Top 5 Target Pieces You Need Right Now

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True story.  Mark and I were both able to travel to Europe for 10 days in our carry on luggage.  Granted, I had to sit on my bag with both knees pressing down all my body weight to zip it all the around……but it zipped and fit in the overhead compartment.  Side note.  Did you know they had a separate carry on luggage check point after you cleared the regular security screen prior to boarding the plane?  We had gotten a little nervous with our very generous carry on bags but they fit no problem every leg of the flight.  No lie the poor gal in Greece who tried to question our carry on and got the very quick response of “it has fit no problem in the overhead on all of our flights before“.  She shook her head but inked our boarding passes with the green “ok” stamp and we breathed another sigh of relief.  More to come on that.  Here are my top 5 Target pieces you need right now for the Summer.


Target picks

I was determined to have carry ons because I knew we had multiple legs of the trip and ferry rides involved.  So I was very strict with the packing list.  I have a post coming up for you on the most versatile packing piece that you will need so definitely be on the lookout for that one.

Before we left, I naturally had the mad dash errand list of Target, CVS, TJMaxx and to my seamstress to beg her to help me with some last minute alterations before I left.  I picked up some amazing finds at Target and wanted to share them with you.  I pretty much wore them on straight repeat.  Plus super affordable!


These shorts

Rag & Bone ShortsI’m not going to lie, I have been lusting over the Rag & Bone boyfriend shorts for a long time.  Until they go on sale, these have been the best dupe pair that I have found.  The perfect length, cut, fit, and they are super soft.  Also, they don’t bag out or lose their shape.  Major win!  They look great in person, I don’t think the online pics do justice and my pair are more distressed.  True to size.  I ordered a 4 in them.


Striped Top

Mykonos sunset, cavo tagoo mykonosI grabbed this top on the way out.  It was on sale.  I didn’t even try it on (which I never do) but time was of the essence.  I threw it over my bathing suit top and slide on a maxi skirt and I was ready for a causal water front dinner.


Black bathing suit


If you remember from this post where I highlighted all the Target bathing suits, this black multi strapped one was my ultimate favorite.  It’s a joy to get on but the end result is well worth it.


This chambray top

Target Chambray top

Incredibly soft and has a great fit.  Pair it with shorts, tucked into a skirt or I tied mine in the front for a casual daytime look.  It is lightweight and perfect for the Summer.  Check it here.


This black beach/pool hat.


black floppy hat


It folded up great in my luggage and was perfect for looking chic by the pool and keeping the sun off my face.  Plus it’s on sale!  Find it here.

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These are my top 5 picks that made the crucial cut for the carryon only honeymoon trip to Greece.  What Summer pieces can you not live without right now?  Now who is ready for the weekend??


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44 responses to “Top 5 Target Pieces You Need Right Now”

  1. I cant wait to rock my black strappy bikini top in Key West! And loving those shorts and that chambray top! Perfection! Can we talk about how amazing you look in that striped top and skirt?!?! Love!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Pinky says:

    Way to go you, in a carry on! Y’all are rockstars!!!!! I love all the pieces you highlighted. That bathing suit back is fabulous and girl I’ve loved that top since you posted it, so pretty. I’m in need of a new floppy [pink] hat but might totally upgrade to a KS I’ve had my eye [in my post yesterday].

    [raises hand and says, today is my weekend]!

  3. I love the bathing suit! I need to stock up on some beach wear before our trip this summer!

  4. Jenn says:

    I went in search of that bathing suit top when you posted about it before. I got it in the orange, since it matches another suit I have, so I can mix and match in that top with the bottoms. The back is insane! Love the striped top too! You guys are amazing for packing in a carry-on for the whole trip. I bow down to you!! lol

  5. I’m still so incredibly impressed with your packing abilities!! I did know that international carry-on regulations are slightly different than US ones so I’m happy that it all worked out for you! That black bathing suit top is just incredible on you – as is the view you’re looking at!! Great picks girl! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  6. Whaaaaat? The black top with the fabulous back is from Target? I assumed it was from somewhere way out of my price range. It’s seriously gorgeous!!! Loving those shorts, too!

  7. Natalie says:

    i have that exact same hat, but mine is a dark brown. it looks blackish but it is brown. i’m wearing it in my sidebar photo :)

    and i need those shorts. since i am losing all this weight, i need some new ones!

    girl, your greece photos are so gorgeous!

  8. I’m very impressed with your packing ability! I’m the worst at packing! I LOVE that swimsuit and I think I need it.

  9. As if I needed more reasons to walk into Target for seriously the 3rd time this week! LOL. I actually just bought some bathing suit bottoms there and almost got that black top to go with, but I decided against the tan lines it would create! It is soooo cute though. Great picks – I could definitely use a big beach hat here in Charleston, SC!

  10. In love with those shorts! And your pictures! I can’t believe you did 10 days in Greece in a carry on! That is seriously awesome!!

  11. Nadine says:

    I love love love that swimsuit top and that black hat is fabulous!! I wonder if I can pull it off….I feel so awkward in hats for some reason.

  12. Caroline says:

    I’m all for carrying bags on. Although when we went to Singapore we checked our bags. Nice work on showing that girl who is boss too!! :-) Love your picks, especially that hat and those shorts. Your pictures are gorgeous too. I hope that you have a fab day today!! :-)

  13. meagan says:

    LOVE all these picks. I am stoked about your packing post…I’m going to Europe this summer and plan on taking just a carryon. So send all tips my way!!!

  14. That suit is so cute! I just love anything from Target. I’m going to have to check out your swimsuit post because I’ve been having the hardest time finding a new one this season.

  15. Ive been eyeing those shorts. They remind me so much of the 80’s :) they just need a flannel shirt tied around the waist, some utility boots, & I’m back in NKOTB video. And hey, they re back in style too :)

  16. Those shorts look SO cute and comfy, I’m tempted to try them even though every time I have tried Target shorts on in the past they have fit me super weird for some reason! They’re always loose at the waist and tight in the hips and butt on me. But those do look like a more relaxed fit so maybe they will work? Love that bathing suit, so pretty!

  17. great choices! i love that chambray top – can never have enough. and you in that striped top and maxi – absolute perfection!! i need to learn to pack a carry on for international trips since i do it for all domestic ones. i can do it! ha

  18. All of these items are awesome! You rock for fitting everything into a carry-on.
    I love those shorts!

  19. Traci says:

    Great pieces! I lived in my cut offs last weekend at the beach. I have white and blue. They are both comfortable. Way to go with the carry on luggage. I’m always worried that they will snag mine as I get on the plane because the overhead bins are already full.

  20. Super smart move to carry all your own bags! I’ve never had mine lost, but ohhhhhh myyyyyyyyy would that ever ruin a vacation! Also, heads up: The curbside check you’re talking about for carry ons? If you fly American (the worst airline ever) they actually throw your bags in with the checked baggage, and you have to wait for them at the carousel like you would normal checked bags. It’s way not worth it! Delta puts them in a separate part of the plane, and you pick them up as you de-board. That’s totally worth it. I’m not sure how other carriers do it, but don’t let your luggage leave your hands if you fly American!

    Or… Just don’t fly American.

  21. Karly says:

    I hope that you know that I love these posts! I’m definitely looking into those boyfriend shorts, and I’m still debating about that bikini top … I already have a black bikini, but you can never have too many, right?

  22. I have that hat and love it! You’re right, I do need all these items now! :)

  23. Aimee says:

    I stopped and checked out the Chambray shirt yesterday! I contemplated picking it up for post pregnancy because I loved the feel of it so much, I just may have to go pack for it!

  24. That striped top is gorgeous and please please put up a tutorial on that awesome braid you are wearing with your black bikini. I need to learn that!

  25. I am so impressed that you only brought a carry on bag!! Tell us all of your skills! Loving those shorts – think I’m going to stop at Target today and look for them :)

  26. Kiki says:

    I have these shorts in the non destressed version and I’m IN LOVE! I have very small legs, but my waist is a size 8. I find a lot of size 8 shorts have huge leg holes and look like I’m wearing flares. Not cute. I plan on buying like 4 more pairs of these, probably these destressed ones too.

  27. Lindsay says:

    You always find the best Target pieces and I swear every time I go in there, I am just on the look out for your recs ;)

  28. The bathing suit is amazing!!! And I have and LOVE that hat!

  29. Helene says:

    I’m so proud of you for carrying on! we always do and it’s so worth it!

  30. Kayla MKOY says:

    You packed for 10 days with ONLY a carry on?! You deserve some kind of award. Pretty sure I need to know how you did that. Caleb and I went away for the weekend and I packed way too much. I just get excited and want to take lots of “options” :) whoops!

  31. Love all of these! We need to chat about your itinerary! I’m trying to book our trip but need some serious help on where to go and how you got around from island to island :) Any must see restaurants or hotels??!! :)

    xoxo, Jen

  32. I’m loving that hat! That would make the perfect pool or beach accessory!

  33. I love that sun hat! And that black bathing suit top is perfect! xo

  34. Those shorts and hat are totally making my list. Great picks, and you look absolutely fabulous in the striped top & black bikini top pics!


  35. Thanks for linking those shorts! I’m going to have to try those on next time I’m at Target. Love that they’re a little baggy…

  36. Run DMT says:

    Another great list! You’ll be proud of me. I bought a staple denim shorts to wear all summer. I’m trying to do better about my outfits and trying to interchange them.

  37. Julie Joy says:

    Oh how I’ve missed reading your posts! Kudos to you for only taking a carry on! I could never do that! I might have to check into those shorts. Now that I have this hot mom bod (insert sarcasm) I’m going to need some longer length yet still fashionable shorts! The bikini though… that will have to wait. Lol.

  38. Owen Davis says:

    I have that bathing suit top in a colorful pattern and love the way it fits!! I would love to have it in black too. Also, been looking for a cheap chambray shirt. Might stop by our Target this weekend and snatch one up!

  39. Favorite piece by far is the striped top. Hello, European jet-setter! Gorgeous and I love the versatility of each piece!

  40. Fabulous finds, Target is seriously on point this season! And we are totally twinning with that bathing suit top! As pretty as it is, I’m surprised at how small they run. I got stuck in the first one I tried on lol and had to go up a size :-P

  41. Kristen says:

    those shorts look and sound great – i’ll wait to see what they look like on you though, because shorts always look super weird on me and you’re a tall gal like myself ;) and yes carry ons for the win!

  42. Beth says:

    So impressive getting everything in a carry on. My husband is 6’4” and 225 pounds and wears a size 14 shoe so I don’t think we could ever do it. The last time we went to Europe we actually had 4 suitcases for 17 days. Sad but true :)

  43. Love those shorts! I was just thinking how I needed a pair of jean shorts for the summer. I’ll definitely check those out!

  44. Kay R. says:

    That black and white striped top is everything! Love the shorts too!

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