I hope I don’t freeze to death in NYC

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Happy Thursday!  Hope y’all are having a nice week…it’s almost Friday!  Well it’s kinda my Friday because we are heading to New York to get in the Christmas spirit (don’t kill me just yet….wait for the next sentence).  It is really hard sometimes in Florida to feel that holiday magic when it’s 80 degrees out….I know it’s such a rough life don’t boo and hiss…..That’s why we decided to head up North to hopefully see some snow and skate at Rockafeller center……side note….Mark has been convincing me for weeks to bring my skates with me….my past life as a figure skater.….is exactly that…..”You could rent skates???”…..I still haven’t dignified a response to that…..I’m not going to lie though I put them on last night and they still fit like a glove.
Side rant….just go with it should only take a minute promise…..I skated for four years on the Haydenettes.…(synchronized figure skating….yes like the Rockettes on ice, if the Rockettes were wearing blades on their feet and skating very fast)….every year leading up to the years I skated the team performed at Rockafeller Center and Bryant Park once the ice was laid down…..the four years that I was on the team….didn’t happen….and wouldn’t you know it….the year after I left….magically that tradition picked back up again.  I wouldn’t call that a coincidence bitter or anything…..it’s all good….another side note…those dresses in that video….we wore those for our Skaters Waltz short program…..when I was in High School just to give you an era of time to focus on……that is quite the storage warehouse of crazy expensive minimal amount of material fabric dresses.

Getting back on track….I’m excited to pull out some of my stored up cold weather clothes….and layer…..and layer….and hope our flight isn’t delayed coming home.  Here are a few of my favorite cold weather finds that are packed!

BB Dakota Jack “Romaine” long white coat.  Mine is a few years old….similar here and here.

Remixed Cable Knit Sweatshirt…..the sleeve details and back are really pretty.

Tory Burch Kiernan Riding Boot.  These are on sale scoop them up!

SPANX Well Healed Sweater Knee Socks.  Ahhhhh did you know that SHOPBOP is now owned by Amazon….that 1 click checkout and 2 day Amazon Prime shipping…..it makes it too easy deadly.

Plush Cable Knit Hat with Bow…..or if the bow is too much for you….here is similar sans bow

The North Face ‘e-Tip’ Gloves….mentioned before in this post.

David & Young ‘Softer Than Cashmere’ Plaid Scarf….love that price point….don’t need to break the bank living in Florida for scarfs…all two months out of the year we wear them.

This is my current plane book Crazy Rich Asians….I’m so impatient though I already started the first few pages and it is such a fun book.  It is a glimpse into the world of three über-elite rich Chinese families.  The gossiping and Valium pill popping is hilarious as the main characters son is GASP bringing home an ABC (American Born Chinese) girl.  Check it out if you want a mindless guilty read.

Last thing…guess what arrived in the mail from Sephora?  You know I used Ebates…..8% back right now! Amazingly high cash back percentages right now!  Stay tuned next week for my full review!

I’m off to hopefully not freeze to death!  Of course we pick the coldest week to travel up north.  What other cold weather finds should I check out?  What books are you currently reading?  Have a great day!  I hope we can still be friends after all my Florida references….I swear I did grow up in Boston at least!

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14 responses to “I hope I don’t freeze to death in NYC”

  1. all my friends in NYC have complained about the freezing weather, I think the sights during December are worth it though :)

  2. have the best time!! stay warm :)

  3. I definitely need those gloves – ASAP!! I actually told my parents today they would be nuts to move to Boston – where Florida is the only state that has yet to realize that December has hit!! Hope you have so much fun in NY!! And enjoy the naked palette #3!! Can’t wait for your review!!

  4. Christina says:

    don’t lots of people propose in rockafeller center…just sayin’. ha. have fun!!!

  5. Darcy says:

    Ahhh you will have so much fun in NYC! (But I’m totally jealous of your 80 degree temps!) And please do a review on the naked palette… im trying to decide if I want to splurge or not!

  6. Ashley says:

    Christmas time in NYC is always so magical. Have SO much fun and stay warm! Can’t wait to see your review on the Urban Decay palette!

  7. Kristen says:

    yep, reading your old posts like a creep! i am hoping to go to NY this christmas!! eep. and I prefer the hot sunny summer of christmas back home, than cold miserable winter, but I”ve got to make the most of it! haha

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