I Believe Introductions are in Order: Welcome to Meet @ the Barre

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Hi!  Welcome to my blog my name is Amanda!
I’m a Boston girl living in Florida… I would say Go Gatorsbut after this recent loss to Georgia Southern yes…like that team that’s a guaranteed win but wait oh yeah it wasn’t….we are going to focus on the Patriots for the rest of the football season…..
I am a Pediatric Cardiology Nurse Practitioner with a focus on Preventive Cardiology.  I am extremely passionate about healthy living and fitness.  I am also a spin instructor and Barre Teacher.  I honestly believe Barre is one of the best all around total mind and body workouts.  Try one class and you will be hooked like I was!  I also teach at USF as an adjunct faculty member…. hence trying to fit it all in during a 24 hour day.

I am the youngest of six…. three boys and three girls (yes like the Brady Bunch) with the most loving and supportive parents…  That’s me down center in the front, naturally…I always told them it took them six times to get it perfect hahahaha just kidding my mother said it was because she couldn’t end with Greg Mr. “Ten Temper Tantrums before 10 in the morning kid”…check out that face next to me always up to something.
We have all made it out of the 80’s with much better style now if you ask me!

I have the best boyfriend in the world that challenges me everyday and is my best friend… I promise I’m not too sappy but I am so blessed to have him in my life.  I also promise my hair is not that blonde!  That is what happens when you have a foreign man in the lobby who doesn’t speak English take your picture with the IPhone flash on yikes!  We both work like crazy but try to get away for as many long weekends as possible.  The next one is New York in December can’t wait!

Follow along with me as I find great designer clothes at a discount… I’m all about the coupon codes as my mother has always said “Anybody can buy something at full price”…share some healthy recipes, makeup reviews, travel, spin play lists and just generally my rants and raves of the day!

Thanks for stopping by!
I fancy myself as quite the peppermint Ice Cream connoisseur every since the days of Kimballs back home growing up.  My dad would always make one of us stand in different lines to see which one would move faster…. and people wonder why I’m impatient!!!  They have the best peppermint ice cream ever!  Also you could get a “doggie ice cream” which my little Yorkie Chuck… yes that was his name… His formal name was Charles…oh yes it was but we called him Chuck.  He was all over that doggie ice cream that I’m sure was just dropped on the floor earlier and deemed “appropriate” for dogs. 
Anyways… so I am always on a mission for peppermint ice cream and have literally tried them all, deeming myself a connoisseur now.  The best one in my opinion is Edy’s Slowed Churned.  It is ½ the fat and 100 calories per serving.  It is Peppermint ice cream with peppermint stick pieces…don’t even get me started on lame imitations that have Vanilla ice cream with peppermint pieces… I’m looking at you Publix brand.

The moral of this drawn out story is Publix has it BOGO(buy one get one) aka the best thing ever especially when you get your receipt and see how much you saved.  So get yourself over to Publix and snag it up before it goes off sale on Thursday.

I think I have a problem and it’s called Ice Cream…you think I was saving up for Winter or something!  
Till next time!

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6 responses to “I Believe Introductions are in Order: Welcome to Meet @ the Barre”

  1. Christina says:

    love your first post and congrats!! good to see another acton bred/patriots fan/ice cream lover in the blog world. bring on the discount codes and fashion finds! i’ll be sure to keep reading and keep you posted on how much i (will!) love that ice cream. yum!

    • Thanks Christina! I read your blog daily and definitely was envious of your last Kimballs outing as well as all that amazing sushi and shopping you have up in Charleston! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog! :-)

  2. Such a great welcome post! Just updated the few things you mentioned!

  3. Love love your welcome post!! I am so excited for the blogging world to see what an amazing fashionista you are and get a glimpse into your “secret” world of finds. Here’s to a successful new endeavour <3 <3

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