The Best Pair of Distressed White Skinny Jeans

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I have a hard time with white skinny jeans.  I really don’t think they look good on me, they add 10 lbs of weight to each leg and I feel like you can see every single detail of the back of my legs.  The inexpensive ones bag out too quickly and even the higher end ones, I’ve had no luck.  Well this past SHOPBOP sale after reading the reviews I finally splurged on this pair by FRAME.  Let me tell you what.  These are the best pair of white distressed skinnies on the market.  I can tell you that because I’ve pretty much tried on every single pair, by every designer, and at every price point.  I don’t know what is going on with these Houdini jeans but they work.  I took them out of their plastic and I was no lie scared.  They looked like they wouldn’t even go over my arms.  However, whatever they are made out of.  They conform to your body, suck you in the right places and they actually make your legs look thin instead of every other white pair of jeans which adds weight in my personal opinion.

Let’s just all pause to poke fun at bloggers for a moment.  The exact time you find a solid pink wall.  I mean, it is blog/instagram heaven right?  I pass by this wall every time I drive to the barre studio and I told Mark we had to head there after lunch this past weekend.  Y’all. It’s a BBQ place but it has a perfect pink wall that is Blogger heaven.  I pretty much want to take all my pictures here from now on because it’s just like that famous pink wall but it doesn’t involve a plane ride to LA to accomplish it.

Off the shoulder floral topwhite skinniesfloral topback of floral topoff the shoulder floral topMINKPINK Palmsfloral off the shoulder topdistressed white skinny jeansDistressed White Skinnies

I sized down to a 27, I’m a 28 in non stretch but if a jean has any kind of stretch in it, I size down to a 27 and they fit like a dream.  Also, this shirt by MINKPINK tell me it’s not the cutest top you’ve ever seen?  It is finally restocked (selling out quickly, I linked multiple sites) and runs true to size.  I ordered a small in it.  I wore it with this strapless bra and look at these blush wedges again making a guest appearance, they seriously work for every outfit.

White Distressed Skinnies ||| FRAME found at SHOPBOP c/o HERE ||| Budget Friendly HERE

Off the Shoulder Top ||| MINKPINK found at SHOPBOP c/o HERE also find more sizes HERE and HERE ||| Similar under $20 HERE and HERE

Blush Wedges ||| c/o Restricted Shoes found HERE

Bucket Bag ||| Madewell on sale find HERE ||| Budget friendly HERE

Sunnies ||| Raybans find HERE ||| Budget friendly HERE

Rose gold watch ||| c/o KAPTEN & SON find HERE

Cable cuff ||| David Yurman find HERE


Do you have a pair of white skinnies that you love?  If you found a pink wall would you totally make someone stop and take a picture for you?  I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!!!  Thank you all for your love and sweet comments on my post on Tuesday!  I have the best support system and I’m so glad a lot of you were feeling the same way.  xoxoxo

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32 responses to “The Best Pair of Distressed White Skinny Jeans”

  1. There is nothing better than a good pair of white skinnies! I love that top too, so pretty and perfect for spring and summer! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Such a cute outfit! I love the pattern of the top!! Those jeans look amazing on you – the fit is on point girl! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  3. Blaire swears by her FRAME white jeans. I am always on the hunt for jeans in general because I am so short. So glad you found a pair you love!!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  4. Danielle says:

    Congratulations on the pink wall find! Haha, I’d probably be the exact same way. Photoshoot time. I love the skinny white jeans but I am short as short gets (4’10”) and if a pair of white jeans are even a LITTLE BIT too long on me, they bunch up around my calves and make them look like little sausages. Not cute. I’d need super petite ones.
    I love your tropical outfit though, killin’ it!

  5. Ashley says:

    I’ve really been wanting to get a pair of Frame jeans to try! Glad to hear they’re as good as I hoped! They look fab on you lady!

  6. Caitlyn says:

    Gorgeous girl! This top just screams beach vacation — yay for summer!

  7. Caroline says:

    LOVE!!!! This whole outfit is fab. :-) I have heard so much about those jeans, I’ll have to try them some time. They look GREAT on you too.

  8. I love the white jeans I want to try them every year and I chicken out for fear of bigger looking legs. Ugh, who needs that. These are awesome on you though!

  9. You look fabulous and these pictures are seriously amazing! Pink wall for the win ;)

  10. white skinnies are the best. those are for sure perfection! i love the distressed look. i still need white and black distressed jeans. on my list! love the top too!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  11. I love the white skinnies distressed look! I have always been on the search for a pair but have never found one that fit exactly right. The search continues !

  12. Ashley says:

    These jeans are KILLER. I just bought my first pair of FRAME’s when I was in Austin a few weeks ago- they are DENIM. HEAVEN. So I know exactly what you’re talking about when you say the fit is incredible!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. Elise says:

    Lady, believe me when I say you look fantastic in these white skinnies! Love your top. Such a fun, bright Spring/Summer look!

    xx, Elise

  14. Kerri says:

    LOVE this outfit! I already own a pair of white skinny’s but these are totally calling my name.

  15. Well we totally wear the same size pants and now whenever you post a pair I have to have, there will be no room for that weird “what size am I” issue. lol But… I can’t do white. I am a class A klutz! I have been wanting a cold shoulder top and have tried on several of them, but have yet to make the purchase. Ugg…

  16. I LOVE that shirt so much! I hear you on the white jeans, they always make me feel large. I have a “normal” pair from Madewell that I love but I am loving this distressed look! They look great on you!

  17. Love, love those skinnies! Your top, the shades, the back drop… you are glowing perfection!

  18. Those pants ARE amazing and the coloring of that top on you is perfect! Hahaha to the pink wall comment! When we took our engagement pics there was this big white washed brick wall that I always drove by en route to work and thought, “we HAVE to get pics there! It’s perfect!”

  19. Jaclyn says:

    I have these jeans and I love them too. I agree that flattering white jeans can be so hard to find!

  20. Hooray for finding a pair of white jeans that you like! I love their distressed look! And when you find a pink wall, you must take a picture in front of it! You never know when you’ll want to Instagram it later :)

  21. I barely wear jeans and white scares me, but I could totally get on board with these. I only recently introduced denim to my closet (I know, crazy.) and no lie… I might go in for these! Does it come with that bubblegum pink wall?

  22. these colors… OMG. love! so bright and pretty

  23. Tianna says:

    gorgeous outfit! I love this outfit so much – perfect for summer! I’m not even a fan of off the shoulder, but that top is SO CUTE! thanks for sharing :)

  24. Nadine says:

    That top is so fun!!!!! I love the look of white skinnies but I cant pull it off myself. I feel like the white accentuates the stuff I try to hide, basically everything you said. But these look awesome on you!!!

  25. Karly says:

    These jeans look killer on you! It is so hard to find a flattering pair of white jeans, I hear you. I’m still riding that struggle bus. And, heck yeah to finding a pink blogger wall!

  26. Tiffany says:

    Those jeans look fab on you! That top is perfect for summer. Love the pink wall.

  27. Abby says:

    I love the white jeans…but really this top is EVERYTHING! Such vibrant colors!

    Abby | Life in the Fash Lane

  28. Finding great white skinnies is the hardest thing! Glad you found yours and the summer top is the perfect pairing! I would love you to stop by my blog and add this post to my link up :)

  29. Lindsay says:

    White jeans are my nemesis! I love them, but they make me feel like an elephant. I put a new pair on last night to go out in and immediately took them off, because HATE. I need these jeans asap! Also, these pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!

  30. Amy Arnold says:

    I feel like I searched for white jeans forever too! Glad you found a pair you like. They look awesome on you with your trendy off the shoulder and pink wall. :)

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  31. Crystal H says:

    White jeans just don’t work for me. Not only do I think they look better on thinner people, but I am too messy. I would totally cover them in ketchup or something. Lol. You look adorable in ANYTHING. :)

  32. Jaelan says:

    You pull off those distressed skinnies like no body’s business! And yeah – I wish we had walls like that here. Totally awesome.

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