Things Guys Will Never Understand

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Random life musings coming at you.  I’m sure you have figured this out by now but I have a Netflix of streaming thoughts in my head…..mainly run on sentences much like my writing.  There are usually about 3-4 times a day where I think to myself “honestly guys would not have the slightly clue of what we go through on a daily basis!”  Mainly in just the every day occurrences that make us presentable.  So I have complied a few that come to mind.

Things Guys Will Never Understand…

The skeevy feeling and odd crunching sound of taking off glitter nailpolish off with a cotton ball.

Having to get to get into a bodycon dress…..

Finding undergarments that don’t show under that bodycon dress.

Getting out of that said bodycon dress

Waxing… really waxing.

Walking in 4 inch heels. Add a bodycon dress into the mix.

The near death experience you feel those few seconds before clamping down with an eyelash curler.

Feeling the need to shout out to the painters who are applying new numbers on your door that your “husband is still inside just in case you were wondering“.  Then wondering why you are dropping the husband word so prematurely.  Also why you feel the need to announce it to workers who aren’t trained assassins there to take you out but merely there doing their job of replacing the black numbers on your door to new gold ones which are actually quite lovely and festive for around the holidays.

How Sephora is our happy place.

Tell me that picture doesn’t make you instantly more happy.

That if something is very expensive and marked down significantly it doesn’t matter if it was still expensive all said it done……I mean you got it for a steal of a price.


Topknots with red lipstick meaning now they can’t kiss you for the entire rest of the night (unless you are wearing this one….holy grail of all reds).


That super uncomfortable feeling of having to use the bathroom in a romper… a public setting…..with one of those stalls that you can still totally see into.

How your heart rate inappropriately speeds up when you walk past a white van with no windows.

Admit it…..your heart rate just went up seeing that visual.

Car dancing.  Especially with choreographed moves that may involve a hair flip or two.

Now take a picture of just my shoes.

How they have to get the ice cream out of the Blue Bell container because anytime one has to use two hands and prop it up against your hips to open……automatically that guilt sets in about the pending consumption.  It’s just easier if you serve it to us.

The measuring cup has always been in the exact same location.  We promise.  Hasn’t moved or taken up residency next to the wine opener because that would just be silly.

Why if they are sitting there quietly (most likely trying to work) how difficult it is to not invade their personal space.

via Tumblr

The straight up addiction that is Barre classes.  I mean it’s like a religion.

The concept of Pinterest.

How Christopher and Lorelai are just suppose to be together.  Stupid Gigi.

How any activity can be an excuse to drink wine.  “It’s laundry Tuesdays time to try that new Chardonnay we have been saving“.

Finally… they secretly love our crazy selves and can’t imagine a day without us.  Especially since they would never be able to find the iPhone charging cord or where that receipt from Trader Joe’s is to return the shepherds pie that you suggested in the first place probably wasn’t a good idea.

There you have it.  Just a few of my random thoughts.  I know it got a tad bit specific there…….tell me some things that guys will never understand.  Are you linking up tomorrow?  Tell me all about your favorites from the week!!

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62 responses to “Things Guys Will Never Understand”

  1. Jess says:

    I am always looking over my shoulder around vans! And when I come home at night, and pretty much anytime I’m alone. My husband didn’t understand why I didn’t want to run outside alone when we lived in the more skeevy part of town. Noope. Besides the honking, nope. Glitter nail polish…why do I keep coming back to it when it always ends the same way.

  2. -Heather- says:

    Yes!! Yes to all of these. The eye lash clamp! The creepy van, I am pretty paranoid in any parking lot to be honest! I am also pretty sure I am at my coolest when car dancing, it is the closest I have come to having any smidge of rhythm!

  3. Jenn says:

    YES to all of these…I laughed to myself about the creeping up by them when they’re sitting quietly–I do that to my husband all the time lol. And Pinterest….ohhhh my husband doesn’t get it but he knows all of the delicious meals I make come from there so he doesn’t complain haha. And getting something for a steal of a price, even tho it’s still $$–totally with you! Loved your list!!

  4. 100% agree to all of these…trying on a dress that is a little too tight and not being sure how you’re going to get out of the dress without ripping it LOL!!! That creepy girl and reporter is totally me and gary…when he’s busy all i want is him to pay attention to me LOL!!! Such a funny post!

  5. P!nky says:

    Hahaha, these are great! STUPID GIGI!

  6. Jillian says:

    i loveeee sephora :) it really is my happy place. and haha h refuses to sign up for pinterest! he thinks it’s just for girls…it was invented by a guy! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  7. whenever i look at any pics of sephora or walk by, it gives me the instant warm and fuzzies. even kayla, who is 6, is dazzled by all the pretty lights and packages that sephora has to offer.

  8. Haha I love this! I totally understand the glitter polish thing, maybe a little too well. Every UCF game I paint my nails Deborah Lippmann Cleopatra in NY and it is SUCH a pain to get off! And getting out of a bodycon… ugh. Don’t even get me started around creepy vans…

    <3, Pamela

  9. Stacy G says:

    This is sooo funny!! Guys have it pretty easy, don’t they? Never having to deal with eyelash curlers or glitter polish removal. Seriously though the glitter polish is a process to remove! haha Have a great day! Oh and Marc would be doomed without me as far as “finding things”!

  10. YES to Sephora being my happy place! That and Target :-D

    And Barre class…. every time I go I wonder why I did it to myself again, and then I leave feeling amazing and just want to go back again asap!

  11. This was such a cute and horribly accurate post. I’m guilty of a majority of these things, too, but luckily Ryan finally has figured it out (kind of) over the years. Like you said, though – they can’t imagine life without us now!

  12. Joey says:

    Oh gosh friend this is such a hilarious list!! SO true! Although I kissed with J with red lipstick on the other day (revlon matte balm stain in standout) and it didn’t transfer surprisingly hah!

  13. Noooo Luke and Loralei are supposed to be together!

  14. These are so true!! Cracked up at the waxing! They will never understand! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  15. This list is on point! I think going through IVF has really opened up Joe’s eyes as to what we have to go through, legs in stirrups, totally exposed vagina to some guy sticking a catheter up there? Yeah they have no idea how easy they have it sometimes!

  16. Courtney B says:

    This is the best post!! I totally laughed out loud at some of these!!
    Top knots!! Eric is the king of hating them… but that doesn’t stop me from sporting them :) But I have to admit that I’m too chicken to wear lipstick at all :)
    You’re going to die because Eric is the manliest of them all (and also extremely red neck) but he is a pro on pinterest! He gets on my account all the time and pins desserts (he loves to bake although it rarely happens) and he even found his pumpkin carving idea on pinterest…. a big pumpkin eating a little pumpkin. It was a little grotesque but he was so proud, HA!

  17. Pete wanted me to get waxed (I have before) and I said I’d do it again if he let me wax a strip of his man sack. He never brought it up again after that. :)

  18. Brianne says:

    Haha love this! The first one about glitter nail polish instantly made me cringe.

  19. Omg that girl with the reporter LOL. His mom was totally doing that last week when he was working from home. I stay away haha. His mom also always talks about things that “men don’t understand.” Sigh. The waxing thing my gosh. I shuddered when I thought about that. Chris is actually pretty understanding towards a lot of things, except for the shopping thing. He will always then ask me what my current credit card balance is. It’s like umm rude. Funny post lady. I hope that you have a fab day!!

  20. Love this. So true.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  21. haha this is so so accurate. Although I always get my ice cream out, michael and I are blue bell connoisseurs!

  22. Love it! These are all so so true, but what really got me is the rompers. My husband HATES them, he can’t see them in a store without making some sort of comment, seriously what is with that?!

  23. I love your addiction to Blue Bell, I’m right there with you! That creepy van really did make my heart speed up but I also had a dream last night that I was being watched by someone in a white van….weird!
    ~Elise @

  24. Kat says:

    Love this… all of it is so true! Ty can never understand why I need more than one of everything. “You already have a black scarf/red nail polish/blue sweater/purse… why do you need another one?” “Because this one is DIFFERENT.”

  25. awhite says:

    “Now just take a picture of my shoes.” Ha! These are all SO TRUE! Great post, doll!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  26. Kimmi says:

    Yep I think pretty much all of these things at any given point during the day….that pic of Sephora just made my coffee break…I LOVE Sephora! Creepy White Van….my husband still doesn’t quite get why I will always park on the other end of the lot just to avoid them…

  27. Julia says:

    LOL, all of these so awesome and so true! I have legit gotten stuck trying on a dress before, it was terrifying! And yes, that picture of Sephora makes me happy! :)

  28. this is so cute and funny! and yes sephora is just so fun. like a candy store but less calories :) xo

  29. Rebecca Jo says:

    This is fantastic!!! :)
    I am not even that big of a makeup person but Sephora even makes me happy :)

  30. Okay…that first one gave me chills just thinking about the noise! And I walked by a van over the weekend (it wasn’t white) but super creepy and was freaked out and I was with my husband! Made sure to grab his hand so nobody would jump out and take me!

  31. brooke lyn says:

    so i just rewatched all the gilmore girls and i have to say i was just not a chris fan. #teambackwardscap

  32. Emily says:

    You have me cracking up! Creepy white vans are a no no!

  33. Creepy white vans. Just no.

    My husband does not get how I can spend two hours in Sephora or Ulta. I don’t understand how he can spend 2 hours in the Apple store so it’s even.

    You know what they don’t understand? The love/hate relationship with bras. And how chocolate is a food group.

  34. These are all so accurate! “Now just my shoes.” YES.

  35. Thanks for reminding me I need to wax my eyebrows tonight. :) These are all so true! White Vans are a big no-no, just keep driving.

  36. Yes yes yes! Although my husband does love Pinterest because he understands that’s where all of his meals come from ;) Ha!

  37. Kristen says:

    The measuring cup has always been in the exact same location. We promise. Hasn’t moved or taken up residency next to the wine opener because that would just be silly. – HAHAHAHA Seriously though.
    Um christopher and lorelai? girl you crazy. Luke for life.

  38. Oh my gosh….I laughed all the way through your list because it is SO.TRUE! Every single point…SO TRUE!

  39. Ashley says:

    LOVE ALL OF THESE! So perfect!

  40. OMG YES WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE IN MY MARRIAGE WHO KNOWS WHERE THE PHONE CHARGERS ARE? And yet he’s the only one who moves them constantly? Swear to Jeezus, I have a mental GPS tracker on those things because hubs loves to steal them. I also have one just for me, hidden, so that he can’t take it.

    All caps was necessary there. Sorry. The iPhone (and iPad) charger struggle is REAL.

  41. They will also never understand the torture of getting in/out of a sports bra.

  42. Hahahaha yes!! On point. That Sephora picture gave me butterflies <3 The ONLY thing on this list my husband would understand, Pinterest. He finally made his own after hacking mine all the time ;) Everything else, he thinks I’m insane 99% of the time. No matter how hard I try to explain “the awesome sale price” he’ll never get me.

  43. Seriously though, any store that colour coordinates their products makes me want to do a happy dance! I’m going to have to show this to Tyler and see his reaction, I predict many nods of agreement and head scratching. Lipstick and hair buns are big no-nos. Also any sort of scented wall plugins get an immediate look of disgust.

  44. Kiki says:

    Haha yes to the creeping on their space! Guilty!

  45. Sephora makes me swoon.

    Sorry, I’m a girl and I don’t understand rompers. LOLOLOL

  46. Oh this was hilarious. I tend to not wear rompers because I have this fear of the whole thing accidentally making it into the toilet that I’m about to use. White vans creep me out. Oh and the dancing in the car, I do that all day every day. When you’re stuck in a total of 4 hours of traffic a day you get bored and need to entertain yourself. And no, my windows are not tinted so EVERYONE can see me :D

  47. You’re a genius. Absolutely a genius!!!

  48. I seriously cannot read a single one of your posts without completely losing it. haha Your method of writing is so funny and really puts a smile on my face no matter what. I’d have to say my personal favorite was the romper bit. And using the bathroom, in public, in a romper. Over the summer my cousins and I had this EXACT discussion, and stated there’s always that one creeper who peeps at you through the crack in the stall. Following that discussion, I’ve almost always wore a tank under my romper. Thanks for the laughs, it’s been a long week.

  49. Zelle B. says:

    This is so cute — and oh so true! Loved every word of this. And the romper and the bathroom — so, so difficult!
    xo! Southern Style

  50. Yes to the glitter nail polish! That is pretty much right there with nails on a chalkboard. And the romper, haha. So true with the bathroom bit.

  51. Oh man, that picture of Sephora just screams happy to me!!!! I was sitting here shaking my head at every single on of these. No one understands our struggles! And the glitter polish? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the heels. They will just never….or at least I hope not….

  52. Ashley says:

    ha! Great post. I love this one “Topknots.” As well as car dancing. Thanks for the recommendation on a great red lipstick!!

  53. i so love you. rompers. not kissing in red lip stick. topknots. taking pictures of shoes. hahahah i am dying!!!!!!!!

  54. My husband does not grasp the concept of how any sort of shopping where I can be alone with my coffee is my happy place. Target? Macys? Grocery store? Internet? Yep, happy place because I’m alone and shopping. Lay off, dude!

  55. Nikki says:

    OMG YES to all of these!! Especially the measuring cup thing (which goes for anything that they are looking for). And the getting something expensive for a steal, even if it is still expensive!


  56. Kay R. says:

    hahaha noone seems to understand my waxing … I mean reaaaally waxing! I love it!

  57. OMG these are hilarious … WHO the heck was that girl creeping in the background of the TV reporter? And vans with no windows – YES.

  58. I absolutely never park next to white vans! Ever. Those are all great!

  59. These are all so true and so funny! And I’m sure there can be many many many more things to add to that list! :) I especially can relate to the Pinterest one because as of lately… MIchael keeps bitching about the GREAT ideas I get off pinterest. Lol.

  60. Hahaha, yes, waxing!!! My man was like “don’t exaggerate, it can’t be that bad”. Well, I tried to wax part of his leg just to prove him otherwise and oh man, this tough guy turned into a baby. hahahahahahahaha. And pinterest will always be a girls thing. Always!

  61. Yes to all of these. Especially the van. Always so creepy. I will say though, my hubby is a mean car dancer. He just doesn’t do any hair whips and what not. :)

  62. Oh man, glitter freaking nail polish. We have a love hate relationship. Last time I went and got a pedicure I apologized to the sweet lady because I had layers upon layers of glitter polish on. Ugh. Definitely agree with everything on this list!

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