearl necklace or earrings is always classy and every girl should own both!!! My mom bought me necklace and earrings awhile back and unfortunately, one of the earrings broke but I still wear that necklace all the time! Gorgeous!

  16. LifeasKLK says:

    My parents gave me my pearl necklace when I graduated form high school. It came in super handy for sorority events throughout college and I’ll likely pass it down to my unborn children ;) Im a huge proponent of the LBD/ pearl combo especially when in doubt, you can’t go wrong!

  17. What a sweet story! My grandmother “lent” me her pearls for my wedding day and it was my something borrowed. After the wedding, she told me that she had planned on giving them to me the whole time but didn’t want me to worry about finding another something borrowed. I just love a good set of pearls!

  18. Wow! Those pearls are GORGEOUS! My favorite necklace is one that my boyfriend got me for Christmas–it’s a silver necklace with the words “I Love You Like Grilled Cheese and Bacon” on it ;-)

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