I Didn’t Freeze to Death but JetBlue Cancelled Our Flight Home

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Happy Monday!!!!  I am back to Tampa after the most chaotic experience running around JFK airport….with the whole moral of the story never book JetBlue’s last flight out from anywhere because when they cancel your flight as the girl at the ticket counter is trying to put your bag on the conveyor belt to go and then tell you oh wait never mind your flight is cancelled and that is the last one out for the night…..never book the last flight out anywhere. We made it home super late so I will have a full recap for you tomorrow.  However I will tell you it was freezing and we were bundled up like Eskimos the whole time.

Hey can you take a picture of us in front of the tree at Bryant Park…..sure!  There we are hiding underneath ten layers.  Yes Mark is in snow pants and I was insanely jealous of that fact.

Or the iconic picture in front of the tree at Rockafellar Center….yes that is us under the hats and scarves.

Honestly I couldn’t even take my hand out of my glove to snap pictures because my phone shut down into safe mode because it was so cold.  I mean that has happened before in Florida laying out by the pool and your phone gets so hot from playing Pandora through your speakers but so cold that it shuts off???  That was news to me.

So I will have a full recap for you tomorrow!  I also have very exciting news that I can’t wait to share with everyone!!!  Hope everyone has a good Monday back.

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9 responses to “I Didn’t Freeze to Death but JetBlue Cancelled Our Flight Home”

  1. Christina says:

    how cute are you guys!?

  2. I’ve always wanted to see the Rockafellar tree! Hope you had fun in NYC! It is cold up here in the northeast! I’m in Ohio, so probably the same type of weather here! xoxo, Lindsay

  3. Jetblue is usually really really good – so thats surprising!! But the bright side is you’re home and after what I’m sure was a great weekend!!

  4. Love your cute pics! Almost every time I take Jet Blue I have a bad experience, Not to mention this happened to my brother last year during Christmas break so he had to rent a car! Glad you made it home though! PS: I grew up in Fl! :)
    Kat | http://www.poshbykat.com

  5. Kristen says:

    what?! i didnt know your phone shuts down because its cold?!!?! i did NOT know this. the hot yes, but the cold? well eff.

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