Friday Favorites – The Last in February

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Happy Friday my loves.  The week back from a vacation is always crazy for me especially when your server goes down for 4 hours, thank you Go Daddy.  If you have a second, yesterdays post was a great how to read for how to work with brands for your blog.  I hope you find it informative!  Okay, housekeeping out of the way.  I hope everyone had a great week.  I am totally looking forward to this weekend, the weather should hopefully be nice so I’m hoping to get to the Farmers Market and other outdoorsy events!  Let’s get right into the favorites from the week!

Cakebread Winery back


Favorite Song

This song makes me want to sip a glass of champagne sitting in a rooftop bar right as the sun is setting.  Too specific?  Hahaha just listen to the song, it will totally make sense.  Tritonal – “Blackout”.


Favorite Recipe

Bathing suit season will be here sooner than you know it in Florida.  Therefore, I have been trying to cut back on carbs at night and my veggie spiralizer has been in the rotation.  Love this 10 recipe pin here.


Favorite Workout

This is totally doable!  Print it out and get at it!


Favorite Purchase

I have Spring on my mind.  I just ordered this clutch, I have a feeling it is going to be the new must have blogger piece.  I mean the colors right?  It’s just so fun!  Also, in love with this dress and so affordable!

Favorite Funnies

Every single night in my household, seriously we cheers with forks

Walking into a patient room, to a mom that I used to go with in my 20’s, who know has a kid


When you hit that Instagram/Facebook algorithm just right and your post gets a ton of likes



The price of everything in California


Having a fashion show with your girlfriends when you get home after an epic shopping spree


When you order the nights special instead of going with your trusted favorite


Finally, sitting down to a restaurant at the exact time the happy hour drinks and food starts



Happy Friday!  Tell me your favorites from the week and what you are up to this weekend!  Local peeps tell me what is on your radar for the weekend.

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40 comments so far.

40 responses to “Friday Favorites – The Last in February”

  1. So feel you on the server issues that is so frustrating! I am looking forward to a nice glass of wine after work to cheers to all those fun blog tweaks I had to deal with this week:)

  2. vivi says:

    Many beautiful dresses.

  3. Christina says:

    Zoodles are the best. I was really into them last summer since zucchini is one of my favorite things to make. Which reminds me to order a new spiraler since I broke my old one (Opps!)

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  4. Pinky says:

    I thought something was weird yesterday morning, glad it just wasn’t my comp. Your spring pieces make my warm weather heart sing! Happy Friday, friend!

  5. Forever 21 is killing it lately with those dresses! So pretty! But I really need that striped BB Dakota dress, love! Sorry to hear about your server problems, glad they’re fixed now! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. Love that floral dress!! So springy! Hope you have a great day and good weekend!!

    Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet

  7. Love the new bag you picked up – so pretty!! The price of everything in California made me laugh – I felt that way in Dubai haha! Happy Friday! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  8. charity says:

    I can’t wait to read your post from yesterday and I’m so doing those ab exercises starting today! Have a great weekend…

  9. These are all great! I love that purse…the tassles are so fun and make it so perfect for summer!

  10. Jenn says:

    I’m with you on ordering something other than your tried and true favorite…it’s scary haha. Love that recipe–it looks awesome! Hope you have a great weekend girl!

  11. Owen Davis says:

    Your funnies kill me every single week! That picture of you in the vineyard is amaaaaaze! Happy Friday pretty girl!

  12. Rebecca Jo says:

    I need to pull our my spiralizer myself…

    i’m so ready for spring fashion – bring on the SANDALS!!!!!!

  13. Kelly K says:

    I LOVE all your fashion picks! I have had my eye on that Rebecca Minkoff clutch–so stinkin’ cute!

  14. Nadine says:

    Get out of my head woman, I shared an ab challenge today too! Haha! Just added that song to my spotify list, love it! And totally pinned that recipe because duh, zoodles!! That dress is so cute! Hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Jessica says:

    That wine country pic makes me miss home! So glad you had a great trip! Have a nice weekend.

  16. Rachel says:

    As always, I LOVE the funnies!! And the tasseled clutch is seriously everything. Make today work, Rachel –CubicleCouture

  17. Obsessing over that bright pink pencil skirt! And I hear ya on the cost of everything in California, it’s just as bad in Connecticut. At least Cali is beautiful so they have an excuse lol. Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  18. We’ve been obsessing over our spiralizer too! We made an awesome zoodle and bolognese sauce the other night, and I’m so obsessed! I could eat it all the time! That last meme with Lady Gaga is so funny and so true! Happy hours are the best! I hope you have a great Friday!

  19. Love that beautiful photo of you in Napa! My sister actually lives in a part of California that is pretty inexpensive too. Shocking I know!! haha. Love that RM clutch and that floral dress too. Oh and of course all of the gifs. :-) I hope that you have an amazing weekend! :-)

  20. jess says:

    That first picture is everything! Thanks for sharing that workout too – just what I needed! Have a great weekend gorgeous!

  21. Meg says:

    I am going to have to try that ab challenge. I need more exercises to diversify my workout. So jealous of your trip looks like you had fun!!

  22. Kara says:

    “When you hit that Instagram/Facebook algorithm just right and your post gets a ton of likes”…I just laughed out loud at work haha have a great weekend XO

  23. Emily says:

    Haha, how much can it cost? 10 dollars?

    YES. California prices are nutso. God dang you, California, because your beautiful scenery kind makes up for it…maybe…

  24. Nichole says:

    Hahaha, I feel like if we get to enjoy happy hour specials with ten minutes to spare, I am happy. Jason works in St. Pete and it takes him forever to get home – maybe I should go to him more often, lol.

  25. Jenn says:

    I really need a veggetti! I had some edamame pasta at Costco the other day (those samples get me every time) and it was seriously so good. Which has me thinking that I’ll really love some veggie noodles! Will be checking out those recipes!

  26. My spiralizer is on heavy rotation as well. Oh yes to that happy hour feeling. We did that yesterday, happy hour started at three and we sat down right then. Beautiful California pics! I am doing the Farmer’s market as well this weekend, cannot wait! Happy Friday!

  27. Seriously, your funnies are always hilarious!! I will have to give that workout a try…I don’t think I can work my way up to 90 situps though…

  28. I just decided this morning that I need to lighten up the carbs at night. Decision is key because I’d been *thinking* about it for a couple weeks! Fork cheers?! hahaha! I haven’t tried it but maybe, if I time happy hour just right, I’ll try it.

  29. Gorgeous photo of you in Napa! You can’t beat that scenery….I need that abs workout in my life asap and that last white lace dress is to die for!!

  30. Jalisa says:

    I’m loving your favorites, Amanda! You look beautiful in the first photo, btw :) I’m crushing on that brown tassel purse, as well as pink pencil skirt, such awesome picks! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you’re having a great day so far, beauty; Happy Friday!



  31. That veggie noodle bowl looks good. I’ve only tried zoodles so far; maybe I should venture out to other veggies.
    Hope you’re able to get caught up on life this weekend lady!

  32. Zelle says:

    Love my spiralizer and that clutch – I just need it. Have a great weekend!

    Southern Style

  33. Angie Scheie says:

    Love the funnies this week! Where do you find your music? I love how it’s usually new to me. Have a great weekend!

  34. Amanda says:

    That picture of you in front of the vineyard is AMAZING! Loved your post yesterday (as you know) and featured it today too on my favorites – I’m sure it will help a lot of bloggers out there! Yay for ordering the clutch, it’s so cute! Have a great weekend!

  35. Tritonal is awesome live, we just saw them a couple weeks ago. There new song debuted today, “this is love” is definitely up your alley!

  36. Sara says:

    That striped dress would look AMAZING on you!! It reminds me of a Kate Spade one I’m currently looking at… except the Kate dress doesn’t have as cute of a back!!

  37. Love that song . . . but I usually like your music! And spiraling all the veggies is fun – I pinned that one for later! Love all the Friday funnies . . . have a great weekend!

  38. kristen says:

    woah, what happened with go daddy? that’s super weird and annoying.

    i definitely need to eat more veggies so thanks for sharing those recipes!

    and seriously with ordering something new or the special.. i swear every time i’m like ‘should have stuck with my normal order’ haha

  39. Julie Joy says:

    Gosh that clutch is amazing! I love it! Great find! I totally pinned that ab workout! Looks like a great challenge!

  40. says:

    girl, give me the algorithm secret! my likes have droppppped. i miss the good days before insta had to mess everything up! love the final fri faves of feb! happy leap day!

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