Friday Favorites – The Last One of April

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Happy Friday my loves.  Seriously, doesn’t it feel like you blinked and April was over?  I am so happy this week is almost in the books.  I submitted final grades for both of the classes that I’m teaching and I have a glorious few weeks off till the next semester starts.  We have been home for the past few weekends and it has really helped prepare for a successful week.  What a concept getting all the work done on the weekend so I can actually get some sleep during the week!  I’ve also been really trying to be diligent on my workouts, bathing suit season is upon us here in Florida.  If I haven’t made it to barre, I’m been scooting coffee tables aside and doing some pop sugar workouts in the living room. Our downstairs neighbors LOVE us.  Finally starting to see some results but man it’s a daily commitment right?  Let’s get right into these favorites for the week!

weekend dreaming

Favorite Song

I have been listening to this song on MAJOR repeat.  Heading Home by Griffin ft Josef Salvat


I have been crazy pinning workouts lately if you follow me on pinterest and have noticed. I’ve been all about the booty and abs. These printable workout here and here are my two current go to am workouts.


Keeping with bathing suit season, check out this healthy baked salmon recipe here.


How do I get on the waiting list for this?  Seriously.  Doesn’t it look amazing?


Favorite Purchase

Isobel saddle bag

Even though this exact color is sold out.  All the other colors including white are on major sale including this great similar option which is also on sale.  Check them out before they sell out!  Also, check out this great under $50 option here.



Trying to leave on time from the office at the exact time an urgent email comes through

When I actually remember to check my mailbox and it’s full of coupons for Steak and Shake and credit card mailers.



Seeing pictures of my questionable fashion choices from younger days



Submitting all my final grades for the semester and then deciding to work out instead of netflix binging for the next day hour.

How I feel every single day.  Seriously do the dishes ever stop?!?!?



Okay now it’s your turn!  Stop by and tell me what your plans are for the weekend and your favorites from the week.  I hope everyone has a fab weekend!  Make sure to follow mine along with me on snapchat @meetatthebarre xoxoxo


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36 responses to “Friday Favorites – The Last One of April”

  1. I seriously can’t believe April is over. This month flew by! Yes to all of your funnies! I know all to well about getting an urgent email right before I’m about to leave. It never fails! Have a great weekend! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. I love baked salmon so I’ll be checking out that recipe!! At my old job it never failed that at 4:45 something URGENT came through it got to the point where I was like is it really necessary to email every other day with something urgent – maybe they should be the ones working on time management lol! Happy Friday! xo, biana –BlovedBoston

  3. Sarah @ Meet the Shaneyfelts says:

    I feel the same way about getting all of the crap in the mail and doing dishes! There’s only two of us but the amount of dishes is unreal!

  4. Rebecca Jo says:

    Haha – I always love a Schmidt gif :)
    I saw a similar purse at Old Navy & had my eyes pop out with excitement!

  5. charity says:

    My kiddos just boarded the salmon train so we’ve been making it once a week so I’ll be sure to check out the recipe! TGIF…

  6. Ashley says:

    Seriously though, WHAT is up with all the junk mail these days! So frustrating!!

  7. Nadine says:

    Swimming suit season? But Steak n Shake!!! lol! I love Popsugar workouts and rotate them in my regular routines. They are always coming out with great new ones so you don’t get bored! That hair dryer looks quite interesting. Don’t get me started on dishes. They seriously never, ever end. It is awful!!!!

  8. where did april go? seriously! i about spit put my coffee over the mail gif. SO true. it’s all mailers and crap. i was hoping for something good! have a great friday and an even better weekend!!

  9. Julie Joy says:

    Oh my gosh seriously those funnies… I die! Hahaha! The email one and the dishes one is spot on. I do the dishes 3 times a day and it’s my worst enemy! Can’t wait to have a dishwasher some day! That hair dryer is interesting! I’m going to have to follow your pinterest so I can get the hookup on those workouts you talk about! I may not be able to have abs this summer, but my flabby booty needs some work! As usual, I’m jealous of your nice weather! It’s been in the 40’s here. Had frost the other morning. Ugh! Mother Nature can be such a B! :) Happy Friday!

  10. I saw that hair dryer on the Today Show yesterday. Looks awesome! I love your funnies, as always.
    xo, Traci

  11. Owen Davis says:

    Your funnies are on point every single week. The dishes one… omg yes. My life IS unloading and loading the dishwasher. IT NEVER ENDS!!! Happy Friday lady!

  12. Caroline says:

    Questionable fashion choices.. haha. I had those too. That cat is hilarious too. It also reminded me that I need to empty the dishwasher. :-/I love that RM bag too. I hope that you have a fun and relaxing weekend!! :-)

  13. i’m waiting for a package in the mail and it makes me so mad when i get to my mailbox and all that’s sitting there are flyers and junk mail!!

  14. I can’t believe April flew by as fast as it did, but just like your post the other day we’re so busy and pack so much into our daily routines that time will just keep flying by faster and faster. Lol at your funnies, the urgent emails at the end of the day are my nemesis! Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  15. Blaire says:

    Haha! I feel like I live at the sink and/or dishwasher these days! You have such a productive month good for you, and I am completely obsessed with that bag!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  16. I had no idea you were a teacher? I have been obsessed with PopSugar workouts! That’s what I’ve been working out too the past few weeks. Pinned the salmon recipe…looks so good! Will be checking out those workouts you shared as well! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  17. Junk mail has been crazy here too lately and also junk/spam blog comments – so annoying and I don’t know how to make them stop!!

  18. Kara says:

    I think you may be my gif-soul-sister. If that is a thing, you are it…once again – I dieeee lol have a great weekend xo

  19. Kelsey says:

    I’ve been trying to get workouts in to get ready for summer too! It definitely makes a difference but sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated! Love all your funnies! Have a great weekend :)

  20. Me suddenly realizing next week is May…. um, when did that happen? Bring on all the Justin Timberlake memes! haha Ok…. I am totally the cat doing dishes. (; Have an awesome weekend Amanda! d

  21. Your funnies are basically my life. Including the fact that it’s a kitten hating on dishes. ALSO, thanks for introducing me to a new song. Drake’s One Dance was getting SO OLD on repeat. x

  22. Emily says:

    That pink bag is beautiful! You always have the best finds! Have a great weekend!

  23. Lindsay says:

    Congrats on submitting those final grades! Hooray! Definitely a time to celebrate with a Netflix binge. Watch anything good? I just recently threw away a whole photo album from freshman year of high school because it was so painful to look at.

  24. Jaelan says:

    Happy Friday girl!! PIN ALL OF THE WORKOUTS! ;)

  25. Tiffany says:

    I get cleared in 10 days (but who’s counting) for more intense exercise and I cannot wait!! Mama’s got a lot of work to do before I sport a bathing suit this summer. Love the pop sugar workouts too.

  26. Jenn says:

    I hate dishes!!!! Luckily my husband does them most of the time but when he’s not around, ew! hate hate hate! And a big YES to totally relating to that annoying email when you’re trying to leave work. Always without fail!
    Hope you have a great weekend friend!!

  27. Congrats on getting everything submitted, and even more for getting stuff done on the weekends! What’s that like? Sleep?! Hopefully it’s contagious. Have a great weekend Amanda!

  28. Emily says:

    Scooting over my coffee table to do that Bye Bye Love Handles one now…

  29. OMG yes to all the dishes. How do they never end? I always pack my breakfast & lunch for work so every day when I come home I’ve already got dirty dishes to do. If I eat out it’s not because I didn’t plan, it’s because I’m sick of washing dishes. Haha.

  30. Ugggh freaking everything has been called “urgent” today and you know one more issue will pop up at 4:58 just like you said haha. That pink bag is too gorgeous and I love the under $50 option (good call!). Happy weekend, lady!

  31. Meg says:

    That one about going to the gym instead of home was me yesterday. I worked a loooong day and went to the gym anyway and hardcore worked on my legs. I wanted applause but apparently my husband does not think it is applause worthy. Who knew? I still love that saddle bag but can’t fork out that much, but really love that affordable option. Looking to add a saddle bag to my collection. I posted about it on wednesday Have a good weekend!

  32. Lindsay says:

    I am the dish cat. Why do the dishes never end and where do they come from? I am going to be a convert to all paper/plastic products soon. I am so bummed the pink is sold out!!! Hope you have a great (dish free!) weekend!

  33. OOh so jealous of the hair dryer! I saw so many fun rebecca minkoff’s and kate spades in the purse section of my TJ maxx today, all in fun colors, I love the one you got! I feel you on dish cat. Food blog + Healthy eater +no dishwasher =all dishes all day. Congrats on getting stuff submitted and a breather between semesters!

  34. Karly says:

    Congrats on finishing up the semester, girlfriend! I bet you’re so happy and relieved to have a few weeks break. You seriously scored on that bag – I just love it in all your photos. Hope that you had a good weekend!

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