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Happy Friday! My name is Kate, and you can find me over at Green Fashionista blogging about fashion and beauty reviews, travel, recipes, and my weekend shenanigans which are typically shenanigans.

I’m excited to take over for our girl Amanda today while she’s honeymooning in Greece, and talk about this week’s favorites. I’m sure her favorites this week are that she’s well… IN GREECE! Can’t wait to see all her fabulous pictures, and hear about one of my bucket list places on this beautiful earth.


Favorite Song

Ever since I saw Kaskade at SunFest a few weeks ago, this song has been officially on repeat. One of my favs from the show, so much energy in the crowd.


Favorite Recipe

Easy Zucchini Noodles with homemade pesto. I tried this out over the weekend, and it was DELISH! So happy I finally got a spiralizer!


Favorite Work Out

Perfect work out to get those arms summer-ready, I like to do it while watching my trashy shows at night. Multi-tasking at it’s finest!


Favorite Pins

*This sparkly weekender bag*

Favorite Funnies



*May your brunches be filled with bottomless mimosas and sangria*
Now it’s your turn! What are your favorites from this week?  Make sure to come and stop by my spot at  Green Fashionista!


26 responses to “Friday Favorites – Green Fashionista”

  1. Pinky says:

    Great picks, as always, Kate. Love your pins and your funnies! Happy Friday!

  2. Kerry says:

    The arm workout looks good. There is always bubbly!! The radio one is so funny, it actually happened to me yesterday!! So true on the hoodie one, I always look like a bum!

  3. Ugh that arm workout looks like it’s no joke, but considering I skipped the gym yesterday in lieu of margaritas I should probably do that this weekend Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Monica says:

    I like that last one “when there’s music you dance.” I should try and find this video on Facebook I saw yesterday and send it to you. The dancing was so incredible, it was more emotion than anything else, but it was really good. Happy Friday!!!

  5. Jenn says:

    The zoodles and pesto–yes!! So yummy :)
    Love the funny pins (always my favorite in these posts), and that glitter bag looks super fun!

  6. Kay R. says:

    That recipe looks yummy and that black dress you pinned – amazing!

  7. I’m always in need of a good arm workout, so that’s perfect!! Definitely checking out that song and I love those bright neon shorts!! Happy Friday, Kate!!

  8. Love all the pins! I really want a spiralizer. I would love to make my own zucchini noodles. Happy Friday!

  9. Love your favs! Especially those pins – all of them are 100% gorgeous!!

  10. Zucchini pesto pasta is the bomb dot com! I bring some to work for lunch every day! And that sparkly weekender bag is everything! Bummer it’s sold out. :(

    Her Heartland Soul

  11. Rebecca Jo says:

    I have a love for Pesto lately that I never knew I had before… yum!

  12. ah what a great song! who doesn’t love kaskade? and those pins are so great as usual girl! happy friday to you!! xo

  13. Traci says:

    Great post! I LOVE the funny about the rap lyrics. I’m totally guilty of that! The zucchini noodles with pesto sound delicious. On my list for next week!

  14. I’m 100% going to need to try that recipe! I’m loving your pins as usual!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  15. That Deadmau5 song is one of my faves right now too. I love Deadmau5, and she has such a great voice.

  16. Nadine says:

    Oh my, I need that glittery bag!!! HEART EYED EMOJI. Also, that arm workout looks serious. Any fly makes me sore for days haha. Love to hurt. Deadmau5 is one of my favorites. Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

  17. Karly says:

    Great round up this week! Gotta love zoodles, and that workout looks killer.

  18. Happy Friday! Loving that black dress. That recipe looks so good but we are always having trouble with our zoodles being soggy :/
    Winks and Eyerolls

  19. Deborah says:

    These pins and funnies are EVERYTHING!!!! Great post, Kate!!

  20. jillian says:

    those zucchini noodles look fantastic! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  21. I’ve really been wanting a spiralizer! These recipes look delicious!!

  22. LOL @ sad late breakfast! Yeah that’s definitely no fun….so glad we have some awesome brunch spots around here. Hoping Amanda is having a fabulous time in Greece! I definitely cant’t wait to see photos. Happy weekend ladies!

  23. Meghan says:

    Great picks and super on point funnies! My struggle is that my new favorite jam always comes on as soon as I am ready to get out of the car. Rude.

    Southern Belle Secrets

  24. Those zucchini noodles look amazing! I love making those anytime I’m craving pasta!

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