Would You Like To Join Me For The Night?

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So sometimes I feel like when I’m cruising this blogosphere…I really want to see the “real” of people.  I mean I can’t DIY anything for the life of me…my food pictures never look that exciting and I pretty much live in sweat pant Forever 21 leggings the minute I step in the door.  I thought if you were interested to take a journey into the typical night of this super exciting being over here.

Let’s just throw out a random example…so like for today I woke up at 5:15 (not the norm…usually it’s 6:30 with plenty of snoozes thrown in).  Sneak out without trying to wake up Mark and proceeded to teach the 6 am Barre class.  Make my way to work at my grown up job…leave around 5…seriously debate going for a workout….nix that idea and mosey on home with the full intention of being very productive.  I was going to take on my taxes.

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First I need to make sure my wireless printer is actually speaking to my MacBook for once in it’s life. Try not to do this when attempting to print my interest student loan statements when my computer tells me the printer is offline.

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Alright finally get that settled….I am going to need some sustenance to get me through this.  Cue the wine…chips & salsa (with cheese melted in it naturally I needed some protein!)

What do you mean I owe that much money?  Never mind I guess I’ll pay my accountant to do it…Turbo Tax you lied that was not an easy process.  Okay let’s try to get some of the Site Visits scheduled for my USF Students….oh I guess I need a refill…or maybe a new bottle.

I’m bored with doing work stuff plus the students never get back to me on their emails….I’ll just text them when I’m going to see them in clinical.  Or maybe I’ll just show up when they tell me they are going to be there….you know like a surprise…or unannounced if you will (I literally laughed for 5 straight minutes when I saw this one).

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Oh Marks gone let’s go do that scary face mask.  Attempt to take a picture with the mask on and literally frighten myself.  Spare you from seeing me with that mask on by deleting the iPhone pictures.  You’re welcome.

Seriously get this mask.  It is like an instant facial when you are done.  My sister bought me 3 of them because her Costco was carrying them (they also had Hunter boots…I guess there are some good things to say about living in New Jersey)…love you Christina.  The cheapest I have found for you is on Amazon….25 bucks cheaper than Sephora.

Let’s just throw a quick coat on my nails while this mask his drying….oh no now what do I do I just painted my nails and I need to take off this mask….no wonder why I can never keep a manicure on.

How long have those softball pants been sitting on the ground for on my kitchen floor…might as well do a load of laundry.  Crap I never took the last load out of the washer machine….and just messed up another nail…might as well take the whole thing off now.

What time is it?  Did I eat dinner?  I guess chips and salsa counts?  Let’s light this candle…time to get rid of all the Winter scents.

Perhaps I’ll open up my Pinterest window….oh that kitchen is pretty…similar pins..don’t mind if I do….DIY kitchen cabinets for my imaginary house…pinned for later use.

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Let’s find a song for Friday’s favorite post…who is this new British pop boy band….oh this song is catchy….of course they are 16…is that a problem now?  Maybe I should do some thigh exercises holding onto my counter since I didn’t go to Barre tonight.  I just eat though does that same rule apply for working out as swimming….do I have to wait at least 30 minutes??

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Enough thinking let’s watch some terrible Bravo TV and catch up on blogs.  (Please don’t judge I watch Cougar Town….it’s set in Florida and I like how snarky Ellie is).

That my friends is a glimpse into my very exciting middle of the week night.  Please tell me I am not the only insanely boring one over here with apparently terrible ADD.

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51 responses to “Would You Like To Join Me For The Night?”

  1. LOL. i never do my taxes myself because the ONE time i did, i got audited by the fucking government and then i heard they put you on some kind of watch list for like, 5yrs so i now pay someone to do that shit for me.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. My life is a lot like yours! And that makes me happy to know that I’m not the only one HAHA!

  3. Elle Sees says:

    not boring at all! and you do way more than i do! mine is walk pup, dinner, blog stuff, shower, bed. that’s it, hehe.

  4. OMG i LOVE cougar town. im so glad TBS picked it up!!!!!!!
    and i wish my costco sold hunters!
    xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  5. JumpingJE says:

    This is also my dilemma with painting my nails! I can’t sit still long enough after I finish and/or I have horrible timing and often mess the whole thing up.

  6. Amicia Rai says:

    LOL that is more or less exactly the same as most of my weekdays so don’t worry about it! ^_^

  7. LOL. I always mess up my nails! :) And I still have to tackle my taxes.

  8. I think you accomplished way more that I do on a regular night!! Your thought process is by far the highlight of everything!! As for painting your nails – get Seche Vite – they dry after 1.5 minutes of putting that coat on!! It’s a miracle worker and less chips than a normal polish! :) I also did a mask and thought about taking photos – Gary nixed that idea lol!

  9. Becky M says:

    No way I could do my own taxes either!!


  10. “Attempt to take a picture with the mask on and literally frighten myself. Spare you from seeing me with that mask on by deleting the iPhone pictures”

    I totally did this the other day!! LOL

  11. Rachel says:

    This sounds like a night I might have – these days I’ve been going to bed at like 8, no lie but usually I am painting and re-painting my nails like 3 times before doing 8 loads of laundry because I’ve put it off for too long. But you’re brave I could never do my own taxes – they have college degrees just for doing taxes so I’ll leave it up to the experts!

  12. This sounds almost identical to most of my nights, haha.

  13. This sounds like me when I paint my nails. I never sit still long enough for them to dry!

  14. Most of my day is spent at the office, so I’ll be honest, your day sounds more exciting than mine! Which reminds me, I need to do my taxes!

  15. Haha! You get way more done than I do…wake up, work, gym (or school), home, couch ,bed. Lol with showers scattered in there somewhere ;) BORING! And nothing around the house ever gets done ;)

  16. LOL I totally watch Cougar Town too… guilty. Ellie is awesome and I love the little subtitle they put at the beginning of every episode below the show title! Is it sad I get excited to see what the next one is going to say? Yeah, my night is almost identical to yours… The first thing I do when I get home is throw on sweats, last night I did my mask…but took a pic and kept it (I like scaring little kids with it) and did my toenails. I need a pedi bad but I’m too lazy to go out and get one right now. And now I need a glass of wine… ;)

    <3, Pamela

  17. I saw that alien guy gif the other day and could not stop laughing either!!! I love it. My nights are similarly all over the damn place just add 3 kids and a dog to the mix and subtract a man:)

  18. Your posts always add laughter and a little bit if comedy to my day! :) Love reading them!

  19. Bravo is on in the background every single night while I catch up on blog stuff :)

  20. my evenings after work look similar. I have plans to do a million things and I do maybe like 1.5 of those things. too much distraction! and queso is my life.

  21. I saw your instagram last night and immediately thought shit..I need to do my taxes! How have I never tried melted cheese with my salsa?? YUMM!

    By the way, did you watch this week’s new girl??? I was literally crying I was laughing so hard and Steve just looked at me like I was a crazy person haha.

    xx, Jen

  22. Can I just say after seeing your salsa and cheese on Instagram I made my husband make it for me! I tend to read blogs a lot when I have lots of other stuff I should be doing. TV is on in the background always. Probably why my husband has a love/ hate relationship with my blog!

  23. Ugh taxes…. they suck. My hubby and I have always loved Cougar Town! You are definitely not alone :)

  24. Joey says:

    I constantly do the “oh, did I eat dinner” thing and realize that I basically just snacked my way through a meal. As for your manicure–get a fast drying top coat! They’re SO FREAKING WORTH it! Out the door or seche vite are both good ones and they dry (every single layer of your polish) within 3 minutes. I’ve washed dishes 5 minutes after painting my nails without a smudge. And Turbo Tax is a liar. Definitely have your accountant do it! <3

  25. That is pretty much how most of my nights go. Cougar town is on my DVR list too. I think I’ll clean but then I sit down and do bloggy stuff till bed time. :)

  26. Ha! I go home every night with the intent on being productive. I get sidetracked reading blogs, I start 10 different projects and finish none. I glance at the clock and its 10pm. Bedtime, I’ll try again tomorrow.

  27. Kayla MKOY says:

    LOL I love this! I seriously never paint my nails, like EVER! Because I always end up royally screwing them up! :/

  28. brooke lyn says:

    yes to all of this. except the painting of the nails. ain’t nobody got time for that.

  29. Hahaha the manicure thing… That is totally me! I ALWAYS mess them up! I mean how can you sit there for 20 min letting them dry?! I have been wanting to try that mask for awhile now!! I might need to get now that you said it’s amazing!

    <3 Shannon

  30. Hahahaha… our days sound eerily similar, minus the students parts!

  31. LOL this is how most of my days go haha. i love this.

  32. Cheese in the salsa? This sounds so obvious and brilliant. WTH haven’t I thought about this?!

    My weeknights sound similar, only not near as ambitious. I am all…Gotta let the dogs out. gotta cook dinner. Gotta snack while dinner is cooking because I am so damn hungry. Ok dinner is ready now it is TV time. Why the hell is Gracie whining. Let dogs back inside. Watch TV. Watch more TV. Get up and put dishes in dishwasher. Wore me out. Watch more tv. Oh crap, is it really time for bed? Just a little more tv…I don’t feel like washing my face just yet.

  33. Ugh, I did my taxes around a month ago and I owe so much. Darn government! haha

    This sounds pretty similar to a normal evening for me. I love this idea for a post too, great to see inside the ‘real’ part of a blogger’s life.

  34. Carly says:

    I think this is the best thing I’ve seen all day! I thought I was the only one who felt like a psycho when my printer doesn’t connect! And it’s always when you need something important. WHY?? You can get glamglow at Costco??! I keep telling myself I don’t need to try it– I’ve had bad reactions to other masks/peels other people love– but I really DO want to try it! haha

  35. Char-lit says:

    HA!! This is all too familiar. I love fun, rambly girly nights! You’ll have to do a married sequel to this in a year. ;)

  36. I love these kinds of posts.

    But you taught a class in the morning? That doesn’t count towards your evening? No wonder you can eat chips and salsa for dinner and look that good!

  37. Kenzie S says:

    Our days are actually pretty similar ha ha! I do a lot of random little exercises around my house to make up for the fact that I haven’t worked out. I also love to relax and catch up on my DVR or Netflix. Yes to fresh manicures never lasting more than a minute, ugh.

  38. Knowing what your day looks like I’d MOST DEF hang out with you one evening! Printer talking to the macbook had me laughing. And the mask-iphone-then-nails-fiasco. :)

  39. I haaaaaaaaaaaate doing taxes, but so far I always have gotten money back from the government (because they are stealing all that money I could have been investing for a year already). This year I’m not excited cuz I just got married and now we have to joint file. Good luck figuring all that out!

    Anyway, I thought this was a really fun post! I enjoyed reading about your real life. :)


  40. Stacy G says:

    Hey, I am so excited to have won!! This really made my day. The mask thing is funny because I’ve considered the same and then decided not too. lol! I am dying to have a Costco close by!

  41. Susannah says:

    Haha. This is awesome! My nights are equally as… entertaining. ;-)

  42. LOL, this is hilarious. Believe me I am not judging that you watch Cougar Town, and I I don’t know how Bravo makes the most addictive reality shows every time but they DO. I did a marathon of Toned Up a few weeks ago…so ridiculous but I couldn’t STOP. (But please….be careful with your wine by your laptop…I get nervous just seeing pictures of that because I ALWAYS spill.) -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  43. Haha, your post made my morning! HILARIOUS!

    Have a great weekend dear




  44. Gina says:

    you are so funny! Real life is always great to see. I, too, live in sweats and big chunky cardigans at home. Always a candle and a glass of red wine. You need seche vite fast drying top coat…you’ll never ruin another nail. Check it out:)
    As for foodie pictures…you totally can do it. It just takes a little practice and some artsy thoughts.
    happy weekend, darling!
    XO, Gina

  45. Gina says:

    Hey Amanda! I actually only have the standard lense that came with my Nikon kit. it presents a challenge with outfit pics because it makes me look much wider than I am, but It works very well for foodie pics or scenery or my little clothing vignettes that I love;)

  46. Hahaha the timeline of your manicure sounds familiar. I swear to god the dog knows when I do my toes because the little bastard NEVER steps on my feet unless my nailpolish is still wet. I’ve learned to not paint my nails until everything is done for the night and I still manage to screw it up :)

  47. haha I don’t even think I could make a blog post about how boring my night is because it would say sit in chair, go to bed

  48. I don’t think wine and doing taxes should ever mix! Kidding. But you could input something unintended, and that wouldn’t be good. The rest of the food though are a good idea; sustenance is needed when working on taxes, particularly comfort foods. They’re called taxes for one reason: they’re taxing to do.
    Gilbert McNally @ BrandonAccountant.com

  49. Kristen says:

    ohmygawd that alien gif… i laughed so hard and watched it for like 5 mins. for real. none of my nights are this exciting! haha

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