Let’s Check Back In Shall We???

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You know when you are watching those house hunting shows or the before and after kitchen remodels…..I always want to fast forward to the end and see what house they choos.  Was it the 3 bedroom quaint bungalow close to town or the larger house out in the burbs with the big backyard that they can grow into?  I feel that way sometimes when I don’t get the “after” when someone introduces me to a product….well like hello how did it look on??

With that said let’s do some catching up shall we?  First I want to ask you some questions.  Remember this post where I highlighted my top 5 favorite things?  Have any of you tried them?

L’Oreal Sunscreen SPF 50///Murad Acne Spot Concealer///Redken Refresh 01 Aerosol Hair Powder Dry ShampooGreens///Prenatal Vitamins

Let’s recap this post about my dreaming of Spring on a budget.  These were my top Spring Target finds.  Ready to hear the verdict?

First remember this dress?  The Mara Hoffman dupe at like the price you would pay for the sales tax on that dress.

Here it is taking a stroll out by the art festival.

This was a total win!  The dress has a really nice jersey drape to it.  Feels very much like how an Ella Moss dress would hang.  The front is not embroidered….it’s more like a print on the fabric.  It has slits on both sides which was very helpful to let some air in on the quite warm day.  The other key is that sometimes with cheaper dresses you have to be careful……ummm when the sun hits….it tends to be see through.  Not a problem for this one! The material is thick enough for outdoor wear.  The dress is now sold out online.  See I’m telling you….grab it when first reviewed….apparently I wasn’t the only one who loved this one!  You can check for it in your local stores.  I got a size small and it is not tight fitting.
Moving on.  Remember these shoes?  The total Vince and Ted Baker dupes.
Total win!  These look super high end.  The front has a textured sheen to it and they are extremely comfortable. The front and back on the inside have fabric coating so they do not rub.  There is a nice cushion on the bottom and they wore all day extremely well.  I went with the black but I really loved the snakeskin ones as well.  The online reviews said they ran big.  I am always a solid size 9.  I ordered them in an 8.5 and they fit perfectly! (Definitely wearing rolled up Barre pants….couldn’t wait to take pictures apparently)
I was the most excited about this purse.  It looked like the most perfect color for Spring at such an affordable price!
This one was also a major win!  It is the most perfect size.  It fits my full wallet, sunglasses, keys and lipgloss with no problem.  I want it in every color they make.
Here it is in all it’s glory.  Isn’t it the most perfect color?
Alright all of my online purchases were a win!  Are there any other things I’ve highlighted you want me to recap on?  What Spring finds have you been loving lately???  Let me know!  Btw if you follow me on Instagram you could have known this finds already….I mean….get in the know ;-)
Also from yesterdays post I clearly know who was the winner and stole the spotlight…for everyone who was asking here it the box of the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches.  
You can find them next to the ice cream freezer section at Trader Joe’s.  If you buy them please let me know via Insta or Twitter (links below)…I would like to vicariously live through your consumption xoxoxoxoxo
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47 responses to “Let’s Check Back In Shall We???”

  1. Becky M says:

    I am loving tht maxi dress and the purple purse!! So cute – now if only it would get warm enough to wear that here :)


  2. That dress looks amazing on you!! I’m totally going to have to try to find it now! And I can’t believe how gorgeous those shoes look on! You’re right, they definitely look high end! Loving all your Target finds, can you just come shop for me? :)

    <3, Pamela

  3. that dress (actually, both dresses) look amazing on you. if only i were tall and hot like you, i’d wear maxis more often

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  4. Stacy G says:

    The dress looks adorable on you! Love the bag too! Really good finds. I am dying to try those ice cream sandwiches. Wish I had a trader joes a little closer!

  5. I love the green maxi dress with the purse – the color combo is really great!! Also good to know about the shoes – as you know I was concerned they wouldn’t be comfy…and also the sizing is super important!! I need to buy the prenatal vitamins for my nails…they just don’t grow! :( Also, i’d use the sunscreen – but lets be honest probably won’t need that for another 5-6 months lol!

  6. Rachel says:

    YES I love those ice cream sandwiches!! And that dress looks so amazing, I love it!

  7. I know what you mean about knowing how the end product really looks, that´s why I´m so reluctant to buying online…I must try it on and see it with my eyes before purchasing. However if more people (like you) made posts like these maybe I´d give it a go…
    btw, i´m loving the green maxi dress with the purple purse, ::high fives:: for that.

  8. Girl, those shoes and that purse, now I feel like I NEED them! Those flats do look so high end :) Love the purse with that dress :)

  9. Umm…I love Redken products! Tell me about that dry shampoo!

  10. Great update! I really like this concept for a blog post.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  11. I need to order that dress. It is so cute. And yeah I have taken prenatal vitamins for my hair to grow since so much of it fell of post surgery…crazy amazing how well it works! Xx.

  12. I’m jealous of how good a maxi dress looks on you! I feel like I look frumpy in them. I love that you see it, want it, get it!

  13. I love that dress! It looks great on you!

  14. Erin says:

    I just need you to come be my stylist. Okay? Great. Seriously, you are so cute!

  15. sara says:

    That maxi dress is a COMPLETE win! Love that pop of color with your purse as well. :)

  16. ummm I LOVE house hunters!! :) and now i want to go buy those shoes :) :) they look so cute! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  17. Melanie says:

    I love love love the blue dress!! I need it!

  18. Tracey says:

    Love those shoes and the bag! Loved this entire post :)

  19. What great purchases! I’m going to have to check my local Target store for that dress. Super cute! The purse and flats too…you definitely know how to bargain shop!



  20. “My purse is the perfect size”— YES AND YOU ARE THE PERFECT SIZE. :) I would seriously be bankrupt dressing myself if I had your body. Happy FAT TUESDAY, friend! :)

  21. Sam says:

    I haven’t tried any of these products, not sure they are available here, the dress is so pretty and love the chic shoes and stunning bag. Thanks for your kind visit.

  22. alexis says:

    Okay– you may have sold me on the purse and shoes— love seeing them in person! Great follow up!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  23. I love the shoes & bag!! I’m gonna go find some for myself now. LOL And you look amazing in the dress. You have such a great boho-chic style!
    XO – Samantha

  24. JumpingJE says:

    I want to live in a world where I can wear Maxi dresses and flats and sunnies and eat ice cream in March. End rant. :)

  25. That maxi is a-mazing! And I love that the crossbody adds a fun pop of color to, oh, everything!

  26. Carly says:

    OMG. WHY? I loved everything the first time you posted it, but after seeing it in “real” life, I am obsessed with those flats and the dress AND even the bag even though I normally would never gravitate towards anything purple! You look gorgeous! And ahhh the temptation of those ice cream cookies!

  27. I am nooooo stranger to those ice cream sandwiches!!! Love em!!! Okay the dress looks amazing!!! and the shoes… I would never have picked them out but they are soooo cute! I love them!

  28. Ok so I am totally obsessing over all your Target finds! Firstly, that maxi is to die for and looks amazing on you! Secondly, I want a pair if those shoes so bad, but every time I try them on I feel I look like a duck or an elf! But they look super cute on you so I might need to give the Target ones a try! Thirdly, I am drooling over that bag! I have been looking for some bright Spring bags so I may need to make a trip to a Target ASAP!

    <3 Shannon

  29. Christina says:

    i have to go get the clutch. it is perfect. and i love that dress!

  30. Love that clutch! Great accessory for spring!

  31. Those shoes rock! I’ve used the Redken refresh too and it’s great! :)

  32. I love this post. I love Target and all of their fun fakes but I am always hesitant… thanks for the reviews!!!

  33. brooke lyn says:

    that maxi is so cute on. now i want spring and summer

  34. totally love your target picks – that dress is on my list too! looks so cute on you, and i love those flats!

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

  35. I love that Target dress! Oh and expensive maxis can be see through too! I have 2 Joie maxis I have to wear a slip with or everyone would see my you know what!!

  36. I love the checking back in – such a fun idea! That dress is so adorable on!

  37. Darcy says:

    Glad you like everything you purchased! I was curious about those shoes because I want to add a style like that to my closet. They are so cute! Also, seriously love the color of that bag.

  38. I totally want those shoes now. and an ice cream sammie or two please :)

  39. Kim says:

    I love that dress!! So cute! I’m way too short to pull off a maxi dress so I envy you! The purse is also very cute.

  40. I really want to try that Murad concealer! And ooo so jealous that you have a Trader Joes!!

  41. I’ve GOT to get those shoes!!!! I’m a shoe loving FOOL and I’ve seen similar styles but wondered how comfy they’d be.

  42. Damn it, now I need that purse! I banned myself from going to Target this month, but shopping online does not count. Thanks for the review. Your modeling really sold it for me ;)

  43. That purse is from Target?!?! I’m obsessed with it! I’ll probably be at Target buying it in less than 24 hours haha and then I’ll stop by TJ’s and pick up those ice cream sandwiches, YUM!

  44. Ashield says:

    I saw you posted those TJ’s ice cream sandwiches and i’m not going to lie, I went grocery shopping there tonight & am so sad I forgot to pick up a box. I did work out today so I think that justifies me going back tomorrow to get some hahaha. Love those flats & bag btw I might need to buy them!! XO

  45. Gina says:

    ooh, love that cross body bag…such a pretty color. The D’Orsay flats are perfect and you look gorgeous in that black maxi!
    XO, Gina

  46. I am loving all your finds from Target & even though I don’t usually like crossbody bags I feel like I could make an exception for that one!

  47. Nadia M says:

    That sunscreen sounds like a dream from your first post! I’ve been trying out some BB products with sunscreen and they’ve really been making my skin act up. I wonder if they sell it in Canada…

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