Car Singing….You Know You Do It

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Happy Wednesday….we are on the downward slope to the weekend.  I was planning on linking up today with Kathy for her midweek hump day confessions.  However I confess that last night I did some of this

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Hair flip at the end included….and a tad bit of this…

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Therefore I couldn’t get my act together.  So let’s reconvene with my crazy girl confessions next week.  In the meantime let me entertain you with my thoughts on car singing.

I was driving home the other day from work and this song came on.

Now I know I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again.  Sometimes I get real possessive when it comes to songs.  I mean I feel like I discovered this song forever ago…it was my cool down song for spin for like at least 2 months.  Then when I hear it on the radio I get like really odd and defensive about it “oh okay that’s totally my song now you are going to mainstream and ruin it”…does anyone else get that way?  Or am I just a totally weirdo?  I just hate how songs get played out so quickly when they hit the radio!

The original version doesn’t have Ms. Christina

I’m not going to lie I actually like her.  I hate to admit it I was her for Halloween like all 4 years of college…mainly it was an easy costume I could pick from my closet…small skirt big heels check.  One year I got quite creative and did her outfit from the Dirrty (oh yes there are two r’s I double checked) video.  I even got fake black colored hair weave and braided it into my hair. I couldn’t get it out of my hair right away because that plastic hair weave was so knotty.  I had to wear it to class the next day…oh that looks I got from people on the bus and in class…..Hahhahahhaha can we still be friends after I told you that?….I have pictures but don’t think they are appropriate my mother reads my blog. Hi mom love you!
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Totally how I felt when I was 20 and living in Gainesville….it’s embarrassing that’s for sure

Anyways moving on…. I really like her when she is not overpowering a song.

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I had to literally triple take when I saw she was in this song. I literally said out loud “there is no way that is Christina…she is not completely hogging the song and overdoing the high notes”.  However for once in her life she kept it tame and let the other person be heard!  What a concept.
Ok getting back to the original story.  So this song was on and I was really feeling it….it was a Friday….I was on my way home…I was making a 4:30 Barre Class for once because my patient’s were actually on time….and this song comes on! So I start singing it….and then I’m getting really into it…..then I hear my singing over the music and y’all I cannot sing.  I mean I prayed all the time when I was little I could sing just as good as Ariel (like from the little Mermaid).  I would try to recreate this scene all the time in my backyard pool but Lord I could not sing.  My poor parents probably needed earplugs.

So what do you do in the car when you can’t sing but really want to belt it out…..I’ll tell you what I do….turn that song even louder!  Yes!  Now you can’t hear me anymore and I’m blending in with the song at that high level and I’m sounding good.  Like really good!  Do you do that?  Turn the radio up higher to drown out your own voice? Or are you blessed with a good singing voice?
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Did anyone watch this show?  I totally loved her and James Van Der Beek.  Boooo for canceling it!
I have another story that I will share with you later about my next door neighbor who I think is auditioning for an off Broadway production.  She belts out show tunes at all hours of the night…I think she is mocking my awful singing abilities.
Interestingly I don’t sing in the shower only in the car…hmmmmm.
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Anyways I was just wondering about if anyone else does that while they car sing and wanted to share my random musings with you.  For the ones out there who weren’t blessed with a beautiful singing voice do you do that same thing or am I the only one who tries to drown myself out while singing?
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42 responses to “Car Singing….You Know You Do It”

  1. oh, i sing like i’m singing for my life and don’t give a shit who hears me. whenever any 90s RnB song comes on, it’s like i’m part of Boyz || Men singing to the bitches screaming for me.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. hahah i love this! h and i car dance A LOT. i dont drive so whenever we are in the car together i turn up the pop station and we dance on the way to the grocery store (lots of hand waving and craziness). we also dance in our kitchen (he’d die if he saw this hahah)

    and omg that song say something makes me CRY. it’s a good one.

  3. I don’t sing in the shower but I definitely jam out in the car. It’s almost embarrassing how into it I get! And I definitely don’t have a singing voice LOL! It’s even more embarrassing when I have my headphones in at work and start singing and don’t realize it! Oops! ;)


  4. I am the worst singer… but I will sometimes find my rhythm in the car! Hopefully I’m alone! :)

  5. bahahaha this is so ME! (especially the ariel part, not going to lie) I sing ALL the time in the car (and also in the shower, again- not going to lie) My husband is used to it now. I’ll break into song randomly even if I made it up on the spot!

  6. I mean who doesn’t sing in the car? I’m not much of a shower singer but my boyfriend is….that is taking some getting used to. #livingtogetherprobs

    I was so depressed about it being so cold I could see my breath (YET AGAIN) in the car on Friday while I was driving to work that when Ellie Goulding’s Burn came on I was not only but sing dancing on the way to work. PS that song is an amazing spinning song if you haven’t already used it :)

    happy hump day!

  7. Christina says:

    oh xtina! she looks really good these days. weight loss and um, weave loss. hahah i can’t believe you wore weave…to class…that is amazing

  8. i always sing in the car!! no one can hear me so i just belt it out as loudly as i can haha!

  9. Oh YES I sing in the car, I sing like I am on stage! Then I see the person next to me starting and I stop… for about 5 seconds ;)

  10. The scene in Easy A with her singing is beyond my most favorite – I die laughing each time i see it!! If and when I drive I blast the music and pretend I’m singing on American Idol – yep weird…and confession when Gary is travelling for work, I definitely pretend I have a concert going on!!

  11. Suzanne S. says:

    I love car singing too!! and I do the same as you, turn up that volume! :) haha
    Great post, you always make me laugh.
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  12. Stacy G says:

    Ok.. I love the Little Mermaid. She is by far my favorite princess.(Because I should have one at my age) I used to sing her song when I was little on a swing in the backyard all the time. haha I also used to force my cousin who was a bit younger than I to”be flounder” while I of course was Ariel and validated it by me being older. I was probably a lot of fun to spend time with.. lol!

  13. I actually sing at the top of my lungs and do a dance for the other cars (when I’m not driving). My husband cracks up because he’s like “you know they can see you.” and i’m like “Duh, that’s the point.”
    Oh, and GO GATORS!

  14. brooke lyn says:

    i car sing the crap out of this song. so, so good.

  15. I loved Don’t Trust the B. I thought Dawson was hilarious.

    I am the worst singer but I will sing my heart out in my car.

  16. I definitely drown out my own voice!

  17. Stephanie says:

    I loved that show!! I was so mad it got cancelled but now Dawson is going to be in another show. But not playing himself, so that’s not as good.
    Anyway yeah I’m a terrible singer but I sing in the car/at karaoke like it’s my job!

  18. Miche says:

    I only sing in the car too lol, also, I feel you on the food and wine..basically my Monday night. Also, where do you get your gifs? they’re PERFECT!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  19. Carly says:

    I JUST heard “say something” two days ago on pandora and I was completely in love with it– like had it on repeat 20x, even though it’s quite sad! I had no idea there was a version with Christina! Drunk in Love has been my sing at the top of the lungs in the car song lately! And yep, to turning the volume up super loud! haha

  20. Char-lit says:

    OMG YES! Both to the bad singing voice and to getting possessive over songs/bands I “discovered.” Ha!!

  21. Ashley says:

    hahaha you sound like me. I have the worst voice ever and no one in my life lets me forget it. My bad voice doesn’t stop me from singing in the car though. It feel’s so great to belt out a song!

    Ashley,Married to the Game

  22. Wahhh, I can’t acess the videos at work…but I too am a repeat offender who sings in the car :)

  23. I’m taking driving lessons at the moment…I can’t wait to sing in my car haha! I’m not a good singer at all, but I don’t think I’ll care :p

  24. Ashield says:

    I do that all the time!! I do wish god had given me a beautiful singing voice. Being a singer just seems like the coolest job in the world!! Totally agree on Christina and Don’t Trust the B. Best show ever!! Still mourning its death :(


  25. I loved Don’t Trust the B!!! James van der Beek making fun of himself was awesome. I am still in mourning that it got cancelled. It was funnier than a lot of the other crap they kept on TV. And hell yeah to Dirrty! I remember the first time I saw the video I had to do a double take. She shed that Genie in a Bottle facade real quick!

  26. I totally sing in the car, but not the shower. I’m not sure why because I definitely listen to the radio while I shower, haha. One time, quite a few years ago I was belting out some Kelly Clarkson song, really getting into it. My turd head brother turns off the radio right before the big run comes to make me look ridiculous. I kept singing for a couple of seconds and then kind of drowned off. Everyone laughed and I was embarrassed.

  27. Yes! I sing in the car!! Mostly country and I have to turn it up loud too because Carrie (Underwood) is just out of my league! LOL! :)

  28. Darcy says:

    Haha I cannot believe you were Christina from Dirrty!! Ahhh that is such an awesome/classic costume!

  29. JumpingJE says:

    I am the same, I car sing {loudly} and don’t sing in the shower. Mainly because I live alone and I think every time I’m in the shower someone is going to break in and rob me blind. Cute post!

  30. Jordan says:

    Good ‘ol Christina! I’ll sing but if I’m at a stoplight, I hold back a lot more. I haven’t tinted my windows yet (I’ve had my car almost a year, I really need to get on that… ASAP!) so I get super self conscious. I know it’s ridiculous but I can’t help it! But when I get that tint… it’s going down. Also, I have got to see the pictures of you as Dirrty Xtina! Love the part when you had to wear the weave to class the next day because you couldn’t get the braid out. Hilarious!

  31. Elle Sees says:

    not only am i a car singer, i am a dancer as well. i’m a car performer. ;)
    and i had NO idea that was xtina for the longest time.

  32. Oh I most definitely sing in the car. My favorite jam to rock out to is Fancy by Reba McEntire.hahaha

  33. Kim Brown says:

    Oh my gosh- I really wish you could post those x-tina Halloween photos! I totally sing so loud in the car- I just need to be careful at red lights, esp. when the windows are down :)

  34. Lyndsay says:

    I liked Apt. 23 too, and singing in the car if definitely one of my favorite pastimes, though I’m not very good.

  35. I completely belt it out in the car with the music up loud! Then I turn the music down and stop singing when I’m at a red light… haha

  36. Lauren says:

    I wanted to be Ariel, too! And I LOVED the B in Apartment 23. Put your cheeks in a Beek!

  37. Dona says:

    honey, it runs in the family, I couldn’t carry a tune in a suitcase! A quote from your maternal grandfather to me “If you knew your math like you know the words to those songs…”

  38. OMG I am SUCH a car singer haha!! I do the exact same thing too if I start to hear myself over the song I just turn it up loader and then for some odd reason you went to sounding horrible to amazing! ;)

    <3 Shannon

  39. Hilarious! I had no idea Christina was in that song, and I’ve heard it at least 20 times. I just watched the entire music video. LOL She’s so skinny now!!
    Definitely sing in the car, but can’t blast the music with my 2 year old, so I just make her suffer through my awful renditions.

  40. Gina says:

    yup, I most definitely sing in the car! My music of choice is country and rock, but I do like Christina. Very strong voice for sure.
    XO, Gina

  41. I sing in my car. If my kids are with me they cover their ears.

    And I am so pissed that they called that show. I LOVED the Dawson references.

  42. Kimberly says:

    I’m a new follower, but oh my lord this post was hilarious. Extra points for the Little Mermaid, my favorite Disney movie! I sing all the time, and I love to torture my bf with my “beautiful” singing voice.

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