Is a Side Hustle the New Normal?

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Waking up at 630 on the weekend to shoot content for my blog for the week would seem like a crazy foreign concept to most people but to me, that is my normal.  Since I work full time during the week as a Nurse Practitioner, when I leave work it is usually getting dark out and I have zero energy to create content.  Plus, I try to save all my “can we shoot a few pictures for the blog???” begging to a minimum and they are better received on the weekend.  A few years ago I came to a realization that I pretty much was going to get the cost of living increase that happens every year and the age of healthcare yearly bonuses was long gone.  I realized that if I wanted to have any fun play money I would have to pick up a side gig, or a side hustle if you will.


I started reaching out to local colleges to see if there were any positions in the nursing department and luckily one contacted me right away to come in for an interview.  I was so eager to get my foot in the door I was all yes no problem to the first opportunity they had available…..I should have been a little more inquisitive.  My new shiny side gig was being a faculty advisor to 60+ Nurse Practitioner students in their clinical settings.  That meant I had to physically go and visit them at their site, observe them with a patient, and get a report for their supervising provider.  Now, this college takes students from all over the state.  Well, you guessed it…..they also have clinical sites all over the state.  You should have seen the excel spread sheets synced to google maps I made to try and get them all coordinated in one semester.  I used my paid time off days (or PTO if you will) to make sure I was able to get them all seen in that 8-10 week span.  I drove from Orlando, to north of Gainesville and even down south 3+ hours.  I definitely got a whirlwind tour of the state.  I remember calling my mother one day when I was searching for “Wrecking Lane Road” on the backside of an abanded looking racetrack in the middle of the state to give her my coordinates in case I didn’t make it back alive.  I did that for 3 semesters and eventually dwindled down my student load till I was finally tossed in the towel and asked what else I could do for the college.  I have taught the undergraduate assessment course, the grad level fundamentals of Pediatrics, pathophysiology, research…….I am a quick learner for sure. I have finally landed on my favorite to date which is teaching the RN to BSN program which is pretty much all online.  I have come a long way.   Couple that with being a preceptor to dozens of students in my clinical setting.  I really enjoy giving back to my profession and sharing my knowledge base to the new generation of providers.  That is the journey of my teaching career.



I became a pure barre teacher after falling in love with the technique and like all things I can’t just be a bystander.  If I love something, I have to eventually end up teaching it.  I did that with spin and then barre.  Plus, since we are talking about the side hustle, the perks with membership were great.  I have significantly cut back on this as my pregnancy is moving further along and my other responsibilities have taken over but I still enjoy being able to help 30 people at once change their body 55 minutes at a time.



This blog I consider my last job or side hustle if you will.  I have another post in the works about my love for this crazy world of blogging and how I will never give it up.  It has allowed me so many opportunities, experiences, friendships, and an ultimately my creative outlet. I mean I just saw Biana last month who I met through blogging and Meghan and I had dinner when she was in town for work.  I just picked her up and we went to On Swann in Hyde Park.  No big deal, we have never met in “real life” but it was totally acceptable for her to jump in my car and get dinner together.  We chatted for hours like we are old friends which we kinda are because we have been blogging for such a long time together.


All of these “side hustles” has allowed me to be financially independent, save like crazy, and create opportunities that I may never had been able to partake in if I did not have the monetary freedom that these extra jobs have allowed me to have.  I always get so excited when I see a stay at home mom able to provide for her family, stay home with her kids, and contribute financially to her family because she has built a side job with blogging.  I guess what I’m trying to say is you can’t even swipe through your Facebook without someone selling lipsense, or Itworks, Rodan and Fields, or the newest energy drink.  People are all about the side hustle right now and I really applaud it.  It may be annoying to get the same message about how you can to make it if you sign up under me but there is financial opportunities out there and you just have to know the one that fits the best for you.  Plus, have the drive to get out there and get after it.


We all hold our destinies when it comes to how successful and financially savvy we can be.  The typical 9-5 isn’t the norm anymore and everyone is finding a way to make it work.  So my question to you is, do you think people HAVE to have a side gig to survive nowadays or is everyone taking advantage of all the opportunities that are out there to be a successful, as long as you are willing to put the work into it?  I mean isn’t it an exciting time that jobs and making money can be whatever you really dream of?  I never thought that four years ago when I was drinking wine, eating chips & salsa for dinner and blogging about it would lead to anything lucrative in the future.  I evolved it, grew it into a business as well as a brand which is something I am really proud of.  My husband is all about the side hustle as well and I am so thankful how supportive he is with all my multiple endeavors.  What is your side hustle?  Do you think pretty much everyone has one right now?  Do you have your side hustle purely for the monetary aspect or because it is something you are truly passionate about or both?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!




19 responses to “Is a Side Hustle the New Normal?”

  1. Biana says:

    Side hustle is absolutely the new normal! I can’t imagine not working full time, having my blog and my wedding business! It’s amazing the creative outlet this has given me and all the friendships – they are a part of me!! I had no idea the first part of the teaching job involved so much travel!! You go girl! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. Kelsey says:

    I think you’re exactly right…a “side hustle” would have been odd to our parents’ generation when they were our ages, but now, it’s normal! I can’t imagine a weekend when I’m NOT doing a little work…but I love every minute of it, so it’s ok! I think we’re pretty lucky to have this a the new normal instead of a regular 9-5 job.

    I don’t know about you, but I’d go CRAZY if I had to work 9-5!

  3. Kristina says:

    Love this post!! I love my blogging side hustle and enjoy it as my creative outlet but the perks don’t hurt. I love all the relationships I have made and the blogging community in general- I can’t imagine NOT doing it!

    xo, Kristina

  4. Karly says:

    Yes! The side hustle definitely is real, and I think it’s only going to increase in the coming years. You should be so proud of yourself, you’re basically living the dream and kicking ass at it!

  5. Great post! Since having my baby, I have let the blog fall a little to the way side, and I definitely see a difference in my fun money I have to spend. (Plus I just loving blogging and miss it.) Hoping to get back at it again this fall! You’ve always amazed me with everything you have on your plate!

  6. Ashley says:

    I love having a side hustle! It keeps me busy (which I love to be) and the blog is such a great creative, special outlet!

  7. Amy Arnold says:

    I love this post because I got to know more about you but also because I identify with it on so many levels. I think all bloggers will. We all have this creative drive to do more. I wonder if it is unique to us or to millennials or if it is just getting more common?

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. Nichole says:

    Side hustles are absolutely the new normal! I wish I could remember which publication it was, but I just read how more millennials have creative side hustles for various reasons, and wouldn’t change a thing about it. I definitely agree!

  9. I don’t get paid at all for my blog so I guess I can’t call it my side hustle, but it is my creative outlet and I don’t know what I would do without it. I liked finding out more about your “real job” journey. I kind of want to start teaching pure barre but I feel like that would cut into my actually going to pure barre. I feel like our economy is definitely moving more towards the several gig models instead of the steady job meeting all your needs.

  10. Nadine says:

    I have to agree that most people have some sort of side hustle these days. I don’t really make any money from my blog, but it would be nice to get a little extra for my efforts if I am going to do it anyways! I help a few companies with their social media on the side, which is probably why my personal one suffers. I enjoy watching them grow and helping spread their word/mission. I mentioned to you awhile ago my new side hustle idea that I hope to get off the ground this year. I feel like I need to do something I am passionate about and have a creative outlet since my full time job leaves so much to be desired.

  11. Kate says:

    It’s definitely the new normal, and pretty much a must this day in age. Long gone are bonuses, and great vacation packages. We get minimal time off, and don’t have much to show for it. Going out and getting it ourselves is key!
    Green Fashionista

  12. Kelly says:

    Absolutely! I’ve never had a single traditional corporate gig — I own my own wedding planning business, teach hot yoga and senior yoga, sell Beautycounter (this is recent; just started last month, but it totally fills my social activism desires!), and I monogram things strictly as a hobby. I think a lot of it can be attributed to this generation’s priorities and expectations. Works for me!

  13. I think this is so true – I have two (three?) side hustles – I teach barre, freelance as a writer, and I’ve got my blog which I have a product coming out of soon, all in addition to my full-time gig in marketing. But, I’ve been able to do a lot of things I wouldn’t have been able to (travel, mostly) if I hadn’t had the side-hustle money!

  14. Lindsay says:

    You have ALL of the side hustles! You are such an inspiration for hard work and success. I think the side hustle is the best way to open new doors and create new careers for anyone.

  15. emelia says:

    You are seriously an inspiration, I applaud you for all you do. I love the creativity and sense of self blogging gives me and really don’t know what I would do without it!

  16. Owen Davis says:

    You are a busy, intelligent lady! The absolute best part of blogging to me is the “friendships” I have made. Ladies I have never even met IRL yet talk to almost every day!

  17. kristen says:

    I think it’s great that you have these side gigs and enjoy them! that’s the most important thing. I think it sucks when someone NEEDS to have a side gig just to survive. KC and I don’t, and I like that. I like having my personal down time and I’m not the kind of person who likes to be busy. We also live below our means, so we don’t struggle with saving or doing things we want to do (unless I shop like crazy, which happens sometimes). I guess it’s all about choosing what makes you happiest, not thinking of it as sacrificing you know? I’m sure when we have kids I’ll have to think of something to do on the side, but we’ll see!

  18. Erin says:

    Wow! You have really taken on so much and are doing it with passion and love. I commend you! :-) I do think there is a great deal more “side hustle” happening out there. My own blog is the perfect example. I started it because I needed another creative outlet for myself, and who knows…it may turn into something lucrative. I’ve barely begun compared to all the amazing bloggers out there I’ve followed for years. If this blogging thing turns into a full time gig for me, that would be great too! I think part of me started a “side hustle” because my regular 9-5 gig just doesn’t fulfill me. And I’m not sure any “normal” 9-5 gig ever would. I need to do creative things for me on my own time to really be happy. I like being my own boss.

  19. Kay says:

    So true. I tutor at the side and while my blog makes pennies, its still something. I totally support side hustles.

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