Happy Thanksgiving! Healthy Recipes and Black Friday Deals

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Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone has a wonderful day!  A few quick things to help everyone keep healthy during the start of holiday season.
Whether you are hosting or going to another dinner and you are asked to bring a dish, one way I try to stay healthy is to make one healthy dish to share…that way if there are a lot of high calorie temptations you have a healthy go to option like this Baked Spaghetti Squash with Garlic or Cheesy Cauliflower better than Potatoes side
I also do this for work luncheons or potlucks…try it next time bringing a salad with lots of fresh veggies on it, you will have a go to safe bet especially if you are not too sure where some of those questionable looking sides were prepared……
Try to keep an eye on the alcohol consumption….I don’t know about you but too many glasses of wine leads to hitting up multiple trips to the dessert table because doesn’t every dessert have to be tried??
Ways to help is to grab a tall glass of water and make sure you are refilling!
Exercise!  There are a lot of places open the morning of Thanksgiving.  You know that feeling when you get in a workout before the big day starts!  If that’s not an option make sure you get up and walk after dinner or try to squeeze in a quick at home workout…such as here and here
There are also many at home barre exercises you can find…they do not take up a lot of room and most you need either a chair or side of a counter to hold onto Barre Exercises at home
Try to use a smaller plate.  The bigger the plate the more you put on it to fill it…I usually try to find the smaller dinner plate or even stick with the salad plate to start with.
Avoid leftovers.  If you are hosting, load up your guests as they leave or if you are attending politely decline or if the host is insistent try to take home some of the lighter options….because we all know that saying no to leftover pie in the morning with coffee takes will power!
Stay Tuned for my full list of Black Friday sales.  I will be shopping online this year with all the great coupon codes.  Shopbop and Tory Burch are up to their slippery slopes of the more you spend the more you “save”….however these opportunities are really the only times I’ll allow myself to splurge because these two high end sites rarely have good deals.  So if you have been eyeing a pair of Tory Burch Ballet Flats now is the time!
I will also say Shopbop has amazing customer service.  I had TB Flats stolen off my doorstep like an hour after they were delivered and one call to Shopbop and I had another pair sent out that day, no hassle whatsoever!  Plus free shipping and returns!  Anytime there is free shipping I’m on board!
Also don’t forget to use your Ebates account when shopping online.  Shopbop is 3% back and Tory Burch is 3.5%…. I swear between my sister and I “It’s totally okay to get the same pair in another color…. I used my ebates and it was free shipping”.  If you don’t know about Ebates send me a message and I’ll tell you all about the amazingness of it!
I’ll leave you with one Thanksgiving Funny…It’s Thanksgiving So We Asked Brits To Label The United States — We’re So Sorry, America
At least everyone seemed to get Florida… I appreciate the drink with straw and the quite detailed Maine Lobster….
Be Blessed and have a wonderful & safe Thanksgiving!
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  1. Christina says:

    happy thanksgiving!! <3 that ab workout is no joke!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Yeah those plank jacks to jumps are serious work!

  3. My co-worker and I attempted this after the buzzfeed article came out on Wednesday and we were not that much better! yikes….

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