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Hello hello as promised from this Christmas Stocking post here is my full review of my absolute favorite product in the rotation.  I was not given this product to review I purchased this through amazon (love amazon prime!) and for anyone who was on the fence about purchasing….hopefully this will push you over to get it!  With the holidays add it to your list…I promise you will love it!

Okay so this product is from CND and it is called Vinylux nail polish and I am telling you….it’s a game changer. What I totally dig about this nail polish system is there is no bottom coat….seriously you just paint two coats of the polish followed by one coat of the weekly top coat.  It dries instantly….like paint and you are out the door. The topcoat is amazing….it instantly makes it shiny and people ask me daily if I have a gel or shellac manicure. Total side note…I can paint my left hand like a champ….my right hand sometimes looks like my niece Avery who is four years old did it….but the topcoat smooths everything over and you look like a pro no matter how shaky your hand is.

Okay so you are probably thinking….no base coat?  Doesn’t the darker colors stain your nails….Nope….best part it really lasts for a week….that is with me washing my hands in between every patient….the next best thing….regular CVS $1.99 nail polish remover takes it right off!

According to the CND website…exposure to natural light strengthens it over time…..I don’t really know all about that or how it works….but a week long manicure that I don’t have to have someone soak off and then attack my nails with some archaic looking metal pick (like with a gel manicure)… awesome in my book!

Materials for quick at home manicure….
Sephora Crystal Nail File as previously mentioned in this post.
Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream.  I put this on every night before I go to bed… an old woman I know but my Grandmother use to always tell me you can always guess a woman’s age by her hands…with that said I put SPF 70 on my hands every morning… age sun hand spots over here.
LUSH Lemony, Butter Cuticle Cream.  I don’t appreciate getting a manicure and someone hacking at my cuticles. I put this on with my hand cream every night (Mark is such a lucky man….he’s aware of my 5 minute maintenance bedtime routine)or right before an at home Mani..use that scoop metal tool and gently push back the cuticles and that’s it….don’t even think about coming near me with a cuticle cutter….they are suppose to be there for a reason!  I know it may seem pricey but no joke I’ve had that same tub for a year and it looks like i haven’t even put a dent in it…..a little goes a loooong way.
CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish-Forbidden Fall Mini Collection.  I think mini’s are always the way to go.  I usually never finish a bottle of nail polish before it dries up/not the season for the color etc…This collection is awesome with a lot of different shades plus two glitter colors and the topcoat.  
CND Vinylux-Weekly Top Coat.
CND Vinylux-RUBBLE Color.
Finished Ta-Da moment….see how shiny even that mat grey/brown color is?
(side note….it’s so hard not to have your hands look creepy in nail polish shots….try it…it’s kinda hard)
Alright there you have it!  My unbiased review of CND Vinylux.  Have you tried it before?  What are your thoughts and favorite colors?  Let me know if there are any products that have been on your radar….chances are I have tried them and can give you my opinion/review.  Hope you have a fab day!
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10 responses to “Products in the Rotation-CND Vinylux”

  1. Ashley says:

    Amazon prime is the best! I love your nail color and definitely want to try that Lush product!

  2. This is awesome!!! My sister who never has time to dry her nails with three kids would love this – great gift idea for me to get her!!

  3. fleurani says:

    Wow SPF70 cream on your hand every day? Well, I guess its true you can tell the age of a woman on her hand and her throat :-)

    I love the nailpolish color, very winterish :-9

    If you havent entered my give away on a beautiful statement necklace, you are more than welcome


  4. Darcy says:

    Wow your nails looks so pretty!! And I definitely need to get better with the sunscreen. I am so good about it during the summer but completely neglect it in the Winter! You’re encouraging me to be better!

  5. Christina says:

    we just got a lush…i’ve got to get over there asap. LOVE that nail polish color and yes, i agree…nail polish shots are the weirdest.

  6. It’s a fun store….kinda a little bit hippie but really great products!

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