Announcing Amanda Uprichard Maternity & Coterie NYC

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Happy Monday dolls!  I am so excited to finally share this amazing collaboration with you.  As you may know, one of my favorite designers is Amanda Uprichard.  I started wearing her pieces a few years ago.  I was initially drawn to her beautiful silks, feminine body flattering lines, and how high quality her pieces were.  Her line is designed and manufactured in the USA, NYC to be exact. Anytime I bought a piece, I knew it was going to be worth the price point and I would live in it.  Well, little did I know that Amanda Uprichard is from the St. Petersburg, FL area.  When she was in town last year she reached out to me and we shot for the first time together.  It made me fall in love with the brand even more, seeing the behind the scenes process.  Remember this beauty?!?!


I mean the way the silk in this dress (on sale now in lilac) drapes and flows…’s just a thing of beauty!  Well over the year we have continued working together and I am so excited to share with you the latest endeavor of my favorite brand.  Amanda Uprichard now has maternity pieces!  Talk about amazing timing right?  Throughout my pregnancy I have been on the hunt for pieces to actually splurge on and what will give me the most bang for my buck.  Well, these silk beauties live up to the quality and design of my favorites.  They are beyond comfortable, lightweight and feels so good against that growing bump.  How pretty are the sleeve details on this one?  Also, let’s talk about these pearl mules right?


I love the weight and buttons on this one.  Plus, it has pockets.  Any dress with pockets I am sold on! These beauties will be sold exclusively at Shopbop.  Which you all know my absolute love for Shopbop and their connection to Amazon Prime.


I was invited by Amanda Uprichard to Coterie in NYC to help promote this maternity line.  Coterie is the largest global marketplace on the East Coast that connects brands/designers with retailers and buyers.  Basically, every single brand that you can think of was there showcasing their upcoming lines.  Buyers, boutiques, and big retailers have full access to all the brands where they can view the collections and put in their orders for the upcoming Spring lines.


Another highlight of Coterie for me was meeting the owner of one of my absolute favorite handbag companies.  You have heard me talk about Hammitt bags in the past.  The quality of the leather is seriously unrivaled to any brands I’ve ever bought before.  I took my Joe bag with me because it’s honestly my favorite bag and it fits my camera.  Well, I just happened to walk by Hammitt and the owner Tony was there.  Not only did he recognize me but he was able to recall right off the top of his head some of the shots I’ve featured of his work.  “Oh yeah, you had this great shot in a green tiered dress against a brick wall.  I LOVED that one!”  Ummmmm… about knowing your products and bloggers.  I was blown away by him.  He walked me through the entire line and I am swooning over the upcoming Spring line.  How amazing are the mustard accents??


I was able to view the upcoming Amanda Uprichard collection and it is gorgeous.  I think all the buyers agree because there was a line at the booth sometimes 5 people deep at all times during the entire day.  Amanda Uprichard was definitely the star of Coterie and I am so honored to have taken over the Instagram account for the day and document the entire experience.


I was able to see the Amanda Uprichard showroom and see where all the fabrics are stored and where the pieces are assembled.  There is even a room that has essentially a vault of all the pieces over the years.  Talk about my dream.  I wanted to run down the aisles and scoop everything up and take it home with me.  I then went out to dinner with the entire sales team.  What a dedicated and passionate group of women.  It was such an amazing experience being able to see the entire behind the scenes from design, fabrics, production, sales, and everything in between.  I am honored to work with such a quality brand that I 100% support and back.  I look forward continuing to showcase all the exciting endeavors and beautiful designs over the upcoming season and years.


Thank you to Amanda Uprichard for this experience and to you my readers that support the brands that work with Meet at the Barre.


18 responses to “Announcing Amanda Uprichard Maternity & Coterie NYC”

  1. Gentry says:

    What an amazing experience, and CONGRATS girl on being able to launch this new collection! I admire your eye for style & all your hard work that you put into your blog! XO

  2. Biana says:

    Definitely an exciting collaboration and so happy to see how much you’ve grown with the brand!! Loving your hair that length too! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. Lindsay says:

    I love that you work so closely with this brand and I love her dresses so much. I wish she had maternity earlier just for my own selfish reasons, but that is so exciting! More brands should follow her lead!

  4. I love both dresses, but that blue with the gold button detail is an absolute dream. Would it fit non-maternity. Asking for a friend. ;)

  5. Nadine says:

    What an awesome colab and event you got to go to!!! Love love love that burgundy dress, my favorite fall color. Those sleeves are amazing. So cool that the handbag guy recognized and remembered you too!

  6. Such an exciting opportunity! I just love all of her stuff and yes, perfect timing with the maternity line! I love that Tony from Hammet recognized you, how cool!

  7. Kate says:

    So many gorgeous pieces, and love that they’re designed and manufactured here in the US <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. How fun is this? So happy for you and I LOVE all of those looks so much, you go girl!!!!

  9. Ashley DTKAustin says:

    I am beyond obsessed with ALL of these looks!! Sounds like you had such an amazing time!!

  10. Megan says:

    Wow! I love all of the colorful pieces and fun designs! Sounds like a fun experience.

    Megan |

  11. April says:

    All of these pieces look gorgeous on you and your bump! The burgundy dress is my favorite!

    April |

  12. megan says:

    such a fun experience!! all of these pieces are gorgeous!!

    xo megan

  13. So many great looks from this line! And looks fun in NYC!
    ~Jessica | Petite Style Script

  14. Stephanie says:

    Gosh, can I have all the maternity pieces in non-maternity versions haha?? They’re all so cute! I love everything Amanda sells. Her styles are so chic and timeless! I’m glad you get the chance to work with her, and the event looks like it was such fun!

  15. Owen Davis says:

    What an awesome experience!! I LOVE Amanda Uprichard and wish these pieces would have been available when I was preggo!

  16. Her designs are AMAZING! I want that blue one!

  17. Lauren says:

    I love coterie! I also LOVE Amanda Uprichard! I remember I first learned about her at my first retail job when I was 17. She’s the BEST

  18. Kay says:

    What a great collab. And arent you the cutest preggo lady – seriously!

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