Music Monday-Running and Spinning Playlist

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Welcome back!  Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend.  Mine consisted of grading papers, shopping around Hyde Park, Barre classes and lots of Nespresso….I picked up flavored syrups at T.J.Maxx…hello Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Mocha and Vanilla lattes with almond milk, with an extra shot of espresso and syrup…and it did not cost $8 a pop.  I got Mark a Nespresso machine last year for Christmas at Williams and Sonoma on sale….it was the best gift….if anyone has been thinking about it I would tell you they tend to run the sales now before Christmas.  When I got it last year it was $100 cheaper than now but apparently the “special offer” is that you receive a $75 credit to be able to use with the Nespresso club so you can stock up on all the capsules.  It is so worth it!  I can’t tell you the last time I bought an overpriced Starbucks (don’t get me wrong still love them) but the best part is you know exactly how many calories you are drinking….because you are making it……no more 400 calorie hidden gut busters…..

Anyways…so to get your Monday off to the right start and get you back motivated to hit the gym, go for that run or Barre class….or whatever you are up to right now for working out….Here’s to another installment of Music Mondays from yours truly…lets take it away!

(This picture was taken at a club or “Disco” if you will in London…apparently I was the only one feeling the beat)

Kaskade-Atmosphere.  Nice steady beat to start getting your legs warm, at 1:30 the beat kicks in to start getting your blood and heart rate pumping.
Bastille-Pompeii.  Continuing on with the tempo run or part of your spin ride with three seperate accelerations for your increased tempo run or up in 3.
Jamie Drastik with Havana Brown & Pitbull-Chasing Shadows.  I cannot get enough of this song.  Continuing this climb up in 3 or tempo run with acceleration sprints throughout.
Grouplove-Ways to Go.  Crank on the resistance, should be at a very heavy climb…push through the resistance…when the chorus kicks in bring it up to 3 and accelerate.  This one really gets the heart rate up.  Excellent sprinting HIT running song.
Audien fet Michael S-Leaving You. Bringing the heart rate slightly but still staying with a tempo run and climb up out of the saddle.
The Fray-Love Don’t Die.  Good steady beat, intensity builds throughout into a nice acceleration.
Martin Garrix-Animals.  This song is just insane….so much energy and power…the part of your workout where you build back up to the end……this will get you sprinting!
Jake Bugg-Lightning Bolt.  This is a quick under 3 minute song….fast BPM….try to stay fast throughout….challenge song.
One Direction-Story of My Life.  You know when you hear a song and then you Shazam it the whole time going “please make it be some cool Euro obscure band no one has heard of and I can discover some new phenom and not some boy band”…..and then it comes back as One Direction and then you immediately hate yourself for liking it…but it has such a good tempo and uplifting beat….Damn you Simon Cowell.
Pitbull ft Ke$ha-Timber.  Still cannot get enough of this song….speaking of hating myself….yes I did put the $ symbol in her name….Also speaking of hating myself more…if y’all really want with some heavy persuading I may show you some Ke$ha Halloween pics of yours truly….imagine an empty bottle of jack, toothbrush, eye paint and fur vest….I’m embarrassed even thinking about it.
Kaskade & Project 46-Last Chance.  It starts slow but give it a chance when the beat drops its worth it. Last song to give it your all!
Katy Perry-Unconditionally.  Cool down you  made it!  I really love this song…and have been known to belt it out in the car….when I’m by  myself naturally…..I wouldn’t subject anyone to that!
There you have it!  Music Monday playlist.  Hope you have a great Monday.  What songs have been on your rotation?
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9 responses to “Music Monday-Running and Spinning Playlist”

  1. Love this~ I’ll have to download these :) Are you coming to Boston for the holidays?

  2. Darcy says:

    This is a great work out playlist! I am seriously obsessed with Timber and Story of My Life so I was happy to see those on here!!

  3. Helene says:

    these are all sooooo good! every single electronic dance song you have on there i have on my daturday playlist!! ( i didn’t do one this weekend bc i was out of power! but usually i do them on saturdays!) theses are all so awesome. i loooove kaskade i get to see him for a seond time at the end of the month!

    • Yeah I’m so glad someone else knows the electronic songs! I’m always on a mission to find new songs and kinda secretly get mad when they are mainstreamed and played on the radio….right? Kaskade is definitely top of my list right now! That’s awesome where are you seeing him at??

  4. Becky M says:

    Haha Ioved the little dance picture :)

  5. Kristen says:

    timber is my jam! haha

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